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    Welcome to the Musiquarium! Please discuss your favorite musicial genres and bands and artists. While here, please take the time to read the rules for the forum:

    All rules in the toonzone FAQ apply to this forum. Below you'll find some additional rules specific to the Musiquarium:

    • No linking to illegal websites or websites with illegal material.
    • Your varied opinions are always welcome in the Musiquarium! We do, however, recommend you refrain from contributing if you cannot phrase your thoughts in a manner that can be considered intelligent criticism. Posts intended to incite fellow forum members may receive a poke or warning.
    • YouTube and other websites can used for songs/music videos as long as said material was uploaded from an official account from the artist/record label.
    • No requests for download links of songs or full albums. Unless the artist or record label allows it, such discussion is prohibited and may be subject to a poke or warning.
    • Explicit language may be allowed when quoting lyrics from a song or album. Any other use of foul language is in violation of the forums and may be subject to a poke or warning.
    • When discussing an album that has yet to be released, please create a "Pre-Release Discussion" thread. When the album has been officially released, the pre-release thread will be closed and a new one will be made.
    • Like most other forums on toonzone, the Musiquarium does not allow people to post lists without explaining the reasons for their choices. If somebody makes a thread asking about your favorite songs/albums from an artist, and you have ten favorite songs/albums, you should explain why each of them is your favorite. Simply posting their names without explaining why you feel that way is equal to spam and may be subject to disciplinary action. The goal of a forum is to generate discussion, and lists don’t generate discussion.

    Follow these rules and your experience will be an enjoyable one here at the Musiquarium.:)
Thread Status:
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