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    * Let just say this is one of the segments of Dexter's Lab. Like "Dial 'M' for Monkey," and "The Justice Friends."*

    {Opening Theme}

    Headmaster Joe: Yes, my creation is finally set. The Blue Bomb 2000 is a harmless ray that heals a lot of major injuries. Now to test it out on an injured soldier.

    Nurse Trish: But Headmaster, the reading of the Blue Bomb 2000 is overloading!

    Headmaster Joe: Is that a bad thing?

    Narrator: The strange Blue Bomb Ray has accidently hits three perfect kids and transformed to "The Bionic-Blueberry Kids!" Holly, a cheerleader and the leader of the force. Ashley, the brains and the intelligence. Finally, Andrew, the bravery and courage.

    (music) Here we go, The Bionic-Blueberry!

    OPERATION:BIONIC BLUEBERRY Produced by Genndy Tartakovsky, Created By Michael Laffitte (G.I. D'oh)


    Storyboard by Butch Hartman (Fairly Oddparents) and Terry O'Malley (Digimon)

    Art Direction by Craig McCracken

    Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and Michael Laffitte

    [At the evil lab palace of Dr. Kamikaze, he is planning of getting revenge of Mrs. Blueberry (Ashley, Andrew, and Holly's mom).]

    Dr. Kamikaze: Yes, my day is finally come!

    [ the new recruits of the Kamikaze Bots has line up for the anoucement, and the top recruits.]

    Dr. Kamikaze: Ok, troops listen up, we will make our destuctive debut in the city. We will strike fears in the hearts of good. Together, we are....

    All Robots: The Kamikaze Bots!!!
    [with fanfare and the pose (like the Ginyu Force)]

    Crabanator: So, this means that I'm the captain?

    [Dr. Kamikaze growls and pulls the reject catapult lever]

    Crabinator: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (hits the acid pit)

    Dr. Kamikaze: Now, let's see who's got the right stuff. no,no,no, what's this? A lazy bone? REJECT!!!!

    [ push the button and the 100,000 anvil crush the lazy bot, he's gone forever, too!]

    Dr. Kamikaze: I have found four top recruits. they are....

    {view Beef}
    Beef, Short body, strong muscles and appetite.

    {view Shade}
    Shade, the enigma of all living's imagination.

    {view Lace}
    Lace, cute personality, and a dangerous eye beam.

    {view Captian Cheese}
    Finally, Captain Cheese, the Mice Leader of the pack and the big brother of the group.

    Dr. Kamikaze: (talking fast) That's all for the recruits, and as for the rest of the losers, taste the wrath of doom, buh-bye!

    [Dr. Kamikaze has drop the rest of the worthless robots and drop them in the pit of doom]


    Dr. Kamikaze: All right, Troops, the first mission is to kidnapped a long friend of mine, her name is Mrs. Blueberry! Now go out their and get her for me!

    Kamikaze Bots: Yes, sir! (with pose)

    [so they teleport to Mrs Blueberry's house. While she's doing her art sculpture, the Kamikaze Bots is in her house]

    Captain Cheese: We're the Kamikaze Bots and you're coming with me!

    Mrs. Blueberry: (scared) What, what's going...... HEEELLLLLLP!!!!!!

    [While the Mrs Blueberry is been teleported out of her house, and into Dr. Kamikaze's clutches, Ashley, Andrew, and Holly is playing baseball. Holly and Dee Dee is on team against Ashley and Andrew, and Dexter is the scorekeeper, being impatient]

    Dexter: Will you please hurry up with this game so I could get back to my laboratory?!?!

    Dee Dee: Shut up, Dexter! we almost finish beating them!

    Holly: Yeah, is like the bottom of the 18th. and stuff!

    Andrew: Come on, princess! pitch it so I could knock it out of the feild!

    [Dee Dee pitch the ball]

    Andrew: Watch and learn, bro!

    [Andrew use his mega super power to knock the ball out of the city and into Jellystone]

    Holly: I'll get it!

    [Holly uses her super speed to get the baseball back and made a catch at Jellystone National Park.]

    Holly: Got it! See ya, bears!!!

    Yogi: Hey, Boo Boo, Those Pic-a-nic baskets make me seeing things.

    [The signal of Holly's communicator is flashing.]

    Headmaster Joe: Holly, tell your brothers that there's an emergency.

    Holly: I'm on it!

    [she arrive's back]

    Holly: Ashley, Andrew, we need to cut our game short. We need to see the Headmaster.

    Ashley: Got it. See ya, Dee Dee.

    Andrew: Bye, Dex!

    [ they teleported]

    Dee Dee: man, I was about to beat them!

    Dexter: Good, I'm going back to the lab!

    [teleported at the the Top-Secret Mission Bureau]

    Holly: Yes, Headmaster?

    Headmaster Joe: I'm ran out of hot sauce for my taco, and the Kamikaze Bots has kidnapped your mom.

    All: WHAT!!!!

    Ashley: We're on it!

    Andrew: Nobody messes with our mom and lives.

    Holly: Bionic-Blast!!!

    [they transported into the Bionic-Blueberry Kids and fly to the Kamikaze Lab Palace.]

    Holly: Alright brothers, before we go in, Ashley do you got a plan to get in?


    Andrew: Now, you're thinking!

    Holly: Let's do it!

    [they went in and battle against the Kamikaze Bots.]

    Captain Cheese: Well, well, the brats want there mommy back. Well tough nuggets! Get 'em gang!

    [Ashley and Andrew is battling against Capt. and Beef while Holly is battling against Lace and Shade]

    Ashley: Were is mom?

    Beef: (sing-song) We not telling!

    Holly: Is not them! Were is she, you witch?

    Shade: That is me to know!

    Lace: That's right!

    Holly: Is not them either!

    Andrew: Then who's......

    [Dr. Kamikaze Laughs wickedly]

    Dr. Kamikaze: Well kids, looking for her?

    [Mrs. Blueberry is muffling]

    Bionic-Blueberry Kids: Mrs. Blueberry!!!!

    Dr. Kamikaze: That's right, you annoying brats! She will feel my wrath, unless you will reviled your identity to her.

    Holly: No!

    Andrew: Fat chance!

    Ashley: Forget it!

    Dr. Kamikaze: Very well! Release her.... LITERALLY!!

    Mrs. Blueberry: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...........

    Holly: (thinking) Oh, no, mom! I got to do something!!
    Psycho Teleport (echo)!!!!

    [Mrs. Blueberry teleported to the safe side of the 'kids and hugged them]

    Mrs. Blueberry: Thank you! You saved me!

    Ashley: No Prob!

    Andrew: It's our job.

    Holly: C'mon kids, let lay some smackdown!

    {the punches and kicks landing on the Kamikaze Bots and Dr. Kamikaze and his bots is in jail.}

    [later at home]

    Mrs. Blueberry: Kids, guess what, I was kidnapped by the Kamikaze Bots and the Bionic-Blueberry Kids has rescue me. So, what did you do today?

    Kids: Play baseball! (all smiling)

    THE END :D
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    I told you I did it!!!

    I have made my own fan fiction of my own cartoon! I want to here some cool replies.:cool:
  3. Dante Bunny

    Dante Bunny PK ROCKIN!!!

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    Here's the problem

    The reason the don't reply is that my fan fiction has a little grammar boo-boo. I have getting private message from people, and I am sorry for a grammar inconvenience. I have found how to make a perfect fan fiction:eek: Duh, I felt stupid, I should have use spell check to make it perfect. :eek:

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