Over 11 Years - Your Top 5 Shows that aired on Toonami

Discussion in 'Toonami (Archived Forum)' started by Soul, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. Mek

    Mek Digestive Juices

    Oct 15, 2002
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    Hey now, 'The Batman' turned out to be better than I expected. Just needed to hit season 2 before it got into its stride.
  2. Darklordavaitor

    Darklordavaitor Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 23, 2007
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    Can't say I'm a fan of all of these shows anymore, so I'll also try to list favorites as a kid.

    1: The DCAU- All of the shows and the movies. If you thought Western cartoons couldn't compete with anime, you've never watched Batman and co. I still have yet to see an anime top any of these.

    2: Yu Yu Hakusho- I remember watching this from the beginning on [adult swim] and noticing there was more to this than the shows I was watching on Toonami at the time. As it came on Toonami and developed further to my eyes, I still noticed this, but couldn't explain why. Now that I have the first box set and rewatched most of the show, I know why; it's just ahead of the regular anime pack.

    3: The Dragon Ball Saga- Not totally into it nowadays, but this was the stuff as a kid, not counting GT. The original was a daring adventure show that took you to all parts of the center of your imagination, and Z was pure adernline.

    4: Sailor Moon- What drew me in as a kid.Even as a guy, I thought it was a cool show, and liked a lot of the characters. While I couldn't get back into it when I tried earlier this year, I'll always have my memories.

    5: Outlaw Star- Awesome show that aged well in my eyes. The show isn't afraid to make fun of itself between the intense action and drama, and the cast is great.
  3. Tapout

    Tapout Active Member

    Jan 12, 2003
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    No, Toonami ended it at the perfect time. The series as a whole really peters out after the Kyoto arc, and to top it off, it doesn't even have a real ending. They would also have had to butcher Kenshin worse than they already were. I wouldn't say I regret buying the DVDs, but if they'd have put Legend of Kyoto last, followed by maybe 4 or so episodes of an actual ending, I'd have been a lot happier.
  4. Dudley

    Dudley Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 10, 2003
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    War Planets: Shadow Raiders
    The Toonami in Japan aired it. It's my favorite Mainframe show.

    The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
    It's better than the original and more action packed and violent. The one show I truly miss that aired on Toonami. Moreso then the others because it's not on DVD.

    The theme song, the animation, the adventure, it was incredible.

    Justice League/JLU
    It's one of my favorite series of all time.

    I used to watch this show ALL the time. I enjoy it now for nostalgic reasons.
  5. reddiOx

    reddiOx Member

    Apr 12, 2008
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    1. Yu Yu Hakusho
    2. Zoids (Chaotic Century)
    3. G-Gundam
    4. Justice League
    5. Megas XLR

    And my honorable mention: DBZ, because that's what got me into watching anime.
  6. jph139

    jph139 Immortal

    Mar 24, 2007
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    Well, the Son of God Arc was good. I would have liked them to show that. And some of the one-off fillers are entertaining, too... but, yeah, by the end, I couldn't even bear to watch.
  7. Obi


    Jan 6, 2002
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    1. Yu Yu Hakusho
    2. Big O
    3. Rurouni Kenshin
    4. Outlaw Star
    5. Tenchi Muyo
  8. Lord Dalek

    Lord Dalek Uncreative Hack

    Aug 17, 2003
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    Sailor Moon - I blame the Lunar Eclipse weekend (when Toonami aried the Canada-exclusive eps of Sailor Moon R) for all this, really.

    Dragonball Z - You know if you think about it, this show wasn't all that great. Actually it was pretty dull (although less so in the Saban era when they cut half the series out). But those fights... man...

    Reboot - Reboot is a series with bipolar disorder. On one hand its a cute clever and largely forgettable CGI action/comedy. On the other hand, its a surprisingly dark gripping serial thriller (with the occasional "ooh look what they did!" gags). I, like everyone else, prefers the latter.

    New Mobile Saga Gundam Wing - Oh hell yeah. I'd been more or less a Toonami addict since Summer '99 but Wing's debut in Spring 2000 made me a die-hard (at least for about 3 years). True the plot was clunky and very soapy (even for Gundam) at times but nobody cared. This show was the bomb.

    Tenchi Muyo (and assorted subseries) - Tenchi is to date the only harem show to air on Toonami (or CN for that matter). Its also the best (or at least everything except ...in Tokyo is).

    The Big O - Amittedly this didn't even find its "voice" until it aired 100% uncut on Adult Swim (Its "CAST IN THE NAME OF GOD" goddammit!). But for 13 extremely confusing episodes I was transfixed with Big. Still great even despite the second season.
  9. Dub C

    Dub C Just a animation lovin' dude

    Jun 24, 2006
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    1. Justice League (Unlimited) -- My favorite cartoon right here. To avoid the risk of rambling, I'll just say, this is an action show done right.
    2. Tenchi Muyo/Universe -- After seeing the infamous 2 minute promo for the show, I was hooked. A very fun show these were...not Toyko though, Toyko was meh! :p
    3. Dragonball Z -- This is the one show my whole family got into, since we were watching it in a hotel right when the show started from episode 1. And to this day we still talk/joke/reference this show from time to time, very nostalgic.
    4. Outlaw Star -- I remember being away at college when this first show aired, and we didn't get cable in the dorms. My dad & sis told me how awesome the show was. So when OS got voted back into the lineup (some 4th of July thing they had going on), I was estatic. Maybe the only show where I liked everbody in the main cast. Still have the entire Toonami run on VHS somewhere.
    5. Teen Titans -- A quirky show that sort of grew on me over time. It had a few stinkers, but when this show was good, it was awesome!

    Honorable mentions go to Batman TAS, my second favorite cartoon, & Ronin Warriors my first anime & sentimental favorite of mine. Both miss the list because I discovered them both before they ever aired on Toonami.
  10. ForklifterKING

    Jun 11, 2008
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    Top 5 shows in no particular order
    1. Bobobo- Bo-bobo - It was hilarious and random and I really wish we had dvd's of it.
    2. Justice Leauge/JLU - It was awesome, I can think of no other word for it except maybe cool
    3. One Piece - Yes even the 4kids dub, it really wasn't THAT bad even if the went overboard on dubbing
    4. Thundercats - I watched this a lot when i was a little kid and still enjoy hearing the cry "Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats HO! (might have missed a Thunder)
    5. Samurai Jack - There is little to be said that has not already been siad except I wish they actaully had a finale.
    Honorable Mentions
    Megas XLR- What can I say, I Dig Giant Robots!
    Dragonball Z- Not bad if a little slow
    Duel Masters- I know not evrybody will agree with me but I thought it was funny even if the rules of the game were a bit fuzzy to me.
    Naruto - The canon rocked as did a little of the filler
  11. HEATXZ

    HEATXZ Duck Knght

    Dec 9, 2006
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    One Piece
    Megas XLR
  12. Stevenjoy

    Stevenjoy New Member

    Sep 14, 2008
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    Let's see.. only 5?

    Teen Titans
    Justice Leauge
    Justice Leauge Unlimited
    Dragonabll Z

    Okay I lied I listed 7 lol
  13. Soul

    Soul Active Member

    Nov 11, 2006
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    Figured I'd bump this for people who weren't here when I started it or even if some of your views have changed.
  14. Gold Guy

    Gold Guy Ride On
    Staff Member Moderator

    Dec 14, 2008
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    1. Justice League: Greatest. Superhero. Show. Ever.
    2. Naruto: Greatest. Anime. Ever.
    3. Mega Man Star Force
    4. Sailor Moon: The first ever anime I watched.
    5. Teen Titans: Childish, but good.

    Note: Cardcaptors comes close.
  15. soundmonkey44

    soundmonkey44 Melancholic Man.

    Oct 5, 2008
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    1.Dragonball/Dragonball Z: The show that started Toonami's fame!
    2. Sailor Moon: A classic
    3. Ruroni Kenshin: Historical Fiction at its best!
    4. Tenchi Muyo: The origional Sci-fi, Action Harem Comedy series!
    5. G gundam: Giant robot fighting action!

    Honerable Mentions: Reboot, Thundercats, Outlaw Star, Cowboy bebop, Samuri Jack, the other Gundam series, Big O, Megas XLR, Ronin warriors, Naruto & Hamtaro, yes I said Hamtaro.
  16. HG Revolution

    HG Revolution Truth (with crazy opinions!)

    Feb 28, 2006
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    .5. Neon Genesis Evangelion (didn't air properly at all, but by a technicality I'll put it up in this imaginary slot)
    1. Samurai Jack (THIS is what an action cartoon can be when done as a loving fusion of high and pop art)
    2. Justice League/Unlimited (counting this as one show; the show that got me into superheroes)
    3. Rurouni Kenshin (the show that really got me into anime, as well as some other... things you might have heard of)
    4. The Big O (discovered it a while after the Toonami airing, but this is simply one cool show)
    5. Teen Titans (I get the feeling that my generation will fondly remember this fun series)
    Honorable Mentions: Yuyu Hakusho, MEGAS XLR, Tenchi Muyo, Gundam SEED, DCAU in general (I figure B:TAS would be in my top 5 if I watched it more), .HACK//sign (really not that great at all but it was the first anime TV series that really interested me)
  17. HG Revolution

    HG Revolution Truth (with crazy opinions!)

    Feb 28, 2006
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    Bebop's not Toonami.
  18. red0hawk72

    red0hawk72 Guest

    1. Dragonball Z – It will always be viewed as THE landmark show that popularized anime in the United States and made Toonami into the masterpiece that we are all so fond of today.
    2. Yu Yu Hakusho – No matter how many times I watch this show it never gets old. The Dark Tournament Saga was amazing. I’ll never forget the first time I saw those episodes back in 2003.
    3. Rurouni Kenshi – This show really broadened my outlook on anime. It was so different from all of the other shows on Toonami at the time. Looking back, I think that is what made it so great.
    4. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – In my opinion, it is the best Gundam series ever made. The fight between Heero and Wufei in Endless Waltz was epic.
    5. Mobile Fighter G Gundam – Two words: “Shining Finger”.
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  19. Magus

    Magus The Boss

    Oct 24, 2008
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    Outside of Naruto (ugh) these were the only shows that I've seen on Toonami. (you can tell I'm not much of a supporter right? XD)

    1. Yu Yu Hakusho - I still need to see the Dark Tournament saga seeing how I practically missed every episode at that time. However, Chapter Black was my hooking point.

    2. Rurouni Kenshin - This series has the best fight(s) in anime, and that's all I really need. Characters was just extra.

    3. Dragonball Z - I remember when I used to rush home just to see DBZ and then I'd be done with Toonami afterwards, haha. Too bad I don't find that same excitement these days..

    4. IGPX - Takashi almost ruined the series in the 2nd half for me with all that mopiness, but everyone else kept the series alive for me. What really got me is how Toonami took 2 genres that I don't really care for (mecha is finally hooking me. I still don't like racing though.) and combined them to make for a great experience.

    5. G Gundam - As stated, I'm finally getting into more mecha, but back then I was only watching G Gundam for the fighting (A lot of those fights were epic), and hearing Domon scream "SHINING FINGER" or "ERUPTING BURNING FINGER".. I hear people complain from time to time about the edit for God Gundam, but honestly, I don't think "God Finger" (That is what that attack would've been called right?) would sound so great.

    Honorable mention - Ronin Warriors... I don't really remember too much about it other than hearing somebody say "Armor of Wildfire"... and it had a samurai-ish setting. And the characters looked like they were on Voltron.

    Anyway, unfortunately I didn't see Justice League/Unlimited when it was on Toonami. (And I still haven't seen Unlimited...) I did manage to catch Justice League on Boomerang though. (Oh how I wish I had Boomerang again....)
  20. Silverstar

    Silverstar Rock the Dragon

    Jun 4, 2007
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    In no particular order:

    1. Megas XLR- easily one of the coolest concepts to come down the pike in recent years. This series needs to be on DVD...now. Let's get cracking, CN.

    2. The Tenchi Muyo! Franchise- I'm generally not all that into harem anime, but Tenchi got there early, and did it well. (Tenchi in Tokyo was a step down, IMO, but not unwatchable.) Plus, this series had Washu. 'Nuff said.

    3. Outlaw Star- perhaps not the greatest anime ever, but still enjoyable. It was part of (in my opinion) Toonami's greatest schedule ever (Sailor Moon/Reboot/DBZ/Gundam/Tenchi/Outlaw Star), so it earns kudos for that alone.

    4. Dragon Ball Z-You can't talk of Toonami and not mention DBZ. It's the show that put Toonami on the map.

    5. Yu Yu Hakusho- one of the better shonen, IMO. Not that I've seen a lot of them or anything. :sweat:
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