One of the original X-Men is gay (sorta)...

Discussion in 'Marvel Comics and Collectibles' started by wonderfly, Apr 21, 2015.

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    Okay, spoiler alert, so if you don't want spoilers for the latest upcoming issue of All New X-Men, then stop now...

    ,,,,according to IGN, apparently Bobby Drake (Iceman), who has years of established heterosexual relationships, is gay. But this is his younger teenage self (transported through time to the present), and as I noted, he's had years of relationships with various women.


    a. Bobby is either a present day closet homosexual engaging in relationships with women.
    b. he flirted with homosexuality in his younger years but it's something he left behind.
    c. he's bi-sexual (still to this day? Is adult Bobby Drake about to get a new lover?)

    Click the link I provided for story context, but anyway...


    (I'm staying neutral on the matter, by the way)
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    Nothing against a character being gay, but given how Bobby has been straight for decades and has never shown any gay tendancies in either age bracket, this reeks of nothing more than Marvel seeking mainstream press.
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    That's exactly what it is, Stu. They keep doing this during the Buckley era, and sooner or later, it's going to bite them on their corporate backside, if it hasn't already. It's an obsessive need for attention, while at the same time, as some folks might suggest, an F. U. to Fox, which holds the movie rights to the X-Men, and payback for Fox allowing Josh Trank(quilizer) to turn Johnny Storm into an African-American for the pending movie.

    Would it be asking too much for Marvel to follow Archie & DC's lead and actually, you know, create an original gay character, rather than reboot a character who's been around since the 60's?
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    Apparently, and this is going off the Comic Book Resource threads, it was a popular fan theory that Bobby was gay and this just confirmed it. As an X-Fan, I can say that I personally didn't see it coming nor really think it fits. Then again, I didn't really think Catwoman was bisexual until it was relatively confirmed in Genevieve Valentine's run, but apparently that was even more obvious :sweat:.

    But yeah, this still seemed like it came really out of the blue for the character and I have a hard time wracking my head around it. I mean, first and foremost, Bobby's been presented throughout the comics as being heterosexual and having numerous relationships with women (Polaris, Mystique, and even Kitty Pryde being some of the most noticeable), and being as girl-crazy as Johnny Storm is. Sure a lot of those relationships have fizzled out, but what relationships haven't in the MU? Not to mention that there have been moments in the comics where his ice clones, which have been shown to follow his pure emotions, have acted in a romantic way only towards women and never men.

    I've seen the argument that some gay men do have heterosexual relationships before coming out, but considering the level of emotional investment that Bobby has had in some of his relationships with women, you'd think that it would've become an issue before. Or at least that the women around him would've been able to tell earlier, especially considering he's around telepaths all the time. Kinda devalues those relationships in my opinion...

    I can understand the point that the period Bobby grew up in and his parents would likely force him to repress any homosexual inclinations, but considering he's grown up with the X-Men who are extremely tolerant of diversity and different orientations and into a changing and more progressive society, you'd think his adult self would have realized it by now or come out before his teen self was pushed to by Jeen. Or at least more of his friends, particularly the telepaths, would have tried to talk with him about it.

    Then again, maybe adult Iceman grew out of it and became full-on straight? The O5 are setting up to be growing in different ways and changing in to different people compared to their modern selves, so maybe we should just start treating them as separate characters? Of course, he could just still be repressing it, but at this point I'd think he'd have come out already if it were still true for him in the present day unless he's just that much in denial about it.

    And this Bobby is still a teenager. I don't think it's fair to really define for him a complete sexual orientation when he's yet to really mature and experience a lot of relationships with other people. I don't think sexuality is that simple, but I'm far from an expert on the subject.

    Really though, couldn't they have just made him bisexual? Honestly, it would make a lot more sense in that it would take Bobby's character and romantic history into account while still going forward in the direction Marvel/Bendis wants him to go as being interested in men. I'm all for more LGBT characters, but I don't think they should just change established characters sexuality without some really solid evidence and handle it like this. Maybe it's just because I didn't see it coming like apparently other people did, but overall I can't say it's a direction I'm particularly gelling with.

    The Catwoman reveal, in comparison, was handled much better in my opinion and didn't elicit the same reaction from me. Maybe I just thought that, overall, it didn't seem as out there for Selina's character, even if I didn't see it coming? I don't know. Just my two cents, and I hope I haven't said anything offensive or too ignorant to any member of the LGBT communities. If I have, I apologize :(.

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