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    1: Misfit Love: [WIKI]AKOM Production Company[/WIKI]
    2: Narcoleptic Scottie: AKOM
    3: Milo Interrupted: AKOM
    4: Bucketheads: AKOM
    5: Heroine Addict: AKOM
    6: The Golden Child: Rough Draft Studios
    7: Flush Flush, Sweet Helga: AKOM
    8: Disfigured Debbie: Rough Draft Studios
    9: Pickles' Li'l Amazons: Rough Draft Studios
    10: Get Off My Back: Rough Draft Studios
    11: Please Be Genital: AKOM
    12: My Name is Robbie: Rough Draft Studios
    13: Father of the Bribe: Rough Draft Studios

    TOTAL: 7 AKOM, 6 Rough Draft Studios

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