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    I am not to sure if I should post this, because of Archie comics no fan fic rule, but I'll do it anyway. If this thread has to be deleated or locked, so be it. It is not a fan fic anyway, I would never break the rules and write a fan fic from the Archie comics universe.

    I got the inspiration from two things, first of all reading an old She' Josie story Mr. Cabot Loses His Marbles in this month's Archie's Pals n Gals Digest, and the latest episdoe of Avatar: The Last Airbender The Beach . The idea focuses on the Cabot twins and their relationship with each other, and while they might not each other very much, but they care about each other enough that they don't let outsiders (the other characters in the Josie gang, they might get away, because they know its all in friendly fun) get away with hurting or making fun of the other twin.

    My idea, this girl starts dating Alexander, she seems nice, Alex takes her on laverese places, buys her expensive jewerly, etc. but she is not that she seems. Alexandra (maybe the rest of the Josie gang except for Alexander, but that is irreverlent) overhears Alex's girlfriend talking to her friends, and she tells them, she is only dating Alex for his money, and using him to expensive gifts and go to fancy restuarants, etc.

    Alexandra decides to get revenge on this girl, because no one messes with a Cabot and gets away with it.. How she does I am not sure. Maybe for once, use her witchcraft for good (I know she had that power for a short time), or even have the rest of the gang help her get revenge on Alex's girlfriend. Though you would probably have twist Albert or Alan's arm (depending on what time period) to agree to help.

    This idea sounds like it would be better in the pre Pussycats era. It shows that the Cabot twins care about each other to the readers, without admiting it to each other.

    Would like to hear feedback.
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