Megas XLR Episode idea scripts. (PG)

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    Ultrabot Z

    *The episode begins in the year 41XX and we are inside a building it pans from left to right then we see 2 robots who look like Guardroids from X8 get blasted and fall down we then see the bioloids get up and they look then we see a robot who looks like Mega Man X except his armor is black and stuff we see him aim his buster at the two bioloids. We see the bioloids look at each other then at Ultrabot Z and they fire their busters at him we then see Ultrabot Z hide behind some debris and he charges up a buster shot and the sound made is used from X4-X8 and he fires the shot destroying both bioloids we then see Ultrabot Z continue walking and more bioloids attack him but he keeps shooting then we see a bioloid in a giant robot ride armor that looks like Vile's from X1 drop down and slam Ultrabot Z into the wall he then goes up to him and picks him up and squeezes him*

    Ultrabot Z: *Voice actor is Cam Clarke* AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *As we see this we hear a whilste we see the bioloid look up and we see a while bioloid with a saber. This is Uno he jumps in the air and takes his saber and slashes the bioloid armor he gets up and we see the bioloid cut in half then we see Uno look at Ultrabot Z and they smile. Then they both then walk down a hallway and we see Uno kick down a door and we see both of them aim their busters at a bioloid, this bioloid looks like Sigma in the body and the eyes but has the face and hair of Dr.Doppler he is looking out a window*

    Alpha: *Voice actor is Corey Burton* I see you have arrived. Very well done Ultrabot Z and Uno. I commend you for surviving this far and making it all the way to my stronghold. However you must realize that you are fighting a pointless war. We bioloids have the ability to evolve past that of our given peramaters. However the only thing standing in our way of progress are the humans. For the sake of the bioloid race, they must be *Turns around* destroyed!

    Ultrabot Z: It's over Alpha! You are coming with us!

    Uno: *Voice actor is Joshua Seth* Whatever you're up to we are going to put a stop to it! Now surrender or else!

    Alpha: I am afraid I cannot do that Uno. You see....I am late for an appointment. *He presses a button on his chest and a time portal appears behind him* I'm sure you are aware of quantom mechanics? If I alter the past then the future will be altered as well.....That is why I am going back in time to kill Dr.Bright....the kind old man who gave you life Ultrabot Z!

    Ultrabot Z: But if you do that then you won't exist either! All bioloids were based off of my design!

    Alpha: You would think so....but I took the neccessary precautions to equip myself and my army with an anti-time disrupter so we won't be affected when history changes so while you and Uno cease to exist, I will be free to create a new world order for bioloids only! I must be off! *Goes through the portal* I bid you a fond farewell....*Portal gets smaller*

    Uno: We have to enter the portal before it closes! *Uno runs in first with Ultrabot Z behind* Hurry up!!!

    Ultrabot Z: Here goes nothing! *Jumps in and manages to make it in time and they travel into the portal* We can't let Alpha destroy Dr.Bright and rewrite history!

    Uno: Don't worry togehter the two of us can stop him! *They continue going through the portal*

    *Title Theme Plays*

    Ultrabot Z

    *We are now in Jersey City and we are on the highway and we see Megas is on the road with tons of cars around him we see Coop look down, Jamie with his hat over his eyes and Kiva just sitting there*

    Coop: Oh man...why did I have to take the highway of all places! It's always backed up with wall to wall traffic!

    Jamie: Yeah...especially during rush hour.

    Coop: Man I need something to eat in the worst way! *Coop's stomach growls*

    Kiva: Why don't you simply just fly home?

    Coop: I can't. *Points to sign saying "No Flying Zone: Giant Robots Included*

    Jamie: destroy the road once and they never let you hear the end of it.

    Kiva: Well next time when I say to lay off the engine thruster you'll listen to me next time.

    Jamie: Well I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna take a nap....seeing as we won't be off the highway anytime soon. *Yawns and puts his hat back down* Wake me up when we're home. *We then see Coop look at the cars moving and Megas moves just a bit, meanwhile a portal opens up in an ally way near the highway and out come Ultrabot Z and Uno. *They walk out of the ally and they look at the city*

    Ultrabot Z: So this is the city where I was created.....Uno. Any trace on Dr.Bright?

    Uno: *Scans* I'm picking up his biosignature. We're in the right place.

    Ultrabot Z: we need to find Alpha before he can do any harm to my creator!

    Uno: Uh...I don't think he is going to be that hard to find. *Points to Megas*

    Ultrabot Z: Woah! *Pans up Megas* That must be him in the giant Mechanoid! Let's go stop him Uno!

    Uno: Got it! *They run up a building and start to climb the wall as X and Zero do in the X series we see them get on top and they look at Megas*

    Ultrabot Z: *Aims his Z-Buster* Ok...I have a lock on Alpha's Mechanoid.....Ready..*We see Megas and a lock is on him....AIM..*Ultrabot Z charges up his Z-Buster, back at Megas we see Jamie get up and look out the window at Ultrabot Z and Uno*

    Jamie: Hm?

    Ultrabot Z: Fire!!! *We see Ultrabot Z fires the blast and we see a triple screen of him firing it we see a huge blast head towards Megas, Jamie screams like a little girl getting Coop and Kiva's attention we then see Megas duck and the shot misses and it instead blows up a POP TV blip, we then see the guys look at the blimp and then at the two bioloids*

    Ultrabot Z: Next time I won't miss!!!!

    Coop: Hey pal watch it!!! I just had Megas waxed!

    Ultrabot Z: This insanity stops now Alpha! We won't allow you to carry your vile scheme any further!

    Coop: Huh? Alpha? Kiva any idea what this guy is talking about!?

    Kiva: *Scans* Hmm....they appear to be highly powerful robots. Coop before you do anything brash...let's see what they want!

    Uno: Alpha we are giving you 10 seconds to surrender or we will destroy you!

    Coop: Look. There must be some kind of mistake. My name is Coop. And this is my robot Megas.


    Coop: Dude..... I'm not this Alpha guy you speak of....I'm just a normal guy from Jersey. *Pause and shows a pic of Megas* Who just happens to have a Giant Robot.

    Uno: So you refuse? Fine then! *Jumps and uses his U-Saber to slash at one of Megas's shoulder things knocking it down destroying a car*

    Man: *Voice actor is Steven Jay Blum* My car!!!!

    Coop: Hey! Look what you did to Megas!!!

    Uno: Consider that a warning! Give up or I'll turn you and your entire mechanoid into scrap!!!

    Kiva: Listen! This is all a big misunderstanding!

    Jamie: Yeah!

    Ultrabot Z: We aren't going to fall for your tricks! *We see Ultrabot Z aim his Z-Buster at Megas and prepares to charge up*

    Kiva: This isn't good Coop! They think we are some evil robot bent on destruction.

    Jamie: Gee...*Sarcastic* What could of gave them that idea. *They both stare at Coop*

    Kiva: Anyways we can't fight back. We have to somehow convince them that we aren't who they say they are!

    Coop: Sorry guys...but no one and I MEAN NO ONE DOES THAT TO MEGAS!!!!

    Kiva: Coop No!!! *We see Megas aim it's arm at Ultrabot Z and Uno and fire a machine gun blast at them, we see them jump down the other side of the building and hold the roof then when Coop stops firing we see them get back up and we see Ultrabot Z fire a wave of shots at Megas but they bounce off of Megas* Great! Now any chance we had of convincing them otherwise is gone! Thanks to you!

    Coop: I could use some ideas right about now!

    Jamie: Here is one....Look out!!!!

    Coop: WOAH!!! *Megas ducks a huge Buster Shot and it explodes sending several parts of it to various places Coops likes. First it hits the Pizza Hutch* NO!!! THE PIZZA HUTCH!!! *Another blast hits the Burger barn* NO!!! THE BURGER BARN!!! *Another shot hits the Fireworks making factory causing all the fire works to go off in the day* NOOOO!!!! THAT WAS FOR THE 4th of JULY!!!! That's it! Now it's personal! *Megas tries to hit Ultrabot Z and Uno but they dodge Megas arm and they manage to jump on the arm and run up the arms. They then jump to where the car is and try to shoot the car but Megas fires eyebeams at them and hit them and they go falling down. Uno catches a wall and slides down then catches Ultrabot Z protecting him*

    Ultrabot Z: Thanks.

    Uno: Don't thank me just yet! We still have to deal with Alpha! *Megas opens up a compartment from its chest and fires a powerful laser that travels the ground and Ultrabot Z and Uno dodge the laser and they do so. But look up and see Megas smash them hard, we then see Coop move his hands in a satisfying way*

    Coop: that they are gone let's go home. I'm starving. *We see Megas walkaway but then we see both Ultrabot Z and Uno get up and we see Ultrabot Z aim his buster at Megas and charges it up and fires it Megas gets hit then turns around* Don't you know when to quit!?

    Uno: We won't stop until you are defeated Alpha! Just give up!!! *We then see Megas aim at them and fire more blasts at the two bioloids but they climb the wall and land on the roof then we see Megas smash the building they are on we see Uno jump to another building and Megas aims at Uno and fires more machine gun blasts but then we see Uno jump in the air and transform his saber into a long spear and he tries to slash Megas with it but Megas claps his hands inbetween Uno crushing him, when Megas opens his hands we see Uno put the spear between the two hands and he uses it as a pole and swings away from Megas landing back on the building with his spear in hand*

    Kiva: Coop maybe now would be a good time to convince them we aren't Alpha!

    Coop: I can't let a couple of robots push Megas around like that! *Notices Ultrabot Z is gone* Hey...weren't there two of them! *We hear a noise* What the!?

    Jamie: Coop he's on Megas!

    Coop: Get off!!! *Tries to itch him off*

    Ultrabot Z: *puts his hand on Megas absorbing is ability then Ultrabot Z jumps in the air, the background gets all flashy colors and techno music plays and we see Ultrabot Z's arm and he makes a fist and it transforms into Megas 'sarm, then the other arm transform into Megas's then we see Ultrabot Z spin around and it pans down to his legs which both transform into Megases legs, then it pans up to his stomach which transforms into Megases stomach then it pans up to his chest which tranforms into Megas's chest then he turns to his side and his shoulder transforms into the shoulder of Megas and then he goes to his other side and his other shoulder transforms into the shoulder of Megas then it goes to his head and his helmet transforms into the helmet X has in X8 then he does a pose and it shows Ultrabot Z in the Megas Armor* YEAHHHHH!!!!!

    Coop: Uh....Kiva?

    Kiva: Incredible! *Scans* He appears to have absorbed Megas's data into his own system!!!

    Jamie: That can't be good.....

    Ultrabot Z: I'm coming for you Alpha!!! *Ultrabot Z backs up and flies to Megas and delivers a swift kick to Megas, then he punches Megas really hard in the chest area. He then flies into the air and fires missiles at Megas hitting Megas in the chest and Megas backs up, when the smoke clears we see Ultrabot Z dive at Megas and headbutt Megas in the chest knocking Megas down, Megas gets up and opens his hands up and puts his arms together and fires laser blasts at Ultrabot Z who manuvers through them and fires eye beams at Megas, Ultrabot Z then opens everything up and uses Overkill.* Take this!!!! *Fires everything at Megas*

    Coop: Woah! *Puts Megas's arms in X postion and defends against the barrage of attacks, while he is doing this we pan over to Alpha who is watching on a building from a distance.*

    Alpha: How convient. It appears that this giant mechanoid has provided an adequte distraction while I go and fulfil my destiny. *Grabs a switch button from his chest and presses it. It transforms into a Mech that looks like Big O/Illumina from X6 and Alpha gets into it.* As entertaining as this may be. I must go and kill Thomas Bright. *Alpha's mech walks off. Back at the battle Ultrabot Z is running along the ground and jumps in the air and creates the cool energy sword thingy for himself*

    Ultrabot Z: WAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *Tries to slash Megas with it but Megas jumps out of the way then Megas opens up his chest and fires a laser blast from his chest at Ultrabot Z but Ultrabot Z flies above it and speeds up to Megas and delivers a nasty bicycle kick to Megas causing Megas to flip in the air, then Ultrabot Z goes into the air above Megas and aims his buster at Megas* I'm going to finish this right here right now! I WILL DEFEAT YOU ALPHA!!!!!!! *We see Ultrabot Z charges a super powerful charged shot using the Megas Armor* YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Fires the blast at Megas and Coop looks up and gets pelted hard with it and falls down to the ground, Megas is in serious damage*

    Kiva: Coop....Megas has taken heavy damage. We have less than 5% energy remaining!!!

    Uno: *Uno goes to the cockpit and transforms his U-Saber into the K-Knuckle and punches the car door and throws away the car door* ALL RIGHT ALPHA! I'M GOING TO TEAR YOU LIMB FROM ...WHA!? *Realizes that it's just 3 humans with a giant robot.* You are humans!

    Jamie: Told you so....

    Uno....Wait...if you aren't Alpha...then where is...*We see a bunch of explosions in the distance and everyone looks over* Oh no....

    Ultrabot Z: Uno! That must be Alpha over there! We've been attacking the wrong person!

    Jamie: think.

    Ultrabot Z: Let's stop Alpha! We don't have a moment to lose!

    Coop: Hey! *Sound of car coming to a screeching halt* What about my robot!?

    Ultrabot Z: Uh.....sorry about that.

    Coop: Man this is gonna take weeks to fix!!!

    Ultrabot Z: Hey Uno....see if you can stop Alpha without me. I'll help this man fix his's the least I can do for falsely accusing him.

    Uno: Sure thing.

    Ultrabot Z: Uno!

    Uno: Yeah? *Turns around*

    Ultrabot Z: Be careful ok? *Uno Nods and runs off in Alpha's direction. Meanwhile in another part of the city we see Alpha mech causing destruction as it punches a building causing it to collapse*

    Alpha: Come out come out where ever you are!! I know you are can't escape me....I will find you and then I will destroy you along with the rest of the feeble human race. *Smashes another building looking for Dr.Bright*

    Little Tommy: *Comes out drinking a Megaslush looking at the giant Mech* COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!

    Alpha: *Locked on to Little Tommy* Ah....there you are!!! *Attempts to grab Little Tommy* Don't worry child....this won't hurt a bit! *As Alpha approaches Uno grabs him and rescues him*

    Uno: Stay out of the way kid! It's too dangerous! Let me handle this giant robot. You go where it's safe!!! *We then see Uno go at Alpha and we see Little Tommy Drink his Mega Slush*

    Alpha: Ahh...Uno....I see you have found me.

    Uno: You tricked us Alpha! Now we are going to make you pay!!! I'm going to take you either dead or alive!!!

    Alpha: Before I destroy Dr.Bright....I'll take care of you first....*Attempts to punch Uno but Uno dodges out of the way then we see Alpha try to punch Uno many times but Uno keeps dodging then we see Uno run into an abandoned building* Trying to hide will not save you Uno. I will destroy you myself! *We see Alpha punch the building inside we see Uno running as we see Alpha's fist trying to hit him we see him climbing the walls of the building as Alpha continues to try and punch him then we see Uno get to the top and he runs to the other building we him go inside it. It's a long building and we see Alpha over it and he punches and he is still trying to hit Alpha but Uno keeps dodging then we see a beam come down and it chases Uno and Uno continues to run from the beam and we see Alpha has fired a beam from his mech's mouth and inside we see Alpha getting a read on Uno* I have you now my little pest! *We still see Uno run away from Alpha's beam in the building. Meanwhile Ultrabot Z is helping Coop and the gang fix Megas*

    Coop: *Fixing the dents to Megas* Man....I just had Megas in perfect shape. Then these guys come along and ruin everything.

    Jamie: Man Coop...those robots sure did a number on Megas. *We see a part fall from Megas*

    Coop: Geeze....*Continues fixing Megas*

    Ultrabot Z: I'm really sorry about before. We thought you were an evil bioloid bent on destruction of all humanity.

    Coop: Don't worry. I get the whole "I'm the bad guy thing" a whole lot.

    Kiva: So exactly what are you Ultrabot Z?

    Ultrabot Z: I am a bioloid created by Dr.Thomas Bright. My purpose is to protect the future. I traveled over 2000 years into the past to find and protect my master from Alpha.

    Kiva: You mean you come from the future!? Perhaps you could help me return to my time!

    Coop: Kiva!!!!

    Ultrabot Z: Sadly I do not have a time traveling device. We followed Alpha here in order to stop him from killing my creator and rewriting history. You see

    *Flash foward*

    *We see Little Tommy who is 31 years of age and he looks like Mr.Famous from NT warrior. We see him in a scientist coat and he is working on a robot and it looks like Ultrabot Z. Then we see him send a capsule with Ultrabot Z in it underground and buries it, then 2100 years later we see Dr.Bane find Ultrabot Z and he awakens. Then we see an army of bioloids led by Alpha destroying a city, we see both Ultrabot Z and Uno fight them by charging up their busters and fire them destroying bioloids. Then we see Alpha go into his portal and leave with Ultrabot Z and Uno following him*

    Ultrabot Z: 20 years from now. Dr. Thomas Bright will create me and put me to sleep for over 2000 years to test my reliability to the humans. It has always been Alpha's desire to create a world only for bioloids. At every turn we manage to stop him. But if Alpha destroys him then I won't exist and he will be free to destroy the humans as he pleases!

    *Back to reality. We hear and see explosions in the distance. Coop, Jamie, Kiva, and Ultrabot Z look onward.*

    Ultrabot Z: That must be Alpha!

    Kiva: We better hurry and fix Megas before this Alpha does anymore damage.

    Coop: I'm on it. *Coop continues to fix Megas and we hear more explosions*

    Ultrabot Z: Hang on Uno....I'll be there soon. *Back with Uno and Alpha, We see Alpha firing machine gun blasts at another building with Uno inside we see Uno inside the building and he looks at the attack and then we see Alpha's mech firing still when he's done he grabs the roof and finds no Uno, then we see Uno form above turn his U-Saber into a K-Knuckle and punch Alpha in the chest sending him back*

    Alpha: I see you have learned a few new tricks since our last encounter Uno. I'm impressed.

    Uno: Save the flattery Alpha! I'm going to take you back to the future. *We see Alpha try to smash Uno but using the K-Kunckle he grabs the hand of Alpha's mech and struggles with him then we see Alpha get up and fire a beam at Uno but Uno turns his Saber into a B-Fan and it creates a barrier and the beam is deflected and it hits a building destroying it then we see Alpha look at the beam then back at where Uno was and he's gone, then we see Uno up above with his saber now a T-Breaker and he tries to hit Alpha's head but Alpha fires a beam at Uno hitting him and Uno falls down and then we see Alpha punch Uno hard and he is out then we see Alpha grab Uno back at Megas we see them finish up repairs*

    Coop: much longer?

    Ultrabot Z: It won't be long now. Using the data I downloaded from your robot I can easily make the repairs. *Finishes the repairs* Well that should do it. Your mech has been repaired. Now I have to go and stop Alpha from destroying my creator!!!

    Coop: Not without me you don't! I'll come and help.

    Ultrabot Z: You want to help me? Even after we almost destroyed your robot?

    Coop: Hey. If this Alpha guy is bad then I wanna help destroy him!

    Ultrabot Z: Alpha is very strong...I fear he will destroy you if you try.

    Jamie: Relax....Coop has faced tougher guys. I'm sure this Alpha guy is a push over.

    Coop: And besides. No one is going to destroy humanity while I'm around! Let's go show this Alpha guy I mean business!! *Ultrabot Z gets in the car and they fly off to stop Alpha. Back at Alpha*

    Uno: AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! *Is being grabbed by Alpha who is squeezing him with his hand*

    Alpha: Uno...did you really think you could defeat me so easily? My power and ability far exceeds yours. And now that I have you in my clutches I shall crush you like a tin can.

    Uno: Even defeat me.....Ultrabot Z.....will stop you!

    Alpha: If you weren't able to destroy me then what makes you think he can. *Small pause* Fear not Uno for I am not without mercy. Since you are one of us I shall grant you a quick and painless death. *Turns around to see Megas flying towards Alpha* Hm!? What the!?

    Coop: WAAAAAHHH!!!! *Slams into Alpha knocking Uno out from Alpha's hand and Megas grabs Uno*

    Alpha: What is the meaning of this!?

    Coop: How about picking on someone your own size!?

    Ultrabot Z: Uno! *Gets out of the car and goes onto Megas's hand* Uno...*HOlds him* ARe you all right!?

    Uno: *Slowly gets up* Heheh.....It will take more than that to stop me....*Thumbs up then collapses*

    Ultrabot Z: Here! Drink this L-TANK! *Gives him an L tank which looks like a Megaslush*

    Uno: *Drinks up* *Feels better* Thanks....Is he?

    Ultrabot Z: He's going to help us stop Alpha!

    Coop: Just leave it to me guys! I'll show this guy not to mess with humanity...and stuff! *Megas puts them onto a building* You guys stay here. I'll show you how the past takes on the future!

    Alpha: What is this!? A human being!? What makes you think you could defeat me you stupid human?

    Coop: Hey I'm not stupid! I'm.....uh.....well

    Alpha: Ugh...I will make short work of you foolish human. *Grabs his blade which looks like Sigma's Blade from X8.* Now prepare to die! *He runs at Megas and tries to slash Megas but Megas dodges then we see Megas punch Alpha's mech in the face then we see Megas fire a missle at Alpha at it goes at him but Alpha sidesteps and the missle instead hits another building and then we see Alpha punch Megas in the face again and then he tries to slash Megas with his blade but Megas grabs the blade and struggles with it with Coop grring* Impressive..... *Pulls back* Perhaps you humans are not as stupid as I matter. In the end only the bioloid race will survive! *We see Alpha aim at Megas and fires his fist at Megas and Megas ducks then Alpha fires the other fist at Megas and Megas dodges that one and we see both fists go and they hit a building* are becoming quite a nuisense human!

    Coop: How is this for a neusience!? *Megas punches Alpha's mech in the face, then Megas picks up Alpha and gives him a suplex, then Megas gives Alpha a pile driver, followed by a powerbomb* WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! *Alpha tries to slash Megas again but Megas ducks and sweep kicks Alpha's mech knocking him down, Alpha tries to get back up but Megas kicks Alpha down in the face.*

    Jamie: Yeah! That will show him that humans are better than any bioloid!!!

    Alpha: *Gets up* Ugh!!! Arrogant pigs! This is exactly why the human race must face genocide! I will make your death a slow and sufferable one! *Tries to thrust his blade into Megas but Megas dodges and grabs Alpha from behind and gives him a backbreaker then we see Megas jump in the air and attempts to give Alpha a body crash but Alpha opens his mouth and fires a blast at Megas and Megas gets hit and then Megas goes down and then gets up and looks at Alpha* Give it up cannot defeat me. *Draws his blade at Megas* I will usher in a new age for the bioloid race!!!

    Coop: Nice sword. *Evil Grin* Mind if I borrow it? *We then see Coop press a button labeled "Weapon Get!" And then we see Megas run up to Alpha and punch him down and his sword goes flying and Megas grabs the sword and holds it up in the air* Now to give you a taste of your own medicine! *We see Megas run at Alpha and slash him and it causes a cut in his armor then we see Megas do another overhead slash but Alpha grabs it and Megas tries to cut Alpha's mech but his mech turns the blade breaking it*

    Alpha: You fool! That was my favorite sword! Now I'm going to turn your robot into a smoldering pile of scrap!!! *We see Alpha try to punch Megas but Megas grabs Alpha and throws him down then Megas steps on Alpha but Alpha fires a beam at Megas and Megas gets hit and then we see Megas get up and Alpha punches Megas in the face then we see Alpha punch Megas in the face again then we see his mech kick Megas down, then we see Alpha fire a missle at Megas and it hits Megas and Megas goes flying into a building then we see Megas get up and we see Alpha in the air and he gives Megas a pump handle slam then we see Alpha grab Megas and throws him down then we see Alpha open up his mouth and fires a blast at Megas and it hits them we hear Coop, Jamie, and Kiva scream as Megas gets blasted then we see Megas down and Alpha grabs Megas and holds him by his body and Megas is electrocuting badly* Pitiful human. Did you really thing you could defeat me? A superior bioloid? We are destined to evolve further than you humans. We are the future! Humans have no place in our world. And shall be the first of many humans who will die at my hands!

    Kiva: Megas is damaged! We won't be able to fight back!

    Jamie: Coop! Better do something quick! *Coop tries to but Megas can't*

    Coop: No good! I ain't got enough power to fight!

    Alpha: Say goodbye human....*We see Alpha prepares to charge up a blast form his mouth then we see both Ultrabot Z and Uno look at each other and nod and they both jump in the air and Alpha looks up and see both Ultrabot Z and Uno in the air charging up their busters*

    Ultrabot Z/Uno: WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! *They fire a double interconnected shot at Alpha which looks like the fusion blast in X3 and it hits Alpha's mech and Alpha goes down and he drops Megas, Megas then gets back up*

    Coop: Hey thanks guys!

    Ultrabot Z: No problem. *We then see Alpha get back up and looks at all three of them*

    Alpha: Such annoying flies! I will crush you!

    Ultrabot Z: Coop! Let us give you our power! Together we can defeat Alpha!

    Coop: Sure! *We both then see Uno and Ultrabot Z jump into the air and they glow bright colors and then transform into Live Metals. There is Live Metal Z and Live Metal U then we see Megas grab both of them and Megas holds them up in the air and they both flash bright colors and then we see Megas transform into something that looks like Omega's final form from Zero 3. The middle part of Megas is still megas but the left arm and Leg represent Ultrabot Z and the Right arm and leg represent Uno Megas is now Megas Omega*

    Jamie: Uh...what just happened!?

    Coop: I don't know....but something tells me this is going to be sweet!

    Alpha: What is this? Humans and bioloids working together!? How repulsive! I'll destroy you all!!!

    Coop: Listen up you pompus, human hating, chump! You trick two bioloids into thinking I'm the enemy, try to take out some guy who ain't done nothing to you, and then you try to destroy humanity!? I don't think so!! *We see Coop pull the lever back and flip some switches and then we see Megas Omega fly at Alpha and tackle him and Alpha gets pushed into a wall then we see Alpha get up and Megas punches Alpha with the Ultrabot Z arm then we see Megas punch him with the Uno Arm, then we see Megas pick up Alpha and throw him, then we see Alpha get up and his mech fires a missle at Megas Omega but using the Ultrabot Z arm smacks it out of the way, then we see Megas Omega extract a huge blade from the Uno Arm* Oh yeah! Now this is what I'm talking about!!!! *Megas Omega runs up to Alpha and slashes him in the chest creating a huge gash, we then see Megas Omega slash Alpha's mech some more and then we see Megas Omega create a huge powerful wind slash that hits Alpha's mech and blasts him into a wall, then we see Alpha's mech get up and Alpha fires a huge missle at Megas Omega but he uses the blade on his Uno arm and cuts the missle* Now let's see what the other arm can do!!! *We see the Ultrabot Z arm charge up a powerful laser blast and it aims right at Alpha's mech and charges up a blast and fires a huge laser blast at Alpha's mech right in the gash and his mech explodes and then we see Alpha himself down on the ground, we then see a bright flash and we hear weapons aim and Alpha looks up to find Ultrabot Z and Uno aiming their busters at Alpha*

    Ultrabot Z: Game over Alpha! *Outside of Megas we see Alpha is tied up and stuff and we see Ultrabot Z and Uno conversing to Coop and the gang*

    Ultrabot Z: We can't thank you enough Coop. Because of you we were able to stop Alpha from changing history. Now the future can live in peace!

    Coop: Hey no problem.

    Ultrabot Z: We'll return Alpha to our time now. Hopefully we can reprogram him to be more friendly towards humans.

    Jamie: Hey you think we'll see each other again?

    Uno: Who knows...anyways thanks. *We see Uno take Alpha's thing from his chest and opens up a portal*

    Coop: Don't mention it. And thanks for repairing my robot.

    Ultrabot Z: No problem. *They enter the portal* Thanks again for everything. And sorry about damaging your robot earlier. *The portal closes*

    Kiva: Well that was nice. We stoped that evil robot and saved Dr.Bright. *They look at Little Tommy who is drinking a Mega-slush*

    Jamie: Yeah and 20 years from now that kid is gonna build Ultrabot Z. Does this make us like godparents or something?

    Kiva: Ultrabot Z's from 2000 years in the you think we actually defeat the Glorft.

    Coop: Who knows. But if people like Ultrabot Z exist in the future then it's possible. *Stomach growls* Man I still haven't eaten anything. Come guys. Let's go to the Pizza Hutch and get some pizza. *Megas walks away as we pan to Jersey Ctiy being destroyed*

    Ending Credits: Ultrabot Z and Uno are fighting more bioloids but Ultrabot Z transforms into the Megas Armor and uses the super destructive mode on the villians. then Ultrabot Z and Uno do the rock on pose thing

    The End
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    Grill power

    *The episode begins in space with a giant space ship heading towards Earth, it flies through space, we pan through starts then approach earth. As is slowly approaches Earth's atmosphere it starts to burn up. We now are at a lake we see some fish swiming in the lake we then see the ship get closer, and we see a shadow of it over the lake as it gets bigger we see a fish look up and we see the giant ship crash right into the lake we hear a giant splash as water goes everywhere then we see the giant ship in the lake and then we see it open up and we see giant tenticles come out, there are two of them and they go into the water and begin absorbing the water then we see a giant octopus like monster get up, it's the same one from "Battle Royale and The Return"

    Aqualorx: *Voiced by Maruice LaMarche* RAARR!!! THIS PLANET'S FRESHWATER IS MINE!!!!! *We see Aqualorx continue to absorb the water of the lake and all the fish are flopping about then we see Aqualorx get up and walk onto the land and he looks at the city* All will tremble at the might of...Aqualorx!!!! *Laughs insanely and walks about into the city*

    *Title screen plays*

    GRill Power*

    *We pan over to Coop's house and he is cooking using the BBQ he is flipping the burgers, the burgers don't look so good and he has a "Feed the cook" shirt on, then we see him flipping some burgers and then we go over to Jamie who his sitting down on one of those patio chairs with a table and he has a plate and stuff*

    Jamie: Hey Coop? Those burgers done yet? I'm hungry.

    Coop: Just a sec. Just got make sure I did em right. *We see him flip the patties one more time and he puts them on buns and walks over and he places them by him and Jamie* All right Jamie! Dig in! *Jamie stares at it for a sec*

    Jamie: Uh Coop....what the heck is that?

    Coop: It's my secret recipie!

    Jamie: *We see Jamie look at one of the burgers and he picks them up and sniffs them* killed these patties.

    Coop: *Inspects* Oh sweat...they may not look so good on the outside but on the inside they are delicious! *We see Coop put the burger in his mouth and does a triple screen where he is about to eat it and does so, then we see Coop make a face and then he spits out the burger, Jamie laughs at Coop* Man it tastes like rubber!

    Jamie: You must of let them cook for too long.

    Coop: No....I always cook them the same amount of time. *Inspects the BBQ* Hmm..It must be the BBQ.

    Jamie: How long you have the thing for?

    Coop: Longer than I can remember. *Coop touches it and it falls apart* Woah!!! *Coop looks at it* Oh man!!! I can't believe my BBQ gave up on me!

    Jamie: Now what?

    Coop: Well guess we got to move on and buy a new one. *We see Coop with a catalog and he's reading the paper and he mumbles about stuff* OH HEY!!! Jamie check it out! They got the new Omegacue down at hardware harry's!!!

    Jamie: The Omegacue? I've heard of that...isn't that what they use down at Porky's rib hut?

    Coop: Yeah!!! I hear those things can cook the best tasting steak ever! Man I gotta have one!

    Jamie: *Looks at price then Whistles* Man that thing costs alot Coop? I don't think you can exactly afford an Omegacue. How much do you got.

    Coop: *Checking his wallet then Smiles* Just enough!!!

    Jamie: Cool. We should get going incase they sell out of em.

    Coop: Good idea! The eariler we get there the better. *We see Coop and Jamie go into the car the car backs up into the garage and then we see Megas emerge from the garage destroying the garage yet again, meanwhile in Jersey City we see Aqualorx go on a rampgae we see him roar and slam his tenticles into buildings destroying them and we see him walking around looking for freshwater*

    Aqualorx: I must have more freshwater!!!!! *We see Aqualorx go up to an office building and inside we see people talking and one man is drinking coffee and he looks at Aqualorx and he spews out his coffee and we see everyone scream and run in terror and we see a giant tenticle slam the building and it goes up to a water cooler and we see it rip open the thing and dig it's tenticle in there to absorb more freshwater we also see a business man running but then stops and sees Aqualorx taking the water*

    Man: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* Ahem!? *Aqualorx looks at the man and has O O eyes* Use the cups!!!! *Then we see Aqualorx take his tenticle out of the thing and then we see another tenticle go and it uses the water thing and another tenticle grabs a cup and fills it up and puts his tenticle in there to absorb the water* That's better. *Runs away screaming, meanwhile we see Megas walking towards Hardware Harry's and Kiva is with them*

    Coop: Man I can't wait to get my Omegacue. When I bring that thing home I'm gonna cook myself a big rack of ribs with my own specality sauce!

    Kiva: I don't see what's the big deal about some BBQ....

    Coop: You obviously do not appreciate the finer points of outdoor cooking. It has smart cook, it can reach temperatures up to 500 degrees, it has a built in boombox and Snack dispenser, it can cook anything and everything. It makes BBQing fun!

    Jamie: And it sure beats the heck out of using Megas as a BBQ.


    Coop: *Uses Megas to cook some stake but it burns the stake as well as the entire house*

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: Hey! It said to use maximum temperature!!!

    Jamie: Uh Coop....I think it will be a while before we get an Omegacue. Take a look. *Points and there is a huge line for Omegacues with people literally tenting outside the store. There is a sign saying "Fat chance tubby" at one of the waiting posts*

    Coop: Oh man!!! I knew I shouldn't stopped at Uncle Tony's for some munchies!!!

    Kiva: I guess we'll have to come back later and get your-- *A blip appears* What the!? *Scans* Coop! I'm picking up some unusual energy in the city. I think it's alien. Better check it out Coop!

    Jamie: That giant Octopus over there pretty much corrects your theory Kiva. *Points*

    Aqualorx: Mwahahha!!! *Has 4 fire hydrants in his hands and absorbs the water* Now I will absorb your planet's freshwater and make me stronger!!!

    Little kids: YAY!!! *Uses the water to get cool*

    Coop: Oh you've got to be kidding me.

    Kiva: Coop! We have to stop that thing before it destroys the city!

    Coop: Kiva. Can't it wait?

    Kiva: No it can't! The world's safety comes before you omegathing! Now let's go and stop that thing!

    Coop: *Sigh* Why does this always happen to me... *Megas turns around and walks towards Aqualorx*

    Aqualorx: *Drinks the hydrants like they were sports cooler* YES!!! MORE FRESHWATER!!!! I NEED MORE FRESHWATER!!!! *Megas pokes Aqualorx on the shoulder and Aqualorx turns around* Huh? *Megas punches Aqualorx in the face and Aqualorx goes flying back into a building and falls down*

    Coop: Who in the heck do you think you are coming into my city and wrecking my town!?

    Aqualorx: Aqualorx needs water! You will stay out of my way or else!!!

    Coop: Uh....why don't you just borrow some water from the ocean. We have plenty of that.

    Aqualorx: Aqualorx need Freshwater! Aqualorx need freshwater now!!!!!

    Coop: Yeah I heard you the first time! Now leave or else!

    Aqualorx: *Aqualorx slaps Megas with it's tenticles and Megas gets thrown into a building* You are of no place to tell aqualorx what to do!!! I will take your water!!! *Continues to feed from the hydrants, Megas gets back up*

    Kiva: It's not going to cooperate with us Coop. We have to stop it!

    Coop: You know....normally I like it when the bad guy does things the hard way. But in this case. *Looks back at the growing line of people who want an Omegacue*

    Jamie: Looks like that line got bigger. Better stop that thing before they get sold out.

    Coop: Right *To Aqualorx* All right chump! You asked for it! *Megas runs up to Aqualorx and punches Aqualorx hard and Aqualorx gets blasted and goes through a POP TV building, Megas powers up and chases it and gives Aqualorx a diving elbow. Then Megas picks up Aqualorx but Aqualorx wraps Megas with it's tenticles and starts to squeeze*

    Kiva: *Scans* Coop he's damaging the armor! *Megas grabs Aqualorx and rips him off, now Aqualorx wraps around Megas arms and Megas tries to get him off, Megas runs up to a building and starts smashing it hurting Aqualorx in the process, Aqualorx breaks his hold and let's go. Aqualorx gets up and throws a car at Megas but Megas hits it out of the way, Aqualorx picks up more cars and throws them at Megas but Megas smacks them, then Aqualorx picks up a truck and throws it at Megas*

    Jamie: Incoming Truck!!!! *Megas catches the truck but then we see Aqualorx do a speeding tackle at Megas using it's ink jet as a perpulsion system and hits Megas blasting him back into a building then we see Aqualorx try to ensare Megas again but Megas breaks free of the hold and flies in the air, Megas then fires a machine gun blast at Aqualorx but Aqualorx grabs a billboard and uses it as a shield, Megas then fires a laser destroying it and hitting Aqualorx*

    Aqualorx: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! *We see Aqualorx is in pain*

    Coop: *Moves his hands singling a job well done and Megas does too* that Squidward has been dealt with. Let's go.

    Kiva: You do realize that that wasn't even nearly enough to defeat him.

    Coop: So? As soon as I get my Omegacue I'll come back and finish the job. *Megas starts to walk away but then Aqualorx gets up and propells himself in the air using an Ink blast ramming right towards Megas*

    Kiva: COOP! He's coming back!

    Coop: What the!?

    Jamie: LOOK OUT!!! *Aqualorx hits Megas sending him back and we see Megas hit a building, then we see Megas look at the line to the Hardware Store and it has gotten bigger*

    Coop: Oh man...*Goes back to fighting Aqualorx*

    Aqualorx: You cannot defeat Aqualorx! I am stronger than puny robot!

    Coop: Oh yeah! Well I see things different! *Presses some buttons and Megas runs at Aqualorx and tries to hit Megas but Aqualorx propells himself in the air using his ink jet. He then spits ink at Megas's control module blinding Coop and the gang*

    Jamie: We can't see!!!! *Coop Presses windshield wipers that clean window making it possible for them to see they see Aqualorx come at them and ensare Megas and hug them hard* Man....ever the get the feeling this guy is the touchy feely type!?

    Coop: Get off of my robot!!! *Megas tries to yank him off but his hold is strong*

    Aqualorx: You can't get rid of me that easily! I will crush you and then absorb your planet's fresh water! Then I'll destroy your planet!!!!!! *Megas then pounds his chest like a gorilla hitting Aqualorx, Aqualorx softens and Megas manages to pull him off again but now he's wrapped go Megas arms so Megas takes his foot and pushes him off and manages to do so, Aqualorx hits another building and goes in pain but Aqualorx gets back up* It will take more than that to defeat Aqualorx!!!! *Aqualorx spits acid at Megas but Megas dodges it and grabs Aqualorx, Aqualorx tries to wrap himself around Megas again but we see Coop press a button and Megas gets covered in a strange coating and we see Aqualorx slip off of Megas* What!?

    Coop: Sorry chump! I just covered Megas with a non-stick coating. You won't be able to grab on and hold Megas. Why don't you and me go somewhere a little more quiet!!! *Taking Aqualorx Megas powers up and flies to the park*

    Kiva: Coop what are you doing!

    Coop: I don't want to risk destroying the hardware store. So I'm gonna take this fight to the park! *Coop spots a lake and we see Megas throw Aqualorx right into the lake*

    Kiva: Coop what are you doing!? Water only makes him stronger! *We see Aqualorx start to absorb some of the water but then we see Megas go into the lake and he punches Aqualorx then we see Aqualorx escapes* Coop we lost him!

    Coop: No worries. *Turns on the fog lights and searches for Aqualorx* Man this is a pretty big lake. Wonder where he is? *As Megas looks for aqualorx we see Aqualorx shoot an ink cloud and it shrouds megas* I can't see anything in this ink cloud!

    Kiva: *Scans* Coop he's coming in from behind! *Megas turns around and punches Aqualorx in the face. Aqualorx is hit by the attack, leaves and then goes back to Megas at a different angle* He's coming from the right! *Megas goes right and punches Aqualorx sending him back, then Aqualorx comes in again* From the left Coop! *Megas turns left and punches Aqualorx again sending him back, Aqualorx gets back up and tries again* He's straight in front of you! *Megas pulls back and punches Aqualorx sending him out of the lake, Aqualorx gets back up and jumps back into the lake* He's right above you!!! *As Megas is about to attack, Aqualorx grabs Megas and clamps on hard and squeezes*

    Aqualorx: YOU ARE IN MY ELEMENT NOW!!! I'M MUCH STRONGER HERE IN THE WATER THAN ON LAND! AQUALORX WILL CRUSH YOUR SUKLL AND FEED ON YOUR INSIDES!!!!! *Aqualorx continues to squeeze Megas we see part of Megas electrocuting*

    Kiva: Coop Megas can't take the pressure we are losing power! *We see Megas grab Aqualorx and tries to pull him off but he squeezes his hands hard then we see Coop aim his arms and fires both fists sending Aqualorx into the air then we see Megas get a new pair of hands and Megas speeds up and flies out of the lake then grabs Aqualorx and flies into space*

    Coop: Let's see how a giant space squid can withstand a fall to Earth from Space!!! *Starts to fly down to Earth and blazing speeds, then enters the earth's atomsphere*


    Coop: HOLD ON GUYS! THIS COULD GET ROUGH!!! *Speeds up faster*


    Kiva: Coop slow down! If we keep going we'll burn up Megas!

    Coop: Sorry guys but this squid is going down one day or another! *Megas throws Aqualorx down into the lake creating a giant splash and leaving the lake empty they see Aqualorx down and out* That should be the end of him! Now where was I? Oh yes. *Walks over to Hardware Harry's*

    Kiva: Shouldn't we make sure we totally destroyed him this time?

    Coop: I just threw him down to the ground in blazing speeds. You don't get much more destroyed than that!

    Kiva: *Sigh* Why do I even bother.

    Coop: Now if there is no more interuptions....It's omegacue time!!!! *They go to the store to get an omegacue meanwhile we see Aqualorx slowly get up and regenerates his tenticles using the water he asorbed from the lake*

    Aqualorx: ....I will not go down so easily! I need more water! more fresh water!!!! *Goes off looking for even more water. Meanwhile at the store, coop is waiting to buy an omegacue*

    Coop: Man....I felt like I was on that line for hours.

    Jamie: We were on line for hours.....

    Coop: Yeah will be worth it. As soon as I get this baby home I'll cook us up a couple of nice juicy rack of ribs like my mom makes.

    Jamie: Yeah. No one cooks ribs better than your mom Coop. Guess it explains why you are fat eh?

    Coop: Heheh. Oh I'm next!

    Clerk: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* Hello and can I help you?

    Coop: I would like an Omegacue please.

    Man: Oh I'm sorry! We just sold the last one to that guy! If you want you can come back in 2 weeks when we have a new stock!


    Jamie: You done yet?

    Coop: Nah just a few more secs OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAHHH!!!!11!!1 Ok now I'm done. *breaks down and cries*

    Jamie: Tough break dude....

    Coop: *Crying*'s not fair!!1!1 It's not fair!!1!!

    Kiva: Looks like you came all this way for nothing. Sorry Coop. Now can we go and make sure Aqualorx is defeated?

    Coop: *Sniffs and cries* Well....we don't need to be here anymore. Let's go. *As Coop turns around dejected we see the man come back*

    Clerk: Wait! It appears we have one more left in stock!!!!

    Coop: *Smiling* I'll take it!!!!! *Buys it and then they walk out of the store* Isn't she beautiful!? This baby will cook the greatest food you ever tasted. Chefs will line up to my door just waiting to try my cooking!

    Jamie: I say we invite Goat, Tiny, and the girls over and have an outdoor BBQ.

    Coop: Good idea Jamie! I should buy one of those giant boars too! We could have a Luau!

    Kiva: Before you get carried away with your omegathing, let's make sure we destroyed that monster we encountered before.

    Coop: I already told you! I took that chump to the mat. He ain't gonna recover from an attack like that! *They see Aqualorx wrecking havoc in the city*

    Aqualorx: Mwahahah!!! MORE WATER!!! I NEED MORE WATER!!!! *Is at the community pool* I NEED MORE WATER!!!! *Drinks the water*

    Jamie: He seemed to have recovered just fine. *Kiva glares at Coop then A giant water slide falls on the Omegacue*

    Coop: NOOO!!! MY OMEGACUE!!!!!!!!!!! *Grabs the remains of his Omegacue and sheds a tear*

    Jamie: Oh he in for it now....

    Coop: Oh now it's personal! I'll make that chump pay for destroying my OMEGACUE!! *They get in Megas*

    Kiva: *Smug* Told you we should of got rid of it.

    Coop: I'm in the mood for a little seafood....and tonight on the menu is...FRIED CALAMARI!!!! YEAHHH!!!!!!! *At the community pool we see Aqualorx smash stuff around and things*

    Aqualorx: YES!!!! I AM STRONGER NOW!!! With more water I will destroy this planet and move on to other planets!!! *He sees Megas out of the corner of his eye* Wha!?

    Coop: *Megas TAckles Aqualorx* WAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! *They smash into a bunch of things and land in the middle of the city Aqualorx gets up and looks at Megas* I just spent 500 dollars on a Omegacue! And you have the nerve to wreck it? I'm gonna turn you into seafood!! *Megas makes a beeline towards Aqualorx and starts pounding on Aqualorx, then he picks up Aqualorx and throws him down, Aqualorx then shoots a blast of water at megas which Megas smacks out of the way, then Aqualorx propells himself and rams Megas sending him back, then he picks up Megas with his tenticles and throws him into the pool destroying it. Then Megas gets up and fires 2 missiles at Aqualorx which Aqualorx catches and the missles defuse. Aqualorx then grabs Megas again and he then twirls Megas around and throws Megas into the sky, Megas stablizes and then creates the cool energy sword and comes flying down on Aqualorx* WAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! *Aqualorx jumps out of the way and finds a giant sword from "Ammustation" and uses it against Megas, they sword clash a bit but then Aqualorx finds a giant mallet from the "Hardware Harry" store. Megas tries to slash Aqualorx but Aqualorx dodges and is now in the air*

    Aqualorx: IT WILL TAKE MORE THAN THAT TO DEFEAT ME!!!! *They clash and stuff. Aqualorx uses the mallet to smash Megas body but it doesn't do much. Megas then grabs the mallet and throws it away, then Megas and Aqualorx Grapple, Megas grabs Aqualorx and throws him around like in the cartoons then throws Aqualorx into the highway area, and Aqualorx hits a road sign, Megas then fires missles at Aqualorx but Aqualorx propells himself up but the missles are homing, so he falls down on Megas but propells himself away at the last minute, the missles hit Megas and megas is down*

    Kiva: Subsystems are down!

    Coop: Man what does it take to defeat this guy!!! *Megas then opens up his chest and fires a gaitling gun blast from his chest hitting Aqualorx, Aqualorx is blasted and smashes into a bunch of buildings Megas then grabs Aqualorx and starts to pull him apart and push him in like an accordian Megas then rolls Aqualorx up like a ball and punts him into the air, Megas speeds up and flies at Aqualorx and grabs him and throws him down by a nearby building with a tower on it so it would impale Aqualors but Aqualorx turns around and ensares Megas again so now Megas would get impaled* I thought I told you to cut it out! *Megas uses it's boosters to dodge the building and we see Megas speed right through the city with Aqualorx hugging him hard*

    Kiva: Coop! I have an idea. Remember, that thing can't absorb salt water! If we can get him to the ocean than we drop him in there and he'll weaken!

    Coop: Good idea! *Megas flies over to the Jersey Shore beach area by the city* Hey Buddy. Let's go into the ocean! The water's fine!!!! *Megas begins to dive down into the ocean but Aqualorx let's go and Megas stops and lands in the ocean* What's the matter pal! Afraid of a little water!?

    Jamie: Heheh...Oh look at me! I'm a little octopus who can't swim!!!! *Both Coop and Jamie laugh hard* I'm afraid of the Ocean!!!

    Coop: Here! See the water doesn't bite!!! *Splashes some water on Aqualorx and it burns him*

    Aqualorx: AAEHAHEHEAHAHEAHAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!! *Both Coop and Jamie are surprised at this*

    Coop: maybe it does....

    Kiva: Coop! We can use that water to stop Aqualorx! Absorb the water into Megas then fire it at that thing!

    *Megas puts his hands in the water and starts to absorb the water, we see the water tank is filling up and Kiva is monitoring it*

    Kiva: Ok the water is full. Let's stop that thing.

    Aqualorx: Uh oh...

    Coop: Time for you bath Squiddly! *Megas flies into the air and goes after Aqualorx, Megas opens up and fires the water at Aqualorx, Aqualorx uses it's ink propulsion system to dodge the water, some of the water does hit his tenticles and he screams in pain, but Megas keeps chasing and continues to spray water at Aqualorx but Aqualorx manages to evade, Megas then fires some smoke missiles in front of Aqualorx and they stop him in his tracks, Megas comes right up to Aqualorx* There is no where for you to run now pal!!! Time for you to say goodbye! *Megas fires water but all that goes out is a little drop* Huh? *Checks the tank* Oh man it's empty!

    Jamie: So much for that idea....


    Coop: Crush this!!! *presses buttons, Megas runs up to Aqualorx and drop kicks him, then Megas grabs Aqualorx then they are in the sky, Megas then heads for the ocean with Aqualorx* All right you water stealing, BBQ destroying chump! You come to my planet, steal my water, BASH MY TOWN, wreck my robot, and to top it all off, destroy a perfectly good 500 dollar Omegacue! Now it's high time you had a bath! *Megas throws Aqualorx into the ocean but he won't let go* Hey you let go! *Tries to get Aqualorx off of him* Ok pal...if that's how you want it we can do this again!!! *Megas makes a beeline to the ocean again but Aqualorx let's go and escapes getting salt water on him a second time.*

    Jamie: I don't know what this thing's deal is.....Aren't octopuses/squids creatures who live in salt water?

    Kiva: Perhaps it's different where he's from. We have to somehow get that thing into the ocean. Every time we get near he let's go and escapes. And when we shoot him with salt water he evades.

    Coop: Hmm....Ok let's try the spraying thing again, but I have a new plan. *Megas absorbs water like usual and chases after Aqualorx, Megas squirts water at them but Aqualorx evades as usual, then Megas holds up and chases Aqualorx and lures him to the ocean where he is trapped* End of the line chump. Now I'm gonna give you one last chance to leave my planet or else.

    Aqualorx: Never.....I won't give up! I won't give up! I will take your planet's fresh water!

    Coop: All right! Have it your way. *We see Megas aim at Aqualorx but instead he aims up.

    Jamie: Uh Coop...what are you doing?

    Coop: Just watch. *We see Megas fire a pod into the air it hits a cloud and the cloud grows and turns black. We then see thunder and lightning and it starts to rain heavily. We see Aqualorx's skin start to smoke and stuff and the 3 look outside.

    Kiva: Is it raining saltwater?

    Coop: Yep! *We see Aqualorx in pain as he is drenched in Salt Water*

    Aqualorx: Aaaahhh!!! My skin!!!!! It hurts!!!! Make it stop!!!!! We see Aqualorx slowly shrivel up and pass out. Megas goes up to Aqualorx and grabs his carcass*

    Coop: Heh...that was easy.

    Jamie: Easy!? You call getting smacked around by a giant octopus easy?

    Coop: I beat em didn't I?

    Kiva: In spite of having Jersey City destroyed....again. Yes. *We are now at Coop's house and we see the three of them standing over the wrecked remains of an Omegacue, Coop is shoveling it and giving it a proper burieal*

    Coop: I can't believe it's gone.....It's not fair.....why!? Why must the good die young!? *Sniffs* Man...I remember all the good memories we had together!


    *The theme is the ending from The Driver's Seat*

    1: Coop and the Omegacue running in the flowers.

    2: Coop and the Omegacue on a Gandalla

    3: Coop and the Omegacue at the beach laughing happily

    *Back to reality*

    Jamie: *Sound of needle scratching* Uh only had that thing for about 20 seconds. Just get over it man! You can buy another one later!

    Coop: Jamie....I just spent 500 dollars on this! I can't just buy another one! *From the sky....a perfectly good Omegacue falls from the sky and lands next to Coop* AN OMEGACUE!!!!! *Hugs it*

    Kiva: But how!?

    Coop: Who cares how! Now I have my Omegacue!

    Jamie: Heheh...looks like someone's been watching over you Coop.

    Kiva: Well not that Aqualorx has been defeated and Coop his thing now what? *Coop stomach growls*

    Coop: All this fighting monsters is making me hungry! I say we go break this baby in and cook us up some fried calamari!

    Kiva: I think I'll pass.

    Jamie: Yeah...I had enough squid for today.

    Coop: Ok....more for me then! Hey guys! See if there is any Marinara sauce inside!

    End Credits: Coop cooking with his Omegacue.
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    The Good, The Bad, and The Megas.

    The episode starts in Jersey City and it pans from left to right, then we see Megas go flying into 2 buildings, we see smoke and stuff and Megas slowly gets up and we see a giant dragon that looks like Trogdor the Burninator and it roars at Megas we see the monster wind up it's beffy arm and punch Megas with it knocking it down*

    Kiva: Erggh! *Megas gets back up and we see the Trogdor dragon hold a huge metal pipe and smacks Megas with it and Megas falls down then we see the Dragon stand on Megas but Megas throws him off and Megas gets up and looks at the dragon who then runs at Megas and punches him with his beefy arm and we see Megas get pushed back with its feet being dragged on the road* Omfg!!!

    Jamie: Man. That thing is stronger in real life than it is in the video game!

    Kiva: Coop....exactly where did this thing come from!?

    Coop: I.....might of played a game using Megas...


    Coop: *Playing Brogdor the flurnator on Megas's harddrive and gets sworded by the knight* Grah!!! STupid Knight!!! *Smashes computer causing it to short circut and fire the digitizer thus bringing Brogdor to life. Brogdor roars out loudly* Uh oh...

    *Back to reality*

    Kiva: You were playing a game using Megas's mainframe!? What were you thinking!?

    Coop: It's server was better. Besides....I don't have a computer.

    Jamie: LOOK OUT!!!!!! *Brogdor starts punching Megas hard with it's beefy arm, then it wraps itself around Megas and squeezes hard, then it unwraps causing Megas to spiral into a building and destroys it. Megas gets up and sees Brodgor flying in the air, he breaths in and then breathes out fire and it burns Megas we see the armor of Megas melt a bit* Coop it's burninating us!!!

    Kiva: Coop activate the thermal shields!

    Coop: I got a better idea!!! *Megas fires a flame thrower of his own and there is a struggle between the flames, Brogdor's flamethrower is stronger*

    Kiva: Coop! Stop being stubborn! Activate the sheilds!

    Coop: I can do this Kiva! I know I can!!! *Coop turns on the heat and comes back but Brogdor continues to show strength and breathes fire right at Megas damaging it more.*

    Kiva: Coop listen to me for once and activate the shields!!! *Megas fires a missile at Brogdor and hits him, this allows Megas to get up. Brogdor roars at Megas and then picks up a train with an POP TV advertisement on it and twirling it around like nunchucks*

    Kiva: Coop maybe we can cool him down a bit then go after him. Any ideas Coop?

    Coop: *Looks around* How about water? *Megas grabs a giant water tower and opens the lid* Hey beffy arm!!! Open wide!!!! *Throws the water on Brogdor*

    Brogdor: GRAAAHHHAAH!!!!! *Is weakend by the water then tries to fly away*

    Coop: Oh no you don't!!!! *Grabs Brogdor by his neck and slams him down killing him* All right!!! I saved the city from total destruction! *It pans out showing the entire city destroyed and Kiva glares at Coop* What?

    Kiva: You do realize this whole thing was your fault.

    Coop: So? *Pause* Whose up for Pizza!? *Kiva facepalms*

    *Title thing plays*

    The Good, The Bad, and The Megas.

    *NOw in Coops basement, Coop is playing videogames and eating pizza and Jamie is watching while Kiva is reading a book that she found in Coops room*

    Coop: Nice.......come on......ooh......Oh yeah.......YEAH!!! HEEAHAHAHAH!!! New high score!!!!! Oh yeah! Whose's the man!!! I'm the man!!!

    Jamie: Nice!!! New world record!

    Coop: Man....I never thought I would beat my girlfriend's score. She's gotten alot better at this game.

    Jamie: Yeah and with this online gameplay you can see who has the best score everytime. Huh?

    TV Screen: NEW HIGH SCORE!!!! YOU DROOL!!!!

    Coop: Oh man. She be my score again. *It says JMH on the scoreboard and HMC below his* Now I got to beat her score agian! *Coop continues to play*

    Kiva: How about you put down that stupid game and focus on what's more important. As in why do you keep causing these problems!?

    Coop: What problems?

    Kiva: You're joking right? About an hour ago we were fighting a dangerous monster that you accidently created using the digitizer on Megas. Your fighting destroyed the city! Again!

    Coop: Oh come on Kiva....just give me a break. I save the world on a daily basis. I get enough slack from my mom, Jamie, and my girlfriend!

    Kiva: You don't get it do you. Here take a look at this book. This book defines how a hero should act. A hero needs to be selfless, cunning, and resourceful. A hero needs to be serious in the heat of battle. *Continues to read* You have to start getting serious Coop! This isn't a game! This is real life! And there will be casualties if you don't shape up!!!

    Jamie: Relax Kiva....Coop has always saved the world from destruction.

    Kiva: By dumb luck! Coop's only gotten this far because he's lucky!

    Coop: What can I say....I'm a lucky guy. *Dies* OH man! I was so close to whooping her high score!!

    Kiva: Are you even paying attention to me!?

    Coop: Yeah. I know what you said. But that's just how I am can't go and change what a person is.

    Kiva: Coop your carelessness has gotten us into more trouble than you realize. Every villian or robot that wants to destroy us is because of something you did!

    Coop: Name just one time!

    Kiva: There was that one time when you let all those planet killers out of their prison, then when you transwarped us to a planet of robots, then you almost got us devoured by florgnots, Then there was the time where we landed on that planet with that king, and then. there was just now..I could go on Coop. Every villian that we have pretty much faced is because of something you did, or because they somehow know you. You are a danger to yourself and to the people of Earth. I'm surprised you haven't even blown up the planet yet!!!

    Coop: So....I still made things right didn't I?

    Kiva: That's not the point. The point is that you need to...huh? *Sees something in the book* What's this? No way! This can't be possible!!!

    Coop: What's up Kiva?

    Kiva: Take a look at this Coop. *Shows a book to Coop*

    Coop: *Looks* *It's a picture of Coop in a cowboy outfit and Jamie is next to him also in a cowboy outfit* Woah....check it out. I'm in this book! And you are here too Jamie!!!

    Jamie: Let me see!! *Looks* Wow it is me!!! Cool!!! It says here that in the days of the old west 2 heros protected and defended a town from evil outlaws bent on controlling the west. There names were....Coop Cassidy and Jamie the Kid! *Both Coop and Jamie look at each other surprised* *Keeps reading* Hmm...there is nothing here about an annoying redhead chick from the future. *Snickers*

    Kiva: Very funny.....but seriously.....they look like they could be your ancestors!

    Jamie: Really? Our ancestors could of been really cool heroes who saved the world!?

    Kiva: It looks like it.

    Jamie: Nice! Wait till Racheal sees this. She'll have to go out with me now.

    Coop: You know....if they had Megas instead of us, I wonder what would of happened.


    *100 years ago in Jersey Gultch*

    *We here western type music as 2 cowboys ride into of them is Coop Cassidy and the other is Jamie the Kid. Coop is riding a white horse who appears to be in pain :p and Jamie is riding a black horse who seems to be fine. Coop is wearing a white hat with a blue vest and a white shirt. The pants are gray with chaps and stuff. Jamie is wearing a black vest with green shirt and kerchif on his neck with a brown cowboy hat as they ride in the desert we hear a parody of Blazing Saddles*

    Song: *Sung by David Delusise* He rode a giant saddle! because he's really fat... His horse was in extreme pain, Cause he had to carry that! His butt was big and his brain was small And he indeed did save the day! He would of been here sooner, but he stopped along the way!!!! *As this part is being sung we see Coop and Jame get out of a speedymart*

    Coop Cassidy: Woah horsey!! *Horse does the horse thingy with the mouth and snout*

    Jamie the Kid: Man I thought we'd never get out of that desert. *Both Coop and Jamie Dismount...Coop's horse falls down in reliefs and sighs then looks at the other horse*

    Horse 1: *Neigh* *PFFT* Next time you are taking the fat guy!!!

    Coop Cassidy: *Sniffs the air* Here we are Jamie! Jersey Gultch! The land of oppotunity.

    Jamie the Kid: Yeah....There should be jobs for us guys right?

    Coop Cassidy: So uh....what should we do? *They walk around some and see a bunch of things such like stores as. "General Store" And "Last Chance Insurance" And my personal favorite "Yee ol Pizza Palor" As they walk around a man approaches them...he is the undertaker of the town.* Excuse me. But do you think you can tell us where the saloon is?

    Undertaker: *Voice actor is Dwlight Schultz* Well we got multiple saloons here. Jersey Gultch Saloon, the surly Goat, Pop Country Saloon. *Jamie turns around and sees alot of shooting going on and 2 cowboys rob a little kid who looks like Skippy*

    Jamie the Kid: You guys have a sherrif? That kid's getting robbed.

    Undertaker: Well actually we lost our previous sherrif and we is looking for a new one. Say! How you boys like to become the new law in this town!

    Coop Cassidy: That's nice and all but we don't plan on staying for very long.

    Undertaker: You get great food benefits.

    Coop Cassidy: I'm in!

    Undertaker: *Gives Deputy star to Jamie and a sherrif star to Coop* He ya go.

    Jamie the Kid: Hey! Why do I have to be deputy!?

    Coop Cassidy: Cause I'm bigger and stronger than you.

    Jamie the Kid: No fair!!!

    Undertaker: *Does Jamie's measurements* Don't mind me boys...this is just a formality! *Then measures Coop* ....Gonna need the big tape for this one. *Grabs the XXL measuring tape* *Does Coop's measurements* Looks like I'm pulling overtime tonight. *Walks off*

    Jamie the Kid: What was that all about?

    Coop Cassidy: Who cares. Isn't this cool Jamie. Not five minutes we walk into this town and they already make us the sherrif!

    Jamie the Kid: Yeah! Now we get total control of the city!


    *We see Jamie in the Sherrif's office and he is resting with his boots on the table and on the table is a pizza pie and next to him are 2 chicks. One of them is Racheal, the other is some other girl. We see the girls rub Jamie's shoulder and Jamie tips his hat up and smiles*

    *Back to Flashback*

    Coop Cassidy: Wait wait wait. Jamie....check this out. *Ahems* *Coop now speaks in a western accent* This here town ain't big enough for the both of us!!

    Jamie the kid: Dude....this town is barely big enough for you.

    Coop Cassidy: *Stares at jamie...then feels his own throat* Man I'm thristy.....let's get a drink.

    Jamie the Kid: Yeah. Let's try that saloon over there. *They walk into a building known as "The Surly Goat" they see alot of cowboys doing things like playing cards, shinning up knifes or polishing pistols there are very familar people sitting in chairs. We see cowboy versions of the S-Force drinking stuff and things we see a group of people playing poker including Cal and other familiar characters. We see Racheal talking to a guy and Kiva throwing out a drunk dude and both Coop and Jamie look on we see cowboys playing Go Fish*

    Cowboy 1: *Voice is Dee Bradly Baker* Got any 3's?

    Cowboy 2: *Voice is Steven Jay Blum* Nope.....go fish! *Cowboy 1 does so. We see other people Arm Wrestleing. We also see a western version of Tiny playing the Piano*

    Coop Cassidy: Let's go sit down and get a drink. *They go to the bar and Goat greets them he is dressed up as a bartender.*

    Bartender Goat: Howdy! You boys are the new sherrifs I take it....take a seat and I'll serve you. *Cleaning 2 glasses* So what will ya have boys?

    Coop Cassidy: *Checks pocket* We....we don't have money yet....and we were going to order 2 Root beer slushies but I guess we can...

    Bartender Goat: *Fills up 2 glasses* here you go boys...on the house!

    Coop Cassidy: Hey thanks! *Drinks*

    Bartender Goat: Drink up boys! This'll probably be the last drink you guys ever have.

    Jamie the Kid: *Drinks* Oh I think we will be coming back for more.

    Bartender Goat: *Pours a drink for another cowboy* I guess you boys just got here today then right? *Coop and Jamie Nod. We see Goat Blowing into a glass and cleaning it* Then I'm guessing you boys never heard of the Glorft gang then.

    Jamie the Kid: The Glorft Gang? Who are they?

    Bartender Goat: Why they is the meanest, nastiest, bunch of mangy no good oneary polecats to had ever ride here in Jersey Gultch. They are ruthless, vile, and just plain mean. They come into town, shoot up the place, and make off with our money. They hate lawmen. So I suggest you get out of town before you end up just like our last sherrif.

    Coop Cassidy: *Coop gulps* What happened to the last sherrif?

    Bartender Goat: Why they came and tied him up to the railroad tracks and ran the 7:47 over him. I tell you these boys are reckless and show no mercy.

    Jamie the Kid: *Gulps* I don't feel so Good....

    Coop Cassidy: What are you so worried about Jamie!? We are the good guys! The good guys always win. Besides. Ain't no outlaws are gonna mess with us once they get a load of my secret weapon!

    Jamie: Oh yeah....that. *Coop's stomach growls*

    Bartender Goat: Hungry ain't ya? Well ou just plop yourself down over there and one of our lovely waitress will be right with you. *They go and sit down at one of the tables* *Jenna comes who is a waitress as she walks towards Coop her big hips sway back and forth which makes Coop smile*

    Waitress Jenna: Howdy boys. What can I get ya?

    Coop Cassidy: Give me the biggest steak you got!

    Jamie the Kid: Uh...I'll just have a Tunamelt.

    Waitress Jenna: Got it...your order will be out in a jiffy. *Goes up to Coop and whispers in his ear* I'll make sure this stake is extra special for you cutie! *Kisses Coop on the cheek and walks away with her body swaying*

    Coop Cassidy: Man I love this town....

    Jamie the kid: Check out the entertainment.

    Coop Cassidy: Huh? *Staring at Jenna who is bending over and cleaning up a spill and her huge butt if facing Coop who is looking and smiles* Oh...yeah...awesome. *On stage are Dancer Reachel and Kiva in Can Can uniforms, they dance for the people and Kiva is singing some kind of western song and Coop and Jamie enjoy it*

    Jamie the Kid: I think the blonde is cute.

    Coop Cassidy: *Still staring at Jenna* Huh....oh yeah....whatever Jamie.

    Piano Player Tiny: All right girls let's kick it up a notch! *The girls dance faster and all the people are enjoying it. Jenna comes back with the food and Coop starts to eat. Jenna admires how Coop eats. Jamie is just watching the girls then the doors open and in comes the town idiot*

    Town Idiot: *Voice Actor is Bill Farmer* TARNATION!! THE GLORFT GANG'S A COMING!!! THE GLORFT GANG'S A COMING!!! *Everyone gasps and begin to run around and scream and hide, all of a sudden 5 people come is Gorrath, the Commander, and 3 other glorft members. They are not wearing heavy armor but they have cowboy hats and kerchifs and stuff. Gorrath walks in and snarls. Everyone is frightened except for Coop who is just eating his stake and Jenna who is just watching the Glorft. And Kiva who is in battle stance*

    Gorrath: I hear from the local town boob that there is a new sherrif in town......COMMANDER!!! Locate the sherrif!!!

    Commander: Uh...he's right in front of you sir! *Long pause*

    Gorrath: Thank you.....FOR STATING THE OBVIOUS!!! *Gorrath slowly walks up to Coop Cassidy* What are you doing in these parts lawman?.....I don't like your kind. *Ignores him and just eats his stake* You wanna know what I did to the last sherrif? Let's just say they are still picking him up off the tracks....*Coop continues to ignore him* LOOK AT ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!!!

    Coop Cassidy: Hey do ya mind!? I'm trying to eat my steak here! *Goes back to eating*

    Gorrath: Grrrerraaah!!! *Throws his steak away breaking the plate*

    Coop Cassidy: Hey my steak!! You're gonna pay for that! *Gorrath grabs Coop Cassidy and pins him to the wall*

    Gorrath: Listen up Sherrif! I'm giving you till high noon to leave this town!!! Failure to comply and I will destroy you and this patethic town!!

    Coop Cassidy: *Angerly* READ MY LIPS!!! I AIN'T LEAVIN!!!! *Everyone gasps*

    Gorrath: decide to hold your ground....very well then. Say your prayers Earther! *Gets his gun out and aims at Coop. The commander aims at Jamie*

    Jamie the Kid: DON'T SHOOT ME! I'M JUST THE DEPTUTY!!!

    Dancer Kiva: *Gets in the way* Ya'll can't fight in here!!! You boys better take it outside!!!

    Gorrath: You are in no position to tell me what to do! *Aims at Kiva, but then Coop punches Gorrath in the face and he goes on a table where Cal was playing poker, Gorrath gets up and looks at Coop*

    Coop Cassidy: The lady is right! Let's take this outside!!! If we are gonna this then we have to do it the right way!! With a shootout!!

    Gorrath: Hmph....very well earther.....We will have a shootout! Meet me outside at noon!!! If you refuse to show up we will hunt you down and stomp a mudhole in your jorblog. We are done here! *The glorft leave but Gorrath shoots bullets into Coop's steak destroying it and leaves*

    Coop Cassidy: My steak.....*Looks at the Glorft gang as they leave* So that's the Glorft gang huh? Those chumps should be easy...hey Jamie. Come on we have to go get ready. Jamie? *Turns around to see Jamie packing up to leave* JAMIE!!!!

    Jamie the Kid: *Ready to hightail out of it* COME ON COOP!!! IF WE HURRY WE CAN MAKE THE 10:45!!!

    Coop Cassidy: *Shaking Jamie* Get a hold of yourself Jamie!! We can't back out now!

    Jamie The Kid: Speak for yourself! I'm getting out of here!!!

    Coop Cassidy: *Slaps Jamie* Listen to yourself!!! Is that a way a hero is supposed to act!? No.....Jamie. We are heros now. We can't let anyone or anything get in our way. If we leave town....they will continue to harm these fine folk *Shots of the townspeople* And if you left them in their hour of will haunt you for the rest of your life. When you look back on this years from now and you say "I could of been a hero but instead I was a coward" It's going to hurt....when you see other heros being celebrated for fame and glory and you go "That could of been me" It's gonna hurt. And when people spit at you because you bailed on them! It's gonna hurt!!! Jamie!!! Quitters never win and winners never win!!! We can't quit now! Not when people are counting on us!!!

    Jamie the Kid: Wow....that was really touching Coop.

    Coop Cassidy: So you will stay then?

    Jamie the Kid: ARE YOU KIDDING!!! I'm getting out of here now! You can stay and get killed if you want!!! I don't want to die!!! *Attempts to run out of the door but is grabbed by Coop*

    Coop Cassidy: If you leave right will never EVER get the girl.

    Jamie the Kid: Man...I hate you so much Coop. Right let's get this over with. *Both Coop and Jamie go out*

    Bartender: There go 2 brave boys......stupid...but brave....*Washes another glass meanwhile Outside, We see the town and the towns people are outside. A tumbleweed rolls by and a salamander is walking on the floor We see Coop and Jamie outside. Coop is now wearing a brown trenchcoat with hat and it flows in the wind like a cape. Jamie is also wearing one. The Glorft are wearing the same thing.*

    Gorrath: actually had the gall to show are an even bigger fool than I thought!!!! I will eliminate you and then I will once again rule this town!!!

    Coop Cassidy: Quit yer yapping and let's do this! *They wait for it to be noon they pan over to their faces and we hear western music. We see Coop sweating. We see various characters watching such as Skippy, Tommy, Jenna, Racheal, Kiva, Goat, Tiny, Cal, Georgie, Ally, Gina and others. We see a clocktower strike noon*

    Gorrath: DRAW EARTHER!!!! *We see Coop and Jamie do a triple screen of them drawing out their guns but the Glorft Gang hit Coop and Jamie in their chests knocking them down everyone cringes looking at the chaos* Foolish Earther....not even a waste of my time........NOW THIS TOWN IS MINE ONCE AGAIN!!!! *The towns people are saddened by this but then a little kid looks at Coop and Jamie get up*

    Kid: *Voice actor is Wendee Lee* Look!!! *Coop and Jamie slowly get up and brush themselves off*

    Coop Cassidy: That was it? Man that was lame!

    Jamie the Kid: The only damage you creeps did was ruin my new trenchcoat.

    Gorrath: What!? Impossible! How!? You should of been obliterated by that blast!! *Coop and Jamie open their vests to reveal bullet proof vests*

    Coop Cassidy: Bullet proof vests!!! Don't leave home without em!

    Gorrath: I guess you aren't as dumb as I I'll just shoot your face!!! *Goes for the face*

    Coop: I don't think so! *We see Coop and Jamie use their guns and shoot the guns out of the Glorfts hands one of the guns falls into the horse water thingy, another gun lands on the ground and the glorft looks at it. When it's all said and done. Coop and Jamie twirl their guns and put them back in their holsters* I suggest you get out of my town or we'll fill you full of lead!

    Gorrath: Hahahaha...............Do you really think you have defeated me? Think again! Commander!!! Summon the mechs!!!

    Commander: Yes sir!!! *5 giant glorft mechs come down and Gorrath gets in the middle one*

    Gorrath: Foolish Earther!!! Do you see now why I never lose!!! No one can match up to the power of my mechs!!! Now I'm going to obliterate you and this town! And there is nothing you can do to stop me! *Laughs hard* *Pause*

    Coop Cassidy: Woah....those are some pretty big mechs....What do you think Jamie!?

    Jamie the Kid: Meh...they don't stand a chance.

    Gorrath: What are you talking about?

    Coop Cassidy: Gorrath!? Allow me to introduce you to my Secret weapon!!!*Fires a gun into the air then we see Megas come from the distance and lands next to Coop, Megas looks the same but instead of a car there is a station wagon with 6 horses on top* Coop and Jamie go on top and sit on the wagon*


    Coop Cassidy: I just gave it a nice paintjob and some modifications!

    Gorrath: Fool! You will pay for stealing the prototype!!! Now men!!! After him!!! *They fly after Megas*

    Coop Cassidy: Geddiup!!! *The horses neigh and start going foward which has Megas fly towards the Glorft. Megas starts by kicking Gorrath's mech then goes for one of the mechs on the left, he grabs the mechs head and rips it off, then he kicks the other mech down and shoots missles at it destroying it* YEHAW!!!!! *Megas then grabs the other 2 mechs and smashes them togheter. Then we see Megas step on the pile of mechs.* Is that all you got? Come on. Here I thought you were gonna be a threat.

    Jamie the Kid: Yeah. This guy is a push over! *They do the pose thingy. We then see Gorrath and the Commander's mech slowly get up.*

    Gorrath: Commander!!! Send down more mechs!!!

    Commander: At once! *100 more mechs show up*

    Jamie the Kid: Oh man....


    Coop Cassidy: No can do ombre! *Megas grabs 2 pistols from it's holsters and starts firing bullets at the Glorft, The pistol looks like the weapon Gene Starwind uses in Outlaw star it even sends the mechs into black holes, he shoots 11 shots with 6 in each pistol. Then Megas puts them away and Megas goes into machine gun mode and starts firing at all the mechs, he also destroys the POP COUNTRY SALOON*

    Bartender Goat: Well there goes my competition. *Smiles and washes a glass*

    Coop Cassidy: I know what you're thinking, punk. You're thinking, did he fire six shots or only five from that other pistol? Well to tell you the truth, I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being as this is a super quantom ultimate omega delta ray cannon the most powerful blaster in the world and incinerate your bodies, you've got to ask yourself a question: do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk? *Gorrath shoots the guns out Megas hand* I'd take that as a yes...*They continue to fight when Gorrath Megas in the face and Megas falls on a building. Megas gets back up and fires his fist at Gorrath and it connects. Megas then jumps in the air and gives Gorrath a drop kick into another building. Megas then claps his hands hard creating a shockwave damaging glorft Mechs, then Megas Grabs another mech and breaks his head off, then we see a glorft mech shoot Megas with machine gun blasts but Megas puts up an energy shield and Megas counters with a laser blast blowing up another glorft mech, then we see Gorrath's mech fire a missle at the cockpit and it blows up a horse*

    Jamie the kid: Coop! We lost one of our engines!!

    Coop Cassidy: Don't worry Jamie!!! I won't let these lawless chumps destroy my city!

    Jamie the Kid: You seem to be doing a good job of that on your own!!!

    Coop Cassidy: Now is not the time!!! *Megas and Gorrath's mech grapple a bit. Gorrath's mech seems to be doing good but Megas comes back. Then Gorrath kicks Megas down and glorft mechs grab and hold Megas*

    Gorrath: It is useless Earther.....You have lost!!! And now to destroy you. *Aims at Megas*

    Jamie the Kid: Coop do something!!!!

    Coop Cassidy: I'm trying! *Tries to get the horses to get up* *Kicks one of the horses with his spur which makes it go crazy and causes a chain reaction causing the other horses to go crazy...this causes Megas to get up and go ballistic on the Glorft. Megas grabs a mech and punches a hole right though it. Then Megas grabs another and rips it's arm off and beats mechs over with it. Megas then opens up and fires a gaitling gun from it's chest at more mechs destroying them. A mech grabs Megas and another mech tries to punche Megas hard in the face but Megas jumps and kicks that mech hitting it. Then does a backflip over the mech holding him and kicks him into the other mech. Megas then fires a laser blast at the two mechs destroying them both. Megas then grabs 2 mechs and push them together destroying them. Megas then jumps in the air and fires a laser line blast at the ground and it destroys more mechs as well as most of Jersey City Gulch. We see the towns people hiding and stuff and they cheer Megas on. Glorft mechs try to shoot Megas but Megas opens up and does the Itano Circus and blows up multiple glorft mechs and when Megas lands only Gorrath is standing* All right you no good onerary polecat!!! YOu mess up my town...smash my robot...and made me ruin a good stake!!! Now It's just you and me!

    Gorrath: I bet to differ... *Runs over to Jenna and has his mech grab her*

    Waitress Jenna: Hey! PUT ME DOWN YOU BIG CREEP!!

    Coop Cassidy: YOU LET HER GO!!!

    Gorrath: Come any closer and I'll crush her!!!

    Coop Cassidy: Grr.....fine.

    Jamie the Kid: Coop we can't surrender to him!!!

    Coop Cassidy: Sorry Jamie.....PSYCHE!!!! *Megas rushes in and punches Gorrath then catches Jenna Smiling* Maam. *Tips Hat*

    Gorrath: ......You have won this time Sherrif....but I'll be back!!! I will take this town once again! And your prototype! *Leaves*

    EVeryone: *Cheers*

    Coop Cassidy: It looks like we saved the day!!!! *Notices the city is destroyed* Uh...not my fault.... *They dismount and Jenna comes to Coop and hugs him and smooches him on the cheek. Coop Smiles and blushes*

    Bartender Goat: We can't thank you enough you brave soul....We are finally free from the tyranny of the Glorft!!! If there is anything we can do...just name it.

    Jamie the Kid: *Crosses fingers* Key to the City! Key to the City! Key to the City!!

    Coop Cassidy: *Stomach growling* Uh...I'm kinda hungry still.....

    Bartender Goat: Then you sit down and get yourself a nice stake!!!*Everyone celebrates*

    *Back to reality*

    Kiva: So.....because of dumb luck and incompetance.....your ancestor managed to save Jersey Gultch from the evil bandits.

    Coop: See...I told you Kiva. Just let me do my thing and everything will work out. Still it would of been cool if Megas was sent back in time....

    Kiva: Oh sure....then your ancestor can cause more damage then you do now!

    Jamie: You are just jealous because your ancestors were never heros.

    Kiva: I don't care about that......did you two even learn anything about this!?

    Coop: *Stomach growling* I could use a stake right about now...

    Kiva: *Sigh* I give up....

    *They go back to playing video games and stuff*

    End Credits: Coop and Jamie ride off in the sunset on Megas with a poncho.

    The End
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    You know what. I've decided to do one more because I really enjoy doing this.

    Attack of the Lurps.

    The episode begins on the planet of those giant DMV aliens that drink tea. They are being under attack by evil Lurps. They are not the same Lurps from Rearview Mirror Mirror but different lurps. They don't use Mechs and they are strong. It pans accross the planet showing the giant monsters running away from the Lurps who are attacking them. One of the Lurps grab a giant stone pillar and throw it at a monster knocking them out. Then the lurp jumps on the monster and puts on a restrain and takes control of the monster. Then other lurps start jumping on them and taking control. One of the monsters tries to fight back but a lurp picks up the monster and throws it onto a building, it then roars out loud as it pounds it's chest. then it pans to a ship in space where a Lurp with a scar across his left eye, a scruffy beard is looking on*

    Female Lurp: *Voice actor is Lucille Bliss* Sir!

    Papa Lurp: *Voice actor is Richard Steven Horvitz* What do you have to report Lurpette!

    Lurpette: We have incoming reports from our solders that they have sucessfully lurped the planet and have lurped total control over it's inhabitants!

    Papa Lurp: Excellent!!! Soon every one on this planet will be lurped under out control and then we will have them lurp our villages and lurp statues in my honor! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! *Back outside the monster from the DMV presses a button openning a teleporter and escapes, as he looks back he sheds a tear inside the ship we see Lurppete recieve another report from a lurp who wispers in her ear*

    Lurpette: Sir! I just recieved another report that one of the civilans of this planet haved lurped through a portal and has dissapeared! Should we follow and lurp him back?

    Papa Lurp: That won't be neccessary! We have enough slaves as it is. One weakling won't matter. In the meantime I should have the slaves lurp my fortress!!! Tell the others to have my fortress lurped!!!

    Lurpette: Yes sir! *Salutes and walks away*

    Papa Lurp: This will only be the beginning! Once I have these fools totally lurped, then I shall lurp to other planets and lurp them as well! I will lurp the most powerful empire that anyone has ever lurped! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Cough* *Hack* *Cough* WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    *Title Theme plays*

    Attack of the Lurps.

    *The screen pans at Goat's junkyard where we see Coop making some modifications to Megas's leg. They appears to be an open compartment that looks like the interior of a microwave. Jamie is sitting on a junk pile just relaxing and Kiva is standing next to Megas. Goat is catching some rays from the sun*

    Kiva: What are you doing Coop.

    Coop: Just adding another modification to Megas.

    Kiva: Let's just hope this one doesn't backfire like they always do.

    Coop: Don't worry. This one won't. Almost finished. *Tightens a few things* And there! Now let's see if it works! I will have one Mega-Slush. Perferably Stratifuric Strawberry Slime! *Megas produces a Megaslush in that compartment* All right it worked!!!!! *Drinks it happily*

    Kiva: Isn't that what your girlfriend got you for your Birthday?

    Coop: I copied the data and workings of the food particlizer Jenna got for me and copied it onto Megas. This way when we are in space or something we won't have to worry about going hungry!

    Kiva: Pretty smart idea Coop. Now we won't have to hear you complain of being hungry.

    Jamie:'s the first time when he thinks with his stomach it actually pays off.

    Coop: Anyways all this work to Megas made me hungry. You guys want anything?

    Kiva: I'm good.

    Jamie: I'm fine.

    Coop: Ok. *As Megas does so we here a huge thump that shakes the place up*

    Kiva: looks like your modification has a few bugs in it!

    Coop: I don't think it was that....

    Jamie: It sounded like it came from over that junk pile.

    Coop: Let's go check it out. *They climb over the junk pile and see the monster from the DMV episode.

    Monster: head....*Rubbing his head*

    Jamie: Hey Coop....isn't that the monster dude who was with that bounty chick?

    Coop: yeah I wonder what it wants? *To the monster* Hey buddy! You ok?

    Monster: *Gets up* Oh thank goodness I have found you. I am in terrible need of assistance.

    Coop: What's the problem?

    Monster: You....our planet was under attack by an alien race far more powerful than anything the universe has ever seen. I barely escaped with my life. So.......I came here to ask for your help.

    Coop: Sure thing man. So who exactly is attacking your planet?

    Monster: A race of vile and powerful creatures capible of destroying entire civilizations.

    Jamie: Woah....they must be pretty big if they can take down you guys..

    Monster: Er.....well...not see.....they are Lurps. *Pause and sound of needle scratching*

    Coop: Lurps....

    Monster: Yes Lurps...

    Jamie: Lurps.....

    Monster: Yes...Lurps... *Coop and Jamie look at the monster then at each other, then start laughing*

    Coop: Oh man you have to be pulling our legs!

    Jamie: I BET THEY WERE KILLING THEM WITH KINDNESS!!!!!! BAHHAHAHAHA *Still laughing and the monster is disgruntled at this then we see Coop and Jamie lower the laughter*

    Coop: Ok now....seriously...what's the real problem.

    Monster: I know it sounds crazy but I'm afraid it is no joke. They are stronger than they look....alot stronger than they look.

    Coop: Oh wait I get it...they use mechs right?


    Jamie: So they attack you without mechs.....

    Monster: Yes.

    Coop: What do they attack you with?

    Monster: Themselves.

    Coop: So let me get this straight. The lurps you speak of are about 5 inches, orange and say things like "I lurp you" right? *The Beast nods* Something just ain't right here.

    Kiva: Coop obviously these Lurps are alot more powerful then you think they are.

    Jamie: But they are lurps. Lurps are suppopsed to be friendly and kind.

    Monster: Not these lurps. These lurps are ruthless and cruel. They have conqured many planets in the universe. They could be coming for Earth next....

    Coop: Dude. No way am I gonna let a bunch of tiny lurps take over my or another planet for that matter.

    Monster: So will you help us?

    Coop: Yeah don't worry. This should only take a second....I mean come on...they are lurps. How bad can they be.

    Monster: Thank you so much. *The DMV reopens the portal and enters it, followed by Megas. They teleport to the planet and they see it looks like a mess. Those big alien things are now being held as slaves being forced to do work and stuff like build metal mushroom houses and things. A lurp is now whipping a monster and that monster is crying.*

    Coop: weren't kidding. What the heck did those thing do to you guys?

    Monster: As you can see they have turn us into their slaves and are forcing us to build homes and things for them.

    Coop: You guys could of easily taken care of them!

    Monster: These lurps possess an ability to rob us of our strength and use it against us. We at first thought they were joking but unfortunatly we were wrong. Perhaps you might be able to do a better job of defeating these vile....things and freeing our people.

    Coop: Man this is gonna be cakewalk! I'll be in and out in a few minutes! *One of the lurps notices Megas and the monster and goes over to them*

    Hefty Lurp: *Voice Actor is Frank Welker* Hey you two! Get back to work!!!! We didn't command you to take a break!!!

    Coop: *Looks at the Lurp, Then at the monster* This is the threat right? *Points at the Lurp and the Beast nods* squished Lurp coming up! *Puts Megas's foot up*

    Hefty Lurp: What do you think you are lurping! I told you to lurp back to *SPLAT!!!*

    Coop: See...nothing to it. Just stomp on them and they *Rumble* What the?!? *Hefty Lurp throws Megas off of him*

    Hefty Lurp: Watch where you are lurping you klutz! Now get back to work or else!!!!

    Coop: Ok.....that did NOT just happen.

    Jamie: I think it just did...*Megas gets back up*

    Coop: Hey pal! Just who do you think you are tripping Megas?

    Hefty Lurp: Oh a rabble rouser huh? *Puts up his dukes* Put up your dukes! I'll lurp you on! You are gonna regret challenging me!

    Coop: Ok....let me try this again. *Puts his foot up and slowly lowers it on the lurp, as he puts his foot on the lurps head he starts to slowly crush him* Ok....nice and slow. *Grabs Megas and smashes him by smacking him up and down then tosses him into a pillar structure* Uh...Kiva?

    Kiva: Ok Coop. We established that they are alot stronger than they appear to be. *Megas gets up and flies back to Hefty Lurp*

    Hefty Lurp: Come on you wimp! If you are gonna fight me then fight me! I don't got all day you know!

    Coop: *Looks at the Lurp again* I'm gonna squish you!!! *Tries to squish him using Megas so it looks like Megas is dancing Megas tries to stomp on Hefty Lurp but he dodges it using quick like reflexes like a dancer or stunt man uses, then Megas opens up and fires a maching gun blast at the lurp but the lurp continues to flip and dodge the attack*

    Hefty Lurp: Ho Ha! Ho Ha! Ho Ha!!!

    Coop: STAND STILL SO I CAN DESTROY YOU! *Megas then jumps in the air and tries to squish hefty lurp but hefty lurp jumps out of the way. Then Hefty lurp does a diving attack and hits Megas dead on knocking it back falling down on a mushroom house, then Megas gets back up and looks at hefty lurp, then Megas starts to stomp the ground to create an earthquake and this causes Hefty Lurp to lose his balance and fall. Then Megas grabs Hefty Lurp and crushes him using his hand* Heh. I knew that was gonna be-- *All of a sudden we see Hefty Lurp pry open the hand and Coop gets surprised and has Megas try to crush him, but Hefty Lurp manages to break free, then Hefty Lurp grabs Megas by the finger and does a flip and throws Megas into a stone building*

    Coop: exactly am I getting my butt kicked?

    Kvia: *Scans* Their power and speed are incredible for their size. You can't under estimate them or else!!

    Jamie: LOOK OUT!!!! *Hefty Lurp jumps in the air, and does a flip kick on Megas knocking it down then jumps in the air and dives down and does a spinning attack like Sonic and hits Megas right in the chest making Megas go down into the ground and the ground below Megas to fall through, then Hefty Lurp gets up again and tries again, but Megas rolls out of the way and gets up* Wow...It's hard to believe we are actually getting our butts whooped by a tiny orange lurp.

    Coop: He just got lucky that's all.

    Kiva: It's obviously more than just luck if he can throw Megas like that. Coop do not underestimate it or else!

    Coop: All I'm serious! It's time to kick this orange lurp to the curb!

    Hefty Lurp: Come back for more eh? I'm still ready! I'll give you a good lurping!!!

    Coop: I'll give you something to lurp! *Opens up his chest and activates the SDF Cannon* When this is done there won't be anything left of you to squish! *Charges up and aims right at the lurp and fires it. Hefty Lurp Puts arms in X like position and blocks the bullets which do no damage at all.* Woah!!

    Jamie: Dude! He just took the full front of your attack!!!

    Hefty Lurp: Like to play dirty huh? Well then lurp this on for size!!! *Breaths in and spits flowers at Megas which confuses the three of them *The flowers hit Megas which appear to do nothing to it*

    Coop: Uh......

    Jamie: Was something supposed to happen?

    Coop: Unless they were trying to make my robot smell pretty. *Sniffs* Wow that does smell good. *The flowers start to glow and steal energy from Megas* Ehh...what the hecks happenning!!!

    Kiva: Coop those flowers are stealing energy from Megas! Shake them off!!!

    Coop: Right! *Flies into the air causing the flowers to be shook off they return to hefty who breaths them in causing his muscles to grow*

    Hefty Lurp: Ah....that feels good!!!!

    Kiva: That must be how the Lurps are so powerful. Coop we have to stop them before they can get any stronger. If they keep absorbing our energy the'll become too powerful to stop.

    Jamie: They were too powerful to stop before!!!

    Coop: Don't worry. I still got a few tricks up my sleeves!!! *Megas jumps in the air and looks at Hefty Lurp* All right chump! You asked for it! Time to give you my meteor dive!!!! *Megas powers up and dives down back onto the planet the DMV aliens are watching and Hefty manages to catch Megas before it could hit the ground, but now Megas is trying to hit the ground and Hefty Lurp is holding Megas but Megas gets closer and closer to the ground, Coop then gets angry and puts up the speed and the boosters activate and Megas gets closer, we see the ground below Hefty Lurp lower as he tries to hold Megas up, meanwhile we see Papa Lurp watch from his ship*

    Papa Lurp: Hm.......LURPETTE!!!!

    Lurpette: Sir!

    Papa Lurp: Who is the giant blue robot!?

    Lurpette: He appears to be with the one who escaped from us. What do you suggest we do!?

    Papa Lurp: Have Grouchy, Jokey, and Brainy Lurp assist Hefty!!! I will not let some walking trash can lurp my solders!!!

    Lurpette: Understood! *Salutes and walks away. Meanwhile the struggle continues between Megas and Hefty Lurp Megas gets closer to the ground and Hefty Lurp is keeping Megas from hitting the ground but Coop puts his foot on the gas and Megas powers up more and gets closer, then he hits the ground and a huge explosion is seen, when the smoke clears we see a giant crater with Hefty Lurp in it down and out, he is unconcious and Megas is standing*

    Hefty Lurp: Uhgggh.......erggh.....ugh....

    Coop: Told you I had it under control.

    Kiva: *Scans* Coop....more lurps are on the way!!!

    Coop: Oh man!! *Three more lurps come. They are Grouchy Lurp, Jokey Lurp, and Brainy Lurp they punch megas in different directions and swarm Megas, Megas tries to swat them away like flies but they keep hitting Megas in differnt areas, then they all hit Megas from the front and make him fall down, they go to the car area and look at the pilot inside.*

    Grouchy Lurp: *Voice actor is Micheal Bell* I HATE GIANT ROBOTS!!!!!

    Jokey Lurp: *Voice actor is June Foray* HEE HEE YAA YAA THIS WILL BE FUN!!!!!!! HEE HEE YAA YAA!!!!

    Brainy Lurp: *Voice actor is Barry Gordon* The chances of you actually being victorious of this battle are 39830328938493023432423503 *Breaths in* to 1.

    Coop: Oh yeah? *Grabs Brainy Lurp and punches him like he did to Regis, then he throws him into the air and jumps in the air and punches him into a building, then pummels the building with machine gun fire destroying the area and knocking out Brainy Lurp* Odds are for chumps!!!

    Jamie: Nice.....

    Kiva: Incoming! *The 2 lurps strike Megas knocking it back, Megas tries again to swat them away but they dodge and continue to hit Megas, they then jump in the air and both make a diving tackle at Megas but Megas fires eye beams at them and hit them, they go down, then get back up. Megas counters by firing 2 missles for each lurp. They both catch them with one hand causing the missles to diffuse*

    Jamie: Woah........

    Coop: Grrrr....*Megas opens up and fires machine guns blasts at the lurps but they keep dodging the blast, One of the lurps punches his hands in the ground and throws the ground up in the air, this causes Megas to fall down, then Jokey Lurp goes up to Megas*

    Jokey Lurp: HEE HEE YA YA!!! I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!! *Hands Megas a giant present*

    Coop: *Confused* Uh.....Thanks? *Megas Grabs the present*

    Kiva: Coop be might be a trap!

    Coop: Hey it looks like they are surrendering!!! *Takes the present and proceeds to open it*

    Jamie: Uh....maybe you shouldn't open it Coop....don't you know what happens to the other lurps when they open those kinds of presents?

    Coop: Good idea. Hey Lurp. Here. Take this as a token of my surrendering.

    Jokey Lurp: Hey thanks! *Opens the present and it explodes on him knocking him into a building which collapses on him, Megas walks up to the lurp and looks at him covered in smoke* That's not very funny!!! *Megas then steps on the lurp and wipes the lurp off a bench that was nearby*

    Coop: No....but that was! *Jamie laughs, then Megas gets hit by another lurp*

    Grouchy Lurp: I HATE BEING THE LAST GUY TO FIGHT!!!!!!

    Coop: Take this!!!!!! *Megas then jumps in the air and opens up and fires a wave of energy blasts at the Lurp, but the Lurp dodges them with ease. Then Megas creates the cool energy sword thing and comes down on the Lurp and tries to slash him but the lurp jumps out of the way* Man these things are annoying. Let's try something else! *Megas then fires it's fist at the lurp but the lurp catches it, then throws it back at Megas and Megas grabs the fist and puts it back*

    Jamie: Hey Coop. Try the double deuce!

    Coop: Oh yeah that never fails!!! *Megas spins the air and does a 2 arm pump handle slam on Grouchy Lurp, and Grouchy Lurp looks up and gets hit by it* Oh that's what I'm talking about! *Does pose thingy with Jamie*

    Grouchy Lurp: *Grouchy Lurp gets up and grabs a giant stone pillar nearby* I hate losing!!! *Grouchy Lurp then throws the pillar at Megas but Megas grabs it then we see Grouchy Lurp kick Megas in the face and knock it down* Meanwhile back at the ship*

    Papa Lurp: Hmm...I'm surprised that blue robot has lasted so long. It seems it will be up to me to lurp this fool! Lurpette! I'm going down there to stop that robot! You stay here and monitor progress!!!!

    Lurpette: Sir! *Salutes. Meanwhile Megas grabs Grouchy Lurp and punches him, then he throws him like a baseball into a statue of Papa Lurp which gets destroyed....the other DMV monster guys start to cheer and go Yay!!!! Then Grouchy Lurp comes back and spits flowers on Megas but Megas counters with a flamethrower destroying the flowers. Megas then grabs Grouchy Lurp and tries to crush him but Grouchy opens up Megas's hand and breaks free. They look at other and proceed to go in to attack again*

    Papa Lurp: Grouchy! STAND DOWN!!!! *Papa lurp appears behind him*

    Grouchy Lurp: I HATE STANDING DOWN!!!!!!! *Steps aside*

    Papa Lurp: I will take care of this fool!

    Coop: So you must be the chump whose in charge here!

    Papa Lurp: Who do you think you are trying to lurp my army!?

    Coop: Lurp your army? What does that even mean? Jamie. You speak Lurp?

    Jamie: This thing got a translator?

    Kiva: Why have you enslaved these people!? They have done nothing to you.

    Papa Lurp: Silence!!! I can lurp whoever I want!

    Coop: I have to say I'm kinda impress you guys were able to fight without mechs.

    Papa Lurp: Mechs? We don't need no stinking Mechs! We are a powerful race of Lurps! We are invincible! We are unstoppable! WE ARE- *Megas Does the finger flick sending Papa Lurp back smashing into many walls and stuff* Ow....

    Jamie: Well that sure shut his big mouth up.

    Coop: Hey that was easy. Now let's get out of here an--

    Kiva: Coop! Incoming!! *Papa Lurp comes back and hits Megas knocking him down*


    Coop: Man this is getting annoying. Can't I just face a normal villian?

    Jamie: Apparently not...

    Papa Lurp: Here is your final warning!!! Give up now giant being! You cannot defeat the lurp! We will lurp you and then lurp your planet! All will be lurped and the Lurps will lurp...the universe! *Long pause*

    Coop: I have no idea what you just said....

    Papa Lurp: *Sigh* Give up now, you can't defeat us, we will destroy you then take over your planet, all we be defeated and we will rule the universe.

    Coop: Oh....well...uh.... you stupid orange annoyng elf! You enslave a race of aliens, try to destroy my robot, and you made me look like a fool infront of my friends!!!

    Jamie: don't need lurps to make you look like a do it all the time.

    Coop: *Stares at Jamie* Work with me here!

    Papa Lurp: Enough talk! Let's do this!!! *Papa lurp gets out two swords from him and spins then around* You will regret the day you ever tried to lurp me! I will see to it that your robot never lurps again!

    Jamie: Check it out! He's a space ninja!!!

    Coop: Oh yeah...well let see him ninja out of this!!! *Megas fires a machine gun blast at Papa Lurp but he takes his swords and deflects the bullets with excellent speed and persicion*

    Papa Lurp: If you are quite done. It's my turn now! *Papa Lurp jumps in the air and goes to Megas and slashes at the knee area, then we see Megas fall down on one knee*

    Coop: Woah!!!!

    Papa Lurp: Resistance is futile! Lurp up now or you will be destroyed!

    Coop: Never!!!!

    Papa Lurp: VERY WELL THEN!!! I WILL DESTROY YOU!!! *Papa Lurp and Megas fight. Coop uses his eye beams and tries to hit Papa Lurp with it but he dodges the attacks, then he spits flowers at Coop but Megas flies into the air dodging the flowers. Papa Lurp jumps from behind and kicks Megas making it fall. Megas gets up and sees Papa Lurp coming from above so he jumps out of the way. we then see Megas fire a laser blast at Papa Lurp but Papa Lurp jumps over it and then Megas comes from above and kicks Papa Lurp to the ground and he falls down hard, then Megas flies down and walks up to Papa lurp who is below the ground*

    Coop: And now to finish the job. *Notices that he isn't there* Uh where did he go?

    Kiva: *Scans* Below us!!!! *Papa Lurp emerges and upper cuts Megas and Megas goes flying and then falls down, then we see Papa Lurp jump on the car part and punch the window and grab Coop by the chest*

    Papa Lurp: Foolish earthling! You can never lurp us! We are the most powerful beings in the world! He have taken over many planets, galaxyies, systems! All have lurped under our powerful force! You shall do the same! *Coop then presses a button and Megas grabs Papa Lurp and throws him off of Megas*

    Coop: That thing broke my window!!!! Oh that's it. When I find a way to defeat you chumps I'm gonna...*He gasps*


    Happy Lurp: OH NO! It is candy! Our weakness!

    Happy Lurp 2: Even the mighest of Lurps cannot resist the sweet taste of candy! Now Barlgimel will take over the lurp village for sure!

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: I know how we can beat these chumps!!! MEGAS!! PRODUCE 1000 Candy bars!!!! *The food particilizer produces the candy bars*

    Kiva: Coop how can you think of eating candy at a time like this!?

    Coop: This isn't for me!!! *Has Megas grab the candy from his leg where the food particlizer is The lerps are about to attack again* Hey Lurps!!!!!! *Opens his hand showing the candy* Look what I got.....*Shows the candy which causes the lurps to foam and go crazy* You want the candy yes? Well.....GO GET IT!!! *Throws the candy back into the Lurp Mother ship. The Lurps go after the candy and enter the mothership, then Megas throws the ship into space and then fires a barrage of missles destroying the ship into space*

    DMV monsters: YAY!!!! *Cheer*

    Kiva: Coop! How did you know they were going to do that!?

    Coop: The greatest answers....come from television! *The group are outside of Megas now*

    Monster: Thank you ever so much Coop....We knew you could defeat those the process you destroyed most of our cities.

    Kiva: Why am I not surprised.

    Coop: Uh....I can fix this!

    Monster: Do not worry Coop. We can rebuild it. We do not want to trouble you anymore with saving our world you know. Besides, we were thinking of remodeling anyway.

    Coop: Hey! I can help you know!

    Kiva: Maybe we should go before you cause anymore damage.

    Coop: Yeah...besides I'm hungry.

    Monster: Well....I best send you back. If you ever need assistance, do not hesitate to ask us.

    Coop: Thanks pal. *Stomach growls* We better get going guys. I'm starving. *They go on Megas and go through the portal and return to Earth*

    Monster: Man.....this is gonna take months to build! *Face palms and we see the planet is ravaged in battle*

    *End Credits* The Lurps are on space and their ship is destroyed they are eating the candy they got.
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    The only thing about scrip writing I find tiresom is the fact that they are long. In my opinion (and this is only my opinion so do not take this the wrong way or try to kill me^^!) , try making it into a story with paragraphs and dialogue instead of a script. You have some neat dialogue, but you have to work on the story bit=)

    Was a long enjoyable read...Yes, I read ALL of it =P and I also found this tinsy little grammatical error in this phrase:

    Coop: Oh man...I have driving on the highway.

    Should be:

    Coop: Oh man...I have been driving on the highway.

    *runs and hides before you kill the moderator*:sweat:
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    I'm just trying to make them episode length you know...incase Jody sees these and wants to use them ^^

    And I meant to put Hate instead of have.
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    Love at First Fight.

    *The episode starts in Jersey City and we see Megas on line at the Taco bar there is a car infront of him and 2 cars behind him*

    Coop: ALL RIGHT!!! IT'S TACO TUESDAY AND THAT MEANS TACOS ARE HALF PRICE!!!!! I AM SO HUNGRY!!!! *The car in front drives away and Megas walks up to the intercom*

    Intercom: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* Can I take your order?

    Coop: Uh yeah....Give me 200 hard tacos, 200 soft tacos, 100 taco pizza's and 50 nacho supremes!

    Intercom: That will be $543.83 please. *Coop pays the man and gets the receit through the car and has the tacos in Megas's hand*

    Man: *Looking at the giant robot and counts the money we see Megas walk away from the window* Man they don't pay me enough for this. *We see Megas just standing in the city area*

    Jamie: Man Coop, don't you think you went a little overboard on the food there?

    Coop: Nah! I just figured we could pick up a few things for wrestlefest tonight! You think Kiva likes tacos?

    Jamie: How the heck should I know! Anyways Coop you better make sure they got the order right, they always for some reason get the order wrong.

    Coop: Ok let me just read the reciept here. *Coop mumbles at the long list of food he got and we see Jamie look out the window and he sees something and goes "Huh!?" Then we see part of a mech and it cracks its knuckles and starts to walk towards Megas*

    Jamie: Uh coop.........

    Coop: Hold up a second Jamie. Let me check this. *Continues reading the list. Then we see the mech starts to get closer and we see part of it.*

    Jamie: Coop I think you really better look at this!

    Coop: I'm almost finished Jamie! *Still going on, then we see the Robot get close and we see the number 6 on it*

    Jamie: COOP INCOMING!!!!!

    Coop: Huh? Woah! *Sees a fist punch Megas it does a triple screen where we see a fist punch Megas hard in the face*

    Coop/Jamie: WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! *Megas goes flying back super hard and we hear beeping and stuff and Megas goes through buildings and then we see Megas fall and go right into the road and it stops at a building. We see a giant path of destruction and we see Megas on the ground smoking*

    Coop: Jamie!? What the heck happened!?

    Jamie: You were attacked...

    Coop: How come you didn't warn me!!!

    Jamie: I tried. *Megas gets up and starts to turn around to see who punched Megas*


    *Title theme plays*

    Love at First Fight.

    *We now pan up on the robot who attacks Megas, as it pans up it shows a screen of the number 6, as it pans up more it shows another screen of the flaming paintjob, then it pans up to the top and goes out and we see what appears to be another Megas, this Megas is red in color and has a neon blue flamejob, there is also an 8 ball and an eyeball on it as well, it makes a shing noise as we see the entire robot*

    Jamie: Coop! That thing looks just like Megas!

    Coop: THAT THING IS MEGAS!! A DIFFERENT MEGAS!!!! *We see Megas 2 run up to Megas and try to punch it but Megas ducks* Hey!!! *Then we see Megas punch Megas 2 and Megas 2 goes flying and falls down then gets up and looks at Megas*

    Jamie: Coop what did you do this time!?

    Coop: I didn't do anything! At least I don't think I did.....did I? *Pause*

    Jamie: So any idea whose piloting that thing?

    Coop: *Checks the monitor, it displays static* I'm not getting anything. That blow to Megas must of messed up the communications feed. And the camera view's busted too.

    Jamie: In other have absolutly no idea.

    Coop: Well I don't care who or what is piloting that fake version of Megas, I ain't gonna let no one get the drop on me or my robot! Let me bring my tacos in and...*Notices his tacos are gone* MY TACOS!!! WHERE DID THEY GO!? I just had them! Jamie you see my tacos?

    Jamie: Uh....he's got them. *The different Megas is throwing the tacos up in the air then puts the tacos into the car thing*

    Coop: MY TACOS! *We see Coop plug in something into Megas it's a mic* HEY!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STEALING MY TACOS!!!! *As he talks we hear major feedback and we see Jamie covering his ears*

    Jamie: Coop! Lower that thing!

    Coop: Sorry Jamie. I'm still tweaking the secondary com link. *Continues to speak via the mic with some feedback* IT'S BAD ENOUGH YOU COPY MY DESIGN BUT YOU TAKE MY TACOS FROM ME AS WELL?!? YOU BETTER GIVE ME BACK MY TACOS OR ELSE!!

    Voice: *Voice actor is Jennifer Hale* Sorry. But they're mine now! *Coop and Jamie look at each other*

    Jamie: Dude! The pilot is a girl! I wonder if she's hot.

    Voice: Surrender taco theif or I'm gonna kick your butt all over this city!

    Coop: Taco theif!? TACO THEIF!? *To the other Megas* Hey pal I didn't steal these tacos! I paid for them! *Coop opens the window and shows the reciept* See I got the recipt right here! *The other megas uses it's eye beams and destroys the receipt and slightly burning Coop* Hey what did you do that for!?

    Voice: That's for copying my design chump!!!

    Coop: Your design!? I'm the one who came up with this design! You stop copying me!

    Voice: This city ain't big enough for the both of us! Now get out of here or I'm gonna stomp a mudhole on your robot!!!

    Jamie: Looks like she's calling you out Coop.

    Coop: *To the other Megas* Ok look. I ain't looking for a fight. So how about you just give me back my taco's and we can all just walk away.

    Voice: How about you kiss my big fat rear end!

    Coop: Don't make me take them back from you!

    Voice: I'd like to see you try!!!

    Coop: Oh that's it! You are goin down!!! *Megas revs up the engines and Coop flips some switches*

    Jamie: Dude....let it go. They are just tacos.

    Coop: Sorry Jamie! I just spent a month's allowance on dinner. I ain't gonna let some Megas wannabe take em from me! Now it's time for me and this fake to throwdown!!! *The two stare down and then Megas runs up to Megas 2 and punches Megas 2 in the face but Megas 2 grabs Megas's hand and Coop is surprised then we see Megas 2 punch Megas in the face. Megas goes flying into a building then gets up and runs at Megas 2. Then Megas and Megas 2 grapple and Megas throws Megas 2 over him then we see Megas 2 get up and fire a missle at Megas and Megas gets hit in the chest and falls down. We see Megas 2 put it's foot on Megas and stand proundly but Megas throws Megas 2 off. Megas gets back up and fires a machine gun blast at Megas 2 but Megas 2 puts up an energy shield and Megas 2 fires a rocket from its shoulder and Megas puts its arm up and blocks the attack making smoke. When the smoke clears we see Megas 2 run up to Megas and punch Megas hard in the face knocking him down*

    Jamie:'re getting your butt kicked by a girl. *Megas gets back up and looks at Megas 2*

    Voice: You ain't looking so tough pal. How about you just give up and make it easier on yourself!

    Coop: Oh I'm just getting started!!! *Megas runs at Megas 2 and tries to punch Megas 2 but Megas 2 grabs Megas by the arm and throws Megas onto the ground. Then Megas 2 grabs Megas and spins around and throws Megas into a building. Megas kicks off the building and comes back at Megas 2 flying and Tackles Megas 2 pushing it into a building, we then see smoke and then when it clears we see Megas open up with many blasters and aim at Megas 2. Megas fires a barrage of machine gun blasts at Megas 2 who is down, Megas 2 aims its at Megas and fires a powerful blast at Megas who goes flying and lands on the ground. We see Megas 2 fly into the air and clap it's hands together to create a powerful shockwave that hits Megas we see Coop cringing and Jamie screaming like a little girl. Megas slowly gets up and fires a fist at Megas 2 which hits and makes Megas 2 fall to the ground. We see a new hand come out of Megas and Megas does the bring it on pose. Megas 2 then fires a harpoon at Megas but Megas catches it and pulls Megas 2 towards Megas and Megas clobers Megas 2 over the head area with it's arm then Megas grabs Megas 2 and throws it onto the ground. Megas then flies into the air and fires another machine gun blast and Megas 2 once again puts up an energy shield. Coop then uses the shield piercing laser cannon and Megas puts it's arms together and charges up then fires a laser blast at Megas 2 in which Megas 2 does the same and puts his arms together and charges up a laser blast and Megas 2's blast struggles with Coop's blast Megas 2's blast goes up to Megas and hits Megas making it fall down then we see Megas get up, We then see Coop angry and Megas fries energy blades from it's arms and Megas 2 catches them both* Woah....*Megas 2 then throws them back at Megas and Megas uses matrix like moves to dodge them then when Megas gets up we see Megas 2 speed fly at Megas and grab Megas* Hey let go of my robot!!!! *Megas 2 throws Megas into a POP TV building destroying it completely*

    Voice: Is that the best you got!? *Megas gets back up*

    Coop: I'm gonna cut you sucka!!! *Megas creates the cool energy sword and Megas 2 does this as well, they both run at each other and exchange blows, copying every move the same, they clash blades and it's a stale mate, they have a sword struggle but they are evenly matched and they seperate*

    Jamie: Dude she's countering your ever move!

    Coop: Oh yeah? Well let's see her counter this!!! *Fires a barrage of missles at Megas 2 who dodges the attacks and they hit the Taco bar*

    Coop/Voice: NO THE TACO BARRRR!!!!! *To each other* LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!!

    Coop: What I did!? You moved out of the way! I was aiming for you!!!

    Voice: Your aim is horrible! You couldn't hit me even if I was in front of you!!!

    Coop: All right you taco stealing, design copying fake!!! You smash my robot, destroy my favorite taco stand...*Shifts to Jamie, sound of car coming to a screeching halt*

    Jamie: did.

    Coop: *Stares at Jamie* ....and you're making me hungrier than I already am! It's on now!!!! *Coop makes the energy sword thing bigger*

    Voice: Bring it! *She makes her energy sword bigger too. Then they clash some more with their cool energy swords. Then Megas punches Megas 2 in the chest and which Megas 2 grabs Megas and does an arm twist which rolls Megas to the ground. Megas gets up and grabs Megas 2 and gives it a suplex, then it gets up and starts to stomp Megas 2 in the chest multiple times Megas 2 grabs Megas's leg and hoists Megas off of Megas 2, Megas 2 gets up and looks at Megas then Both Megas and Megas 2 go at each other and punch each other in the face/car part at the same time, then they both seperate and both robots appear to be in bad shape* You know're the only opponent I've ever fought that made this fun. I'm enjoying this!

    Coop: Likewise. You ain't bad yourself!

    Voice: Yeah...but I still ain't gonna let you destroy the city!

    Coop: I ain't trying to destroy the city!!! I just want my tacos!!!

    Voice: Then explain that!! *points at the city that just got destroyed.*

    Coop: Whoops.....

    Jamie: Yeah Coop. Explain that.

    Coop: Look. I don't know how to explain this but this isn't my fault. It was only an accident!

    Jamie: Yeah! Every time Coop tries to save the city he ends up destroying it!

    Coop: Uh Jamie....You're not exactly helping the situation.

    Voice: Coop? Jamie? *Both Coop and Jamie look at Megas 2*

    Other Female Voice: *Voice actor is Danielle Harris* Hey give me that I wanna talk.

    Voice: No I own Megas you can't speak. *The 2 voices start to fight over the mic. Coop and Jamie stop and look at each other then at the mech and we still hear 2 girls arguing the next part is spoken by both girls at the same time so it's kinda hard to understand what they are saying*

    What voice 1 says during this time: You don't know how to operate that, give it to me. Stop it! Cut it out. I'm warning you! Don't make me sit on you! 1)Stop it right now!!! I'm not selfish you just don't know how to operate a robot such as this! You don't know how to pilot it. You aren't the one who built this thing from scrap now don't touch my controls! I said stop it! I swear I'm not in the mood! You realize that I'm bigger than you 2) and a heck of a lot stronger than you!! I said give it back!!!!

    What voice 2 says during this time: Let me say something! I think I know who is inside that robot. Why do you have to be so stubborn! You wouldn't dare!1) Now give me the microphone! Why do you have to be so selfish!!! I found Megas in the first place! If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have this robot!!! Yeah cause you suited the controls to suit you! I don't play as much video games! Let me talk!!! I don't care! I wanna talk! 2)Well the fact that you eat so much and are fat gives you that advantage doesn't it! I want to talk! Let......Me.....TAAAAAAAALLLLKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1)Coop: *Proceeds to press a button labeled* *Blast the fakers*

    Jamie: No wait! Let's see where this goes. *The 2 voices continue to fight...Jamie and Coop look at each other then at the mech* Coop taps his fingers and yawns. The 2 voices continue to fight over the mic*

    2)Coop: Wanna go get some Pizza?

    Jamie: Fine by me. *As Megas is about to walk away we hear another voice*

    Other female voice: Jamie? Jamie Mahoney!? Is that you? *Megas turns around*

    Coop: Jamie....she just said your name!

    Voice: Harold?.....Harold Cooplowski?

    Jamie: Dude.....whoever is inside that robot knows who we are!

    Coop: Those voices sound familar too......*They get out of the car then one of the car doors from Megas 2 open. First out comes a thin girl with a striped T-Shirt and jean shorts with curly blonde hair and sunglasses she takes off her glasses showing her blue eyes, she also has pinkish lips. This is Racheal Harrison, she looks like this: ... _scale%3A5 . She is drinking a soda*

    Jamie: Woah.....*Smiles* Nice...

    Coop: Hey ain't that Racheal? You always tried to get her to date you.

    Jamie: Yeah. *Smiles* I knew she couldn't resist my charms.

    Coop: Charm!? Man she hated you!

    Jamie: Shut up dude...*The other door opens* Hey Coop someone else is getting out of the car. *We see two legs come out of the passenger side, then we see the front of her, she is very fat we get a close up of her front as she gets up, then we get a side view we see her head which is abstructed by long fluffy hair that's red in color. She flicks her face around moving her soft hair then we see her face, she's very beautiful and she has red lips then she opens her eyes and they are bright blue color she is very pretty but also very large. She is the same size as Coop. She is Jenna Haley. She looks like this: ... _scale%3A5 *

    Coop: *Smiling* JENNA!!!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! *Coop goes down Megas and goes to Jenna and Jenna does the same, they run to each other hug and laugh as they spin around with Jenna in Coop's arms, then we see Jamie and Racheal walk up to each other*

    Jamie: I knew you'd come back to me.*Racheal Slaps Jamie in the face. We see Jamie rubbing his cheek* What was that for!?

    Coop: Wow!!! I can't belive it's you! You look....nice!

    Jenna: Oh Coop I missed you! It's really great to see you! *Hugs* *Notices she has the tacos* Oh....I guess you want these back. I'm really sorry about hurting your robot.

    Coop: It's cool. *Smiles* Hey! Why don't we share the tacos!? I've got plenty!

    Jenna: We'd love to!! *At the somehow newly fixed taco hut we see the gang at the bar area eating the tacos.*

    Coop: So Jen? How was college?

    Jenna: It was great! I had a blast! I was fun being up in Maine but I'm really glad to be back home. I miss my little sister, my guys!

    Racheal: If you ask me I'd rather stay in Maine....*Looks at Jamie who is admiring her*

    Coop: Glad to see your appitite hasn't change. *As she stuffs her face with food*

    Jenna: *Smiles* I guess you can say I put on a few extra pounds. I think it looks good on me.

    Coop: *Smiles* I think it does too. *Eats more*

    Jamie: So Jenna? How in the heck did you girls find another Megas?

    Jenna: It's kind of a funny story actually.....


    *We see Jenna and Racheal in a junkyard in New York City we see Jenna digging stuff and looking for parts for her car*

    Jenna: Hmph....there is nothing good here I can use for my car. *Yells* Find anything yet Racheal? *We see Racheal in a giant hill of junk climbing up she sees a pipe*

    Racheal: I think I found a new exaust pipe Jen! Let met get it. *She attempts to pull it out but it's stuck*'s stuck. *She tries harder and she gets it out* Yeaah! Got it. *We see rumbling and stuff begins to fall down by Racheal's feet* Uh oh....*We see Racheal look up and a huge garbage slide occurs and Racheal screams and runs and jumps off and we see a huge garbage slide. We see Jenna running to Racheal*

    Jenna: Racheal! You ok? *We see Racheal looking up at something and Jenna looks up too* Woah....*They see a red and black robot that looks like Megas before it gets modified by them. It says M O2 on the legs. *

    Racheal: Where do you think it came from?

    Jenna: I don't know. *Smiles* thinking what I'm thinking?

    Racheal: Oh yeah....

    Jenna: I think things are about to get a little more interesting! *Grins*

    *Back to reality*

    Jenna: So I just found him in the dump and I spruced him up a bit.

    Coop: Hey! That's how I found Megas!

    Jamie: I guess Kiva must of sent another Megas back in time and forgot about it.

    Jenna: Kiva?

    Jamie: Some chick from the future who owns the robot. She came with our robot. Unfortunatly we can't send her girls don't happen to have some bossy red headed chick telling you what to do huh?


    Racheal: Not really....

    Jamie: we need another Kiva telling us what to do. *Meanwhile somewhere else in the dimension where Megas 2 was supposed to be sent we see a male like Kiva tapping his foot waiting for his Megas to show up but then a newspaper goes by and he picks it up and it reads "Wrong Dimension Buddy" Back at the taco bar we see Coop and Jenna still eating and stuff* So's been so long since we've been together. What say we catch up on old times and pick up where we left off. Maybe go see a movie.

    Racheal: *Sigh* And what makes you think I want to go see a movie with you? You've been asking me out for 7 years and everytime you do I say no. So what makes you think it's going to be any different?

    Jamie: Come on! Just one movie. Please?? *Touches her hand*

    Racheal: You have just 2 seconds to let go of me or I will leave you a lifeless pile on the floor. *Squeezes hard hurting Jamie* You got that!? *Jamie lets go* Now leave me alone.

    Jamie: *Sighs* Man.....*Back to Jenna and Coop*

    Coop: Heh....after all this time Racheal still doesn't like Jamie.

    Jenna: I can see why she wants to stay in Maine. When you have someone like Jamie pestering you, I'd want to be far away also.

    Coop: I kinda feel sorry for Jamie. All Jamie really wants is to be loved and all you know. He hasn't had a girlfriend at all. Well neither did I but I don't *Notices Jenna blushing* Uh ok?

    Jenna: *Blushes* Coop....there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a long time.

    Coop: Oh?

    Jenna: Coop.....You have no idea how much I missed you. You are a really awesome guy. *Coop gets surprised as Jenna leans closer to him but then smiles a bit* I've been somewhat lonely in college. I mean I did have friends and I was very popular. But the thing is I needed someone....well....someone like you around. I should of told you a long time ago but now that I'm here I can't wait any longer. Coop.....I....

    Coop: Jenna?

    Jenna: Yes Coop.

    Coop: I feel the same way about you too. *Smiles and puts his hand on her cheek*

    Jenna: Really?

    Coop: Yeah....*They both stare at each other lovingly and then they close their eyes and kiss and stuff we see Jamie and Racheal surprised at this and they continue to kiss and stuff*

    Jamie: Yeah! Rock on Coop! *They continue to kiss then they seperate*

    Coop: Wow. That felt......really good.

    Jenna: Yeah.... *They put their heads together in a romantic way All off a sudden Coop's new portable communicator that Kiva invented rings*

    Kiva: Coop! Coop! Can you hear me!!!

    Coop: What is it Kiva?

    Jenna: That's the chick from the future?

    Jamie: Yep.

    Kiva: I'm picking up an identical reading that's the same as Megas! What did you do!? *Notices Jenna* Who is that?

    Coop: Uh....I didn't do nothing.

    Kiva: Still I want to to check it out. The glorft could be planning something. Come back and get me. *Transmission ends*

    Coop: Oh man...

    Jenna: Is she always like that?

    Coop: Pretty much. But it's cool. She helps me pilot Megas. Well I guess I better get going. Hey! Why don't the 2 of your stop by my place and I'll introduce you to Kiva. We can also play some video games too!

    Jenna: We'd love to!

    Coop: See ya girls later *Kisses Jenna on the cheek*

    Jamie: How about a good bye kiss Racheal.

    Racheal: How about I give you a black eye instead? *Jamie sighs and Coop comes back grabbing Jamie*

    Jenna: Ah....that felt so good Racheal. Isn't Coop just awesome?

    Racheal: Well I'll tell you this...if I had to choose between Jamie and Coop....I'd take Coop everytime. *They both laugh and we then see Megas outside of the Taco Bar*

    Coop: *Sighs happily* Wow....that was so awesome. My first kiss. It felt like eating a philly chessesteak, wrapped in bacon, and wrapped inside a pizza. Isn't it great Jamie?

    Jamie: Oh yeah....real great. *Coop stares at Jamie* I mean don't get me wrong Coop. I'm happy for you and all but It just stinks that you get the girl of your dreams and all I get is a slap in the face. *Rubs his face*

    Coop: Sorry man....Hey maybe you'll find someone....eventually.

    Jamie: How come you didn't tell Kiva about the other Megas?

    Coop: She doesn't need to know about it.....yet.

    Jamie: Yeah...better break it to her slowly. If she found out she'd go crazy or something.

    Coop: I'll tell her in a few days. Anyways let's stop by the speedymart and pick up a few things. *Megas starts walking. As it walks away they are being watched unaware by the Glorft on the Karajor The Commander is looking at the radar and notices 2 similar energy readings of the prototypes he's left scratching his head*

    Commander: Warmaster!

    Gorrath: What do you have to report!?

    Commander: I don't know if I am reading this right but....there appears to be 2 energy readings of similar frequency....Both readings are that of the Prototype sir! It appears that there are 2 of them!

    Gorrath: 2 prototypes? *Grabbing his face* The Earthers sent only 1 prototype back in time!!! And that one got destroyed!!!! *Lets go* It's impossible that there are two prototypes! This radar system must be malfunctioning!

    Commander: It could be possible that the Earthers retrieved the orignal prototype and fixed it! Therefore making two prototypes!

    Gorrath: ......It's about time I went down there and destroy that foolish Earther and take the prototype myself!!!! Commander! Prepare a squadron of mechs! I'm going down to Earth to reclaim the Prototype. Meanwhile you can work on fixing the tracking system!

    Commander: But's operating in perfect condition.

    Gorrath: JUST FIX IT!!!!!!!!!

    Commander: *Scratches his head* Uh....ok? *We now see Megas by the taco bar and inside Megas are Coop, Jamie, and Kiva*

    Coop: Kiva. Exactly why are we back here at the taco bar?

    Kiva: Because this was where I picked up the reading from. It was perfectly identical to Megas. Are you sure nothing out of the unusual happened?

    Coop: I already told you Kiva! Everything is fine.

    Kiva: Then perhaps you could also explain to me why Megas's com link was out of order. *Then points to the city* And how does "Destroying the entire city" again entail getting tacos?

    Coop: I can answer that!....*Pause* Ok no I can't.

    Kiva: Nevermind.... Now let me see if I can pick up that other reading. I want to know what it is and where it's coming from.

    Coop: You go do that. I'm gonna get more tacos.

    Kiva: Stay put...I'll be done in a few seconds. *Does her scan thingy* Hm....the signal seems to have moved to another location. It's near your house Coop. *Smug grin* There something you not telling me Coop?

    Coop: Uh...

    Jamie: Yeah....about that...*A bunch of blips appear*

    Kiva: Nevermind that...we have trouble! It's the glorft! They're above us! *Multiple glorft mechs appear around Megas*

    Jamie: come whenever you want to check something out these guys show up!!! *Gorrath appears on the monitor*


    Coop: You guys again!? When are you gonna get it through your heads that you can't beat me!

    Gorrath: I'm tired of playing games Earther! You will surrender to me or else be destroyed!

    Coop: How is this for a surrender!? *Punches a mech and it falls down*

    Gorrath: Very well....I see the only way to reclaim the prototype is to destroy you myself! SO BE IT!!!!! ATTACK!!!! *We see glorft mechs run at Megas we see Megas fire 2 firsts at both oncoming mechs destroying them, then we see Megas fly towards another mech and grab it and the other mechs look at Megas and we see Megas throw the mech into a building, then we see mechs fire on Megas and Megas flies in the air and we see Megas do a body drop on more mechs destroying them, then we see Megas get up and a fist hits Megas and Megas turns around to see the mech who fired at him and Megas just aims at the mech and the glorft inside gets O O eyes and we see Megas fire a laser blast at the mech destroying it, then we see 2 mechs grab Megas but Coop just grins and has Megas pull them in so they hit each other, then we see more mechs fly towards Megas and they aim at Megas and fire at Megas and Megas gets pelted with gunfire we see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva cringe then we see Megas open up and fire maching gun blasts from all areas blowing more mechs out of the sky, then the smoke clears we see only a few mechs as well as Gorrath's mech*

    Coop: It's like I told you squid. If you are gonna to stop me then at least have the proper backup to do it!!!!!

    Gorrath: Grrr....Attack! And this time DON'T HOLD ANYTHING BACK!!!! *We then see glorft mechs attack Megas with more firepower and Megas tries to defend itself but the firepower is too strong then we see Gorrath's mech run up to Megas and punch Megas and Megas goes flying and falls, then we see glorft mechs hold down Megas and we see Megas try to move but can't*

    Jamie: Coop get up before Gorrath pounds us!!!

    Coop: I'm trying! I'm trying! *Megas Struggles and a shadow approaches Megas. It's Gorrath's mech*

    Gorrath: This is it Earther!!! Today is the day you finally die!!! *We see Gorrath is getting his dagger from "Rearview Mirror Mirror"* There is nothing you can do to save you now!!! I am victor-*The Commander interupts*

    Commander: Sir! The prototype is approaching! *Pause shows Gorrath angry, then Coop and Jamie and Kiva confused. then goes back to Gorrath.*

    Gorrath: How can the prototype be approaching.....WHEN IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!?

    Commander: But I'm picking up a reading identical to the prototype's signature! It's headed your way!

    Gorrath: But that's impossible!!! *Checks his radar and notices a light coming from the left* What the.....?

    Kiva: Huh? *Scans* I'm picking up that same identicle reading to Megas! It's headed this way!!! *Coop and Jamie look at each other We see Megas 2 approaching at a fast speed.*

    Jenna: WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *Megas 2 punches Gorrath's mech knocking him back Gorrath's mech starts to get up and turns around to see Megas 2 Gorrath gets surprised and points at Megas then at Megas 2 then at Megas again.*

    Gorrath: What the!? ANOTHER PROTOTYPE!? *We then see Megas move and throw mechs off of him and they go flying then we see Megas 2 lend a hand to Megas and help him up*

    Kiva: ANOTHER MEGAS!? *Jenna appears on the monitor*

    Jenna: Don't worry Coop! I'll help you fight the Glorft!

    Coop: Thanks Jenna!

    Kiva: *Disgruntled* Coop.....

    Coop: I was gonna tell you....

    Kiva: Who are you!? Identify yourself!

    Jenna: I'm a friend of Coop's! Don't worry! I'm here to help!

    Kiva: Where did you find that robot!?

    Jenna: Uh....can we talk about this later. *Pans out* We kinda have company.

    Gorrath: So....there is another prototype! Grrr...if things didn't already get I have to fight two of them!

    Commander: *Via the communicator* Sir! You should retreat! There is no way you can defeat two prototypes!

    Gorrath: *Grrrr* SEND DOWN MORE MECHS!!!

    Commander: But sir! This is suicide! You could get-

    Gorrath: JUST DO IT!!!!!

    Commander: *Sigh* Yes Sir....dispatching the second wave of mechs now! *More mechs show up and surround them*

    Jenna: So....I guess this is an everyday routine huh?

    Coop: Yeah...pretty much.

    Gorrath: You might have caught me off guard Earther.....but I will just have to double my efforts and defeat both of you! Then I will have two prototypes!!!

    Coop: Hahahahah!!!!! If you thought I was bad enough before, just wait until you take on me and my girlfriend!

    Kiva: Girlfriend? *Smiles*

    Coop: So Jenna. You ready to take out these squids?

    Jenna: Right behind you Coop.

    Gorrath: DESTROY THEM!!!! *We see Megas and Megas 2 back to back they are surrounded by the Glorft who aim their weapons at Megas and Megas 2 we see Gorrath grin evily then we see Megas and Megas 2 open up and fire machine gun blasts at the mechs destroying them they circle around and stuff then we see both Megas and Megas 2 tackle mechs and start punching them we see mechs firing at Megas 2 from behind but then we see Megas get in the way and shoot back at the mechs destroying them, then we see Megas 2 snap the head of a glorft mech off and hold it like a football and sets it down we then see Megas go and kick the mech head and it goes into a glorft mech putting a huge hole in it. Megas then goes to a mech and grabs it's head and throws it down then we see it get up and Megas 2 goes from behind and grabs that mech we then see Coop smile evily and crack his knuckles and Megas punches that robot rapidly, then Megas gives the mech a right hook knocking the mech out. A robot comes from behind Megas and is about to clobber Megas but Megas 2 fires a laser blast at the mech destroying it. Jenna then thumbs up Coop and smiles and Coop does the same. Then we see Megas turn around and start punching more mechs. Megas 2 runs up to a mech and does Cammy's corkscrew kick from Street Fighter and destroys it. Megas grabs two mechs and spins them around and sends them in the air flying and fires a missile at both of them blowing them up. We see Megas 2 being attacked by Mechs but Megas 2 punches them out but when Megas 2 gets outnumbered teamed up by mechs*

    Racheal: Jenna do something!

    Jenna: I'm trying! *Megas 2 continues to get attacked but then Megas comes in and throws the mechs off of her and Megas 2 shoots them down* Thanks Coop!

    Coop: *Smiles* No problem Jenna. *They see a glorft aim at them and it's confused as who it should shoot first, we then see a split screen of Coop and Jenna look at each other and they nod and they both flip some switches then they both run up to a mech and punch it at the same time, then they get each others back and attack to make sure the other one isn't getting hurt. Then Megas grabs Megas 2 and twirls Megas 2 around really fast as Megas 2 fires a machine gun blast destroying mechs along the way when it's all over we see only Megas, Megas 2, and Gorrath's mech standing Gorrath looks at both Megas and Megas 2*

    Gorrath: NO!!!! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY YOU OR YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER!!!! COMMANDER!!!! SEND DOWN ALL THE MECHS!!!!! *A bunch of more mechs come down around Surround Megas and Megas 2 it pans out showing both Megas out numbered* Not even two prototypes will be strong enough to defeat my impressive army!!!! Surrender the prototypes now or face total destruction!!!

    Racheal: This doesn't look good Jenna.....

    Jamie: Yeah Coop....I don't think we can win this!

    Coop: This!? Nah....this is nothing!!!!

    Coop and Jenna: Listen up you ugly snot-colored chumps! You destroy our robots, try to destroy our city, and you tried to hurt my boy/girlfriend!!! *They both look at each other and blush* Let's finish this Jenna!

    Jenna: Right! *Both Robots start attacking more mechs. Megas punches a mech down and rips off it's head. Then fires a laser blast at another one. Megas 2 uses martial arts and does some hi kicking moves on more mechs. Megas then grabs Megas 2 and does that Robin/Starfire move to a mech destroying it. Then Megas and Megas 2 fire laser blasts at mechs destroying them, then we see Megas grab Gorrath's mech and puts him on his shoulders. Megas 2 jumps up onto a building and does a diving clothesline to Gorrath's mech. Gorrath's mech gets up and sees Megas and Megas 2 on both sides of him, they run at his mech*

    Coop/Jenna: WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! *They both punch Gorrath's mech's head at the same time making the head look smushed.....his mech stumbles around for a bit and falls down*

    Gorrath: Grr....ALL UNITS!! Retreat!! *They retreat* Make no mistake!!! This isn't over!! Not by a long shot! I will defeat you both and take both of your prototypes!!! *They get out of their mechs, Jenna runs over to Coop and hugs him then kisses him on the cheek. Coop smiles and blushes happily they then nuzzle and stuff*

    Jamie: Oh come he gets the girl?

    Racheal: Because he isn't a self centered, arrogent jerk like you.

    Kiva: She's got you there. *Smiles and Jamie lowers his head in shame Back at Coops house.....Coop and Jenna are playing video games while Jamie, Racheal, and Kiva watch.* Jenna. I just wanted to thank you for your help back there. If you didn't come when you did then Megas would of been destroyed.

    Jenna: No problem.

    Kiva: How exactly did you come across Megas? The one we sent back in time was destroyed and replaced with a new one.

    Jamie: Maybe that's how Jenna found hers.

    Kiva: It could be possible that her Megas is from another dimension.

    Coop: Who cares where she got it! Now we got twice the firepower when it comes to taking down the Glorft!

    Jenna: We make a pretty good team don't we Coop?

    Coop: Yeah....I really enjoyed fighting with you Jen. We should fight together more often. That way there ain't no one who can defeat us!

    Jenna: I would love to fight with you Coop. *Kisses Coop on the cheek and Coop smiles*

    Jamie: Man I don't get it! How is it that Coop gets a girlfriend before I do? He wasn't even trying!

    Kiva: What's the matter Jamie? Jealous? *Evil smile*

    Jamie: I'm not jealous....I'm......

    Coop: Hahahah!!! You're jealous! Hehehe. You're Jealous!

    Jamie: Dude I'm not jealous!!! I can get Racheal to date me anytime I want!

    Racheal: Oh please! I'd rather date the creep at the junkyard than date you! Do you even have any idea how much of a big jerk you are!? *She goes on and on and Jamie goes "Oh Man" and Coop, Kiva, and Jenna laugh and we see Jenna and Coop kiss lovingly*

    End Credits: That night we see Jamie throwing rocks up at Racheal's window and Racheal opens up her window and we see Jamie with a box of chocolates and some flowers and he weakly smiles and then we see Racheal leave and Jamie smiles more then she comes back with a bucket of hot water and Jamie gets scared and Racheal throws it on Jamie and we hear Jamie scream like a girl and Racheal smiles and goes back to sleep.

    The End.
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    Honey I shrunk the Megas

    *The episode begins in Jersey City Junkyard we see Coop working on Megas with and Jamie is just chilling and stuff meanwhile Goat is on the phone with someone*

    Goat: Hello? Oh hey Alex! It's been a long time eh? Yeah 5 years. What's up man? Now way! You're getting married!? That is awesome! Look man I am so proud of you dude. It couldn't of happened to a nicer guy. You better treat her right you know or else. Me? Nah I really don't have anyone yet. Huh? You want me to be the best man? Dude I'll do it. When's the wedding. Tomorrow eh? Well it's kind of short notice but heck yeah I'll come tomorrow! I'll see you then all right. Take care dude. *Closes Cell Phone, then Jamie walks by*

    Jamie: Who were you talking to Goat.

    Goat: I was talking to a buddy of mine in New York named Alex. The dude's finally getting married.

    Jamie: Whose the lucky girl?

    Goat: A girl named Jen. Anyways he wants me to be the best man!

    Jamie: Nice....*Coop comes by*

    Coop: Hey Goat. You got anything to eat around here man? I don't got enough cash to get something at the Speedy Mart.

    Goat: Uh....*Looks around* To be honest all I got is this pizza, he opens it and it's all moldy and stuff.

    Coop: Eww man!!! That's disgusting!

    Jamie: Yeah Goat! How long have you been keeping that Pizza for!?

    Goat: About 5 months....

    Coop: Man....right. I'm gonna go home and get some to eat. You want me to bring something back?

    Goat: Nah *Takes a bite of the pizza* I'm good *Both Coop and Jamie cringe and stuff*

    Jamie: Come on Coop. Let's get out of here before I lose my lunch. *They both walk away and stuff and we see Goat eating the pizza, then we see a sign that says 3 hours later, we then see Coop, Jamie and this time Kiva walking in the Junkyard and stuff*

    Coop: Hey Goat we are back and. *They see Goat on the floor clenching his stomach in pain as he groans* Goat!? *The three run to him and check on him* Goat you ok!?

    Goat: Man! I feel like someone took a sledgehammer and smashed my stomach with it! *Jamie notices the entire pizza box is empty*

    Jamie: You ate the whole pizza didn't you?

    Goat: Ye...Yeah. *Collapses, the three gasp and look at each other*

    *Title Screen Plays*

    Honey I shrunk the Megas

    *We are now at Jersey City Hospital. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are now in the waiting room, Coop is pacing around, Jamie is reading a chick magizine, and Kiva is just sitting. All of a sudden a rather large nurse comes in*

    Nurse: *Voice actor is Cree Summer* Mr.Cooplowski. The Doctor will see you now! *Coop nods and him, Jamie, and Kiva go inside and they see Goat in a bed with stuff hooked up to him and all and he is in pain still*

    Coop: So how is he doc? Will he be ok?

    Doctor: *Voice actor is Kevin Michal Richardson* After doing some studying and some extensive reaserch, I have concluded that your has contracted a very powerful stomach virus. He will have to stay here for the night to do some further testing then he'll have to stay home for a few more days. He should recover nicely though.

    Kiva: Well as long as Goat will be ok I guess it's nothing to be concerned about. We should probably go and let him rest for now.

    Jamie: Yeah man. The sooner we leave here the better. I still remember the last time I came here.


    *Jamie is in a checking room and a huge nurse appears and puts on a glove*

    Huge Nurse: *Voice actor is Cree Summer* Now I know there might be some minor pain and discomfort. But it will all be over in 5 minutes. Now take a deep breath and here comes the choo choo. *Proceeds to give Jamie the Prostate Check but we dont' see it since it's Cartoon Network*

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: couldn't sit for days.

    Goat: Man...I can't stay! I have to get to New York.

    Coop: Sorry Goat but you ain't goin no where. You need to rest and let your body get better.

    Goat: Man you don't understand....I have a wedding I need to get to. It's tomorrow! *Clenches his stomach* Oh man my freakin stomach!

    Kiva: Listen Goat, it's only for a few days. Perhaps your friend can postpone.

    Goat: No way man. Alex has planned this wedding for a year. He can't just postpone. And I can't let Alex down! I have to get to New York.

    Doctor: Well there is no way you are going tommorow. You'll be in too much pain to do so.

    Coop: Hmm....hey doc! Maybe there is a way we can fix Goat faster so he can get to New York!

    Doctor: Well there is nothing modern medicine can do.

    Jamie: Hey Coop....what if we just destroy the virus?

    Coop: Yeah! I could use Megas to blast the virus to pieces!!!

    Doctor: Well techincally if you were to destroy the virus the host won't be in pain anymore and he would be allowed to go to New York tommorrow.

    Coop: Then that settles it. We'll use Megas to destroy the Virus and cure Goat!!!

    Kiva: COOP! ARE YOU CRAZY!? We can't destroy a virus with Megas! Megas is too big. The only possible way to even attempt this crazy idea of yours is to shrink down to the size of the virus so we can destroy it within Goat's body!

    Coop: *Smiles* Then it's a good thing I recently installed a Shrink Megas button! *Pause*

    Kiva: And you were going to tell me this when???

    Coop: I was gonna get around to it?

    Kiva: We are not doing this. With the way you control Megas you'd be an even bigger danger than the virus. Just let the virus run it's course and he'll get better.

    Coop: Come on Kiva! All we gotta do is just go inside Goat and blast a few viruses and then he can go to his friends wedding!

    Kiva: It's too dangerous for Goat. I won't allow you to go through with this!

    Coop: What do you think doc?

    Doctor: wouldn't hurt to try. And it could be a medical breakthrough if we are sucessful. But I think you should hear from the paitent himself. It is his body after all.

    Coop: Well Goat? You ok with it?

    Goat: Sure man! Anything to get rid of this EXCRUTATING PAIN!!!! *Clenches his stomach*

    Kiva: Sorry Goat, but I am forbiding this. We might end up destroying you.

    Jamie: Yeah but just think about it. Haven't you always wanted to see what the inside of a human body looks like?

    Kiva: Not really....

    Coop: Look Kiva....If Goat needs to get to New York then we have to do this.

    Kiva: Coop....*Coop looks sad* *Sigh* All right fine...we'll do it.

    Goat: Thanks Kiva....*They are outside with Megas with the doctor*

    Doctor: So what exactly what do you want me to do?

    Coop: When we become small we are going to go into this pill and then you are going to give this pill to Goat.

    Kiva: I still think this is a bad idea Coop. Why can't Goat call his friend and let him know the truth.

    Coop: It's too late by now. We have to do this.

    Kiva: Fine...let's get this over with. *Coop presses the shrink button and Megas starts to flash and then it shrinks down to the size of the virus*

    Coop: Cool! It worked! Let's go help Goat out! *Megas flies into the capsule and then the doctor goes back inside The doctor walks to goat who is still in pain*

    Goat: Oh......It hurts!!!! *The doctor enters the room*

    Doctor: You can relax now Goat. Take this pill and you should feel better. *Hands the pill to goat who takes it and swallows we see the pill go down into the stomach then we see Megas create a cool energy sword and it cuts open a hole in the pill and Megas flies out and lands on Goat's stomach membrane*

    Kiva: Ok Coop. We're in. So did install a "grow Megas" function correct?



    Coop: No.... The shrink effect runs on a time limit. 30 minutes per usage.

    Kiva: you know what's going to happen if we don't destroy this virus and get out by 30 minutes! We'll destroy Goat from within!

    Coop: And that's bad?

    Kiva: Yes Coop. Very Bad. Now we can't waste any time! We have to find the virus and get out from Goat or else! *Megas turns on it's lights and starts to walk around in the stomach we see food and stuff such as Pizza, half eaten hotdogs, and a philly cheesestake.*

    Coop: *Stomach rumbles* You guys think I can get something to eat? I'm starving! *Megas continues to walk and stuff and look around* Doesn't appear to be any viruses around here.

    Jamie: Hey Coop....can we hurry up and find this thing so we can destroy it? It stinks in here! *Holds his nose, Megas continues to walk and stuff, meanwhile outside we see Goat in his room and he's feeling a bit better, the doctor comes in*

    Doctor: So Goat? How do you feel?

    Goat: I feel....great! What did you do!?

    Doctor: I gave you a pain killer which should help ease the pain. Anyways your friends are inside you looking for the virus and plan to eliminate it as we speak. For the time being why don't you make yourself at home. I'll send a few of our intern nurses to take care of you ok?

    Goat: Sure. *Two very hot nurses walk in and talk to Goat*

    Nurse 1: *Voice actor is Wendee Lee* Hello there cutie.....we are just going to make you feel nice and home.

    Nurse 2: *Voice Actor is Tara Strong* Want me to fluff up your pillow sweetie? *Does so* Does that feel good?

    Goat: Oh yeah.....feels great. *Back inside Goat The gang is walking around looking for the virus which btw they have no idea what it looks like*

    Jamie: So Coop. Do we have any idea what this virus thing looks like?

    Coop: No.

    Kiva: Oh great....we are stuck inside the body of Goat looking for some stomach virus and you have no idea what it looks like. You sure know how to pick em Coop.

    Coop: It's not my fault I've never seen a virus before!

    Kiva: Everyone should know what a virus looks like....didn't you guys take a health class or something when you were in school.

    Coop: No....we took Sex Education.

    Jamie: Heheh...good ol Sex Education. *Does hand thingy with Coop*

    Kiva: *Scans* Coop. I'm picking up strong acidic compounds. They are strong enough to melt through Megas's armor! Be careful.

    Jamie: It's called Stomach Acid Kiva.

    Kiva: Well whatever it's called you better put up the acid shields Coop.

    Coop: Raising acid shields now. *Megas is now protected by stomach acid They look at the stomach and see it's damaged pretty bad*

    Coop: I'm guessing this is the Virus's work?

    Kiva: Actually....*Scans* The damage here was caused long ago before the Virus showed up.

    Jamie: Yeah. Goat used to party alot back in New York.

    Coop: much more time we got.

    Kiva: 20 minutes.

    Coop: Well the sooner we find this virus the sooner I can get out of Goat and go home. I'm starving!!!!

    Kiva: *Scanning* I'm picking up something ahead.

    Coop: It must be the virus!!! *Megas starts to fly over to the area and sees a giant white puss like creature* I see it! I'm going in!!! *Megas heads towards the thing and starts to punch it like crazy* Take that you ugly bloated puss sac!!!*Continues punching*

    Jamie: Yeah Coop! Blast it to pieces!!! *Megas fires a wave of maching gun blast at the puss thingy and it blows up and stuff and continues to fire at it*

    Kiva: *Scans* Coop! Stop that! That's not the virus!

    Coop: Huh? *Is still blasting it*

    Kiva: It's a principal components of the immune system that functions by destroying "foreign" substances such as bacteria and germs.

    Coop: Come again?

    Kiva: *Sigh* A white blood cell!

    Coop: *Stops* Oh....*Multiple white blood cells surround Coop* Well how was I supposed what a white blood cell looks like.*They start to attack Megas one lunges at Megas and Megas dodges then another hits Megas and Megas goes staggering but regains balance. then multiple white blood cells hit Megas and stuff we then see Megas fire 2 missles and blow up a few WBC's then more surround Megas and start to stick to Megas but Megas throws them off and stuff and more jump on Megas but Megas spins around getting them off and we see the WBC's fire some goo at Megas but Megas dodges and Megas continues to back up as WBC's surround Megas*

    Kiva: Great! They think we are a threat! We have to pull back!

    Coop: No way! A few white blood cells aren't gonna stop me from helping my friend! *Megas fires energy blades at the WBC's and stuff and they get cut in half and stuff we then see more WBC's fire more sticky goo at Megas but Megas fires at the goo using his arms and he destroys the Goo, then we see Coop create the cool energy sword and Megas starts to slash more white blood cells destroying them the only problem is that when Megas destroys some more take their place, we then see them fire some more goo at Megas but Megas jumps and flies in the air and then fires a wave of machine gun blasts at the WBC's and more get destroyed then all of a sudden many of them jump on Megas and take Megas down then a whole bunch go on Megas, then we see light emit from the pile of WBC's and Megas does the mosh pit and gets up and looks around and finds himself surrounded by many WBC's*

    Kiva: Coop destroying those things only made it worse! Now there are too many of them! We have to escape and come back when there are less of those white blood cells!

    Coop: I hate running away!!! *Megas powers up and flies away and the white blood cells chase Megas, they go into the blood stream and they gain on Megas*

    Jamie: Hurry Coop they are gaining on us!!! *Coop notices an openning which leads to the heart.*

    Coop: Looks like we are gonna take a detour! *Megas flies into the opening and is now traveling towards the heart. Megas is being chased by enzymes*

    Jamie: Heads up! Giant Enzymes!!!

    Coop: Hope Goat doesn't mind a little heartburn!!! *Activates the overdrve and speeds up only to hit the heart* I can't just get a break! *Megas backs up and looks up* Kiva...what did we just hit?

    Kiva: *Scans* This appears to be the heart....His heart rate seems normal....quite relaxed to be honest. I wonder what he is doing? *Back outside the two nurses are massaging Goats's back and one of them is giving him a soda*

    Goat: Man....If this is the kinda service I'll get then I need to get sick more often. *Sips his soda and stuff. Back inside*

    Kiva: Coop....we just waisted 5 minutes fighting of those blood cells and escaping those enzymes....we only have 15 minutes left!!!

    Coop: Relax Kiva. We will destroy the virus and make it out in time. *The enzymes approach Megas more*

    Jamie: It's the enzyme things!!!! *Megas goes further up running away from the enzymes and travels up into the head and enters the brain*

    Kiva: This must be his brain.....*Sees a sign that says "This space for rent"*

    Coop: Lets do some exploring.

    Kiva: We should be heading back to the stomach to get the virus or escape! I knew this idea was stupid from the start! Why don't you ever listen to me!?

    Coop: Huh what was that Kiva? I'm sorry I wasn't listening. *Kiva puffs her hair up by blowing* Relax Kiva! We still have 13 minutes left. Let's just check out the brain and find a way to get back to the stomach! *Megas walks up to the brain Back outside we see Goat watching TV and stuff, he changes the channel and he comes to a baseball game, a commercial, a POP TV channel, and other various stuff, then we see the doctor come in again*

    Doctor: How are you feeling Goat?

    Goat: Doc. I'm feeling alot better man. I don't know what these interns did but I feel like I could go home right now!

    Doctor: do seem alot better. Let me just run some tests to be sure. *Writes stuff down on a chartboard Back inside*

    Kiva: *Scans* All right guys. The only way for us to get back to the stomach is to go through the blood steam.

    Jamie: But the enzyme things will devour us if we go back.

    Kiva: Now I know you won't listen but if you want my honest opinion then I say we just leave and let the virus run it's course.

    Coop: Sorry Kiva but we are doing this my way!!! *Megas runs over to where the blood stream but notices some wires that aren't attached to the brain* Hmm.....I wonder? *Megas puts the wires into the brain, meanwhile outside we see the scientist checking Goat's heart and then all of a sudden Goat "Boiks" and becomes intellegent*

    Goat: The length of the hypotenuse is equaled to the square root of both the summation of side a and b squared. *The doctor is concerned and writes notes on his clipboard*

    Kiva: Coop stop playing around and take those out!

    Coop: All right all right sheesh! *Coop pulls them out, meanwhile we see Goat return to normal*

    Goat: Man....I got to lay off the bad pizza! *The doctor writes notes, back inside we see Megas approach the blood stream and looks inside to see many enzymes and stuff patroling the area* Man they got it heavly guarded and stuff.

    Jamie: At this point I say we take Kiva's adivce and just fly out of this joint and let nature do it's thing.

    Coop: You think a bunch of enzymes or blood cells are gonna stop Coop? You must be crazy! *Megas powers up and flys into the bloodstream we then see the enzymes surround Megas, Megas fires machine gun blasts at the enzymes and stuff and destroys them, we then see Megas enter a tunnel system of blood veins and we see many WBC's surround Megas and they jump at Megas and stick to him and Megas staggers but Megas throws them off and stuff and fires at them as they get near Megas*

    Jamie: Coop there are way to many of them!

    Coop: Don't worry I'm gonna get rid of these chumps once and for all! *Megas puts his hands together and charges up a super nova and preapres to fire it*


    Coop: Oh yeah. *Then we see more WBC tackle and pile on Megas but Megas gets up and throws them off and stuff and Megas runs towards the stomach while shooting the WBC's and Enzymes that attack Megas, then they come out of the tunnel system and are back into the stomach and more enzymes surround them and Megas just fires machine gun blasts and destroys them then we see Megas run more and then we see a giant blob with teeth that looks like "Willam Berkin's Final Form" from RE2 and it's causing trouble in the stomach*

    Jamie: What the heck is that thing!?

    Kiva: *Scans* That's the virus!

    Coop: You sure?

    Kiva: Yes Coop. My scanner says Virus. *It says Virus*

    Coop: All right then let's go take it out! *Megas approaches the virus and the virus turns around and sees Megas and roars and stuff* Hey pal! You better high tail it out of here or else! *The virus roars again and slithers towards Megas and Megas goes and fires a missile at it but the virus fires some sort of acid at the missle destroying the missle. Then we see the virus shoot it's teeth at Megas and Megas gets pelted and stuff and Megas puts his arms in an X position and stuff then the virus tackles Megas and starts to drool acid on Megas and we see part of Megas smoke* Oh man! I just had the armor polished! *Megas grabs the virus by it's tail and throws it off of him and we see the virus bounce around then get up and roar at Megas*

    Kiva: Coop we have 7 minutes left! Let's destroy it now *The virus spits acid at Megas but Megas activates the shields and the shields protect him. Megas then fires a machine gun blast at the virus and the virus starts to explode and stuff and goo goes everywhere but then we see more viruses come and surround Megas* Coop the virus must of reproduced! There could be over a million of these things here! We can't destroy them all in time. Let's fall back now!

    Coop: No Kiva! Goat has to be to a wedding by tomorrow and I can't let him down!

    Kiva: Coop this thing wasn't meant to be destroyed! We only have 5 minutes left! Let's get out of here before we destroy Goat!

    Coop: NO WAY! This ugly virus thinks it can keep my friend from a wedding, devour my robot, then make it so I don't escape from Goat in time and we blow up destroying him from within!? Well if that's the virus then I'm the cure! *Megas and the viruses fight some more. Megas opens up and fires machine gun blasts at the viruses destroying them and stuff. Megas continues to fire machine gun blasts and laser shots at the viruses destroying them completely* WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!* Coop spins around and fires machine gun blasts at viruses destroying them and stuff back outside we see Goat in pain again*

    Goat: Man!? What the heck is Coop doing in there! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! *The doctor is worried and looks at Goat as he is in pain back inside Megas we see multiple Viruses surround Megas and they shoot their teeth at Megas and stuff and Megas get pelted and stuff. A virus jumps on Megas and tries to drool acid on him but Megas grabs the virus, clicks him and uses him as a weapon and the virus shoots teeth at other viruses destroying them and stuff then we see a virus tackle Coop from behind and Megas falls down and the viruses pile on him but Megas fires a laser blast in the air and the viruses go flying then we see Megas backing up while shooting more viruses and we see Megas is backed up to a wall*

    Kiva: Coop...we only have 2 minutes left! We aren't going to make it!!!!

    Coop: I'm not giving up yet! It's time to activate.....the jammer!!!

    Kiva/Jamie: NOT THE JAMMER!!!

    Coop: Cover your ears guys!!! *Coop activates the jammer and and let's out a huge burp cuasing a low frequency wave causing the virus to scream in pain out side we see Goat going crazy as he is in immense pain*

    Goat: OOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!! IT HURTS!!!! REALLY BAD THIS TIME!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!! *Back inside The Viruses scream in pain and they all explode, outside we see Goat feel good and better and he smiles back inside we see Megas move his hands in a satisfying position*

    Coop: Well that's the end of that.

    Kiva: Coop...we only have 1 minute left! We won't be able to make it back out from the nose or mouth!

    Coop: *Desperating looking for another exit* I know of another way out!

    Jamie: No!!! NOT THAT!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!

    Coop: Sorry Jamie but it's the only way.....HOLD ON TO YOUR NOSES!!!! *Megas heads towards the rectum back outside*

    Goat: Ah....woah! I gotta go ladies!!!! *Gets up and runs to the bathroom, the door is shut we hear him grunting followed by a fart and then a huge blast that destroys most of the hospital and by proxy a POP TV warehouse that was next to the hospital. Megas is now outside and in normal size. The door is the only thing that is blocking our view, the door opens and Goat walks out whistling as if nothing happened*

    Jamie: ....remind me never again to come to the hospital with you. *At one of the rooms that didn't get destroyed the doctor is doing a scan on Goat*

    Doctor: Well the virus is gone and your friend has fully recovered...He can go home now.

    Goat: Heh....thanks Coop. I knew I could count on you. Though next time....can you go a little easier on me? Ouch!

    Coop: Hey no worries Goat. Anything for a friend. Now you better get ready for tomorrow cause you got a wedding to go to!

    Jamie: Can we leave now? I think I had enough hospitals for one day.

    Doctor: Not so fast.....there is the little matter of the bill. *Shows Coop a bill for alot of cash due to the visit and the damages on the hospital*

    Coop: Uh....You know....I would love to pay this. Really I would. But....I have to take Goat to New York so he can be the best man for his friends wedding. Yeah.

    Jamie: Yeah me too! Kiva you handle this one. *Both Coop, Jamie and Goat leave*

    Kiva: Guys! Come back! You don't expect me to pay this do you!? Are you crazy! Guys!!!! *Sighs then The doctor puts his hand on Kiva's shoulder* Cash or Credit? *We pan the outside and see the hospital destroyed completely*

    End Credits: We see Alex and Jen from MTV's Downtown get married and we also see Chaka, Fruity, Matt, Mecca, and Serena sitting next to Coop and Jamie and we see Jamie try to put his arm around Chaka but she rejects him then Jamie sighs

    The End.
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    How the Glorft Stole Christmas.

    *The episode begins in the North Pole and we see a snow bank and a house and next to it is a sign that says "Santa's house" Then we see a toy solder mech crash into the house, we see the toy solder mech get up and look and we see 3 glorft mechs and one of them fires a machine gun blast at the robot and the robot puts it's arm in a X like position but it explodes and is destroyed. We see Glorft mechs walk in the show and they begin firing missles at the front lines, we see toy solders fire machine gun blasts at the Glorft, but then one of the glorft mechs fly up in the air and fire at the mechs. Some of the toy solders run up to the Glorft but the Glorft are too powerful. One mech smacks a toy solder down, then another one shoots a giant hole in another solder blowing up. Then we see toy planes fly in the air and drop bombs on the Glorft but one of the mechs aim at the plane and fire a missle at the mech and it goes spiraling down, then we pan to another area where we see explosions and we see Gorrath in his mech and he walks up to the Commander who is behind a snowbank*

    Song: *Singer is Kevin Micheal Richardson* You're a cruel one, Mr. Gorrath, you really are a jerk, you're as cuddily as a jorblog and you make me want to urk, Mr. Gorrath! You're an unfunny clown, with an unfunny smirk! You're a miser Mr.Gorrath, Your heart is full of mush, your are about as soothing as a hypodermic brush Mr.Gorrath! I would drink you even if you were.....A delicious mega slush!!! You're a vile one, Mr. Gorrath. Your lungs are full of ticks, you have all the tender sweetness of a really ugly chick Mr.Gorrath! Given the choice between the two of you...I'd take the really ugly chick!!!!

    Gorrath: Commander! What's the status of our position!?

    Commander: Warmaster! We have sucessfully nulled all resistance from the North Pole and taken all of their inhabitants as prisoners! This base belongs to us now!

    Gorrath: *Shudders* I despise the Cold....

    Commander: I know we aren't well suited for frigid environment but taking this base and converting it into one of our own should put us one step closer to enslaving the Earthers.

    Gorrath: The primitive Apes shouldn't expect us to hit so close! *Then we see 2 glorft not in mechs carry a fat man in red who is Santa claus, we see Gorrath go up to them in his mech and points at him* Thought your feeble army could defeat me did you!? Fool! We are the Glorft! We are the most powerful force in the universe!

    Santa: *Voice Actor is Peter Cullen* You will never get away with this Gorrath! The spirit of Christmas will never be destroyed! Good will triumph over all!!!

    Gorrath: Enough! *Pokes his belly* Your fat jello like stomach disgusts me! Take this fool to the holding cell for now. I'll deal with him later... *The Glorft do as they are told* Commander! Begin transfering equipment from the Karajor to here immediately!

    Commander: Aye Warmaster! *The Commander walks away*

    Gorrath: Soon...very soon...I will lead an all out assult on the apes and then this planet will be mine! And there is nothing, not even that fat primitive monkeyman can do to stop me! *Gorrath starts to laugh as he does this it pans out to the entire base, we see that the base is huge and there are glorft mechs flying and stuff and it pans out more showing a huge blizzard*

    *Title theme plays*

    How the Glorft stole christmas.

    *We are outside of Coops's front yard. Coop and Jamie are having a snowball fight. Jamie throws a snow ball at Coop and hits him then Coop grabs a huge snow ball and hurls it at Jamie. Jamie is now covered in snow*

    Coop: HAHAHAHAH!!! They should call you Jamie the Snow Man!!!

    Jamie: Oh so you wanna play rough do ya.....well *Prepares a snowball* Take this!!! *He throws it and clearly misses Coop and instead hits the tree Coop is under*

    Coop: HAHAHAH! Your aim must be way off didn't even hit me!....I mean how can you not hit me. I'm a nice wide target!

    Jamie: *Smiles* Wasn't aiming at you. *Points up and Coop looks up and sees that the impact of the snow ball caused the tree to shake and has all the snow fall on Coop. Jamie laughs more then Jamie gets pelted with another snowball Coop and Jamie laugh and continue to have their snowball fight, they then notice Kiva walking outside, Jamie snickers at Coop* Watch this. *Snickers and prepares a snowball* HEY KIVA!!! HEADS UP!!! *Throws the snowball and Kiva sees it out of the corner of her eye, does some flip moves to dodge it then grabs Jamie by the arm and throws him down, then twists him arm* HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? ARE YOU CRAZY!? LET GO OF ME!!!

    Kiva: What were you idiots thinking!?

    Jamie: Gee Kiva....ever heard of a snowball fight?

    Kiva: *Let's go of Jamie* When you are busy fighting against an alien race, It's hard to tell a plasma shot from a snowball. *Notices stuff on people's houses* Is there like some kind of special occasion?

    Coop: Don't you know what time it is? It's christmas time!!!

    Kiva: Christmas? What's that?

    Jamie: You never celebrated Christmas?

    Kiva: From where I'm from we don't celebrate things like this since we're too busy trying to stay alive fighting the Glorft. *Coop and Jamie look at each other*

    Jamie: You better tell her Coop.

    Coop: It's the day where we celebrate good will towards men with our families and friends. There's food, warm open fires, food, caroling, food. Oh and then there is this guy named Santa Claus. He's a jolly old fat man. *Jamie interrupts*

    Jamie: But isn't as fat as Coop...

    Coop: *Stares at Jamie* Anyways he's this guy who goes all around the world and gives toys to all the good little girls and boys. And if you are bad he gives you coal.

    Kiva: Where is this...."Santa"

    Coop: He's at the north pole right now. He's probably checking his list the 2nd time around. *Kiva is puzzled* Anyways this year is gonna be special. Jenna and I are gonna up upstate to spend the week in my uncles Cabin. Since he never uses it I figured why not the two of us?

    Jamie: Unfortunatly, I'm going to my grandparents house to spend christmas. What about you Kiva?

    Kiva: I'm not exactly sure. I mean since I have no real family here I guess I'll just go with Jamie to keep him company.

    Jamie: So Kiva. What are you gonna get me for christmas?

    Kiva: I thought it was this "Santa Claus" that gave you presents.

    Jamie: Coop was just making up all that stuff about Santa. Everyone knows it's your parents that get you stuff.

    Coop: Jamie I wasn't making that up. Santa's real.

    Jamie: Everyone knows he's fake.

    Coop: I can't belive you Jamie. How can you say that!?

    Jamie:'ve never seen the guy.

    Coop: He was at the mall!!!

    Jamie: Haven't you ever heard of a mall santa.

    Coop: How would you know, you don't even like the shopping mall!

    Jamie: Goat was the mall santa! He told me that himself *At this point they continue to argue more*

    Kiva: Now...I'm really confused about this whole christmas thing.

    Coop: Don't worry Kiva. You'll get used to it. Anyways I got to go to the store and buy some egg nog for mom. You guys want to come?

    Kiva: Sure. *They get into the car and stuff and for now Coop plans to take the car only*

    Jamie: Good thing the Speedymart's open on holidays.

    Coop: Yeah I know. *We see Coop open up the glove compartment * I think I put a shopping list here for other stuff so let me make sure. *As Coop fiddles around we see an envelope come out and land on Coop's gut and it does the triple screen with the shing noise as it shows a letter to santa and Coop is upset* Dude! My letter to Santa! I thought I mailed this out!

    Jamie: Coop everytime you mail that it gets returned to sender. Besides you always get what you want for Christmas.

    Coop: This list isn't mine! It's for everyone else! You, Kiva, Jenna. Man this stinks!

    Jamie: We could go to the post office since it's open.

    Coop: Good idea. It shouldn't be too crowded. *We are now at the post office and we see Megas in the parking lot and there is a huge line and the gang are still in Megas* Oh man! Everyone must be here!

    Kiva: I guess alot of people decided to wait till the last minute to send their mail to Santa.

    Coop: I can't wait on this line all day! I've got stuff to do.

    Jamie: So now what?

    Coop: *Looking at his letter* Well...*Smiles* If I can't mail this to Santa. I'll just have to deliver it to him personally! Buckle up guys! We're going to the North pole! *We see Coop rev the engine*

    Kiva: But what about your mother's egg nog?

    Coop: It can wait! Right now this is more important! Let's go guys! *We see Megas fly into the air and Megas is flying in the air as they do this they pass the shopping mall where outside they see a mall santa and little children*

    Mall Santa: *Voice actor is David Deluise* And what do you want for Christmas little girl? *They all see Megas fly by super fast*

    Little girl: *Voice actor is Lara Jill Miller* I want the giant robot!!!

    Jamie: *Looking back* Nice....

    Coop: Man I just hope I'm not too late!

    Jamie: Coop! Santa isn't real! He doesn't exist!

    Coop: How would you know!?


    *We see Jamie asleep in his bed and he is a little child and it's December 25th and it's 1:AM and we see Jamie get up and he's all excited and he goes down stairs to see if Santa is there but he sees his parents instead setting up, they see Jamie and they look at each other and Jamie gets a very sad and upset look on his face*

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: So what? Maybe Santa brought the presents beforehand. *Jamie facepalms at this*

    Jamie: Whatever Coop. There's nothing you can do to convince me otherwise.

    Coop: *Stares at Jamie then talks to Kiva* Kiva are we going the right way?

    Kiva: *Scans* Yes. We should be at the North Pole shortly. Just stay on this path and we'll get there.

    Coop: Cool! *We see Megas speed up and fly faster and everything and then we see it is cold and everything and the gang is shivering*

    Jamie: Man Coop! It's freezing in here! Put on the Heat!

    Coop: Got it! *Coop does so, as they continue to fly they encounter a blizzard and Megas is having a hard time navigating through it*

    Kiva: Coop! This Blizzard is too strong for Megas to fly in! *We see Megas land on the ground* Coop I think we should go back home.

    Coop: Come on Kiva! We're so close! See if you can find Santa's workshop! *Kiva tries to scan but can't*

    Kiva: I can't. This blizzard is jamming up the radar system.

    Coop: Then I guess I'll have to pursue on Foot! *We then see Megas walking and stuff and it shows footage of Megas walking in the blizzard and it appears he is going in circles as it shifts from screen to screen*

    Jamie: Man Coop! It's been an hour already and still no sign of anything. Let's go home now?

    Coop: No way! I know Santa is out here somewhere! I ain't leaving till I get this list to him!

    Kiva: Sorry Coop but I have to go with Jamie on this one. We're only going in circles. Let's just end this already and go back home.

    Coop: *Sighs then notices something* Wait! I think I see something ahead! *Megas starts running toward that direction and eventually sees the huge base* Woah....*We see it pan out showing the base as well as many glorft mechs on the ground doing stuff, but they don't see the Glorft mechs*

    Kiva: Unbelieveable! What's a giant structure doing out here!?

    Coop: Hahahahha!!! I knew it! I knew Santa was real! See Jamie! Told you he existed!

    Jamie: Meh...could be anything. *Coop gets a disgrunted look on his face*

    Coop: Kiva. See if you can locate Santa.

    Kiva: I'll try.....*We see Kiva scan and stuff and a bunch of blips appear and Kiva gets a depressed look on her face* Oh no.....

    Coop: Kiva? What's wrong?

    Kiva: Guys...I'm picking up Glorft energy signals!

    Coop: You saying the squids are here!?

    Kiva: It appears to be so....but it doesn't make sense. The Glorft can't stand cold environment. Hang on. I'll try and see if I can get a visual. *We see Kiva type stuff and on monitor we see Gorrath and the Commander*

    Gorrath: Has all the equipment been transfered yet!?

    Commander: Aye Warmaster!

    Gorrath: Excellent! Now I can begin my assult on the Earthers! *End transmission*

    Kiva: It is the Glorft!

    Jamie: Oh's bad enough we got to be here when it's below zero, now we have to fight the Glorft too!?

    Kiva: I don't know what the Glorft are planning but we have to stop them Coop. *Coop does nothing* Coop did you hear me!? *We see Coop is pissed off and fuming with anger*

    Coop: Of all the things they could of done, they have the odasity to ruin Christmas!? Oh...I'm gonna make them pay! *We see Megas rev up the engine*

    Kiva: Coop! Don't do anything brash! *We see Coop really pissed off*

    Jamie: I don't think you're getting to him Kiva. Better just let Coop do his thing. *We see Megas activate the boosters and fly into the air and straight into the base meanwhile we see Gorrath and the Commander in a room*

    Gorrath: Finnally. Now with this new base under our control. I think I'll begin my conquest!!! I think I'll start with this place here! *Points to North America on a flatmap* Hm....Perhaps this island should go first! *Points to Australlia* Or perhaps -

    Commander: Uh Warmaster?

    Gorrath: What is it Commander!? Can't you see I'm busy plotting my assult on the Earth!?

    Commander: It's the prototype! It's headed this way!

    Gorrath: What!? Impossible!!!!!

    Commander: And it's approaching at an alarmingly high rate of speed!!!!*Gorrath looks at the Commander then at the window they see Megas coming super fast*

    Coop: GOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! * We see Gorrath and the Commander get sad eyes and Megas smashes into the fortress and both Gorrath and the Commander get out of the way. Megas goes through the entire complex taking out alot of the mechs and rooms and going clear through the other side, Megas then stops and turns around to see the damage that was done*

    Jamie: I thought we were trying to save Santa's workshop. Not destroy it.

    Coop: Uh...guess I kinda overdid it huh? *Coop turns on the communicator. In the room where Gorrath was Coop on goes the TV screen* What the heck are you doing here Chump!?

    Gorrath: You again!? How did you know!?

    Coop: I don't know how I know, but all I know is that you just made a big mistake ruining Christmas!

    Gorrath: Hahahah! You're too late Earther! This base belongs to the Glorft now! I'm not about to let you take it back! *Enemy mechs surround Megas. Megas looks around and finds himself surrounded* I'll have my army deal with you while I begin my world conquest!!!! *We see the Glorft mechs surround Megas*

    Kiva: Coop there are way too many enemy mechs for us to deal with!

    Coop: Yeah? Well we got something the Glorft don't

    Kiva: And that is?

    Coop: The spirit of giving! Watch as I give all of these chumps a beating of a lifetime! *Megas starts to punch mechs and stuff. Megas then grabs a mech and rips off it's arm. Then Megas punches the robot in the stomach making a hole in it. Robot mechs shoot at Megas but Megas slaps the snow getting snow all over them, they can't see. Then Megas starts punching mechs down. A mech hits Megas from behind then it fires at Megas but Megas rolls out of the way and gets up. A huge tube that looks like a vaccume hose comes out of Megas's back and goes into the snow. Then we see Megas open his hands up and fire a barrage of snowballs at the glorft mechs causing them to get pelted by snow. Then we see Megas roll a snowball up and roll it on the ground and it gets bigger and bigger. When see mechs in the formation of bowling pins and the snowball knocks them over we hear the sound of bowling pins being knocked then Coop Megas turns around and fires a machine gun blast at more mechs destroying them. We then see mechs in the air and they fire machine gun blasts at Megas but Megas fires 2 missiles at the mechs blowing them up. Megas then turns around and fires a fist at a mech. The mech dodges and the missile hits a building labeled "This building stores all the presents going to POP TV workers" The building blows up* Megas then jumps in the air and fires laser blasts at more mechs.* Kiva find Santa!

    Kiva: Coop how am I supposed to look for something I don't even know exists!

    Coop: Just look for non squid signals then! *Kiva does so as Megas rips the head of a Glorft mech off it*

    Kiva: Coop I'm picking up multiple life readings inside the base!

    Coop: See! I knew he was real! *Jamie just goes hmph as Megas lands and fires another round of machine gun blasts at the mechs destroying them* Kiva! You go rescue santa! I'll handle these chumps!

    Kiva: Coop I need to be here with you!

    Coop: Don't worry about me! Just rescue Santa! *Kiva sighs and gets out of the car. Megas continues to punch more mechs. Coop then opens up and fires a granade at mechs who are running at him and they blow up. Snow goes everywhere, more mechs fire at Megas, but Megas activates the energy shield and then creates the cool energy sword thingy then Coop goes to cut the mechs up using Megas, meanwhile we see Kiva sneaking past guards. She hide behind a hill of snow*

    Kiva: This must be the building that santa is being held in. *Scans* It's heavily guarded. *Sighs* I don't know why Coop talked me into this. But if there are prisoners here I'll have to get them out. *She scans to find an opening that's not guarded* Hm...this vent here should allow me access. *She gos up to it and pulls it out then goes in. Back at Megas. Megas is fighting more mechs and it punches and smashes more mechs. Megas tackles a mech and then stomps in in the face destroying it. Another mech ambushes Megas and hits him knocking Megas in the snow, when Megas gets up the car part is hit with snow, Coop activates the windshield wipers and sees a mech punch Megas down again. Then Megas start to pile on Megas and hold him, a mech goes up to Megas and aims at Megas we see the radar system lock on to Megas and it charges up*

    Jamie: Coop do something!!!

    Coop: I'm trying!!!! *Looks at a button and goes WAAAAAHHH!!! Then headbutts it and Megas activates a powerful shockwave that blasts the mechs back saving Megas* Nice! *Megas fires a small mini-nova which blows up the area and destroys the Glorft in the surrounding area, then we see more glorft mechs fly down and fire at Megas, Megas hides behind a fox hole and sees a toy solder mech that wasn't used. Megas grabs the toy solder and takes the gun, Megas jumps in the air and runs with it aiming at mechs and firing laser blasts with it destroying mechs*

    Jamie: Sweet! *Megas continues to shot and destroy mechs with the gun. Megas stabs a mech using the gun destroying it. Coop then twirls it around and aims at more mechs shooting them and destroying them, meanwhile Gorrath is watching Megas destroy his army*

    Gorrath: I can't believe this!!! My entire army being decimated by one Earther!!!

    Santa: *Behind Bars* I told you that the spirit of Christmas would never be broken! Good always trumphs over all.

    Gorrath: Silence!!! I will show you what happens when you mess with me. Commander isn't there anything I can use to crush the Earther?

    Commander: Well sir....all of our mechs are either already fighting the Earther or are being repaired. But I did find something you may use. It appears to belong to Santa!

    Santa: Oh Sleggh Mech!

    Gorrath: Excellent. It will have to make due. Prepare it for me Commander! I'm going to take care of the Earther myself!!!

    Commander: Yes Sir!!!

    Gorrath: Now just watch closely Monkeyman! You will see exactly how I deal with those who interfere!!! *Leaves somewhere else*

    Kiva: *We see a vent duct open and out drops Kiva.* Now to find Santa....*Kiva scans and finds the prison room* Ok I'm going for it. *Kiva starts to run through the complex when she spots the Glroft guarding the area. She hides by the corner and se sees a lead pipe. She grabs the pipe. She then waits as the 2 glorft are standing. We see the 2 glorft standing and talking. We then hear a noise and both Glorft stop and run to where the noise was but they see nothing. Then they look up and see Kiva come down with the pipe and smack one of the Glorft in the face knocking him out. The other glorft tries to hit Kiva but Kiva does a flip kick and comes down then trips him using the pipe. We see the first Glorft get up and hit a button which sounds the alarm. More glorft surround her. She then uses the pipe and starts to hit them knocking them down. She makes her way to Santa's cell. *The guard sees her and goes for her but she Smashes the guy in the stomach with the pipe then punches him in the face, then grabs the card key and opens the door. Santa sees Kiva.*

    Santa: Who are you? Did you come to rescue me?

    Kiva: Well actually we came to give you a christmas list but when we saw the Glorft here we knew something was wrong. Right now we need to get you to safety!

    Santa: No! I have to stay here and protect my workshop! The...the elves! We have to free the elves!

    Kiva: I'll try and find out where they are. *Scans* Ok they are around the corner. Let's go. We don't have a moment to lose. *Back outside we see Megas standing in the center of all the mechs who are down and out.*

    Coop: Well that was pretty easy! We saved Christmas and got to beat up the squids! Fun day I say! *As Coop and Jamie are about to do the pose thingy, Megas gets hit by something and falls down. Megas then looks up and sees a sleigh hovering above him* Santa!? *The slegh then transforms into a mech*

    Gorrath: *Via monitor* Give up your feeble attempt to stop me Earther! You cannot possibly win!

    Coop: You! What are you doing inside Santa's slegh!

    Gorrath: I'm going to stop you so you can't ruin my plans to take over Earth!

    Coop: Not if I stop you first!!! *The mech goes at Megas and tries to punch Megas but Megas grabs the arm. Then Megas fires eye beams at the mech, then the mech fires what appears to be buzzsaw reefs at Megas and Megas dodges them. Then the mech punches Megas hard then it fires a burning coal attack at Megas and hits him hard knocking him down, then the mech flies over to Megas and lands by him and then he picks up Megas and punches him again knocking him down*

    Gorrath: Foolish Earther.....your attempts to stop me were useless! *Megas gets up and knocks down Gorrath's mech hard, meanwhile we see Kiva go to the cell where they are holding the Elves and free them*

    Elf 1: *Voice actor is Benjimin Deskin* Santa! Are you all right!?

    Santa: I am now...thanks to Kiva. Everyone listen up! We need to help Coop defeat Gorrath! I want all of you to get into the toy mechs and assist Megas!

    Elf 2: *Voice actor is also Benjimin Deskin* Got it! *We see the Elves scramble and go into mechs and they power up and fly*

    Kiva: Ok now let's get back to Megas!!! *Back at the battle we see Santa's mech clobber Megas with punches to the face, we hear beeping and see at energy of Megas is at 30% and dropping*

    Jamie: Dude stop that thing!!!

    Coop: I can't!!! Megas is low on energy!!! *Santa's mech kicks Megas and Megas is down now and is barely moving*

    Jamie: We are gonna die aren't we? *We see Kiva and them outside*

    Kiva: Coop! He's in trouble!!!!

    Gorrath: Heheheh.....this is my most greatest achievemnt.....destroying you right now will begin a new era of the Glorft! There is nothing you can-- *Gorrath sees multiple blips on his monitor and then he sees toy solders surround the mech* What the!? *The mechs aim at Santa's mech and proceed to fire at him, the mech gets hit and Gorrath grrs* Stop that!!! *We see MEgas get up and look at Gorrath being distracted*

    Jamie: Coop now!!!

    Coop: Right! *We see Megas put it's arms together and the hands go in and we see Megas fire a powerful blast at Santa's mech as Gorrath goes flying into a snow bank. We then Kiva and Santa speed towards Megas and get in*

    Kiva: What happened Coop!?

    Coop: I guess I fought a bit more than I could chew.... But I'm ok now.

    Kiva: *Scans* Coop that laster attack sapped most of the energy Megas had. We need to recharge.

    Santa: Allow me to help. *To the elves* Elves! If you please! *Some of the toy solders then lend their energy to Megas and Megas goes up to 100% again*

    Coop: Hey thanks Santa! *To Jamie* Told you he was real. *Jamie mumbles*

    Santa: Thanks for helping Coop. Now we have to destroy that thing!!!

    Coop: But....he's piloting your slegh! I can't destroy your sleigh.

    Santa: Saving christmas is more important than my slegh! Don't hold back Coop! Give Gorrath everything you got!!!

    Coop: Thanks Santa. *To Gorrath* Listen up Scrooge! You attack Santa's workshop, turn it into a fortress, hold Santa prisoner and used his slegh to attack my robot! I know one squid who is gonna get a lump of coal in his stocking! Lots of it!!! *Coop puts his foot on the break and flies in the air, Megas then opens up and aims at Santa's mech. Megas then fires a crapload of stuff at the mech but Gorrath runs away, then we see Santa's mech surrounded by toy solders who aim at him, then we see Megas put his arms together and charges up a laser blast at the mech and fires it at the mech and destroys it. It electrocutes and falls to the ground. Then we see the Commander come and grab Gorrath and fly away, Gorrath gets into the mech*

    Gorrath: This isn't over Earther! I may have lost this battle but the war is far from over!!! I will be victorious!!!

    Coop: All right!!! I saved christmas!!! *Does rock on pose with Jamie, they are now outside and see the workshop...or what's left of it*

    Santa: Thank you so much Elves....and thank you Coop! Now my workshop is saved from the Glorft...unfortunatly during the battle my entire workshop was destroyed!!! We managed to salvage most of the toys but I won't be able to deliver them without power!

    Jamie: many children are gonna be dissapointed.

    Coop: I wish there was something we could do.

    Santa: *Looks at megas* Coop! With your mech so bright! Won't you help me deliver these toys tonight!

    Coop: You want me to deliver the toys?

    Santa: It would be greatly appreciated Coop! Your robot can easily travel the globe faster than my slegh...which is destroyed.

    Coop: Santa it would be an honor.

    Santa: Thank you so much Coop. *Checks his watch* Woah! We don't have much time Coop! Only an hour till christmas morning! We better hurry!

    Coop: Right let's go! *Megas grabs the toys and flies away we see Megas go all around the World as Jamie, Kiva, and Santa drop presents into the chimneys and everything as it goes to the USA, then China, then India, and France and so on.*

    Santa: Coop! I can't thank you enough for helping me. You truely are a good man.

    Coop: Don't mention it. I wasn't about to let those chumps ruin Christmas.

    Jamie: Uh...Santa know that I've always believed in you and everything. *We see Santa stare at Jamie raising his eyebrow* Ok...maybe I didn't believe you a little. But I'm Coop's best friend. So I get presents too right? *We see Santa laugh*

    Santa: Of course Jamie. You all get presents for helping! Here you go Coop, Jamie, and Kiva! *Gives Kiva a sweater*

    Kiva: Thanks.....I think.

    Santa: Here Jamie. This is for you. *Jamie opens up the box and it's tickets to go see the sexy madians for a concert*

    Jamie: Wow cool!!!! I've been trying to get tickets to this all year.

    Santa: Here Coop. Merry Christmas. *Coop opens it up and it is a paper*

    Coop: All right! Free buffet dinner's and Senor Glutton! Thanks Santa!

    Santa: You're welcome! Now Coop if you would so kindly please! *We see Coop smile then megas flies to the screen*


    Ending Credits: *The Glorft find their ship completely covered in coal*
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    *The episode begins by Coop's house we see a fist punch something and it is Coop getting punched by Jenna, Coop falls down on some kind of mat. He slowly gets up and looks at his grilfriend who grins and cracks her knuckles. He rubs his cheek and gets up and goes in to a fighting stance.*

    Coop: That all you got!?

    Jenna: I'm just getting started! *We see Coop and Jenna grapple and smile evily as they grapple then we see Coop go behind Jenna and give her a headlock, then we see Jenna kick Coop in the leg and Coop lets go, Jenna attempts to punch Coop but uses his big hand blocks the attack then headbutts her, she grabs her head in pain then turns around and punches Coop in the face who then falls down and then she puts the camel clutch on Coop* Give up....sweetie?

    Coop: Not on you life! *Breaks free and flips Jenna over, he then goes and jumps on Jenna* WAAAAAAAHHHHH *As Coop and Jenna beat each other up we see Jamie and Racheal on the side watching*

    Jamie: Yeah!!! Show her whose boss Coop!!!

    Racheal: Take him down Jenna!!! Wooo!!!!

    Jamie: So Racheal? How about you and I go see that new movie out in theaters? You know....the one with the giant space slug?

    Racheal: Ugh...I'd rather barf. I don't know what's worse. Seeing that movie, or seeing that movie with you.

    Jamie: Come on Racheal! Just one movie. I don't see what the deal is?

    Racheal: I don't feel like being in the same movie theather with you much less on the same planet as you. You are nothing but a cheap little jerk who cares only for himself. And until you understand that and change, then I will never ever date you.

    Jamie: Man....that's cold. Look. I know I may have been a big....

    Racheal: Jerk, idiot, loser, creep, I could go on....

    Jamie: Yeah....those....but just give me a chance.

    Racheal: .....I'll consider thinking about it....*Goes back to watching* Yeah! Tear him appart Jen!!!! Woo!!! *Kiva walks up to Jamie and Racheal*

    Kiva: Uh...why are Coop and his girlfriend fighting?

    Jamie: They aren't fighting....this is how they express their love for each other.

    Kiva: I see.....*Seeing Jenna pick up Coop and gives him a body slam* She's pretty strong. It must be hard to do that to Coop. *Then sees Coop give his girlfriend a powerbomb* Likewise for Coop to be able to do that to Jenna. Not to pry but exactly how much do they weigh?

    Jamie: 360

    Racheal: 345

    Kiva: That is heavy. Still I have to say I'm quite impressed in their physical strength.

    Jamie: Yeah. When they're not busy fighting bad guys they usually go to the gym to work out.

    Kiva: Pretty impressive. Anyways I just thought I see what you guys were up to. I'm going to run a systems check on Megas. I'll let you guys have fun here. *Walks away*

    Jamie: Hey! While your inside can you get me a drink. I'm thirsty!

    Kiva: You have legs. You can get up and get your own drink.

    Jamie: But I wanna watch Coop beat up his girlfriend!!!

    Kiva: Fine...I'll get you your drink!

    Racheal: Can you get me a drink too please?

    Kiva: Sure thing. *Back at the mat thingy we see Coop give Jenna an ankle lock*

    Jenna: Ok! *Taps* I give Coop! I give! *Coop Breaks the hold the two of them are breathing heavily.* Man I almost had you that time!

    Coop: Whew! That was fun! I have to say Jenna you're getting beter!

    Coop: Thanks Coop. *Jenna tackles Coop and they are on the mat making out lovingly. We see them kissing passionatly*

    Jamie: Eww.....get a room you two. *They continue to make out, then they get up*

    Coop: want to go again Jenna?

    Jenna: You got it!

    Coop: All right but you know I won't go easy on you....*As they stare each other down we then see a bunch of flashes and then we see a few Glorft appear they there are 5 of them including the commander they aim their weapons at Coop and Jenna* What the heck!?

    Jenna: What are the squids doing here!?

    Commander: Sir! We have the targets in our position!

    Gorrath's voice: Excellent!!!! *We then see another flash and then we see Gorrath appear and he walks up to both Coop and Jenna and we see him aim his thing at Jenna's head and then Coop gets in the way, we hear Gorrath laugh as he plans to fire at them but then we see him take another device and press it and they all get teleported away both Jamie and Racheal are shocked*

    Jamie: *Weakly* Kiva! *Kiva comes back with drinks*

    Kiva: All right here are your.....where did Coop and Jenna go?

    Jamie: Ok......I know this is going to be hard to I'm just gonna go and say it. You see while you were inside....the glorft came and....yeah...well they sort took Coop and Jenna with them. *We then see Kiva in a state of shock and she drops the drinks*

    *Title theme plays*

    Tag Team.


    Jamie: They just came that they were gone.

    Kiva: They just came and then left like that!?

    Jamie: Yeah! It's not like I could of done anything. I'm weak. You know that.

    Kiva: *Pacing around* This is bad....Very bad!!! Without them no one can pilot Megas! Nothing can stop the Glorft now from launching a full scale assult on the Earth!

    Racheal: Well what about you? Can't you pilot Megas?

    Kiva: I can't since Coop tweaked it beyond my recognition. Wait a minute! What about Jenna's Megas!?

    Racheal: She....pretty much did the same exact thing.

    Kiva: the only hope of saving the Earth is captured by the Glorft and we have no way of getting to them!

    Jamie: It's not that it?

    Kiva: Jamie! There is nothing stopping the Glorft now from destroying us all!!! Who knows what they could be planning this very minute! *Meanwhile aboard the Karajor we are in the holding chamber that Coop was in during "The Driver's Seat and we see Coop and Jenna in the same type of entrapment, we then see Jenna trying to struggle out but to no avail*

    Jenna: Errgghhh Rarrrhah....stupid thing! Why won't it break!!!?? *Continues to try*

    Coop: No use....I tried that and they won't budge.

    Jenna: Well this stinks. What do you think the Glorft is gonna do to us?

    Coop: I'm not sure...but I won't let anything bad happen. I've been in worse spots than this. I'm sure we'll make it out of this one.

    Jenna: If I can only reach my MRU, then I could get my Megas here and lay waste to these chumps!

    Coop: Yeah I know what you mean. *We see a door open and then we see Gorrath walk in with the Commander*

    Gorrath: Heheheh.....finally my victory is assured....If I can't get the prototypes, then I'll just go for the next best thing.....the fat *Poking Jenna's belly* primitive apes who pilot them. *Then goes to Coop and pokes his stomach* Hehehehh.....with you here. There is nothing stopping me from going down to Earth and enslaving every one of you primitive Earthers...I will savor this victory nice and slow....

    Coop: What's the matter Gorrath? Can't beat us the fair way so you gotta resort to kidnapping us? Guess you're aren't as tough as you say you are. *Jenna giggles at this comment*


    Coop: What's a matter? Can't handle a few "Primitive Earthers"?

    Gorrath: ......I would hold your tounge earther if I were you.....Since you are my prisoner there is nothing stopping me from obliterating you once and for all....

    Coop: Then why don't you do it then!? Come on I dare ya! What you want me to draw a target for you!?

    Jenna: Uh...Coop maybe you better stop.

    Coop: Why should I Jenna? Gorrath here is nothing but a yellow bellied gutless coward!!!

    Gorrath: Grrrrraahhh!!! MEN!! PREPARE TO FIRE ON THE EARTHERS!!!! *His men aim their guns at Coop and Jenna*

    Coop: Ok.....maybe I should of stopped. *Jenna rolls her eyes at Coop*

    Gorrath: Heheheh....not so tough are you now monkeyman? I wonder....*Aims at Coop* Should I destroy you first and rid myself of you once and for all? Or attack the female and watch you scream in agony since you can't do a thing to protect her? *Aims at Jenna who looks worried*

    Coop: I've got a better idea....instead of vaporizing us, you let us go!

    Gorrath: You get me stuck in the past, destroy my army countless times, ruin my plans to take over your pathetic planet, destroy the Kerajor....twice! And you expect me to just LET YOU GO!? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! *Pause* Killing you right now would be too good for you Earther. I think instead I'll have you watch as we invade your planet and take back the prototypes! Then we'll destroy you both! But first....I think I'll have a little fun with you two. *Puts a Megaslush on a stand*

    Coop: Not this again.....

    Jenna: Believe me....just looking at you is torture enough. *We then see Coop laugh then the other Glorft laugh and we see Gorrath looking at everyone*

    Commander: You know sir it is kinda funny.

    Gorrath: HOW DARE YOU TREAT ME WITH SUCH DISRESPECT! *AS he talks he spits on Coop and Jenna* YOU ARE IN NO PLACE TO TALK TO ME IN THAT WAY! Perhaps I should deal with the two of you myself using my bare hands. *Clenches his fist*

    Coop: *Ping* Hey Gorrath. I bet you would love to tear us apart right?

    Gorrath: have no idea.

    Coop: Then how about this! We have ourselves a Tag Team Wrestling Match. Me and Jenna against you and any one of the squids you want as your partner!

    Jenna: Coop?

    Gorrath: Hmmm....Fighting the two of you in such a brutal and barberic primitive challenge.....*Grins evily* I like where this is going.

    Jenna: Uh...Coop you sure about this?

    Coop: *To Jenna* Trust me. *To Gorrath* So what about it? You up for the challenge.

    Gorrath: Hmmm....Very well.....but let's make this more interesting.

    Coop: What did you have in mind?

    Gorrath: If you and your partner somehow manage to win.....which you won't..we will let you go.....but if we win. You have to give both prototypes to us and then be forced to watch as we obliterate every last one of you vile Earthers!

    Coop: drive a hard bargin. What do you think Jenna?

    Jenna: I don't think we can beat them Coop. I mean look how huge they are!

    Coop: Yeah well we ain't exactly small either. Besides it's either we fight them or they destroy the Earth anyway.

    Jenna: I guess we don't have much of a choice then do we?

    Coop: All right Gorrath! You got yourself a deal!

    Gorrath: Very well! Relase them!!!! *They are released and They move their arms and stuff* Commander! Prepare the Arena for combat! And get ready to fight!

    Commander: But sir! I'm not trained well in physicial combat! I'm sure one of the others are better suited for this type of fighting!

    Gorrath: I SAID GET READY!!! Together we will show these fools that we are superior to them! *Coop and Gorrath Shake on the deal* You have a deal Earther.......I'm going to enjoy tearing you both limb from limb. I suggest you get ready.....COMMANDER! LET US PREPARE!!! *Gorrath and the Commander leave*

    Jenna: Good thinking Coop. Now I'll summon Megas and *As she's about to do it we see Coop stop her* Coop what are you doing!? *She looks at Coop* You really want to fight them don't you? Coop I'm not sure about this....

    Coop: Relax Jenna....We will be fine.....and besides. I know deep down inside you want a piece of them. Who knows. This could be alot of fun!

    Jenna: But they are heavily armored. I don't think we can really hurt them.

    Coop: Just leave everything to me! *Jenna has a worried look on her face and Coop is concerned* Jenna. *Puts her hand on her cheek* You know that I won't let anything bad happen to you. If it makes you feel better I'll go first and show you that it's easy. I would never let Gorrath seriously hurt you otherwise I would of never have made this challenge. I care too much about you to let you be seriously harmed. And if you could hold your own aginast me then I see no reason why you can bet up the squids! Just trust me on this one. I won't let anything bad happen.

    Jenna: *They hug* I love you....

    Coop: I love you too sweeheart. Now come on...let's get ready. *Back on Earth*

    Kiva: *Using her scan thingy* Maybe if I can get a lock on of Coop we can find them and use Megas to rescue them!

    Jamie: But we don't know how to pilot Megas.

    Kiva: Hopefully Coop installed an auto pilot on Megas so we won't have to pilot it.

    Jamie: Heh...fat chance..

    Racheal: So what's the big deal. I'm sure one of us can pilot it.

    Kiva: I'm not letting Jamie behind the wheel after the last time he used it.


    Coop: Ok Jamie....just ease on the controller and go forward. It's just like riding a car.

    Jamie: *Presses a bunch of buttons that cause Megas to go haywire and crash*

    Coop: that wasn't what I had in mind!

    *Back to reality*

    Jamie: I wasn't that bad...

    Kiva: You caused irreplacable damage, caused an entire race of robots to attack us and almost cost us our lives!

    Jamie: ...So

    Kiva: So nothing! I'm not letting you pilot Megas. Not now not ever!!!

    Jamie: Oh man.....*Back on the Glorft Ship The Arena now looks like a stadum with Wrestling Ring and there are gloft sitting in the stands with vendors and the like from any WWE event Coop and Jenna walk out first. Coop is wearing just his T-shirt and his pants with sneakers. Jenna is wearing a white tank top which gives major emphesis on her chest area and she is wearing her pants as well but she has sneakers on also. As they walk they are hissed and are boo'd by the Glorft. They get into the ring and Coop signals he will go first. Then Gorrath and the Commander then come out in their armor and the crowd cheers and they enter the ring*

    Gorrath: Tremble in fear Earther! For today you feel my awesome power first hand!

    Coop: Hold it! Before we rumble I have one stipulation! If we are gonna do this then you have to fight us without your armor! Both of you! That will make the fight fair!

    Gorrath: .......Very well. *Gorrath takes off his armor then Looks at the commander* Take off the armor Commander.

    Commander: But sir! I need-

    Gorrath: I SAID TAKE IT OFF!!! WE WON'T NEED IT ANYWAY! *The Commander takes off his armor* It won't matter Earther. We'll still destroy you both!

    Coop: Yeah you just keep telling yourself that Gorrath. *They get into fighting stances. Gorrath cracks his knuckles and neck, Coop does a Sumo stance and starts to sweat*

    Gorrath: You have no idea how much I'm going to enjoy making you suffer by my hands....*They continue to stare each other down Bell rings* TAKE THIS PUNY EARTHER!!! *Runs up to Coop and uppercuts him sending him off his feet and on the mat floor. Jenna gasps and everyone cheers* Foolish Earther! You are too weak-minded to stand a chance against me!! With one signal punch I have knocked you out!

    Jenna: Coop!!! *Gorrath turns around and poses for the crowd by putting his fists in the air*

    Gorrath: I AM VICTORIOUS!!! NO ONE CAN EVER DEFEAT ME....EVER!!!! *As Gorrath celebrates Coop gets back up and dusts himself off as if nothing had happened Gorrath turns around and sees Coop is quite unharmed Jenna is relieved* What the! That attack should of knocked you out!!

    Coop: That was it!? My Grandmother hits harder than you!!! *Coop laughs* Oh you had me going there for a bit. Now let me show you how to punch the right way! WAAAHH!!! *Runs up to Gorrath and goes to punch him in the face. It does the triple screen thing of Gorrath getting punched in the face hard. The punch sends him out of the ring and into the stands as he goes flying Jenna looks then looks at Coop smiling*

    Jenna: ROCK ON COOP! *Does pose thingy*

    Gorrath: *Slowly gets back up and walks back into the ring. We notice that one of his teeth are missing* That was a lucky shot Earther....*Spits out tooth* One that I ensure you will never get again. *We then see Gorrath punch Coop in the face hard then we see Gorrath do it again, then we see Gorrath run to the ropes and take down Coop then we see Gorrath run to the other rope and bounce off and then we see Coop get up quickly and elbows Gorrath in the stomach. Then Coop punches Gorrath a few times and Gorrath punches Coop a few times. We see Gorrath punch Coop again but Coop ducks lifts up Gorrath and throws him over him. Then Coop picks up Gorrath and gives him a suplex, then we see Coop go up to the top turnbuckle and give Gorrath an elbow smash and we see Gorrath scared but Gorrath rolls out of the way, Gorrath gets back up and sees Coop coming at him but Gorrath gets into a fighting stance and starts to punch Coop in the face alot, then Gorrath charges up and punches Coop again but Coop grabs his arm then Coop throws Gorrath over him onto the matt then we see Coop pick up Gorrath and then Coop goes to the top turnbuckle again and jumps off with a body dive and Gorrath manages to catch him and puts him down. Coop looks at Gorrath*

    Coop: Hahahah!!!! I haven't had so much fun in all my life! We so have to do this more often. *We see Gorrath angry and Coop does the bring it on pose* You want some more pal?

    Gorrath: I will make every inch of your body wither in pain!!!!

    Coop: Just shut up and fight already.

    Gorrath: TAKE THIS!! *Punches coop in the face hard, then uppercuts Coop hard, then we see Gorrath Elbow Coop in the stomach then we see Gorrath grin evily but then he gets O O eyes as we see Coop grin evily and pat his big stomach*

    Coop: Sorry Squid but you'll need to hit harder than that to crack my big gut! Now....allow me to show you the right way to do it! *Coop then punchs Gorrath in the stomach and he falls over in pain* just stay right there.* Coop runs to the ropes and comes back and gives Gorrath a bulldog yelling WAAAH as he does this. Then picks him up my his face tenticles then we see Coop punch Gorrath in the face multiple times then we see Coop pick up Gorrath and give him a body slam then we see Gorrath get up and punch Coop in the face then we see Gorrath grab Coop and pick him up over him and throw him into the air and Coop falls down then we see Gorrath is a bit winded but Coop gets up and cracks his neck* Man Gorrath....if that's how you fight I can see why I keep kicking your butts. Now allow me to show you a move I like to call kicking the squid in! *Runs up to Gorrath* WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *Coop jumps in the air and gives Gorrath a double kick to the face knocking him down. Then Coop picks up Gorrath and gives him another suplex then we see Coop bounce of the ropes and clobbers Gorrath with his huge arm* Hahaha!!!!! Better throw in the towel Squid! I'm on a roll here! *Jenna smiles at this*

    Gorrath: Grrrr..... *Goes to the commander and tags him* COMMANDER!!! GET IN THERE AND DESTROY THE EARTHER!!!!

    Commander: But Sir! I'm not ready yet!!


    Commander: Yes sir... *Reluctantly gets into the ring we then see Coop grin evily as he cracks his knuckles and stuff* Uh....*Puts on a pair of glasses* You wouldn't hit a Glorft with glasses on would you? *Coop pulls back and prepare to punch the Commander* NOT THE FACE!!!!!! *Coop starts by punching the commander in the face hard. Then we see Coop run to the ropes and spear the Commander, then he picks him up and grabs him by his tail thingy and slams him down akin to Megas slamming one of the giant bookworms in "Buggin the System". Coop then picks up the Commander and knees him in the stomach then gives him a Stunner. Coop picks him up and then gives the Commander a DDT. Then Coop runs to the ropes and comes back and does a jumping body slam to the Commander while yelling "WAAAAAHHHHH", then he picks up the Commander and bench presses him in the air then throws him down*

    Jenna: Coop! Tag me in! *Reaches out*

    Coop: *Looks at Jenna* Got it! *Goes over to Jenna and tags her in*

    Jenna: *Gets into the ring and sees the cowering Commander* Ok....I can do this. *We see Jenna strech and the Commander flinches and Jenna looks at this and grins* This is gonna be easy! *Jenna punches the Commander in the face then grabs him by the face tenticles and pulls him towards him and then Jenna then picks up the Commander and gives him a body slam. She then stomps on him multiple times and picks him up again and he goes down cowering in fear. Gorrath facepalms and Jenna picks up the Commander again and throws him out of the ring. She then jumps over and lands on him* WAAAAA!!!! *Jenna then picks him up and slams his head against the mat*

    Commander: NOT THE FACE!!! NOT THE FACE!!!! NOT THE FACE!!!! *Jenna then throws him back into the ring she then gets into the ring and picks him up again and she does some cool martial arts type moves.* Hiya!! Howua!!! Mmmm....YAAA!!!! *She does the mantis kick like from "The Karate kid" Then she goes and starts punching the Commander like a boxer, she punches him in the face alot then she grabs the commander and throws him into the post, the Commander then goes to the ring post and falls, then Jenna looks at the Commander and grins evily, she then starts smacking her giant butt and goes to the Commander and....sits on his face rubbing her huge butt up and down.*

    Coop: HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ROCK ON JENNA!!!!! *She then picks up the Commander and starts chopping him in the chest. He goes to the other turnbuckle and he's in immense pain. she then puts the Commander on the top turnbuckles and she starts climb up*

    Jenna: Let's see how you like this!? *Jenna gives him a Powerbomb in slow motion. Coop looks and is in awe at it. Jenna gets up grabs the commander and punches him in the face rapidly with sounds of "NOT THE FACE!" goin on. *

    Coop: Jenna you want me to come back in?

    Jenna: Are you kidding!? *Punches the Commander in the face again* I'm enjoying this! *Punches him again.*

    Coop: See! I told you this would be easy. These chumps are pushovers! *the commander slowly crawls to his corner*

    Gorrath: How pathetic.....And you call yourself an elite....You make me sick!!! I'm coming back in! *Tags the Commander Gorrath gets back into the ring* You don't stand a chance against me Earther....*Jenna then punches Gorrath hard in the face knocking him down, then she picks up Gorrath and punches him again in the stomach, then she runs to the turnbuckle and spears Gorrath, then she picks up Gorrath again and gives him a DDT. Then Jenna picks up Gorrath*

    Jenna: *Sweetly* What was that about me not standing a chance? *Gorrath has a surprised look on his face.* That's what I thought.* Punches Gorrath hard in the face and he goes flying. Meanwhile*

    Kiva: *Still trying to find Coop's signal* I don't like this guys....I can't get Coop's signal! I'm afraid we should prepare for the worse!

    Jamie: Kiva! Just let me pilot Megas! I can do it.

    Kiva: No. Stop bothering me!!!

    Jamie: How else are we going to save our friends!

    Kiva: Well perhaps if Coop actually installed an auto pilot in Megas then perhaps this would be alot easier.

    Racheal: I have an idea. Why not trace Jenna's MRU?

    Kiva: MRU? What's that.

    Racheal: Megas Retriveal unit. She built it last night. It's watch that sends a signal to her robot and her robot follows the signal.

    Kiva: Racheal that's brilliant. We can use her Megas to find their location and then have it follow.

    Racheal: It only works from the watch.

    Kiva: Well. I can still try and track the signal and see if I can pilot her robot to get them and bring them back. It's the only shot we have right now. I'll see if I can locate the tracking signal. I just hope that Coop and Jenna are doing all right. *Back at the ring we see Gorrath and Jenna exchange blows. *Gorrath punches Jenna in the face then Jenna punches Gorrath in his. Gorrath then picks up Jenna and throws her onto the mat. We see her get up*

    Gorrath: are no match to my superior strength! Give up now monkeywoman or else! *Gorrath goes at Jenna but she trips Gorrath, then she picks up Gorrath and throws him to the ropes then she tries to hit Gorrath but Gorrath counters with an arm club knocking Jenna down*

    Coop: JENNA!!!! *Gorrath then tries to put her in a hold*

    Jenna: Urgh.....argh.....ERRGGHH!!!

    Gorrath: Inferior woman! You realize that you cannot defeat me! I want to hear your screams of pain!!!

    Coop: Come on Jenna! You can break free!!! *Gorrath puts the hold on harder*

    Gorrath: I SAID SCREAM EARTHER!!!!!

    Jenna: NEVER! *Jenna manages to break free of the hold and punch Gorrath in the face knocking him down*

    Coop: Jenna! Are you ok!? Want me to come in?

    Jenna: I'm fine....I've been through worse. I can handle this.

    Coop: Look out!!! *Gorrath punches Jenna hard in the face and we see her down then she gets up and looks at Gorrath*

    Gorrath: Give it up monkeywoman! No one can defeat me in hand to hand combat! *Jenna kicks Gorrath in the nuts and Gorrath screams in pain*

    Jenna: Then it's a good thing I fight with my feet! *The others laugh at Gorrath's pain*

    Gorrath: *High pitched voice* SHUT UP OR I'LL TEAR YOU ALL NEW JORBLORGS!!!!!

    Coop: What's wrong Gorrath? Can't take the fact that you're getting your butt whoopped by a girl!? *Gorrath stears at Coop and then cheapshots Coop by elbowing him in the nose Coop hits his head on the stand and falls down*

    Gorrath: That ought to shut you up. *Jenna then clobbers Gorrath and puts him in a hold, then Gorrath breakes free and starts punching her in the face, Then Gorrath runs and knocks her out with an uppercut* Heheheheheh...and now to make you suffer.

    Coop: *We see Coop get back up and he feels his nose and there is a bruise* Oh....that's it! IT'S CLOBBERIN TIME!!!!!! *Coop jumps up into the ring. Gorrath notices a shadow and gets a surprised look on his face and looks up* WAAAAHHHH!!!!!! *Coop lands on Gorrath then he puts Gorrath in the camel clutch and he starts to scream. Coop then picks up Gorrath and then gives him the elbow, then he spears Gorrath who is now at the corner. Coop stomps on Gorrath a few times. Gorrath counters by throwing Coop off him. Gorrath then punches Coop hard in the face and we see Coop's head turn but then it turns back at Gorrath and Coop stares at Gorrath and Gorrath gets the O O eyes again and we see Coop punch Gorrath in the face again then grabs Gorrath throws him into the turnbuckle and he gets hurt then we see Gorrath turn around and Coop rams into Gorrath hitting him again then Gorrath starts to reel and falls down but gets caught in the ropes. Coop puts on an evil grin and walks towards Gorrath cracking his knuckles and Gorrath gets a scared look on his face then Coop starts to punch Gorrath in the face rapidly followed by a few stomps to the chest, Gorrath brakes free and punches Coop in the face then we see Gorrath pick up Coop and throw him out of the ring we then see Coop get up and looks at one of the Glorft sitting and Coop punches him in the face and steals his chair and we see Coop run into the ring with it and jumps in to the air* WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! *Slams Gorrath with the steal chair and Gorrath is down. We then see Coop take the steal chair and bash Gorrath repeatidly in the stomach grunting as he does it. Meanwhile we see Kiva, Jamie, and Racheal inside Megas 2. Kiva is in the front with Racheal as Kiva tries to locate Jenna's MRU signal*

    Racheal: How much longer until we get the signal?

    Kiva: It won't be much longer now. It should take a few minutes. I'll see if I can contact Coop. *Back on the Karajor we see Jenna go "Waaaaah!!!" And she punches Gorrath hard in the face then we see her grappling with Gorrath and they play Mercy and Jenna makes Gorrath yell in pain. She then throws Gorrath into the corner and starts stomping him. Coop is watching and smiling when Kiva contacts him* Coop! Can you read me! Coop!!!

    Coop: Huh? Kiva!? What's up.

    Kiva: Where are you guys!? Did the glorft hurt you in anyway!?

    Coop: We're fine!'s the other way around. You should see this Kiva! My girlfriend is kicking Gorrath's butt!!!

    Kiva: Don't worry! We are coming to rescue you. Just hold on for a bit longer!

    Coop: need Kiva. Me and Jenna have it under control. *Transmission ends Jenna puts Gorrath up on her shoulders and Coop goes to the top turnbuckle and gives Gorrath a clothesline knocking him down. Jenna then tags Coop in. Gorrath wakes up and He sees Coop on the Top Turnbuckle, we get a close up of his face and he puts on a wrestling mask. He then jumps from the top turnbuckle and does the pose that Jimmy Supafly Snuka did and body presses Gorrath* WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    Gorrath: *Slow Motion* NOOOOOOO OMF!!!!!! *Coop pins him and wins the match. The Glorft boo him and stuff. Coop gets up and raises his fist in the air. Jenna comes from behind and hugs him then they kiss and they both look at Gorrath who is getting up slowly.*

    Coop: Well Gorrath? What was that about us not winning? It looks like we didn't just beat you, we wiped the floor with you! Now how about you be a good squid and let us go.

    Gorrath: you really thing I'd stick to my deal? As long as I still have you both then we can still take over your planet!

    Coop: Quit being such a sore loser! We won fair and sqaure. Now let us go or else!

    Gorrath: Never!!!!!! RESTRAIN THE EARTHERS!!! I WANT THEM TO WATCH AS WE DESTROY THEIR PLANET!!!! *The glorft proceed to approach them* I am still victorious!!! *Coop starts to laugh, then goes hysterical* Mind telling me what's so funny?

    Coop: You call yourself the greatest fighter in the universe and yet you just got your slimy butt handed to you by us! That's right Gorrath! You were beat by a girl! *Pans out* offense to you Jenna. *Back to Gorrath who is fuming with anger.* Face it Gorrath! I bested you again! No matter what you do, no matter what you try....*Coop whispers in Gorrath's ear* I will always win. *Walks away from Gorrath.* So Gorrath. You can do one of two things now. A: You let us go and we'll leave knowing that we are better than you. Or B: Go back on your deal, and I'll destroy you all right now! So what's it gonna be Squid?

    Gorrath: How dare you give me an ultimatum....I will see to it that you are utterly destroyed! TAKE THE EARTHERS DOWN!!! *The Glorft get closer*

    Coop: So that's how it is huh? Fine then. Jenna? *We see Jenna about to press her MRU* New deal Gorrath. You give us the way home or I'll have Jenna bring both Megas up here and we'll lay waste to all of you. *Gorrath is scared*

    Gorrath: You wouldn't dare!

    Coop: Oh? Watch us! Jenna press it!!! *We see Jenna slowly approach her finger towards a button on her MRU and we see Gorrath get concerned and starts to sweat as her finger gets closer and closer*

    Gorrath: No wait! *Surrenders* Fine......*Drops the teleportor button and kicks it over to Coop* I will take this defeat for now....but the next time we meet. You will feel my full rage first hand.

    Coop: *Picks up the teleporter* Sure...whatever you say Gorrath. more thing. I kinda sorta lied.....*We see Jenna adjust something on her MRU and presses the button. *Back on Earth we see them in Megas 2*

    Kiva: Now if I can just get a direct signal. *We see Megas 2 activate and aim up* What on Earth! *Megas 2 charges a blast and fires it directly into space.*

    Jamie: What the heck was that!?

    Kiva: I'm not so sure.....I didn't cause that.

    Racheal: *Smiles* Nope....that was all Jenna. *We then see the blast in space head for the Karajor and it hits the Karajor causing major explosions and the whole place falls apart.*

    Gorrath: NO!!! What did you do!!

    Coop: Just a little payback for kidnapping me and Jenna! All right Jenna. Let's blow this popstand before we get caught in the explosion.

    Jenna: Good idea. *Jenna presses the button and they teleport away but before doing so*

    Coop: SMELL YA LATER SQUID!!! *They dissapear* The Karajor is still exploding and stuff and we see a pipe is hit and out comes gas. The glorft start coughing and are knocked out*

    Gorrath: I'll get you for this Earther.....Mark...*Gets drowsy* my........words....*Falls over. Meanwhile back on Earth we see they guys in Megas 2*

    Kiva: All right guys! I found the signal! It's in real space. I'm going to have Megas head to that location. Now this might be a bumpy ride. I just hope I can get to Jenna and Coop before the Glorft get us. You guys ready.

    Jamie: Ready as I'll ever be....

    Racheal: I'm ready too.

    Kiva: we go. *Kiva presses a button and then Megas 2 powers up and flies into the air, just as Coop and Jenna teleport back home*

    Coop: Guys where back!!! Guys? Hey Jamie! Kiva!? Where are you guys?

    Jenna: Look my robot! *They see Megas 2 in the air headed for space*

    Coop: Oh you've got to be.....Guess we should go resuce them huh?

    Jenna: What for? We did just take care of the Glorft. I'll just have my MRU bring them back. In the meantime. *Sexily* How about you and I do some wrestling of our bed. *Kisses Coop who then smiles, they eskimo kiss then go into the house and we hear laughing and giggling and stuff*

    End Credits: We see Kiva, Jamie and Racheal on the Karajor and they see the Glorft are knocked out. Kiva shrugs and they get back onto Megas 2 and fly back home.

    The End.
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    Shrinking and Christmas ones are good Make up some ones with alternete villians return and wanted revenge and worlock to return and more Kiva episodes
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    House of 1000 Coopses

    *The episode begins in the Lurp planet that Evil Coop was sent to. It has changed greatly. We now see mechs patrol the area. The Lurps are being held as slaves. We see the lurps build more mechs and stuff, they are turn some stuff and the mechs whip the lurps. In another area of the planet we see a factory and there is a hallway. Inside the hallway are tubes. Inside are copies of Evil Coop. Being cloned from his DNA. We also see a screen that says NANOCLONING PROCESS 100% complete. We then see Evil Kiva walk through the hall way and look at the clones, she then nods and walks out, then in another room we see Evil Coop looking out of a window he sees the turmoil he has caused and snickers a bit*

    Evil Kiva: Sir. *Evil Coop turns around to see Evil Kiva*

    Evil Coop: Kiva. How is the plan proceeding?

    Evil Kiva: Your plan is running efficiently as per schedule. The replicative nanodrones have completed their objective of creating your new army, the new wave of mechs have been completely assembled and are ready for combat, and we have sucessfully built a new dimensional portal with the help of those lurps we turned into slaves. They were able to increase our production by 42%. Whenever you are ready we can begin your master plan.

    Evil Coop: Excellent. I see everything is coming together quite nicely. If those fools think they could get rid of me so easily then they are sadly mistaken.

    Evil Kiva: Do you intend to return to our original dimension and take back control of Earth from the rebel forces?

    Evil Coop: *Snickers evily* I can always go destroy those fools anytime I want. First I need to take care of some unfinished business.

    Evil Kiva: I take it you plan to go after the other version of you we encountered?

    Evil Coop: Indeed....He will pay for defeating me and sending me to this dimensional limbo. *We see lightning and hear thunder* I will go to his dimension and find him and then I will make him suffer. First I will destroy his robot, then I will beat him to a bloody pulp with my bare hands. Then I will have him watch as I kill everyone he holds dear to him....and when it's all over.....I will end his pathetic life once and for all.

    Evil Kiva: Yes...and I will stand by your side and destroy anyone who gets in your way master.

    Evil Coop: Heheheh....Of course you will. Now come. We must prepare the army. We leave now.

    Evil Kiva: As you wish my lord. *Evil Kiva walks out to the balcony and puts her arm up to give the signal, the mechs start to march in a signal file, in the lab, we see the Coop's getting transported into their mechs and they take control, they all line up to the dimensional portal and we see Evil Kiva's mech and Evil Coop's mech stand by the portal enterence, Evil Kiva activates the dimensional portal and the mechs walk through it and stuff, when the last mech enters, the portal closes*

    Title Theme plays.

    House of 1000 Coopses.

    *We are now in Good Coop's basement. we see a cheeseburger come out of the food particlizer. Jamie and Kiva are sitting down and chilling*

    Coop: Well looks like everything is ready for tonight's Wrestlefest.

    Jamie: Yeah. Man I can't wait till the the main event. Steel Cage Barbed Wire Inferno match sounds painful....but entertaining.

    Kiva: I still don't see how this sport can be so entertaining. I mean it's nothing but men in tights fighting with brute force.

    Coop: But that's what makes wrestling so much fun. You get to watch carnage.

    Jamie: And you know how much we love carnage.

    Kiva: Yeah I cause it everyday.

    Coop: What was that?

    Kiva: Nothing nothing. Why don't we watch your wrestlething....then afterwards we can do some training.

    Coop: Oh come on Kiva!!!

    Kiva: We had an agreement Coop. I let you watch your event then afterwards we do some training.

    Coop: Yeah yeah.....

    Jamie: Hey it's starting!!!! *We see the TV on and it says wrestlefest and we see people cheering and stuff on the TV, meanwhile outside we see a portal open up in the city and stuff and out come tons of Zaku Mechs, this time they are black and have the same paintjob as Evil Coop's then we see Evil Kiva's mech and then Evil Coop's mech come out and they look around*

    Evil Coop: Kiva.

    Evil Kiva: *Scans* The dimensional coordinates inputed matches the same exact coordinates of the Coop we encountered. We are in the right dimension.

    Evil Coop: Excellent.

    Evil Kiva: Shall we level this pathetic excuse for a city?

    Evil Coop: Not just yet....first we need to get the fat one's attention. Why don't we send one of the new nano drones to "cause a ruckus".

    Evil Kiva: An excellent idea. *To one of the mechs* You! Go and find this dimension's Coop.

    Fake Evil Coop: *Voice actor is David Deluise* As you command. *We see the mech walk away and head for Coop's house, back at Coop's house we see the guys watching a match, we see one guy give another guy a suplex, then we see him give him an elbow and we see Coop and Jamie cheering as Kiva smiles and looks at the two boys having fun, back outside we see Coop's house and then we see part of the mech that was ordered to find Coop stop by his house then we the inside and inside is a fake evil Coop and we see him pressing buttons and stuff and he scans the house and it says DNA search: Target found. And it shows a bright outline of Coop watching the show* Target acquried....delivering message. *We see the mech walk over and as it does so we see it destroy cable wires and back in Coop's house we see them watching the show and as one of the wrestlers is about to do their finishing move the TV goes staticy, we then see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva surprised at this*

    Coop: Oh man!!! You have to be kidding me!

    Jamie: Did you forget to pay the cable bill again Coop?

    Coop: I did! *All of a sudden we see shaking and rumbling and we see them look up* What the heck!? *Then we see Coop's house get ripped off it's foundation

    Kiva: I think we have bigger things to worry about besides the cable bill! *All off a sudden a mech picks up the entire house and they look up and see the mech then we see the cockpit open up and we see Evil Coop walk out and grin evily. Coop has a shocked look on his face and then we see him drop down and he starts to chuckle evily*

    Coop: You!!!!

    Evil Coop:'s been a long time hasn't it Coop....I was beginning to think you forgot about me. Oh but I certinly haven't forgotten about you since you *Angerly* left me to rot in dimensional limbo!!!

    Jamie: Coop....why does he look like you? Only skinner?

    Coop: How!? We got rid of you!

    Evil Coop: Did you really think you could just get rid of me that easily? As long as I still breathe you will never be rid of me! See I came here for one reason and one reason only.....Revenge! I was able to rebuild my army, create a new dimensional portal, and find my way back to you, just so I can make you and everyone you know suffer greatly. And this time the glorft aren't here to help you. Heheheheh!!!

    Coop: *Kiva stares at Coop and wonders what he means* I'll explain it to you later!

    Kiva: I don't know who you are but I won't let you hurt anyone! *Kiva gets into a fighting stance and prepares to fight Evil Coop, Kiva goes to punch Evil Coop in the face but Evil Coop grabs Kiva's arm and twists it, she grunts then we see him pick up Kiva and throw her into the wall, we see her fall down, then we see Coop get angry and run at Evil Coop and punch him hard in the face and he goes flying, we then see Kiva get up*

    Coop: Kiva! You ok?

    Kiva: I'm fine.....thanks.

    Jamie: Nice hook.

    Coop: Thanks....*To Evil Coop* Now unless you want more where that came from, I suggest you get out of my dimension before I- *We then see Evil Coop get up and he staggers a bit then we see him with his head down then he lifts it up and we see him grin evily and the left eye has a huge hole in it and the right eye is red in color like the T-1000 from Terminator 2, we see it regenerate and he returns to normal*

    Jamie: Uh....I take it that that isn't normal....

    Fake Evil Coop: Heheheh...oh if you could only hurt me for real? Listen and listen well. If you want to fight me, you'll come to Jersey City High School and meet me at the football field. I highly suggest you show up or I will find you and destroy you personally myself, then destroy all your friends. *Fake Evil Coop jumps back into his mech and we see the mech toss the house somewhere completely destroying it, then we see the mech walk off*

    Coop: Man my mom is so gonna kill me when she finds out the house is destroyed!

    Jamie: Dude forget your house! There is some evil version of you running around causing destruction that you could be causing right now!

    Coop: I don't understand! I got rid of him! He ain't supposed to come back!

    Kiva: Weather he was or wasn't doesn't change the fact that he's here. We have to stop him before he destroys everything!

    Coop: Right let's go!!! *We see them get into the car, the car backs up and goes into the garage and then we we see Megas emerge from the garage and run off to find Evil Coop, meanwhile at Jersey City High School we see an army of mechs around the area we see Evil Coop's mech and then we see Evil Kiva's mech walk by him*

    Evil Coop: Kiva.

    Evil Kiva: Sir, the messenger you dispatched has returned. He has gotten the attention of the other Coop

    Evil Coop: Perfect....I am going to enjoy this so much. Especially when I see how far I have come.

    *Flash Back*

    *In this flashback we see Evil Coop abandon Megas and then we see Jersey City before it was attacked and then we see a giant beam hit the city and destroy it entirely then we see tons of Zaku mechs walking about shooting everything and then we see Evil Coop's mech, we then see Megas 2 decend and we see A Jenna who is skinny and she is upset and crying at Evil Coop and we see her run at Evil Coop's mech and try to punch him but his mech punches Megas 2 hard and pushes Megas 2 back, then we see Megas 2 aim at Evil Coop's mech and prepare to fire a shot but then we see wires ensare her mech and we then see A Jenna turn around and see Evil Kiva's mech and we see Evil Kiva laugh evily, then we see A Jenna turn around and see Evil Coop's mech produce a blade and we see him stab Megas 2, it glows and is explodes then we see A Jamie save A Jenna and inside the mech we see A Jamie grr at Evil Coop who just laughs and walks away and A Jamie yells at Evil Coop*

    Evil Coop's voice: I have cut all ties with any allies I once had, then I began my universal conquest. There was no one who could challenge me. Not even my own girlfriend could defeat me. Destroying and humiliating her was the most satisfying victory I ever had.....she didn't even see it coming...Seeing her tears of betrayal made it all worth it.

    *Back to reality*

    Evil Coop: And now.....defeating this fat pathetic excuse for an alternate version of me will be even more satisfying than ruining Jenna's life....

    Evil Kiva: Master. *kneels before Evil Coop's mech* We will be victorious. When this is over there will be nothing standing in your way for total universal conquest.

    Evil Coop: I know. *We pan a bit to the back of them mechs then we see what appears to be Megas decend and we see Evil Coop and the other mechs turn around* I see I got your attention.

    Coop: I don't know how you escaped and found your way back here but know that coming back is the biggest mistake you ever made!!! *As he talks we see Megas aim and charge up a blast at Evil Coop's mech*

    Evil Kiva: What's wrong? No "Welcome back" No "I miseed you how you've been?" Well that's pretty rude. Hahahah.

    Kiva: Is....that me? *Coop nods* What do you want!?

    Evil Coop: Simple....I want you and all your friends to suffer horribly. Thanks to the new army I built I will be able to see that wish carried out. By combing nanotechnology with my very own DNA, I was able to create a new breed of warriors.

    Evil Kiva: All programmed with the intent on destroying you and your friends!

    Jamie: if 1 Coop was bad enough.

    Evil Kiva: I can see this dimension's Jamie is still cowardly as ever. *Noticing Kiva* And that Kiva is still nothing but a frutless lapdog ever obeying the command of the federation.

    Kiva: How could you betray your friends and family!? They depended on you to save the future!!!

    Evil Kiva: What did they ever do for me!? I was nothing but a stupid lapdog in their eyes. Coop has opened my eyes! Now I have power beyond anything I can imagine and together we will destroy you all!

    Jamie: *Smug like* Well if you ask me you still are a lapdog. *We see Evil Kiva's mech fire a shot at Megas and Megas backs up not getting hit*

    Evil Kiva: Consider that a warning!

    Evil Coop: Kiva!

    Evil Kiva: Sir! *Salutes*

    Evil Coop: not worry. You will get your chance at destroying them. This is going to be like shooting fish in a barrell. The only reason why this loser has survived so far is because he's using my robot.

    Coop: Hey you should of never abandoned Megas!

    Evil Coop: Please......Megas was nothing but an old toy gone past it's prime. It has no value to me whatsoever anymore. Destroying it will only bring me joy....

    Coop: Where did you go wrong....?

    Evil Coop: You mean where did I go right!? Heheheh....It won't matter what you say because you won't be able to defeat my army. Observe!!! *Punches one of his own mechs in the chest and it explodes then we see the mech repair itself and the guys look on in shock* No matter what you matter what attacks or things you will never be able to defeat my army because they can repair themselves indefinatly. That's somethings Megas can't do.....

    Jamie: You did install a repair Megas thing in here didn't you Coop?

    Coop: No.......

    Jamie: We're dead.

    Evil Coop: Face it fatty. You never had a chance against me. You only delayed the inevitable. Tell you what! I'm feeling a bit generous seeing as you are about to die. If you want to know....the only way to defeat my army is to destroy it's control source....that being my armor plate. *Pats his armor* So try hard as you won't even get near me. *Then we see Megas go into the air and make a beeline for Evil Coop's mech, he gets a surprised look on his face and then we see Kiva's mech intercept and punch Megas sending him into the bleachers, we then see Megas get up and look at Evil Kiva*

    Evil Kiva: I will not allow you to reach my master!!!! You cannot win!!!

    Coop: Doesn't mean I won't try!

    Evil Coop: Too bad you won't stand a watch as my impressive army lays waste to you. *His mech puts his hand up and we see the mechs aim at Megas*

    Jamie: Please tell me you have some plan on how to defeat them?

    Coop: Nope...

    Jamie: Great....*We see the mechs prepare to fire at Megas then we see Evil Coop's mech lower his hand and the mechs fire at Megas and Megas gets pelted with fire we hear coop go Woah! and Megas gets bombarded with gunfire and we see shaking and stuff and inside Megas we see Coop cringing, Jamie screaming like a girl, and Kiva cringing, the mechs continue to fire on Megas then we see Megas get up slowly and look at a mech and we see Megas fire a fist at the robot and it puts a hole in the robot, then we see the robots look at the robot that got hit and we see the hole close up and the robot is back to normal and they aim at Megas and fire again and Megas is bombarded with gunfire*

    Kiva: Coop get us out of here...Megas is losing power!

    Coop: I'm trying!!! *Megas is still being pelted with gunfire and we see smoke enshround Megas and we see Evil Coop signaling them to hold their fire and the mechs stop firing then we see Evil Coop laugh*

    Evil Coop: That was much easier than I thought. Now to look at the crushed remains of my enemy. *We see the smoke clear and we see Evil Coop get a surprised look on his face and notices that Megas is gone and there is instead a giant hole where Megas once was* Kiva!

    Evil Kiva: *Scans* Vital signs of this dimensions Coop are still active. He is still alive.

    Evil Coop: Find him! I want his head served to me on a silver platter!

    Evil Kiva: *Scans* Sir! He's below you! *Evil Coop gets surprised at this then we see Megas emerge from the turf and come behind Evil Coop, Evil Coop gets a surprised look on his face and we see Megas punch Evil Coop's mech and his mech goes flying into the dirt and his head hits the goal post and we see some of his solders gather around him and help him up then they surround him to protect his master*

    Evil Coop: Very clever, but I won't allow you to do that again. *Points at Megas* DESTROY THEM!!!! *We see 2 mechs run up to Megas and we see Coop crack his knuckles and so does Megas then we see one of the mechs punch Megas but Megas ducks and punchs the robot back in the chest then we see him pick up the robot and swing him hitting the other robot and the robot goes flying on the floor and lands by some more robots, then we see them look at Megas and they aim their weapons at Megas and fires, we see Megas running into the gunfire dodging the bullets we see Megas grab one of the robots and he jumps into the air and we see Megas impale the robot onto the goal post destroying him, then we see more robots fire at Megas but Megas activates the nitros and runs up to the robots and grabs their heads and push them into each other, then we see Megas jump in the air and open up his chest and fires a powerful blast at more robots destroying them, then we see Megas do a diving headbutt and hits another robot putting a hole in it destroying it, then we see Megas run to a goal post and rip it out of the ground and we see Megas charge at robots and a mech gets hit and he gets pinned to the wall and we see Megas aim at the robot and fire a maching gun blast at him putting holes him, then we see a robot hit Megas then Megas turns around and fires a missle at the robot blowing it up, then we see a robot come from behind and try to hit Megas but Megas counters and punches the robot and picks him up and throws him at the school, inside the school we see students taking a test on what appears to be calclus and then we see the robot drop down destroying the chalkboard and the Teacher gets up and looks at the robot, then we see the kids cheer, back on the football field we see Megas standing proudly then we see Megas turn around and we see every robot that Megas destroyed is fully repaired and ready to fight again, we hear the music warp, then we see Coop's face who is surprised*

    Jamie: Didn't we just destroy them all?

    Kiva: *Scans* Coop....those robots are made out of some kind of special nano-metallic alloy. No matter what we do they'll just keep repairing themselves! *We hear evil Coop laughing and they turn around to see him laugh evily*

    Evil Coop: Now do you see how fruitless this is? You can't even put a dent in my army. As long as the control source remains functional then any attempt you make to destroy me will be in vain.

    Jamie: Oh great....can things get worse?

    Kiva: Yes....we lost alot of energy fighting. I don't know if Megas can hold on for much longer. The odds are highly stacked against us.

    Coop: Maybe I can get Jenna to help us.

    Kiva: Even with her help we'll be no match for them. We can't possibly defeat his army if they can just keep coming back. The only way we can stop him is if we damage his armor plate somehow but we can't get even close with his army protecting him.

    Jamie: Not to mention that freekish cyborg Kiva helping him too.

    Coop: Well here is the way I look at it. I'm surrounded by an entire army that keeps coming back even after I destroy them, I'm facing against some evil skinny alternate chump version of myself and Kiva, and Megas isn't at full strength. I say we take our chances and go for it! *Megas powers up and flies towards Evil Coop's mech*

    Evil Coop: Shoot him out of the sky!!! *We see mechs aim at Megas and fire at Megas, we then see Coop flip some switches and he has a joystick and he uses it and we see Megas aim his arm at the robots and fires machine gun blasts at the robots, as Megas goes by them he blows them up, we see him getting closer and closer to Evil Coop's mech and we then see Evil Coop get another surprised look on his face, then we see Megas adjust his speed and go super fast and make a speedy beeline at Evil Coop's mech and we see Coop "WAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" And he gets closer and closer then we see a blast hit Megas hard and Megas gets thrown into the bleachers again, we see Megas get up and turn around to see Evil Kiva has fired a blast at Megas for her mech is still smoking from the arm cannon*

    Evil Kiva: I will not allow you to harm my master!

    Jamie: Man....I don't know what's worse, his army or Kiva. *Looks at Kiva* I mean that Kiva. Not you.

    Evil Coop: And now to finish this once and for all.....Obliterate them! *We see all the mechs aim at Megas and Coop gulps and the mechs charge up energy and are about to fire and we see Jamie put his hat down and he's scared then we see them about to fire we see Evil Kiva get in the way and this surprises Evil Coop* Mechs! Stand down!!!! *We then see the mechs drop their guns and their charges shrink and return to normal* Kiva! What is the meaning of this!?

    Evil Kiva: Master. *Turns and kneels at Evil Coop* Please....allow me the honor of destroy this pathetic loser. Let me be the one to remove this thorn from your side.

    Evil Coop: Hmm......Very well. *He signals to the other mechs to walk away and surround the arena* I can use a bit of entertainment. Kiva. I leave everything to you....enjoy yourslef.

    Evil Kiva: *Evil Grin* It will be my pleasure.... *We see Evil Kiva look at Megas and Megas looks at Evil Kiva* You cannot defeat me with such an obsolete piece of scrap metal! I will slowly cripple your robot untill it cannot fight no longer then I will destroy it along with you and your friends! *Megas gets ready to fight.*

    Kiva: careful.....if that truely is me you are fighting then no doubt she would know every weakspot on Megas.

    Coop: Heheh....not with the way I tweak Megas! All right....let's show this loud mouthed chump a thing or two! *Megas and Evil Kiva fight. Megas and Evil Kiva first grapple up then Megas knees evil kiva's mech in the gut but she retaliates with an elbow smash to Megas head, Megas then grabs her mech and gives Evil Kiva a backbreaker, we then see Megas get up and then Evil Kiva presses a button and fires 2 wires that ensnare the arms of Megas, Coop looks at Kiva then back at Evil Kiva and Megas tosses Evil Kiva into the air and she lands on the dirt hard. Then we see Megas rip the cable wires off of Megas then we see Evil Kiva's mech get up and we see blades extract from the arm and go by the hand then we see Evil Kiva fire 2 fits with blades at the end of them creating two blade missles and we see Megas get hit by them and Megas goes flying into the other goalpost and we see that Megas has been stabbed by two fist blade missles then we see Evil Kiva go up to Megas and connects her arms to her fists, still with Megas somewhat stabbed we see Evil Kiva pick up Megas and throws him onto the ground then we see Megas get up and we see what appears to be 8 hole in Megas's chest area and we see some electrocuting and Coop grrs at this*

    Evil Kiva: How pathetic! I will end this quickly! *We see Evil Kiva's mech grab two blades from her mechs back and they look like boomerangs and we see her mech throw both Boomerangs at Megas. The boomerangs go down low onto the ground then pick up air and we see them cross in a X like pattern and we see the boomerangs go right past Megas then we see both shoulder things go down and Coop looks at both of them then at Evil Kiva's mech who grins evily and catches the boomerangs, then we see her throw them again and this time Megas aims and fires at them destroying one of them then catching the other we then see Coop grin evily then he looks at evil Kiva who fires more energy blasts at Megas but Megas runs at Evil Kiva at jumps in the air and using the boomerang it had tries to slash her mech but she sidesteps out of the way then punches Megas down then grabs the boomerang back, then we see her kick Megas down, then we see her aim at Megas* And now to finish this! *We see her mech aim at Megas and fires a blast but Megas gets out of the way then we see Evil Kiva some kind of Kamehameha attack like in DBZ and fires a blast of energy at Megas, Megas counters with an Buster Blast from his Arm Cannon and the blasts struggle with each other* Your struggle is useless! A pathetic loser like you doesn't deserve a robot like Megas. I will see to it myself that you and that poor excuse of a robot are destroyed. *We see Evil Coop watching on pleased and entertained, then we see both beams continue to struggle we also see Coop look at Kiva*

    Kiva: Don't listen to her Coop! She's only trying to discourage you! Finish her off! *The beams continue to struggle but now it seems Evil Kiva is winning*

    Evil Kiva: *Laughing evilly* In a matter of seconds you'll become vaporized by my powerful blast!

    Jamie: COOP DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!

    Coop: Time to put this baby onto full blast!! *Cranks up the blast The beams are struggling again but Megas's blast manages to break through and hit Evil Kiva throwing her into the air and onto the ground we then see Evil Kiva get up and Megas grabs her mech by the head and chokes her then we see Megas punch a hole right into her robot and we hear evil Kiva scream then we see Megas toss her remains at Evil Coop who is surprised at this*

    Evil Coop: NO!!!!!!!! KIVA!!!!! *grabs the head part of her mech then looks down sadly, then gets angry and crushes it* YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS YOU FAT IDIOT!!!!!!!

    Coop: Hey...she's the one who wanted to fight me!!!

    Evil Coop: I will see to it that your very organs are scattered across the universe! Now it is my turn to finish you off! *We see him about to fight with Coop but then backs down and signals his mechs and they get in the frey* Mechs! Destroy him!!!

    Coop: What's the matter? Afraid to take me on yourself!?

    Evil Coop: Why should I destroy you when I could have my army do it for me. This way I don't need to get my hands dirty.

    Coop: Only a coward would say something like that!

    Evil Coop: Say what you like but in the end I will be left standing. And now....destroy him!!! *The mechs once again engage Megas and Megas fights them off. Megas opens up and fires a wave of machine guns blasts at the mechs destroying them, then Megas punches a hole in one of the mechs and it blows up, A mech punches Megas in the back but Megas turns around and grabs the mech and throws him onto a bunch of other mechs, we see the mechs that were destroyed repair themselves again, then they all fire on Megas and Megas takes heavy damage. Then we see Mechs grab Megas and Evil Coop's mech lands by him* Do you see now Coop? Do you see how pitiful and foolish you were trying to think you could defeat my army!? I have you right where I want you Coop. *Takes out his sword* With this I will be able to put the past behind me and move on. I will ravage this entire planet and destroy all who inhabit it. And there will be nothing you can do to stop me. *Proceeds to stab Megas with it Megas struggles hard to break free but can't* Heheheheheh....It's so amusing watching you fail. Face it Coop, you are nothing as you are are nothing but a fat, blithering moron. Allow me to ease the suffering and destroy you once and for all. *Raises his blade in the air* End Game

    Coop: No!!! I won't let you! *Coop musters up more strength and Megas starts to break free, Evil Coop is surprised at this*

    Evil Coop: What!? *Megas manages to break free and punch Evil Coop's mech right in the cockpit causing his fist to hit his armor destroying the control source* My armor!!!!!!! *The evil coops start to go haywire and explode making it rain gunk in the air*

    Jamie:'s raining Coops.

    Kiva: You did it Coop! You managed to defeat his army!

    Evil Coop:!......NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Coop: Listen up you skinny, scrawny little punk! You come back to my dimension, create a near undefeatable army just you can get your revenge, then you threaten to ravage my planet! Now it's just you and me!!!!

    Evil Coop: Hmph....I don't need an army to defeat you! I'll do it myself. Let's finish this! *Coop and Evil Coop throwdown some more. Megas gets a few punches in but evil Coop uses his blade arm and tries to cut Megas down, then powers up his shoulder cannon and fires a blast that makes a huge line down the football field. Megas then goes in for the kill but Evil Coop fires a plasma pod blast ensaring Megas and hurling it up into the air. The pod breaks causing Megas to fall but it uses it's jets to land safely, they grapple a bit but then Evil Coop uses his arm canon and tries to blast Megas again but it escapes and the shot misses. Megas is in the air and Evil Coop tries to fire at it from below. Megas dodges the blasts and hits Evil Coop hard. Then Megas grabs evil Coop's mech and rips off one of his arms causing his mech to electrocute*

    Coop: Is that all you got!? I guess you need an army to defeat me since you can't seem to handle it on your own.

    Evil Coop: *Grrs and creates a small ball of energy and throws it to the ground, it creates a intense flash of light which blinds Coop, Jamie, and Kiva. Then we see Evil Coop's mech fly away but before doing so.* This isn't over yet Coop! I will have my revenge! *Flies away*

    Kiva: *Scans* He's.....gone.

    Coop: Oh man!!!!! least we saved Earth.

    Jamie: And the universe for that matter.

    Coop: Anyways we better get back home. At least this way we can catch the encore to wrestlefest. *Megas walks away. Back at Coop's house we see Megas is holding the cable wires and inside we see the guys watching the rest of wrestlefest while Kiva scans about Evil Coop's location.*

    Coop: Yeah!!! Now that was a good wrestlefest!

    Jamie: To bad we only got to see the encore and not the live event.

    Kiva: Shouldn't you guys be more concerned about that evil version of Coop who is out in the universe somewhere plotting his revenge?

    Coop: Nah....we defeated his army. I ain't got nothing to worry about. *Looks at Kiva and Jamie* me a favorite. Do not date....Ever!

    Jamie: Me?

    Kiva: With him? *Both of them laugh*

    Coop: I mean it! If you guys date, I'll turn evil...*Looks at his fat* Plus I'll lose alot of weight.

    Kiva: Don't worry Coop....I have no intentions of dating Jamie.

    Jamie: Besides...she isn't even my tight.

    Coop: Just making sure. *We see Coop continue to watch the rest of wrestlefest*

    Ending Credits: *We see Evil Coop land on a planet somewhere and he looks and he sees the lurps from "Attack of the lurps" he gets worried then aims at them, we see the lurps look at him and they jump and attack him and he gets a scared look on his face*

    The End.
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    Pretty good my friend and liked your work with the episode and hope you get pt. 2 done.
  14. Xerroo

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    Here is a new one.

    I would like to thank Totally Spies for this idea.


    *The episode begins in outer space in an astroid field. We see Megas create the cool energy sword and starts to slash the astroids. Then Megas opens it's left arm and fires missiles in a clockwise circular fashion and blow up multiple astroids. Then Megas grabs a giant astroid and throws it into another one and they do a chain reaction and they blow up. One comes by Megas and Megas slashes it with it's sworld then fires two laser blasts at them destroying both parts of the asteroid. Then Megas speeds into multiple astroids destroying them and Megas turns around to see the damage it did.*

    Coop: Come on Kiva....don't you think we did enough trainning today? We've been out here for hours.

    Kiva: You can never have enough training. If you ever expect to defeat the Glorft, then you need to hone your skills perfectly.

    Jamie: Hey wait a minute. Why do we have to train. What about Coop's girlfriend!?

    Kiva: This isn't about them, it's about Coop. Now let's find another asteroid field to train at. *Coops stomach growls* What now!?

    Coop: Duty calls. I'm hungry.

    Kiva: You can eat after we finish training. We have another 3 hours to go.

    Coop: Kiva this is rediculous!!! No one I know trains this hard! Haven't you ever heard of a break!?

    Kiva: When our planet is constantly in danger there is no time for a break!

    Jamie: Relax Kiva. Every villian we ever faced has fallen to Megas. I don't think we need to train anymore today.

    Coop: Yeah Kiva. Megas can handle anything that gets thrown at it.

    *A huge comet hits Megas*

    Coop: Ok.....maybe not everything....

    Kiva: Coop! This comet is pushing us toward that planet at a high rate of speed! We have to pull the thrusters back and roll backwards so we can break free!!!

    Coop: Right....uh.....whatever you said..........

    *Coop tries to pull the thrusters back and slowly causes the comet to spin upward making megas go on top, then it continues to roll and Megas breaks free but is now hurtling towards a planet*

    Jamie: DO SOMETHING COOP!!!!

    Coop: I'm trying!!!!!

    *Coop tries to engage the stabilizers but can't*

    Kiva: The stablizers aren't working! We are going to hit the planet!!!

    *They head into the atmossphere*

    Coop/Jamie: AAAAAAAHHHH

    Kiva: Get ready. Impact with the planet in 5......4.......3.......2.......1!!!!

    *they crash in some courtyard with animals like deer and rabbits*

    Coop: everyone ok?

    Jamie: I'm cool.

    Kiva: Well we seem to be ok...and Megas seems to be in perfect condition.

    *Megas stands up*

    Coop: Where are we?

    Kiva: *Scans* This planet seems to be well flurished with life.

    Jamie: Yeah. Not to mention this planet is pretty nice.

    Coop: Maybe we can find something to eat here?

    *100's of gladiator robots surround Megas, then a mech approaches Megas*

    Krutus: *Voice actor is Niel Dik erson* By order of the are under arrest on the grounds of tresspassing the King's royal courtyard.

    Coop: You're joking right? *Facepalms*

    *Title Theme plays*


    *Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are now outside and smaller robot guards with swords are making them walk inside a castle. There is a guy infront of them with a cape and black hair. This is Krutus the King's advisor*

    Coop: Look pal. I don't know what your deal is but you letter let us go or I'll

    Krutus: You'll do nothing.....if you know what's good for you, then you will cooperate with us.

    Coop: What did I do?

    Krutus: You were caught trespassing on the King's royal hunting ground and using an unauthorized use of transport. The king has a zero tolerance policy for those who break his laws. You are to be punished.

    Kiva: Listen....there must be some kind of understanding. We crash landed here by accident and we were going to leave.

    Coop: So if you'll just kindly lead us back to our robot we can....

    Krutus: You mean that thing? We have it in storage where it shall stay! Anything that enters our atomesphere rightfully property of the king!

    Kiva: You can't do that! We need Megas to stop an alien invasion from attack our planet. You must let us go!

    Krutus: Do not question the King's authority.

    Coop: All right pal. I wanna speak to your king!

    *One of the guards nudges coop forward*

    Krutus: The king does wish to see you in person. He plans to find a fitting punishment for you.

    Kiva: Hopefully he will understand our problem and let us leave.

    Krutus: We shall see what the king decides. He is not very merciful when it comes to tresspassers. Not to mention all of the people of our planet fear him greatly. He has vast powerful resources at his disposal. It would be foolish to try anything stupid. No one can escape his rule.

    Coop: So he has an army of robots. Big deal. I can take care of these guys.

    Jamie: Yeah I've seen robots stronger than those.

    Krutus: I suggest you stay quiet from this point on. Should you upset the King it could mean your life. We are approaching the throne room. You shall stay quiet or else you will truly regret it.

    *Krutus enters the throne room. There are robot guards, small ones standing in 2 rows facing each other. The King's throne is on a balcony in the back center of the room We see the king is kinda short but is wearing a cloak and has evil red eyes. His cloak is dark blue with a yellow line. Behind him is a man with glasses, this appears to be his advisor of some sort*

    Krutus: Your majesty....

    King: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* *Dark booming voice* KRUTUS!!! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?

    Krutus: Your highness....we have caught 3 tresspassers in your royal courtyard.


    Krutus: I understand my lord. I shall bring them in.

    *3 robot guards nudge the 3 into the throne room*

    Jamie: Nice digs.....


    Kiva: Listen....your highness....we accidently crash landed in your courtyard....we planned to leave when your guards-

    King: SILENCE!!! *Points sword at Kiva* HOW DARE YOU TAKE ME FOR A FOOL!!!! I WILL SEE TO IT THAT YOU *As he says this he heads towards the front of the balcony as his advisor is behind him* SUFFER THE WORST KIND OF PUNISHMENT IMAGI*trips over a brick* Woooaahhahahaha!!! *Falls and the cloak comes off revealing that the king is just a child who looks like Mordred from Justice League Unlimited*

    Coop: The king's a child?

    Jamie: Heh....who didn't see that coming?

    King: *Now has a voice that sounds like Numbah 4* Who is the royal jerk who didn't clean up my royal throne room!!!!???

    Advisor: *Voice actor is Steven Jay Blum* Uh...your highness I was about to finish but I had to-

    King: SILENCE!!! *Grabs the amulet from his neck* Throw this fool into the dungeon!! *2 robot guards come from behind and grab the advisor and drag him away*


    *Coop and Jamie look at each other then at the King*

    King: That will teach you not to slack off!!! As for you 3!!! Who do you think you are tresspassing on my grounds!?

    Coop: Look uh....your highness. Don't you think it's a little past your bed time?

    *Kiva facepalms*


    Coop: Yeah....whatever. Now if you don't mind. I'll just getting my robot and.

    King: That giant trash heap you call a robot belongs to me now!!! It was in my courtyard so it's mine!

    Coop: Hey pal! That thing has a name! It's called Megas!!!

    King: I'll call it whatever I want cause it's mine now!!!!

    Jamie: Gee....what a spoiled brat.

    Coop: Yeah I know....

    Kiva: Listen your highness.....all we ask is you just let us go. With Megas.

    King: You don't get it do you. I am the one who makes the rules here. You do not order me to send you home. Perhaps you'd like to spend the rest of your pathetic lives rotting in my royal dungeon!

    Coop: I can't believe this!!! The king is just a child!!! Why are we even answering to him!!!

    Kiva: Coop calm down. You aren't making matters any better!

    Coop: Kiva. The king is a snotty 10 year old in a holloween costume! I ain't gonna sit here and let this brat give me orders! Now I'm going to find my robot and I'm getting out of here. *Coop walks away but then 2 guards aim their swords at Coop* Ok....I'm just gonna stay here then.

    King: Don't you see that you can stop me. I own this entire planet. Everyone of it's inhabitants has to follow my decrees! I won't let some tresspassers get away with their crimes! I will not stand here and be treated like a child!

    Jamie: Gee...maybe that's because you are child..


    Krutus: As you wish. Let's go!

    *3 robot guards force them out*

    Kiva: Nice going Coop....once again you get us into trouble.

    Coop: I can't believe this! We are being sent into a dungeon by some kid who still goes to elementry school!!

    Kiva: Apparently we have to. And as long as he has Megas then we can't go anywhere.

    Coop: This is embarrasing.....

    King: Hmph.....rotten outlaws....*Goes back into his room*

    *At the dungeon*

    Krutus: You shall stay here until the king decides your fate! Don't worry....these don't last quick. Usually he executes you.

    Coop: *Gulp*

    Jamie: That doesn't sound very nice....

    *Krutus walks away*

    Coop: Hey wait a minute!

    Krutus: Hm?

    Coop: Why are you taking orders from a snot nosed child?

    Krutus: Because.....he's the king. And I must follow his orders.

    Coop: But....he's a kid!

    Krutus: Believe me.....I would love nothing more than to over throw that spoiled brat and create a better world for our people.....but as long as our king has the amulet of Turgon then he has total control over the robots who protect us. No one dares to challange him or they would be destroyed by the robots.

    Coop: I'm not afraid of him! I'll just get back into my bot and take down his so called army.

    Krutus: I'm sorry.....I cannot let you go.

    Coop: Look pal. You can't let that kid tell you what to do. You would make a better king than him!!!!

    Krutus: I already told you. I do not wish to jepordize my life. You shall stay here untill the King decides what he's going to do with you.

    Coop: No way!! I ain't gonna let some kid boss me around!

    Jamie: Coop just let it go.....We don't need to get into more trouble.

    Coop: Sorry Jamie but this isn't right....this isnt' right at all.


    Jamie: Looks like we didn't have to wait that long afterall.

    *The door opens and they walk out of their cell and 3 robot guards push them out and back to the king's throne room*

    Coop: Hey do you guys have a food court around here....I'm kinda hungry.

    *They go back into the throne room.*

    Kiva: Listen Coop don't say anything else....we are already in enough trouble.

    *The guards push Coop more with their spear thingys*

    Coop: Hey! Easy with that.....

    *The king appears form his throne*

    King: I have decided to deal you your fate. *Draws sword*

    Jamie: *Gulp*

    King: I am feeling.....a bit generous. Rather then behead you....I shall have you fight in the arena! For your freedom!

    Coop: You mean like gladiators?

    King: Yes.....the people here enjoy combat and what better way then to have those who defy me battle for their lives!

    Coop: No problem! I'll just get my robot and.

    King: You will fight without your giant trash heap!!!

    Coop: I told you! His name is Megas!!!

    King: and your friends shall fight in the arena. I have prepared combat robots for you. Don't worry, they are low class models. I think you and your friends should be able to take care of them!!! You shall fight 500 of my robot guards in melee combat!

    Coop: You can forget it chump! I'm not going to listen to you anymore!

    *The King gets up, takes his sword and jumps down to where Coop and the other are*

    King: Why don't you come here and say it to my face then!

    Coop: *Cracks his knuckles* Oh you have no idea how much I've been wanting to do this!!!

    King: *As Coop gets closer he takes the amulet and shines it, then a robot shows up and grabs Coop* Nice try....

    Coop: Hey! Put me down! *Swings the air* Let me go pal! If I get down I'm gonna shove my boot up your little scrawny behind! Where you goin!? *The king goes back up to the balcony and Kiva face palms*

    King: The offer to fight for your freedom still stands!? Will you take it!?

    Coop: I said you can -

    Kiva: We'll do it.

    Coop: KIVA!

    King: Excellent. *Snaps his fingers and the robot lets Coop go, the robot then walks back to whence it came*

    Coop: You're just lucky I don't have Megas right now!!!

    King: Krutus! Show our competitiors to the training room! Let them get prepared for battle!

    Krutus: At once.

    *They leave for the training room*

    Coop: Kiva! Why did you say yes!?

    Jamie: Yeah! I'm gonna get killed!

    Kiva: We don't exactly have a choice guys. As long as the King has control of the planet we have to play by his rules.....for now. I'll see if I can locate Megas and then we'll leave this planet.

    Coop: Nice plan.

    *At the training room*

    Krutus: Here. You shall change into proper attire here. The female can change in there....

    Kiva: Uh....thanks...

    *Krutus leaves*

    Kiva: I guess I'll get dressed in there. You guys will be ok here?

    Coop: Yeah we will be fine.

    *Kiva goes into the room*

    *Coop and Jamie sit down and get dressed*

    Jamie: Coop....I don't know about this man. I'm a little worried.

    Coop: What's there to worry about? All we gotta do is go and fight with a few robots. It's not that hard. Kiva will find Megas and we'll be out of here.

    Jamie: But you know how weak I am Coop. I'll get killed out there!

    Coop: You'll be will be just like Gym Class!!!


    1: It's gym class and they are playing tackle football. Jamie is running for a pass and he catches the ball all of a sudden many bigger stronger kids run at him and tackle him down hard.

    2: It's now dodgeball and Jamie throws the ball at some kid who catches it. The kid throws it at Jamie and hits him in the stomach hard and he falls over in pain

    3: It's now tug oh war and It's 3 on 1. Jamie vs 3 other kids. Jamie pulls as he tries but he can't do anything. The 3 kids pull and Jamie falls in the water.

    *Back to reality*

    Jamie: That's what I'm afraid of. You know I hated Gym Class.

    Coop: I don't see what's so wrong with it.


    1: Coop is playing football and he gets a pass. Many kids jump on him and take him down but he's too strong and fat and he runs into the endzone and scores a touchdown he cheers while the other kids are on the ground.

    2: It's 3 on 1 Tug O war and it's Coop against 3 other kids. The 3 kids try to pull Coop but he's just to big and strong. With 1 tug he pulls the other kids into the water.

    3: They are now playing dodgeball. And a kid throws a ball at Coop who catches it. Coop then tosses it back at the kid and he goes flying.

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: Oh man....good old gym. How I miss it.

    Jamie: Look Coop....I just don't want anything bad to happen to me.

    Coop: Don't worry pal. I'll be right behind you. And so will Kiva. You got nothing to worry about.

    *Kiva comes out of the dressing room*

    Kiva: You boys ready?

    Coop: I am.

    Jamie: Wow look nice.

    Kiva: Thanks. Well.....I guess we better do this.

    Coop: Yeah. The sooner I take down those chumps the sooner I can get something to eat. I'm hungry!

    Kiva: Let's go.

    *They go to the arena....there are people cheering and stuff in fancy clothes The king is one one of the sides and Krutus is next to him*

    Jamie: Cool....think any of those chicks are cheering for me?

    Coop: Maybe. *Waves to the crowd*

    Kiva: Once we do this I'll try and find Megas so we can get out of here.

    Coop: Got it.

    Crowd: *Cheers more*

    Krutus: *Puts hands up to signal the people to stop cheering* Krutus: OPEN THE GATE!!!

    *The gates open and the robot guards come out with swords and shields*

    Krutus: This is the first challenge you must face in order for your freedom to be ensured! Complete this task and then you shall face our strongest warrior! MAGNOS!!!! *A huge door opens and out comes Magnos, a giant knightish looking mech with a ball and chain*

    Jamie: *Faints*

    *Coop and Kiva turn around to see Jamie faint*

    King: And to make things interesting....*snaps fingers* *Megas appears behind Magnos* Even though we know you won't win....we will allow you to use your giant pile of scrap to take on Magnos if you by chance are lucky enough to defeat my warriors.

    Coop: HIS NAME IS MEGAS!!!!!!!!

    *Jamie gets back up*

    King: I don't care what it's name is. Once you are defeated then I shall make you my personal servent!

    Coop: I ain't serving nothing!

    King: Silence!!! Krutus! Begin the challenge!!!

    Krutus: *Puts his thumb in the air*

    *Coop and Kiva look ready but Jamie is shaking like a leaf and is scared*

    Krutus: *Puts his hand down signaling the match to begin*

    Coop: Let's do this! *Gets out sword*

    Kiva: *Gets out sword as well*

    Jamie: *Shaking* Protect me Kiva!!!!

    Coop: *Coop goes in and attacks some of the robots by cutting them in half. he then takes his sword and stabs one of the robots in the face, then goes to another robot and stabs them in the gut and slashes upward cutting their face in half. Coop then turns around and slashes another robot with his sword, then we see Coop take his shield and throw it like Captian America and it cuts more robots in half, it comes back to him like a boomerang* Nice!!!! *Coop then goes and stabs another robot blowing it up* Bring it on!!! *A robot tries to stab Coop but Coop punches the robot in the face and knocks his head clear off.*

    *Kiva on the other hand is using her leet martial arts skills to destroy robots. Kiva uses her sword and attacks at the vital weakpoints. Kiva goes into a samurai stance and jumps on a robot and flipkicks the robot in the head knocking him down, then Kiva takes her blade and stabs the robot in the chest destroying it, Kiva also uses her scanner to locate Megas while she does this, a robot runs up to Kiva and tries to slash her but Kiva jumps on the sword and flip jumps off of it then throws her sword into the robot blowing it up. Kiva then yanks the sword out of the robot and then steals the robot sword as well. She now has two swords and she twirls them around and sees two robots come at her and does a swording sword attack and both robots fall to pieces. She breathes her hair puff up cause it's in her eyes, meanwhile Jamie is in a very sticky situation*

    Jamie: Uhh....guys!? GUYS!? I COULD USE SOME HELP HERE!? *2 guards make an rush on Jamie, who puts up his sword and shield and cries* AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *He looks up and sees that he stabbed one of the robots in their face and their sword stabbed the other* *Jamie looks at his sword* Nicee.....*More robots go after Jamie* AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    Coop: *Continues his attack on some of the robots, he slashes a robot with his sword then cuts another one with his shield. Then we see Coop take his shield and throw it at another robot cutting it's head off it comes back to Coop* Nice...... *sees another robot and drops his sword and shield* All right....I'm doing this one the old fashion way! *Jumps in the air* YAAAAAHHH!!!! *Lands on the robot and gives him the ankle lock then he starts punching the robot and ripping it into shreads with his own bare hands*

    Kiva: *Continues attacking more of the robots with her sword but she caught off guard when a robot tries to slash her but she gets out of the way and instead slashes the other robot*

    Jamie: *Cornered and scared* PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!! AAAAAHHHAHAHA *Goes into crazy mode and slashes his sword like crazy while his eyes clothes, the other robots look at him and they laugh at him so they slowly walk in to get Jamie but they all get slashed by him. Jamie's Eyes openned and looking at the carnage* Did I do this? *Looks at his sword again* Once again.....nice. *A ball and chain appears and steals his sword, it was a robot who had one* Oh no.....*More robots chase Jamie*

    Coop: *Attacks more of the robots but is ambushed by more robots. They hold down Coop and another robot comes and tries to stab Coop in his giant belly but Kiva makes the save and helps him.* Thanks Kiva!

    Kiva: No problem.

    Jamie: HELP ME!!!!

    Coop: I got this one Kiva.

    Kiva: Thanks. *Slashes another robot*

    Jamie: *Running like a little girl* PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!!!! MOOOMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!!!! *Cringes and closes eyes*

    Coop: Don't worry Jamie I'm coming!!! *Slashes through more guards and saves Jamie*

    Jamie: What too you so long?!

    *A robot ambushes them and Coop pushes Jamie out of the way then stabs the robot*

    Coop: Is that the best you chumps got! I get a better challenge playing cuddly bears go hide and seek!

    Jamie: You actually play that game?

    Coop: We'll talk later. *Slashes another robot*

    *They continue to attack the robots as it pans to the King and Krutus*

    Krutus: They seem to be holding their own very well.....I think we should let them go.

    King: Hmm.....the scrawny one is a bit of a weakling....but the fat one and the girl are quite formidable.....I want to make this more interesting.....ACTIVATE THE MAGNOS!!!

    Krutus: But sir.....I thought they had to.

    King: I SAID JUST DO IT!!!! I want to watch them squirm for their lives!!!

    *The magnos is activated and it walks into the arena*

    Coop: Hey! What gives!

    King: I'm impressed....but now the true test begins! Make it to your robot and victory might just be yours.

    Kiva: Coop! This isn't good! We need to get to Megas *Slashes a robot* If we want to even stand a chance!

    Coop: But how! With that giant *Stabs a robot* Think trying to attack us we won't be able to get far!

    *Magnos uses it's ball and chain and makes it land hear kiva and Coop. Coop grabs Kiva and saves her.*

    Kiva: Thanks Coop.

    Coop: Thank me later! I'll get to Megas, you just keep....*Sees Jamie in trouble* Saving Jamie! *Runs off*


    *Coop runs to Megas but more robots get in the way, Coop starts to slash and hack his way through. Robots then jump on Coop and pile on him but Coop shakes them off*

    Coop: Just like highschool football all over again! *We hear a fight song play as Coop runs to Megas with robots on him but Megas throws them off, as Coop gets closer more robots approach Megas and get in the way of Coop* All right....I guess I'll have to do this the hard way. *Megas goes and slashes more robots with his sword. He takes his shield and throws it like a boomerang again and decapitates more robots. Coop grabs the shield and sees he's surrounded by more robots* How many of these things are there!?

    *Magnos on the other hand is trying to squish Jamie. Kiva pushes him out of the way and she gets squished but the sand below her protects her so she's ok*

    Jamie: *Runs away like a scared little girl*

    Kiva: Coop...I hope you got to Megas already!

    *Coop is slashing many robots who block his way to Megas and is starting to get tired*

    Coop: I.....can' long......

    *Coop gets weaker when Jamie somehow bumps into a robot causing a domino effect making the robots stab each other by bumping into each other*

    Coop: Thanks Jamie. I needed that.

    Jamie: problem?

    *Coop continues to run towards Megas*

    King: What's going on! I didn't order this!!! Krutus! Have all the robots enter the arena and take down the defilers!!!

    Krutus: As you wish!!!

    *More robots enter the arena and now there is a battle zone going on....Coop manages to get to Megas and activates him. He then gets up and goes after Magnos*

    Kiva: It's Megas! Coop got to him!

    *Coop flies by Magnos and picks up Kiva and puts him in the car*

    Kiva: We have to stop his robots!!!

    Coop: I hear ya loud and clear!

    *Megas goes and punches Magnos, it gets back up and uses it's ball and chain and tries to hit Megas but Megas catches it and pulls Magnos towards Megas. Megas then knocks Magnos down. The Magnos gets back up and takes his ball and chain again and throws it at Megas but Megas jumps out of the way. The Magnos then jumps in the air and smacks Megas down with the ball and chain knocking it down on the arena*

    King: That's it Magnos! Destroy them! DESTROY THEM ALL!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

    *The Magnos starts to punch Megas really hard then it picks up Megas and throws him into the stands, we see people running for their lives and Megas goes crashing through the stands. Megas gets back up and sees a giant ball mace come at it*

    Coop: Woah! *It hits Megas knocking them down, then the Magnos goes and starts to pummel Megas with the ball and chain but Megas grabs it and yanks it off of him*

    King: Impossible!!! I want that robot destroyed!!!

    *Megas then takes the ball and chain mace thingy and hits the Magnos with it in the face knocking his head off and causing his body to explode The bigger guards now come into the arena and take on megas*

    *Megas cracks it's knuckles*

    Coop: This is gonna be fun!

    *Megas begins punching robots then he takes a robot and throws him into another robot. Megas then grabs another robot and throws him down. The other robots shoot at Megas but Megas puts up an energy shield. Megas then counters with a machine gun blast of it's own and takes out 3 more robots. Megas then shoves it's fist down a robot*

    Coop: *Singing* You put the fist in the robot's mouth and yank out his CPU! You put the fist in the robot's mouth and you yank it all out!

    *Megas continues to smash and pummel more robots. He then starts smashing his way towards the King's balcony and then Megas grabs the king and uses him as a shield*

    King: Uh...HOLD YOUR FIRE!!! HOLD YOUR FIRE!!!!!!!!!

    *Everyone stops and looks at megas who has the king in his hand*

    Coop: All right you immature bratty make us fight a bunch of gladiators, make me sweat!, and almost had my friends squished!!! Now I make the demands here!!!

    King: Please don't kil me!!! I'll do what ever you want!!! Just please don't kill me!!!

    Coop: *Uses Megas and puts him down, now the king doesn't have his neckale around him*

    King: Fool! You'll pay for that! *Tries to grab his necklace but it's not there* My necklace.....where is it!!!

    Coop: Looking for this!? *Has the necklace in megas's hands*

    King: That's mine!!!!! Give it back! *To Krutus* Krutus! Get my Necklace back!!!

    *Krutus does nothing*

    King: What are you waiting for! I said to go get my necklace back.

    Krutus: No!

    King: What!? You dare disobay your king!? I'll have to locked up!

    Krutus: *Turns around and walks towards the King* I've been wanting to say this for a very long time now......I have had it with your stupid orders! You have been nothing but a spoiled brat! You don't even deserve to be king! I think it's time for a new order!

    King: Mutiny! I will have your head for this!!!!

    Krutus: I don't think so! *Takes the crown* It's time a sensible king took control. Lock him up in the dungeon! *2 human guards appear and do so*


    Jamie: Nice....

    Kiva: About time.


    Krutus: Coop....because of you we are now free to create a new world. A better world. I will see to it that all the prisioners are free to return to their homeworlds.

    Kiva: I'm just glad we could of helped. We need to get going now.

    Coop: Yeah. I'm getting really hungry. I haven't eaten since 2 hours ago.

    Krutus: Well we are going to have a feast to celebrate our freedom.

    Coop: I guess we could stay for a little while longer.

    Jamie: So what's gonna become of his royal highness.

    Krutus: Oh let's just say he'll be adding a little more light in the humor department.

    *We see the King dressed up as a jester*

    Jamie: Nice....

    Coop: *Stomach growls*

    Krutus: Well we better begin the festivites. You are welcome to join us if you want.

    Coop: I'm already there!

    *They go into the castle to have the feast*

    End Credits: *The Jester dances and everyone throws stuff at him*

    There we go.
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    Xerroo I have to say that your episode with a 1000 coopes is great work and liked it. Hope it becomes a real episode.
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    Thanks! ^_^

    I really enjoyed doing these!

    I'm gonna do these episodes later possibly.

    S.S Warlock
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    Ultra Return.

    *The episode begins on the planet of the Ultra-Chicks. They are being under attack by giant bugs that look like the insects from Blue Gender. They open the core and start smashing the buildings and cause mayhem and chaos everywhere. They enter a building and start smashing things and a kid starts to cry her mother comes and gets him out of the way before the bug eats him, we see another giant bug take it's pincers and smash into a building, stuff and debris fall down and there are people below, we see the Ultra-Chicks in armor come and rescue them, then they look and and see their city under heavy attack from the bugs, they cannot fight so they escape and take the people they have to safety, then they turn around and look at the bugs again, we then pan over to a spaceship that looks like the Outlaw Star, it's hovering over the city and inside are robots working the control*

    Robot 1: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* Estimated damage acuumelated at 79% and growing. This city will be no more in a matter of hours.

    Lunareon: *Voice actor is Wendie Malick* Hee hee hee hee hee haa Excellent.....I knew all that time planning and tediuous work producing these insects would eventually pay off! Now the Ultra Cadets will regret ever denying me control of their planet! I will enjoy watching them squirm as they fail to defeat my Gendar army. I should give myself a toast. In fast I think I will. A toast to me! On my glorious defeat on the Ultra Cadets.

    Robot 1: Should we head over to the next city?

    Lunareon: Not yet. I want to revel in the destruction first! *Back outside we see another bug smash a building and topple it over, we then pan over to the Ultra Cadets

    Nova: Oh no! This is horrible!!! Even with our abilities and power we were no match for these giant incests! They destroyed are entire city!

    Pulsar: Lunareon can't get away with this!!!! We can't stand by and let her get her way!!! We have to do something!

    Nova:....I hate to say it.....but I think there is only one person capible enough of fighting on these giant insects and saving our city!

    Comet: Oh no!!! NOT THAT!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!

    Galaxia: Yeah there must be another way!! I refuse to even think of using that resort after what happened the last time!

    Nova: I'm sorry cadets....but even at our power we can't defeat the gendar.....they are too strong. And he's the only one who can destroy them....we will have to enlist the help of......COOP!!

    *Meanwhile at Coop's house we see the phone ring and Skippy answers the phone*

    Skippy: *Picks up the phone* Hello? Coop? No he's not here right now....he's fighting aliens on another planet.....Planet in danger?....sure I'll leave a message......Ultra-Cadets right.......Got it. I have to go now. Bye! *Hangs up*

    *Title theme plays*


    *We are now at the dump where we see Jenna working on her Megas. Meanwhile Racheal is sitting down reading a magizine and Skippy is walking around being annoying as usual*

    Skippy: I'm bored! I want to go home!

    Racheal: Leave me alone you little twirp. Go play in traffic or something.

    Skippy: Hey you can't tell me what to do. You aren't my babysitter!

    Racheal: Listen long as I'm with Jenna you have to do what I or she tells you to do you got it. Since your cousin Coop asked Jenna to baby sit you and since I'm 2nd in command you don't have a choice. Now leave me alone and go bother someone else. Or better yet, get lost. *Goes back to reading*

    Skippy: Whatcha looking at?

    Racheal: Nothing you need to see. Now get lost!

    Skippy: *Steals the magizine* Wow cool!!! There are chicks in here!!! *Looks at the pictures*

    Racheal: Hey! Give that back you little twerp!!! *Gets up and chases Skippy* Come back here!!!!

    Skippy: You'll have to catch me first!!!

    Racheal: Wait till I get my hands on you! I don't care if you are Coop's cousin I'm gonna *ranting*

    Skippy: Hahahahha!!!! *They chase each other around the dump meanwhile Jenna is about to finish her work on Megas 2*

    Jenna: There....*She's sweating* Ahh...*Drinks her Mega-Slush* Well that just about wraps things up. Ok guys we can go.....guys? Skippy? Racheal? Where are you? *Sigh* Better go find them. *Drinks her Mega-Slush again and walks At some other part of the dump, Racheal is still chasing Skippy but she's slowing down to grasp for air*

    Racheal: For a fat kid he sure is fast! Ughh....I don't have time for this. Little jerk.....*Skippy bumps into her and falls Racheal Grabs him by the shirt and is about to punch him* Got you you little dork! I'm gonna-- *A bright light flashes* What the!? *all of a sudden 4 hearts appear around them, the Ultra-Cadets do their intro and it's the same one except that during it Jenna comes up to Racheal and Skippy and watches Then the 3 are done but the last one is still doing her spinny thing but then one of the others come up to her and slap her upside the head and then they pose*

    Jenna: *Drinking her Mega Slush*

    Nova: We are looking for the ace pilot known as Coop! Have you seen him around.

    Jenna: My boyfriend isn't here right now. What do you need him for? *The Ultra Cadets look at each other*

    Nova: Uh.....Our planet is in terrible danger! A race of powerful insects have invaded our planet and are devouring everything. They were sent by the queen Lunareon! We need Coop's help to defeat the bugs!!

    Jenna: *Smiles* Perhaps I could be of help!

    Pulsar: You have a mech!?

    Galaxia: Can you help us?

    Jenna: Sure. It's been boring with Coop gone anyway.

    Nova: Thank you so much!!!

    Jenna: All right Rach...we gotta go same some girls planet. Let's go.

    Racheal: Uh...Jenna? *Sound of car coming to a screeching halt* What about Skippy?

    Jenna: Looks like I'm gonna have to take him with us.

    Skippy: Cool!!!!! Hey do you think I can pilot a mech!?

    Jenna: You're kidding right? And what makes you think I'm gonna let a 12 year old pilot a giant robot.

    Skippy: My cousin Coop has been trainning me!


    1: Coop has Skippy pilot throught an asteroid field and does a good job. He orders Skippy to destroy the astroids and Skippy takes Megas and he uses the Zapper gun in the controls and Megas aims at the astroids and shoots them destroying them. Coop rubs Skippy's head and Jamie looks jealous as Coop and Skippy High Five.

    2: Coop then orders Skippy to carve something out of a giant rock using the cool energy sword. Megas creates the cool energy sword and starts slashing the giant mountian, when the rocks fall we see a carving of Megas in the mountian. Coop congratulates Skippy and Jamie once again looks jealous

    3: Coop has Skippy do target practice and shoots the glorft carboards, he gets them all then he sees 3 other cardboard. They are Coop, Kiva, and Jamie. He looks at Coop, then skips him to Kiva, then skips over to Jamie. Skippy shoots the cardboard in the crotch, Coop and Skippy laugh and Jamie looks mortified.

    *Back to reality*

    Jenna: You can come with us.....But you aren't touching anything you understand....I don't want you getting hurt you got me?

    Skippy:! *Mumbles and Jenna raises her eyebrows*

    *Jenna, Racheal, and Skippy go inside her Megas and they teleport away with the ultra cadets The city is now pretty much a wreck and most of the people have escaped to a new place known as the serenity....this is a duel cultrual reference because it looks like Helms Deep from the 2nd movie the two towers and it's the name of Queen Serenity of Sailor Moon which the Ultra Cadets are based on*

    Comet: Oh no!!!! They destroyed another city!

    Galaxia: I just hope they all made it safely to the Serenity! That is our last hope to protect our people!!!

    Jenna: you mind telling me all that's been going on?

    Pulsar: You see....our arch nemesis, Queen Lunareon, has created an army of powerful insects and is sending them to destroy our cities. She demands control of the planet.

    Nova: We would never give control of the planet to someone who is mean, nasty, and vile!!! But since we refused she is releasing her nasty pets to destroy our people!!!

    Jenna: And you need me to help you destroy her bugs right? Sure. No problem.

    Skippy: Cool! This is gonna be awesome!!

    Jenna:'re not coming. You are getting out.

    Skippy: What!?

    Jenna: I want you to stay here where it's safe.

    Skippy: What!? Are you stupid!? I could become bug food!

    Jenna: The way I see it those...whatever they are were here so they have no reason to come back. While Racheal and I go fight these bugs with Megas you are going to stay here where it's safe.

    Skippy: But Coop let's me be in Megas when he fights!

    Jenna: I'm not Coop. And besides. Coop would kill me if you were harmed. Now stay here You got that? *Her Megas Grabs Skippy and puts him down by the city that was already destroyed* I'll be back to get you once I'm done. Now let's go Racheal! We have some giant bugs to crush. As for you Skippy....Don't move!!!

    Galaxia: Hey don't go without us!! We'll help too!

    Jenna: Uh.....reality check! I have a giant robot and you girls are in fuffy pink skirts. What can you do against these bugs?

    Ultra-Cadets: ULTRA CADETS AWAY!!!!! *They transform into their mech like things.*

    Jenna: Ok....I stand corrected.

    Comet: Come! We have to stop those things before they head for the serenity!

    Ultra-Cadets: TOGETHER!!!!! *They put their hands on each other like a friendship thingy*

    Jenna: Ugh....I think I'm gonna be sick.

    Racheal: Let's just get this over with so we can get home. *They all fly away leaving Skippy behind*

    Skippy: Man this bites.....*Walking around* I could be smashing stuff right now but nooo.....Jenna makes me stay I'll do that. *Goes exploring* Him.....What's this!? *Removes some rocks and finds a secret area* Hmm....I wonder what's inside? *Goes in and explores*'s a bit dark in here. Maybe there is a light switch or something. *The lights automaticly come on and reveal a mech that looks like one of the mechs from Blue Gender* Nice!!!!!!!! *Walks up to the mech* How do you enter this thing? *Kicks the foot and a compartment opens* Cool. That must be it. *Goes in and is now at the cockpit* how to I start this thing? *Presses random buttons* Hmm.....maybe it's this one. *Presses a red button then the mech activates and starts thrustering and flies off and into the sky* YEAH!!!!!! *Meanwhile at the Serenity the bugs are approaching closer to the place and the people are scared but then the Ultra Cadets and Megas 2 come and start fighting the bugs. Megas 2 starts by grabbing one of the bugs and starts to toss them into each other, then she does a cheat code to create the energy sword and stabs one of the bugs. Then a bug jumps on Megas 2 but Megas does the Magno-flex and crushes it. Megas 2 decides to go into the fray and attack first, meanwhile Nova uses a move called "BLAZE TORNADO!!!" and creates a pillar of fire to keep the bugs at bay, one of the bugs pin Comet down and appears to be drooling acid on her but then Megas 2 comes back and tosses it off. then steps on it and crushes it's skull*

    Comet: Thanks Jenna!

    Jenna: Don't mention it. *A bug tackles Megas 2 and tries to pierce it's armor using it's pincer but Megas gets up and throws the bug into the air then shoots a missile at it blowing it up, gunk goes everywhere* Man this is gonna take forever to come off!!! *They continue fighting the Gendar and Galaxia uses a "LIGHTNING ROUNDHOUSE!!" And shocks one of the bugs with her kick. Then Pulsar uses a "AQUA SONATA!!! And a spiral of water shoots one of the giant bugs into the air. Megas 2 sees this and jumps in the air, grabs the bug and throws it onto another bug, then comes down and squishes them both. Jenna and Racheal High Five each other, A bug is getting close to the Serenity but Comet comes back and uses a "METEOR STRIKE!!!" And it rains meteors on the bug killing it, Megas 2 is smashing more of the bugs. Megas 2 grabs a bug and rips off it's arms, the bug screams and opens up and fires gunk at Megas 2 but Megas 2 dodges it and then punches the bug in the chest and it dies, a bug tries to jump on Megas 2 from behind but Megas 2 turns around and shoots at missile at the bug destroying it*

    Racheal: Do you think Skippy will be all right by himself....I mean it wasn't a smart idea to leave him alone like that.

    Jenna: I just didn't want him annoying me while I smash things. And besides....what kinda trouble could the little shrimp possible get into.

    *Back at Skippy*

    Skippy: YAAAAHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!!! *Skippy is flying the mech he found with no problems at all. He's enjoying every second of it* YEAH THIS IS FUN!!!!! THIS IS MUCH BETTER THAN RIDING WITH COOP!!!! *Stops* Hm....with all this power I wonder what I should do with it?


    *At St.Pyronski Middle School we see Skippy's new mech smash the entire school in the same matter Coop did with the DMV episode. First his mech steps on the school crushing it, then his mech starts to punch it rapidly, then Skippy aims the shoulder cannon at the school's remains and shoots it rapidly, Skippy laughs, then fires at the school again*

    *Back to reality*

    Skippy: Hmmm.....You know....Maybe I should go and Help Jenna and those space chicks out....*Smiles evily* Then again....senseless smashing sounds better. *His mech powers up and flies again*

    *Back at the Serenity a Gendar Bug tries to spit acid Megas 2 but Megas 2 jumps and goes behind and picks up the bug and throws it down onto another bug squishing it. Then Megas 2 goes for a diving elbow squishing the other one then fires eye beams at another bug destroying it, the Ultra-Cadets do their moves again and destroy more bugs*

    *At Lunareon's ship*

    Robot 1: We are now detecting resistance at one of the drop point areas. It's the Ultra-Cadets....they appear to have some kind of backup as well...

    Lunareon: *Watching the Ultra Cadets and Megas 2 beat the crud out of her insect warriors* the Ultra Cadets have some extra firepower in them. And it seems they enlisted the help of someone in defeating my warriors. Hehehehe...No matter. I'll just send a fresh new wave of solders to destroy them all. I will not lose to these weaklings.

    Robot 1: As you command.

    *At the Serenity Megas 2 is using it's laser cannon and destroys a wave of Gendar and the Ultra Cadets are using their signature moves on the insects. Megas 2 then flies in the air and fires missiles at more bugs destroying them, a bug tries to hit Megas 2 with acid but Megas 2 dodges and fires a laser blast at the bug blowing it up*

    Jenna: All right! We did it! *Does pose thingy with Racheal*

    *All of a sudden we see more bugs show up, this time there is twice as many as there was before*

    Comet: OH NO!!! They have reinforcements!!!

    Jenna: Dont' worry girls! I'll handle this! *Megas 2 opens up and starts to fire upon the new bugs destroying a few, a bug grabs some debris and throws it at Megas 2 knocking it down, then the bugs pin Megas 2 down and start to drool acid on it*

    Racheal: Do something!!!

    Jenna: Like what?

    Racheal: ANYTHING!!! *Screams*

    *Jenna powers Megas 2 up and breaks free then fires a barrage of missles on the new bugs keeping them at bay and the Ultra Cadets do their signature moves again destroying more of the bugs*

    Jenna: We have them on the run! Let's keep at it!!!

    Ultra Cadets: ULTRA CADETS!!! ATTACK!! *They go in for the kill*

    *Back at Lunareon's ship*

    Robot: The reinforcements you sent are losing. At this rate we'll be out of insects to dispatch!

    Lunareon: NO!!! HOW CAN THEY BE WINNING! I'm supposed to be winning! This isn't fair! SEND MORE BUGS AFTER THEM! I wan't them destroyed!

    Robot: Also...there seems to be an unidentified mech approaching us!

    Lunareon: What's this? *Notices a mech is heading towards her ship* So they think by sending one mech after me they can stop me!? Hmph!!! FIRE AT THAT MECH!!!!

    *The ship starts to aim it's guns at the mech Skippy is piloting, the ship fires at Skippy who is dodgeing the attacks*

    Skippy: Woah!!! What the!? Hey! Watch where you are shooting at!!

    Lunareon: Who do you think you are trying to stop me!?

    Skippy: Stop you!? Stop you from what!?

    Lunareon: Taking over this planet!!!

    Skippy: You must be the one who is behind this!!

    Lunareon: *Obviously annoyed* Very observant of you child.....But I warn you not to get in my way or you will be destroyed!

    Skippy: Hm....I can save this planet....and get some sensless smashing in. *Smiles* 2 birds with one stone!!! I'M GONNA PULVERIZE YOU!!!

    Lunareon: Very well.....ENGAGE BATTLE MODE!!!!!!

    *Lunareon's ship transforms into a ship with hands like that of the Outlaw Star.*

    Lunareon: You will rule the day you chose to cross me!!! *The ship goes to punch Skippy's Mech but he dodges the attack and then Skippy aims the shoulder cannon and fires it at the mech*

    Lunareon: Activate the shields!!!

    *The ship activates the shields and the bullets do nothing. the ship then fires a missile at the mech and it hits. Skippy's mech goes down*

    Skippy: Hey cut that out! That hurt!

    Lunareon: Insolent child! Take this!!! *Fires a laser cannon at Skippy's mech and is damaged, then the ship goes up to the mech and grabs it but Skippy fires a laser at the mechs cockpit but the ship holds Skippy in the air so it misses, then the mech grabs the arms and opens up to get loose and then flies in the air*

    Lunareon: Annoying child! I will crush you!!!!

    Skippy: Bring it!! *The ship tries to attack Skippy with more laser blasts but Skippy takes his mech and hides behind some debris, then aims his shoulder cannon at Gigas* All right lady I'm gonna *The cannon breaks off of the mech* Uh oh....

    Lunareon: Destroy that mech!!!! *The ship fires at the mech and Skippy flies away with Lunareon's ship chasing, Skippy turns around and tries to see if anything will come out of the cannon and when he aims it like a rocket launcher it fires out laser blasts hitting the ship* Ugh we've taken damage!!!

    Skippy: *Looks at the cannon then grins* Nice!!! *Aims at Lunareon's ship and continues to fire at the ship hitting it....meanwhile back at the Serenity The bugs try to attack the place again but the Ultra-Cadets use their signature moves yet again and keep the bugs at bay, however one of the bugs manages to get in and starts attacking, the towns people start to run scared but Megas 2 gets in the way and grabs the bug and throws him into the air then it activates it's flamethwoer and burns the bug. The bugs still try to attack the Serenity bug the Ultra Cadets fight back.*

    Galaxia: This ends now!!! Let's show these bugs our most powerful attack!

    Comet/Pulsar/Nova: Right!!!

    *They grab each other's hands and start to spin around really fast*

    Ultra-Cadets: ULTIMATE HEART ATTACK!!!! *They fire a giant heart at the bugs and they all explode into gunk and stuff*

    Racheal: Eww........

    Jenna: Well that's the last of them.

    Comet: Not yet!!! Now we have to go after Lunareon and make sure she never causes harm again!!!

    Pulsar: Right! Her ship is that way! Let's go and put a stop to her once and for all!!!!

    *One of the bugs manages to get up and go for one more attack but Megas 2 punches it in it's face and destroys it*

    Jenna: Missed one!

    *Back at Lunareon*

    *Skippy's mech is hiding behind more debris while Lunareon's ship fires at Skippy. Skippy then takes the shoulder cannon and mount it back on his shoulder, then he charges it up and comes out of hiding and shoots at Lunareon's ship but the ship flies up to dodge the blast*

    Lunareon: Give up cannot defeat me! I will have this planet as my own.

    Skippy: OK YOU UGLY MAKE UP WEARING HAG! You send a bunch of bugs to attack people, hurt the Ultra-Cadets, and tries to destroy my mech!!! Now It's time I laid the smackdown on you! *Uses the shoulder cannon on his mech and fires another huge blast at the ship*

    Lunareon: *Has her ship block the blast with the shilelds and then deflects the shot into the sky* Hmph! Huh!? Where did he go!?

    Skippy: Hey ugly! Up here!

    Lunareon: Wha!? *Looks up to see Skippy is behind him.*

    Skippy: You need glasses lady...any vilian with a brain would of saw that trick coming a mile away!!! Now to finish you off. *Takes the cannon off of his shoulder and aims it right at the ship, charges it up to full power and fires a powerful blast that hits the ship*

    Robot: Shields are dropping to 0%! Explosion immenent!!!

    Lunareon: MY SHIP!!! NOOO!!!!! MY PLANS RUINED!!!!!!! I WAS SO CLOSE IN DEFEATING THE ULTRA-CADETS!!!! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!!!!! *Ship explodes causing parts going all over the place*

    Skippy: Nice....

    *Meanwhile The Ultra Cadets and Megas 2 are now heading for Lunareon's ship*

    Comet: Her ship should be coming up soon!!! We can't let her escape!


    *The Ultra-Cadets and Megas 2 see parts of her ship flying about*

    Nova: Is that.....her ship?

    Jenna: Looks like someone already beat us to it.

    *They go to the battle scene and see her ship is destroyed with Lunareon underneath it*

    Galaxia: *Picks up some of the debris* Lunareon!?

    Lunareon: head......*Passes out*

    Comet: But who could of!?

    Skippy: Hey Girls!!!

    *Everyone looks up*

    Skippy: No need to thank me! Just doing my part for the community! *Waves and we hear the custom horn from Space Booty*

    Jenna: *Facepalm*

    Racheal: Well....look on the bright side. He did help us defeat the enemy.

    Jenna: Yeah...*Depressed* But I wanted to do it.......

    *At the Serenity*

    *The Ultra Cadets are now normal and Jenna, Racheal, and Skippy are out side of their mechs*

    Comet: Jenna, Racheal....for your help in defeating the Gendar and saving our people from destruction. We give you our eternal thanks!!! If if wasn't for you two we would of all be destroyed by the Gendar.

    Pulsar: And you Skippy....for your bravery and valor in defeating our enemy Lunareon. We want to thank you personally...

    *The 4 Ultra Cadets go up to skippy and kiss and snuggle him*

    Skippy: Yeeah......

    Nova: And as an extra thank you for saving us we are going to let you keep that mech!

    Jenna/Racheal: *Gulp*

    Skippy: Really!!! COOL!!!!! I can't wait to show Coop and Jamie!!! They will love it.

    Racheal: You know you aren't so bad for a little snot nosed punk.

    Jenna: seems your disobedience actually saved these people.

    Skippy: Awww....It was nothing. Coop would of done the same.

    Jenna: So what do ya say kiddo when we get back home we go for some ice cream.....and some pizza, and maybe a few burgers....oh and Chicken would be nice......Better yet let's go to the buffet.

    Skippy: Yeah!

    *They fly away in their mechs*

    Comet: Good Bye!!! And thanks again!!!!!

    *They are in outer space*

    Racheal: You have no idea what mistake you just made by letting him keep that mech.

    Jenna: I'll deal with Coop when that time comes.....and he looks so happy in his mech!

    *Skippy blows up a moon*

    Racheal: As you were saying?

    Jenna: Heheheh.......

    *We see Skippy flying around happily on his new mech*

    *Later that day*

    *Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are back and stuff. Jenna and Coop are just talking about stuff but we don't see them because we are looking at a doorway*

    Coop: So Skippy wasn't too much of a problem was he?

    Jenna: No....not much of a was like he wasn't even here.

    Coop: *We see him walk out and Jenna too* So where is the little runt?

    Skippy: Hey Coop! Up here!!!

    *Coop looks up and Jamie comes out and he sees the mech, it plays the custom horn thing again and then the mech waves at Coop and Jamie*

    Jamie: Great. We leave you alone with the kid for a few hours and he brings home a mech. Some babysitter you are.

    Jenna:'s a long story....Maybe I can tell you about it over some Pizza.

    Coop: Sounds good to me. *They go back inside*

    End Credits: *Skippy goes to his school and destroys it....then he sees the high school next to it and some teens looking at the mech, Skippy then destroys the high school and the kids cheer at him*
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    Here is another one for you.

    Big Battle in the Big Easy.

    *The episode starts with Megas flying towards New Orleans*

    Coop: YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    Jamie: Man....this year's Madi Gras is going to be so totally awesome.

    Coop: I know man! It's a shame Jenna and Racheal didn't want to come with us. It would of been alot of fun if we all went.

    Jamie: Well look on the bright least we don't have to take your stupid cousin Skippy with us like last time.

    Coop: Yeah. Man is he ever annoying.

    Kiva: So what's so great about this Madi Gras?

    Coop: You had never been to Madi Gras? Man you don't know what you are missing!

    Jamie: It's just about the coolest party in the United States.

    Coop: They got lots of stuff. Good food, Dancing, Food, Music, Food, Funny hats with feathers on them uh.....Food.

    Jamie: And the best part of Madi Gras is the chicks.....

    *Day Dream*

    *Jamie is surround by 4 hot chicks while he's wearing a leisure suit*

    Jamie: Yeah........

    *Back to Reality*

    Coop: But that's not all......the best part about Madi Gras is....the super hyper deluxe Cajun Philly Cheesestake!!!! *Drools*

    Kiva: We traveled all the way across country just for some philly cheesestake!? We could be training right now! could have Megas produce you one with the food particlizer you installed!

    Coop: I know....but they make it with love. And there are lots of stuff to do anyway. You should enjoy this once in a life time occasion.

    Jamie: I know I will.....especially since I brought the right ammo with me. *Shows a case full of beads*

    Kiva: Beads? What are those things for?

    Jamie: Oh you'll see.

    *Megas flies into the horizon*

    *Title theme plays*

    *We see a big arm (It's coops) Pay a man $5 bucks*

    Coop: All right fellas!!! And a 1, and a 2, and a 3!

    *3 men play some funky madi gras music*

    Coop: HA HA HA HA!! Well here we are! Madi gras! What do you think Kiva?

    Kiva: It's.....very strange. Why are people wearing strange masks and dancing about?

    Coop: That's the spirit of Madi Gras! It's just to have fun and relax! Take a load off after spending day after day fighting aliens and stuff.

    Jamie: This is a place to just hang loose and enjoy yourself.

    Kiva: They do seem to be having alot of fun. I guess a little vacation won't hurt.

    Coop: Exactly Kiva. That's what Madi Gras is all about. That and the cajun philly cheesestake. Oh man. *Rubs hands together* I can taste those spices right now. *Licks lips*

    Kiva: Uh're drooling on your shirt.

    Coop: Whoops....sorry.

    Jamie: *Looks around* chicks at 8'o clock. HEY GIRLS!!! *Music stops*

    *2 hot chicks turn and look at Jamie*

    Jamie: *Grabs a necklace and shows them* LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!!

    *The 2 girls start to giggle and begin taking off their shirt this is off screen*

    Kiva: *In shock*

    Coop: *Surprised*

    Jamie: Nice......

    *The 2 girls go to Jamie and start giggling some more*

    Jamie: I love this town.....

    Girl 1: *Voice is Tara Strong* You are cute!

    Girl 2: *Voice is Lara Jill Miller* Come with us Cutie we will show you around.

    Jamie: Hehehehe. I'd love that ladies. I guess I'll see you guys later. I'm gonna go enjoy myself.

    *They walk off together*

    Kiva: Woah.....I had no idea beads could do that.

    Coop: Yeah....something about making girls go wild or something. So what do you say we go and get that Cajun Philly Cheesestake.

    Kiva: Sure....why not.

    Coop: I'm telling you Kiva. You're gonna love the spicy Cajun deluxe Philly Cheesestake. It is made to perfection.

    Kiva: Well I'll see once I taste it I guess.

    *They continue to walk some more*

    *Meanwhile somewhere out in the boggy swamp near the area, 2 men are on a motor boat carrying a barrel of toxic waste*

    Man 1: *Voice is Dee Bradly Baker* Man....where are we supposed to dump this crud.

    Man 2: *Voice is Joshua Seth* I think here is fine.

    Man 1: You sure? I mean aren't we dumping this stuff illeaglly.

    Man 2: All the boss said for us to do was to dispose this stuff anywhere. So I say this place is as good a spot as any. Now help me with this barrel. It's heavy.

    Man 1: All right. Geez....this stuff is heavy.

    *The lid comes off and the toxic waste enters the water*

    Man 1: Uh oh. That can't be good..

    Man 2: Meh...don't worry it's not gonna harm anything. There isn't a creature or person for miles around. Now let's get back before people start snooping around.

    Man 1: Right.

    *They leave then we pan to land where we see an Alligator looking for some food he is looking at the toxic waste spill and starts to swim towards it. He then dives down and then emerges right in the toxic waste spill. It goes down again to look for food but it starts to glow and the water begins to bubble where the Gator was.....the gator then emerges as a giant Megas sized Humanoid like Gator that lets out a huge roar, the gator then sniffs the air and think it found food. It sniffs some more and then licks his lips....he's looking at the city where Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are and then starts to walk over that way*

    *At a dance hall*

    *Jamie is now surrounded by 4 hot chicks who think he's cute, there is some funky techno music playing and Jamie is chilling with a soda while the girls awe at him*

    Girl 3: *Voice is Danelle Harris* I was like you know...wondering if like can you Dance?

    Girl 4: *Voice is also Tara Strong* Yeah I would totally love to see you hit the dance floor sexy.

    Jamie: Well....I'm not that good of a dancer.

    Girl 1: Please?

    Girl 2: Yeah I think it would be awesome.

    Jamie: Very well. *Jamie gets up and starts to dance, he dances quite well and everyone is watching him. He does some nice moves and everyone cheers him on.* I love Madi Gras. *Does some kind of spin move and everyone cheers for him*

    Florxin: Wow! That guy has some good moves!

    Tolbit: Explain to me again why we are here?

    Floxin: I hear the people around here like crab.

    Tolbit: *Reads a sign that says *Today's special: Crab* Yeah....with butter and garlic.

    Florxin: Oh! I could go for some garlic and butter.

    Tolbit: Just shut up and drink your thing already.

    *As Jamie finishes dancing, he goes back to sipping his drink*

    *All the girls clamor him and go on about how good of a dancer he was*

    Girl 1: We were wondering if you wanted to come to my house tonight. I'm throwing a really big party and I would love for you to be there!

    Jamie: Well....I don't know

    *The girls sweetly beg him to come*

    Jamie: All right girls! I'll come I'll come!

    *The girls thank him and they leave.*


    *The gator is sniffing the air and is approaching ever so closer to the city and gets onto dry land and crushes someone's trailer that was by the bayou, an old man gets out*

    Old man: *Voice is Joe Alaskey* Hey! That's my home!!!!

    *The gator continues to get closer to the city.*

    *Back at the madi gras*

    Coop: Here we are....Cajun Stakehouse....home of the Cajun Philly Cheesestake. After you Kiva.

    Kiva: Why thank you Coop. You know Coop. This Madi Gras thing is actualy alot of fun. I had no idea doing this kind of stuff would be...enjoyable. I guess being in a future where nothing is fun kinda makes you appreciate these kinda things.

    Coop: I'm telling ya. *Getting 2 Philly cheesestakes and giving one to Kiva* Madi Gras is the place to be when it comes to having fun. And the best part was that this night went off without a hitch. *As he's about to eat his phillycheese stake we hear rumbling and an small earthquake*

    Kiva: Coop I know your hungry but you don't have to let us know with your stomach.

    Coop: That wasn't me.

    *The thumps get louder*

    *The gator shows up and starts to roar, then sniffs and grabs Coop's cheese stake and sniffs it, Coop has a surprised look on his face. The gator sniffs it again and eats it. He likes it and licks his lips*


    *The gator then goes to the grill and grabs the other cheesestakes and starts to gulp them down and he's happy but he's still hungry and he lets out a huge roar*

    Coop: Man.....I can't believe this! That thing ate my Cajun Philly Cheesestake!

    Kiva: Coop....I think we have more things to worry about than your philly cheesestake like how that giant alligator got here and how to stop it from rampaging the city.

    Coop: I know how....with a good ol fashing butt whupping!!!!

    *The gator continues it's rampage throughout the city it starts to grab a hot dog truck and shakes it and feeds off the food inside it. Then it smashes a building with it's tail. The people are scared of it.*

    Coop: *In Megas* HEY WALLY GATOR!!!

    *The Gator turns around*

    Coop: You owe me a philly cheesestake!!!!!!

    *The gator lets out a huge roar*

    Kiva: Coop I don't think the thing understands you.

    Coop: Then I'm sure he'll understand this!!! *Punches the gator sending him falling onto a POP TV Truck*

    *The gator gets back up and starts to pick up a building and throws it at Megas*

    Kiva: Coop look out!!!!

    *Megas jumps out of the way and dodges the building attack*

    *As they continue to fight*

    *At the girls apartment*

    *The girls are giggling and they are on a couch with Jamie. A window behind them we can see Megas and the giant gator battling the whole time in the background. What goes on is the following things:

    1: Megas punches the gator 2 times.

    2: The gator then tackles Megas

    3: Megas fires it's guns on the gator

    4: The Gator grabs a sign and tries to hit Megas with it

    5: Megas gives the gator a headlock and punches it in the head a few more times

    6: The gator slaps Megas with it's tail*

    Jamie: And that's how I saved the world from some evil alien robot who kept growing and stuff.

    Girl 1: I really loved that story.

    Girl 2: Tell us another one.

    Girl 3: Please!!!

    Girl 4: Yeah they are really nice.

    Jamie: I don't know.....I'm kinda running out of stories. And it's getting kinda late. I should be getting back to my friends now.

    *The girls all beg at the same time*

    Jamie: Well....All right...there was this one time where these space chicks wanted me to help save their world.

    *Back at the battle*

    *The gator tries to slam Megas with it's tail again and does so causing Megas to trip The gator then jumps on Megas and starts tearing apart at Megas's amror*

    Kiva: Coop! That thing is going to tear right through Megas! Do something!

    Coop: Let's see how Wally Gator likes this!!

    *Coop activates his hi beams hitting the Gator causing it to be in pain.*

    Coop: That should teach him!

    Kiva: I'm going to run a scan on that thing and find out where it came from! You just....keep doing what you were doing.

    Coop: Fine by me!

    *The Gator and Megas grapple and the Gator picks up Megas and throws it. Megas then gets back up and continues to fight the gator.*

    Kiva: Hm....the scan is almost complete Coop. Just hold him off until I'm done.

    *Megas and the gator continue to rumble, They exchange blows and then the Gator bites Megas's arm and it is now crunched*

    Coop: Megas's arm!!! *Angry* All right you oversized scaly handbag! You eat my Cajun Philly Cheesestake, damage Megas, and ruined my Madi gras! Now I'm going to turn you into a purse!!!

    *Megas continues to hurt the gator and do more attacks to it. It then picks up the gator and flies into the air it then tosses the gator into the swamp near by the city and then they continue to battle there. The gator tries a tail swipe but Megas grabs his tail and tosses the giant gator into the tree, the gator is now stunned*

    Coop: THIS IS FOR MEGAS!!! *Punches the gator in the nose*

    *The gator is hurt and is crying*

    Coop: AND THIS IS FOR RUINING MY MADIGRAS!!! *Begins to charge up his hand and is about to super punch the gator when Kiva stops him*

    Kiva: COOP DON'T HURT IT!!!

    Coop: Uh...Kiva...that thing just terrorized New Orleans and wrecked Megas!!!

    Kiva: Coop that thing is from Earth. I picked up traces of toxic waste on it. It must of mutated into that monster.

    Coop: You mean like one of those ninja turtles?

    Kiva: I mean it's a normal alligator that was mutated by toxic chemicals. You can't hurt it! We need to get it to a place where it can be safe.

    Coop: ate my philly cheesestake!!!

    Kiva: Coop this poor creature didn't want to be like this! I'm sure it's scared and confused about what's going on. We should help it out!

    Coop: Fine.....So what do we do first?

    Kiva: Let's befriend it and then maybe he will cooperate.

    Coop: So....any ideas?

    Kiva: Why not have Megas produce some of those cajun philly cheese stakes so it will trust us.


    *Megas does so. Megas's hand grabs the philly cheese stakes and megas gives one of them to coop who eats it. And has the other one in his hand*

    Coop: Hey Gator!

    *The gator is snivling and looking at Megas*

    Coop: Look what I have! *Shows the philly cheese stake*

    *The gator is scared to go near it*

    Coop: Don't's ok. I won't hurt you any more. Just come and get the cheese steak and everything will be ok.

    *The gator slowly comes closer and starts to sniff it. The gator then bites it without hurting Megas and eats it. He seems to be happy again, Megas then rubs it's belly and the gator becomes relaxed and it trusts Megas now, it licks Megas on the car thingy*

    Coop: Heheheh He likes us Kiva.

    Kiva: *Using her scan thingy* I'll see if I can find a planet that's similar to it's living environment...Oh here is one. It's a planet inhabitied by giant alien alligators and crocodiles. This place should be perfect for him.

    Coop: Did you hear that are gonna go to a new home and make new friends.

    *The gator smiles*

    *Back at the girls place, Jamie is sleeping with the girls on the couch and has kisses all over him. He wakes up and realizes it's like midnight and he starts to get up*

    Girl 1: where are you going sweetie. Please don't leave.

    Jamie: I have to girls....I'm going to be staying with a few friends today.

    *The other girls go aww and beg him to stay*

    Jamie: Don't worry. I'll come back tommorrow. I promise.

    Girl 2: That's nice.

    Girl 3: Yeah!

    Jamie: I'll see you girls later. *Walks out whistling very happily*

    *Megas and the gator are now at that planet*

    Coop: Here you go pal...your new home.

    *The huge gator seems to like it alot...all of a sudden he seems a female blue gator with alien antenaa. They seem to like each other and they go over and nuzzle each other*

    Coop: Well that worked out better than we thought. He should be fine here.

    Kiva: We should get back now...Jamie's probably worried sick about where we are.

    Coop: Yeah good point. *Bites his cheesestake* Oh man....this is good. It may not be made with love but it's still just as good.

    *They head back to Earth and see Jamie walking down the street As Jamie walks down the street he sees the city destroyed*

    Jamie: Woah!!! *Looks around* Looks like Coop did a bit too much partying last night.

    *We see Megas decend next to Jamie*

    Coop: Hey Jamie!!!

    Jamie: Hey guys! What's been going on!

    Coop: Long story. Get in.

    *Jamie is in Megas now*

    Coop: So how was your day?

    Jamie: Totally awesome......I told you Madi Gras is the best. I met these cool chicks who were all ga ga over me. I gave them my beads and promised I would come back tomorrow. And what about you guys.

    Kiva: I'm glad you had a good time Jamie. While you were with your girlfriends we were busy fighting off some giant mutant alligator.

    Jamie: So I've noticed....

    Coop: Well we still got 4 more days of Madi Gras left. I say we go hit the dance club and then go out of cajun philly cheesesteaks!

    Kiva: I just want to go to sleep...

    Jamie: Come one Kiva! The night is young! Let's party till the sun comes up!!!

    Coop: Hahahahah!!!! I vote for that!!!

    *Megas walks off*

    Ending Credits: *We see both Coop and Jamie dancing and everyone loves them*
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    And this is the final episode idea for season 3. I'll start Season 4 later :p

    S.S Warlock

    *The episode begins in Jenna's front yard. Jenna is working on the car while Racheal is chilling outside with an ice cream cone and a soda leaning next to the car*

    Racheal: I don't see what the big deal is. I mean why go through all this fuss for giving Coop a Birthday Present?

    Jenna: Because I love Coop and want to get him something for his birthday.

    Racheal: Yeah well what did he get you for your birthday.

    Jenna: Tickets to wrestlefest.

    Racheal: NO WAY! Those tickets were sold out!!! You must have one really dedicated boyfriend.

    Jenna: I know. *Giggles*

    Racheal: If I was you....I'd just get the big guy a phillycheesesteak or something.

    Jenna: No....I want to get him something he will really love. *Slides out from under the car and walks next to Racheal with 2 ice cream cones* Well the car is finished. I'm hungry. Let's go get some Pizza.

    Racheal: You know Jenna. It's gonna be hard to get Coop something just as special as wrestling tickets. Their isn't much he's gonna want.

    Jenna: Well what do you suggest?

    Racheal: Well if Jamie was my boyfriend, thankfully he's not. He would probably want....


    *We see Jamie strapped on a bed and tied, then we see Racheal in drag and she has a whip, she starts to grin evily and heads towards Jamie, Jamie starts to get scared and scream like a little girl*

    *Back to Reality*

    Racheal: Actually....that would be something I would want for my birthday.

    Jenna: Ok.....yeah....the whole "I hate Jamie" thing is really creeping me out. *All of a sudden a giant flash of light appears and both girls look up* What the heck!? we see a giant ship in the is the saving grace MK2. Out come a bunch of crew members and start to surround Jenna and Racheal.*

    Racheal: Uh Jenna?

    Jenna: Yeah?

    Racheal: Why are there a bunch of space piriates surrounding us about ready to kill us?

    Jenna: I have no idea....

    *The crewmen start to seperate and we see Warlock start walking towards Jenna*

    Warlock: Ah my read headed Kiva....I have finally found you at WWWAAAHHH!!!!! *Does the ching things with warped sound like it did with Coop in Ultra Chicks* KIVA!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOURSELF!? You let yourself become fat!!! Has being seperated for so long from me made you so depressed! Look how huge you are!!!

    Racheal: *Whispering* Dude.....he thinks your that future chick that hangs out with Coop and Jamie.

    Jenna: Uh...I'm not Kiva. I'm Jenna. And this is Racheal.

    Worlock: Forgive me.....I thought you were Kiva....but you are even more beautiful than I expected.

    Racheal: *Eyebrow raise*

    Jenna: Uh.....oooookkkkk!

    *Title theme plays*

    S.S Warlock.

    Jenna: Uh.....are you feeling ok?

    Warlock: Why never better my sweet beautiful lady. *Kisses her hand*

    Jenna: *Whispering to Racheal* The guy is a freak.....

    Racheal: You're telling me...

    Crewman 2: You've got to be kidding me....

    Crewman 3: He sunk to a whole new low.....

    Warlock: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Warlock. Captian....well the rest of my name isn't important. What is important that I have found you my dear Jennifer. *Kisses her on the hand again* You are so beautiful. Your volumptious body. Your giantic curves. Your beautiful Beautiful long fluffy hair. I've fallen in love with you Miss Jennifer. *Kisses her again*

    Jenna: Uh....thanks. Yeah you mind not doing that?

    Warlock: I have come to take you away from it all. Give you paradise. I would love it if you would come be with me for eternity in the starts. Together we could rule the skies. Jennifer....please be with me forever. I could not go another day longer being seperated from such a lovely creature as yourself.

    Jenna: the offer is tempting but I think I'll-

    Racheal: She'll take it!!!

    Jenna: Uh...Racheal?

    Racheal: Come on....this is a once and a lifetime oppotunity! We get to be space pirates!! SPACE PIRATES!!!! Take my advice....dump Coop and go for this guy.

    Jenna: No! I don't want to dump Coop! Besides I don't like this guy. He's too.....well....skinny.

    Racheal: Come on Jenna....please!!! Hey...maybe this warlock guy has something you can get Coop!

    Jenna: I don't know....

    Racheal: Come on it for me. Please?

    Jenna: Fine....but we are only going up there to check it out. See if there is a present for Coop then we are leaving. Got it.

    Racheal: Yeah yeah whatever.

    Warlock: So my sweet Jennifer... Have you made your decision.

    Jenna: Well....all right. I'll come with.

    Warlock: I knew you'd make the right decision. We shall leave at once! Come! We don't have a moment to lose! *They are teleported aboard the Saving Grace MK2 and the ship flies away into space*

    Warlock: Welcome aboard the Saving Grace Mark 2!

    Jenna: What happened to the Saving Grace Mark 1?

    Warlock: We ran into a problem....but that doesn't matter anymore. I hope you find everything to your liking?

    Racheal: Swanky.....I think I'm gonna like it here.

    Warlock: Allow me to show you your quarters my dear Jennifer.

    Jenna: Uh ok yeah look....about that. Just call me Jenna.

    Warlock: As you wish.

    *They walk*

    Racheal: See....what did I tell you Jenna? This place is awesome. Why don't we just stay?

    Jenna: No! I already told you we are just going to look around, see if we can find anything and leave! Now quit bothering me about it!

    Racheal: Sheesh...fine.

    Warlock: Here is your quarters my sweet. I hope you enjoy it.

    *The room is a very nice room with paintings and a fountian and other stuff. It's really nice looking*

    Jenna: Wow! This is beautiful!

    Racheal: Indeed.

    Warlock: I shall let you get comfortable with your new surroundings. Later come see me in my private headquarters. We shall get to know each other....a little better.

    *They walk out*

    Crewman 1: Sir....about the blonde girl....what should we do with her?

    Warlock: Hm...since she is best friends with Jenna....she may stay. But keep a close eye on her.

    Crewman 1: I understand.

    *Back at the room*

    *Racheal is checking on the wardrobe and is dressing up like a real pirate with a new striped bandana, a pirate bra and shirt, and other piratey stuff.*

    Racheal: I look like a real pirate!!! I told you this was gonna be awesome. I say we forget Coop and Jamie and we stay with these guys!

    Jenna: Forget it Racheal! I'm not staying. As soon as we find something for Coop we are leaving. *Stomach Growling* But first....let's get some food.

    *They walk out*

    Jenna: So know where we can find a cafeteria or something on this ship.

    Racheal: No...but I'm sure if we ask one of the crew members I'm sure they'll let us know.

    *Sees one of the crew men resting standing up*

    Jenna: Excuse you know where I can get some food.

    Crewman 4: Go down the hall and to the left. You can't miss the cafeteria.

    Jenna: Thanks. *They go there*

    *At the cafeteria*

    Jenna: So how do we go and get food.

    Crewman 3: Use the food particlizer! *Points to the food particlizer thingy*

    *They go up to the food particlizer*

    Jenna: So how does it we wait for someone to speak through it then we ask for something.

    Racheal: I dunno.

    Jenna: Uh....maybe I just talk to it and give it my order. Then someone should give it to me.

    Racheal: Works for me.

    Jenna: Uh...I'll have 1 double bacon cheeseburger!

    *A bacon cheeseburger appears in the thing*

    Jenna: So that's how it works!! *Grabs the burger*

    Racheal: My turn. I'll have one cesear salid!

    *A salid appears*

    *Racheal grabs the salad and goes back to a table....Jenna proceeds to follow but stops turns around and smiles at the food particleizer. Racheal is now sitting down eating her salad when Jenna comes with a giant tray of food*

    Racheal: Don't you think you got enough there Big J?

    Jenna: I was hungry....I haven't eaten anything in awhile.

    Racheal: You just ate 2 hours ago.

    Jenna: So...*Bites into a burger, then offers Racheal a Phillycheesesteak* Philly cheesesteak?

    Racheal: Uh no....I'll just eat my salid thanks.

    *As they eat*

    Jenna: Hey! I think I just found the perfect present for Coop! What if I gave him a food particlizer for his birthday!

    Racheal: And how are we going to do that?

    Jenna: soon as we finish eating, we go find another one, then we escape this place and head home just in time to wrap up his present.

    Racheal: Not bad.....But how are we gonna do that when there are hundreds of pirates guarding every single area of this place?

    Jenna: I'll think of something. *All of a sudden she lets out a huge burp and everyone starts and looks at her first angerly then they all cheer for her.* Nice... Anyways Racheal I'm gonna be right back. *Gets back up*

    Racheal: You going to look for another food particlizer then for a way out of here?

    Jenna: No...I'm going back for seconds.

    Racheal: *Continues eating her salad and sees one of the crewmen at another table. It's the one with the yellow hair and red shirt, she goes up and talks to him* Hey there about you and me go look for some buried treasure?

    Crewman 1: Do you mind!? I'm trying to eat here!?

    Racheal: Hmph....Is that a way to treat someone as pretty as me!?

    Crewman 3: You pretty...ha! Don't make me laugh! *Points* Now she's pretty! *We see a female lizard eating some gonlan stew*

    Racheal: Hmph!

    *Racheal walks back to the table and meets with Jenna*

    Jenna: Well I'm full....let's get out of here. And see if we can find another one of those food particlizer thingies.

    Racheal: Good idea....this place stinks anyway.

    *They walk out*

    *At Warlocks quarters*

    Warlock: Hm...I wonder what my darling Jenna is up to. *Checks his moniter thingy* *presses his button a few times* I wonder where they could be. Perhaps in the cafeteria? *Checks to find them not there* Perhaps she went into the lounge area *Scans and doesn't find them then presses the button a few more times and sees them in the escape room* What is this!? Are they trying to escape me!? They can't! I won't let them!!! *Warlock presses a button*

    *At the escape pods*

    Jenna: Looks like we hit the jackpot. Now let's get out of here before....

    *A bunch of guards come and surround them drawing swords and the like*

    Racheal: Something tells me this isn't the good bye committe.

    *Warlock approaches them*

    Warlock: My dear Jenna? What do you think you're doing!?

    Jenna: Leaving!

    Warlock: can't leave!......I need you!

    Jenna: Look....this is all very nice and lovely....thank you....but my place is on earth with my friends, family, and boyfriend.

    Warlock: Hmph.....what could your boyfriend give you that I, the greatest captian in the world couldn't?

    Jenna: My boyfriend is kind, caring, and understanding of my needs. You are just a self centered arrogant jerk. And that's why I could never abandon Coop.

    *Warlock starts to get angry*

    Warlock: Coop?.....*Clenching his fist* This Coop wouldn't happen to be a big.....fat......stupid...bumbling....oaf with a second rate robot that he can't even control!?

    Jenna: I'm assuming you two have met before.

    Warlock: That fat idiot destroyed my ship, ruinned my chances with Kiva, and cost me millons in repairs!!!! I was right about one thing Jenna.....I do need you. *Draws his sword* I need you to DIE!!!!!

    *The other crew members start to draw swords and aim guns at the girls*

    Racheal: Ok.....let's all put down the point swords and guns and let's talk this need to waste ammo on us.

    Warlock: If I can't have you as my love then neither can that big lummox!!!! If I can't destroy him personally....I'll just destroy the one he loves the most!!!

    Jenna: You arrogent, crude, nasty little jerk! You take me against my will, try to destroy me and my friend when I won't cooperate, and you try to kill me just to hurt my boyfriend! Now you are going to pay!!!

    Warlock: But what can you do? You have nothing to fight back with. You don't even have a mech. You are powerless against me. And I always get what I want. Well.....except for that one time with Kiva. But that's another story.

    Jenna: Who says I don't have a mech? *She holds up her arm with has a watch on it she presses some button on the watch and it starts to then fires a beam of light into the air goes through the ship then the beam of light turns into a energy frequency travels to Earth and hits her car which activates....then her Megas flies off into space*

    *Warlock and her crew are looking and nothing happens*

    Warlock: That was a waste of time and foolishness....Now I'm going to destroy you and your loudmouth friend!

    Jenna: Wait for it....

    *They look outside and see a little glowing light and then it's her megas*

    Warlock: Oh no.....

    *Megas 2 smashes into the room causing destruction of the ships and stuff.....the car then drives up to her and Racheal and they get in and fly away*


    *They all start going into their mechs and start to pursue them*

    *Megas 2 flies away and is being chased by 100 mechs*

    Racheal: Uh...Jenna....THEY ARE GAINING ON US!!!!!

    Jenna: Don't worry. I'll take care of them.

    *Megas 2 turns around and starts firing back at the mechs, the other mechs get out of the way of the gunfire and are still in hot pursuit*

    Racheal: That didn't work...

    Jenna: I guess I'll have to fight them then. *Megas 2 does the bring it pose and the mechs surround Megas 2* They aim at Megas 2 and fire at Megas 2. Megas 2 ducks below and flies behind a mech and grabs the mech and has it fire on other mechs destroying it. Megas then then takes that mech and knees it in the stomach making a huge dent in the armor then throws it into another mech. Then we see Megas 2 open it's arm up and fires a wave of machine gun fire at more mechs destroying them, a mech creates an energy blade and tries to slash Megas 2 with it but Megas 2 gets out of the way and creates a cool energy sword to combat the mech, we then see another mech aim at Megas 2 and it locks on and it fires a blast at Megas 2 hitting hit, and Megas 2 goes hurtling through space*

    Jenna/Racheal: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

    *More mechs surround Megas 2*

    Warlock: I offer you one final chance to live with me! I suggest you take it or else!!! *His mechs aim at Megas 2 and lock on*

    Jenna: Forget it! You aren't even my type! You are way to skinny to be my boyfriend! Coop is more man than you'll ever be!!! *This angers Warlock*

    Warlock: FIRE!!!! *The mechs fire and they appear to hit Megas 2 and Megas 2 is covered by a smoke cloud, then Warlock orders his men to stop firing on Megas 2, and when the smoke clears they see nothing* Hahahahah.....It appears I have reduced her into nothing! She didn't even put up much of a fight! *A blip appears on his radar thingy* What the!? *Looks up and sees Megas 2 above them* Impossible!!!!

    *Megas 2's shoulder thingies pop out of Megas 2 and Megas 2 catches it. They connect and then blades appear at the end. Megas 2 has a double bladed sytche*

    Jenna: You should be lucky Warlock. You are about to be the first chump to be on the recieving end of my newest weapon! *Megas 2 twirls the scythe around and goes down, the mechs fire at Megas 2 but Megas 2 goes up to each mech and cuts them down to side using the scythe, a mech fires at Megas 2 but Megas 2 twirls the scythe around and the shots are deflected. Then Megas 2 spins the thing really fast and creates a laser using it. Destroying a bunch of mechs and stuff, then Megas 2 throws the scythe and it cuts a bunch of mechs in half, then Megas 2 goes and catches the scythe. Then Megas 2 seperates the two shoulder things and uses them as blades. Megas 2 goes up to mechs and starts to cut more mechs*

    Warlock: STOP HER AT ONCE!!!!!! *Mechs fire on Megas 2 but Megas 2 is too fast for them to hit. Megas 2 continues to cut mechs down to size by passing them and using the blades to destroy more mechs. Megas 2 then creates an X slash and fires it at more mechs cutting them into pieces, we see Warlocks' mech look at Megas 2 and aim with careful percision it looks on to Megas 2 and charges up an energy blast and fires it at Megas 2 hitting it hard. Then the mechs surround Megas 2 and aim at Megas* You are quite a pain Jenna!!! You may have lasted this far but I will not allow you to live any longer! You have gotten lucky so far but your luck has run out. *Aims her gun at the head part where Jenna is* It is time to say goodbye.

    Racheal: Uh Jenna....any ideas?

    Jenna: *Sees a can of cheese wiz on the car floor* Yeah! *Holds up a can of cheese*

    Racheal: We are going to shoot Cheese at them?

    Jenna: No....I have something better in mind. *She opens up the car window and throws the can of cheese out, Megas 2 grabs the cheese can and then opens the Megas 2 Matrix Acceelrator then Megas 2 shakes the can and sprays the cheese into the Matrix Acceelrator.

    Warlock: *Obviously confused* What on earth is she doing?

    Racheal: Uh....what good is that gonna do?

    Jenna: You'll see.....

    Warlock: That is it.....*Charges up his gun but Megas 2 starts to rumble*

    Racheal: Jenna....what's going on?

    Jenna: Just calling for some reinforcements!!!

    *Megas shoots out a ton of cheese and it forms into the cheese monster from "The fat and furious" it sees the Warlock Mecks and starts to attack them and wrapping them in it's tenticles!*

    Warlock: What the!? Get off of me!!!! Let go at once!!!

    *It has all the mechs wrapped up*

    Racheal: Nice.....

    Jenna: Now lets get out of here before that thing decides to attack us. OH! I almost forgot! *Presses a button labeled, "GET COOP'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!" Megas 2 then speeds up and flies back to the Saving Grace MK2 going right through it then comes out of the other side with 2 food particlizers*

    Racheal: Uh...why did you get 2 food particlizers?

    Jenna: A girl's gotta eat you know! *Megas 2 is attacked by gunfire* Ack! They are coming back!

    *Warlock and his mechs return to the Saving Grace MK2*

    Warlock: It's bad enough you reject me, now you steal from me!? Do be so kind to return my food replicators before I have all my men destroy you?

    Jenna: Forget it!!!

    Warlock: Very have sealed your fate.

    *The mechs aim their weapons at Megas 2*

    Racheal: Uh Jenna....

    Jenna: Yeah?

    Racheal: We have 100 guys aiming their weapons at us and Megas doesn't have any free hands to fight back.

    Jenna: Your point?

    Racheal: DO SOMETHING!!!

    Jenna: All right. How about this! HEY WARLOCK! YOU WANT YOUR FOOD THINGY BACK!? WELL GO GET THEM!!! *Megas 2 throws them up into the air and everyone looks*

    *Megas 2 then goes and starts smashing the mechs, Megas 2 then creates the energy sword thingy and slashes the mechs, it then activates it's machine guns on it's arms and starts to destroy more mechs, it then grabs and rips off a mechs arm and starts smashing other mechs with it, it then finishes up by firing a powerful laser blast at the remaining mechs and destroys them all except for Warlocks mech, the 2 food particlizers come back and Megas 2 catches them*

    Jenna: Oh yeah.....I rock.

    Warlock: Wonderful show......but you still won't live to see tommorow!!! I'll have the Saving Grace destroy you, and your planet!!!! *Presses a button*

    *The saving grace's mouth opens and starts to channel energy for creating a blast*

    Warlock: You have lost my dear Jenna. I always get what I want!? ALWAYS!!!!

    Racheal: Great....why did your boyfriend have to make so many enemies? Now we are gonna get wasted. This is just great...

    Jenna: We aren't through yet! I have one more trick up my sleaves! WAAAAHHH! *Head butts a button*

    *The custom horn plays on her thingy which is la cookaracha, all of a sudden a thousand florgnot appear and start to go after Megas 2*

    Racheal: OH it's bad enough we get attack by you have killer dragons come eat us!!!!

    Jenna: Wait for it......wait for it.....Now! *Presses another button and then takes the custom horn thingy and throws it into the mouth of the saving grace and the florgnot go after it*

    Warlock: Not again.....

    *The Florgnot enter the ship and the laser fires causing them to explode and since they are close to the ship the ship starts to explode as well.*

    Warlock: No!!!! MY SHIP!!! THIS ISN'T OVER YET! I will rebuild a new ship then I will destroy you, your boyfreind, and have my revenge!!! *Rides away*

    Racheal: Once again....nice move.

    Jenna: lets go home and wrap Coop's present!

    *At Coop's basement*

    *Jenna has wrapped the present and is checking to see if the other one works*

    Jenna: Ok....Philly Cheese Steak! *It produces the food she wanted* Excellent! Coop is going to love this!

    *We also see Jamie, Kiva, Goat, Tiny, and Racheal in the same place. Racheal is looking at the staircase while the others are just chilling*

    Jamie: You got this for Coop's birthday? He isn't going to just love it...he'll be the happiest man alive.

    Goat: You know what they get to a man's heart you got to go through his stomach.

    Jamie: And in Coop's's a pretty big stomach.

    Kiva: So exactly did you defeat Warlock?

    Jenna: Oh...I just had him get aquainted with a few friends of his.

    Kiva: You got the Florgnot to destroy him didn't you?

    Jenna: Florgwho?

    Kiva: Nevermind.

    Racheal: He's coming!!!!

    Jenna: Everyone hide!!!! *They all go to their hiding places and shut the lights*

    Ending Credits: *Coop comes down the stairs and everyone says surprised and happy birthday. Coop is very happy and looks at his present and opens it he's super happy he's crying and he hugs Jenna as thanks*

    There we go.
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    Ok now for some extra stuff.

    episode order/production numbers

    301: Love at First Fight
    302: Ultrabot Z
    303: Increadible Shirinking Megas
    304: Grill Power
    305: Tag Team
    306: Gladiator
    307: S.S Warlock
    308: How the Glorft Stole Christmas
    309: Wild Wild Megas
    310: Attack of the Lurps
    311: Big Battle in the Big Easy
    312: Ultra-Return
    313: House of 1000 Coopses

    Notes/Analysis/Cultral Refences.

    Love at First Fight.

    1: Coop now has a girlfriend! ^_^
    2: Jenna's Megas is identical to our Megas except that it's red in color and the car on top is a sports car.
    3: Villians: The Glorft
    4: Jenna acts alot like Coop in some ways except she's isn't as dimwitted as Coop is. She is the same size as Coop and has the same appitite as Coop.
    5: Racheal and Jamie are not going out apparently. They don't seem to like each other....well Racheal anyways.
    6: The Reason why Jenna has a Megas is because in every dimension, the same thing happens at some point and that is the Glorft attacking the future and someone sending Megas into the past, however there was some disturbance in the time space warp and it sent Megas to the same time but different dimension.
    7: A POP TV building gets destroyed
    8: Kiva seems to be more relaxed with the guys and is taking things easier...she's still like herself though.
    9: Coop did his You did's twice and Jenna did it the same time with Coop.

    Ultrabot Z

    1: This whole episode screams Mega Man X parody. Ultrabot Z is alot like Mega Man X right down to the Z Buster. Uno is identical to Zero right down to the flowing hair, boob lights, and U Saber.
    2: Bioroids are like the term for Reploids the kind of robots in the Mega Man X Series.
    3: The disobayer stoppers is a play on the term for Maverick Hunters which is also from the Mega Man X series.
    4: A POP TV Blimp was destroyed
    5: The man whose car was destroyed was the same man from "All I wanted was a Slushie"
    6: Alpha is a cross between of Sigma and Dr.Wiel from the X series and Mega Man Zero 3. His face is Dr.Wiels except for the scar which is Sigma's. The body is Sigma's also.
    7: Alpha's mech is a cross between Illumina from X6 and Big O. The interior of Alpha's is Big O and the mech looks identical to Illumna from Mega Man X6.
    8: Coop's has 3 buttons the Cool energy sword, the Weapon Get! and the Megas Omega button.
    9: Alpha's blade is the same as Sigma's blade in Mega Man X8
    10: The Weapon Get ability Megas uses is a joke on X8's translation of the Weapon Get screen.
    11: The places that get destroyed are the Burger Barn, the Pizza Shack, and the Fireworks Factory.
    12: One of the Signs in the episdoe said No Flying: Giant Robots included
    13: Little Tommy's full name is Dr.Thomas Bright. He's the one who creates Ultrabot Z.
    14: When we see Little Tommy in the future he looks alot like Mr.Famous from Megaman NT Warrior.
    15: An L-Tank looks like a megaslush and has the similar effects as a Sub Tank or E-Tank from the Megaman Games
    16: Megas Omega looks identical to Omega's super form from Megaman Zero 3
    17: A M-Tank probably stands for Megas Tank
    18: Villians: Alpha
    19: Apparently Kiva had succeeded in saving the future since Ultrabot Z made no recall of any war occuring with aliens
    20: Kiva had the chance to go with them but decided to stay because the Glorft was still in the past.
    21: The D-Galive, T-Breaker, B-Fan, and K-Knuckle are all weapons Zero uses in X8. Apparently Uno's U-Saber can transform.
    22: The transforming weapon could be a reference to Reboot. Where Glitch could transform into many things.
    23: The megas Armor that Ultrabot Z acquires is a tribute of Mega Man X getting special armors. But the way he got it is similar to how Megaman gets his weapons in the Ruby Spears Cartoon.
    24: The Megas Armor looks cool on Ultrabot Z. And he gets to keep it when he goes back in time.
    25: The battle with megas and Ultrabot Z and Uno takes place on the highway....this is a tribute to Awakening Road. A level in Mega Man X.

    Honey I shrunk the Megas

    1: The title is a spoof of the movie "Honey I shrunk the Kids"
    2: Jamie's daydream is something out of Porky's.
    3: The plot is similar to the whole "Shrink down and get something before it does something bad" Plot. This time Megas went into Goat's body and destroyed a virus....thought Megas would of done more damage since it's you know.....Megas
    4: Goat's quote "Hello Nurses" Is something out of Animaniacs.
    5: The scene with Jamie's "Prostate check" Was similar to a skit of Blue Collar TV...good thing they didn't show it :p
    6: One of the nurses look like Josie from "Josie and the pussy cats"
    7: Nothing POP TV Related was destroyed :p
    8: Villians: Stomach Virus
    9: The Jammer returns in this episode

    Grill Power:
    1: This episode is similar to "All I wanted was a slushie" Instead Coop wanted to get an Omegacue but couldn't cause Aqualorx kept getting in the way. In the end he got his Omegacue.
    2: The Daydream of Jamie saying "You're the duke! You're number 1!" Is roll reversal when Coop said it to Jamie in one of Jamie's daydreams from "Coop de tat"
    3: A Pop TV building is destroyed in this episode.
    4: One of the signs said. "Not a chance big boy" This is ironic at the fact that Coop had to get on a long line to buy his Omegacue.
    5: It's also ironic at the fact that Aqualorx being an squid/octopus like monster wanted freshwater when they are saltwater mollusks.
    6: Villians: Aqualorx

    Tag Team:
    1: My favorite episode!
    2: No mechs were used in this episode at all.
    3: Jenna and Racheal return from "Love at first fight" It's apparent that Coop and Jenna are going out now.
    4: This episode shows Coop's actual strength. If he was able to take out the entire glorft using his bare hands why not take out Warlocks crew in "Space Booty"?
    5: Response to above: The Glorft didn't have any weapons in the arena so Coop wasn't afraid to fight back.
    6: Coop and Jenna can bench press over 300.
    7: It seems Coop isn't the fat softie we thought he was. Instead he's quite powerful.
    8: Coop saying "It's Clobberin Time!!!" Is something that The Thing, a hero from the fantastic 4 would say.
    9: The daydream Jamie had could be a reference from "Coop de Tat"
    10: Coop and Jenna won the fight against Gorrath and the Commander.
    11: UPB stands for "Universal Public Broadcasting"
    12: It's also apparent that Jamie and Racheal are not dating.
    13: The Double Deuce is a move Stinkoman uses from Homestar Runner
    14: The Conchairto is a trademark move Edge and Christian used in the WWE
    15: The Sledgehammer is a weapon HHH likes to use when wrestling.
    16: The Megaslush Torture used by Gorrath is a reference to "The Driver's Seat" The holding things that Coop and Jenna were in is also from the Drivers Seat.
    17: The quote. "Believe me. Just looking at you is torture" By Jenna is a reference to Kids Next Door when Numbah 1 said it to Negitive Numba 4 in Operation P.O.O.L
    18: Nothing POP TV related is destroyed in this episode.
    19: Coop has shown his strength before...once in Fat and the Furious when he punches the TV and not get hurt and in Ice Ice Megas where he punches the car door without getting hurt.
    20: Villians: The Glorft

    1: The episode begins similarly to "Buggin the System"
    2: Nothing POP TV was destroyed in this episode
    3: The King looks like Mordred from Justice Leauge Unlimited and sounds like Numbah 4 from Kids next door
    4: The Quote "Why! Why was I programmed to feel discomfort!" Is a spoof of the quote "Why! Why was I programmed to feel pain!?" From the Simpsons.
    5: Apparently.....Jamie is a wimp.
    6: Villians: The King

    S.S Warlock
    1: Villians: Warlock
    2: Warlock Returns in this episode and goes for Jenna....who has red hair :p
    3: Sadly....nothing POP TV related was destroyed in this episode :p
    4: The outfit Racheal was wearing in her Daydream is identical to the one the girl wears in One Piece.
    5: Coop got a Food Particlizer for his birthday and later made a copy of it to install inside Megas.
    6: Coop has no lines in this episode
    7: Apparently Jenna learned alot from Coop and used it to her advantage such as summoning the Florgnot to destroy Warlock's ship and the making of the Cheese Monster by squeezing cheese into the Matrix Accelerator.
    8: Jenna and Racheal are the focus of this episode.
    9: Jenna pressed a button labeled "GET COOP'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT!" And she got 2 food for her and one for Coop.
    10: She seems to be more compatant than her boyfriend Coop.
    11: This episode proves that Racheal and Jamie are NOT dating.
    12: The Saving Grace MK2 is the same as the Saving Grace MK1 except that it's gold in color
    13: Coop didn't see this because??
    14: Response to above: Coop was probably doing something else at this point....maybe fighting on the Glatiator planet?

    How the Glorft Stole Christmas
    1: Christmas episode
    2: We get to see Coop Skinny in this episode....he looks lot better fat. Trust me :p
    3: Presents going to the workers of Pop TV are destroyed in this episode.
    4: The Carminator looks like a giant truck like dog....thing....
    5: Coop must of installed an auto pilot after Tag Team incase a thing like that was to happen again.
    6: Fred and Tony act and sound alot like Numba 2 and Numba 1 respectivly from Kids Next Door. They are both voiced by Benjiman Deskin
    7: Villians: The Glorft
    8: Ally from "Terminate Her" Is mentioned in this episode.
    9: The Auto Pilot has different functions. Crusie, Warp Speed, Smash, Pummel, Pummel more, and Defense
    10: Santa also has a mech. It looks alot like Optimus Prime when it transforms.
    11: Coop got that monster truck....apparently.
    12: The song in the beginning is sung by the same man who sang the Grinch Song.

    The Good The Bad and the Megas

    1: Villians: Brogdor...The Glorft
    2: A Train carrying POP TV advertising was used as a weapon as Brogdor
    3: Also a POP COUNTRY SALOON Was destroyed in this episode.
    4: Western Kiva personality change is similar to Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop
    5: The Horse talking to the other horse has 2 is from the movie Robin Hood Men in tights where the hose complains about someone fat riding him IE Coop. and also from the cartoon Don Cyoete where the horses talk to each other.
    6: Brogdor is similar to Trogdor the Burninator. When Coop says Stupid Knight! Is the same thing Strong Bad said when playing Trogdor. Coop also says Burninate this! Is also a trademark of Trogdor.
    7: The Bar scene is similar to an episode of Rocko's modern life where Bloaty and Squirmy were at some ranch.
    8: Western Racheal's attitude towards Jamie is the opposite then as it is in real's probably because it's Coop's and Jamie's daydream.
    9: Why didn't Kiva go back into that time to get Megas back?
    10: Because it was a daydream!!!
    11: Megas had a horse and carrage on the head instead of a car since it's like the old west.
    12: Coop Cassidy is a spoof of Butch Cassidy and Jamie the Kid is a spoof of Billy the Kid.
    11: Apparently...Megas has Internet Access....wireless Internet Access.
    12: The theme from Blazzing Saddles plays when Coop and Jamie enter town
    13: The theme to Rawhide plays when they leave town.

    Attack of the Lurps.
    1: Villians: Lurps
    2: The Beast from the DMV Return in this episode. Their planet was under attack by the Lurps
    3: These Lurps are different Lurps from "Rearview Mirror Mirror" 1 and 2
    4: Papa Lurp acted and sounded alot like Zim from Invader Zim
    5: Lurpette, Grouchy Lurp, Jokey Lurp, Brainy Lurp, and Hefty Lurp all have the same personality as Smurffete, Grouchy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Brainy Smurf, and Hefty Smurf. They even have the same voice actors. However Lurpette acted more like Ms. Bitters from Invader Zim but her voice actor was the same.
    6: Megas new modification is the Portible Food Particlizer which he made a replicate of in Megas for on the go helped them stop the Lurps from destroying megas
    7: Nothing Pop TV was destroyed in this episode.
    8: The reason why the Lurps are so strong is because they absorb the energy from other robots and monsters using flowers.
    9: Candy is the Lurps weakness
    10: Darklos made a cameo in this episode as she was forced to pick up the mess the Lurps made.
    11: They even made fun of how the Lurps talk like Smurfs when Coop goes. I have no idea what you just said!

    Big Battle in the Big Easy.
    1: Villians: Gator
    2: Jamie got the better of this episode.....he got all the ladies.
    3: Wally Gator is a cartoon character from Hanna Barberra
    4: This episode explians why Coop was away in the episode Ultra Return
    5: The music the band was playing is the same music from Tony Hawk Under Ground 2 when you go to the dixie band.
    6: Jamie may not fight....but he can sure dance.
    7: A Pop TV truck was destroyed in this episode.
    8: The quote "So he's like one of those Ninja Turtles" Is a reference to TMNT, the turtles became ninja turtles when they were exposed to Toxic Waste.
    9: Kiva and Coop seem to get along well in this episode. '
    10: Coop never got to have a store bought Cajun Philly Cheesesteak but he died get to eat one from the Food Particlizer he installed in Megas.
    11: Jamie mentions Skippy in this episode....he will show up in the next episode.
    12: The Crab Aliens can be seen in this episode at the dance club.

    1: Villians: Lunareon
    2: Skippy and the Ultra Cadets Return.
    3: This episode again focuses on Jenna and Racheal (And Skippy!)
    4: The Bugs are similar to the insects in Blue Gender. They are even called the Gendar as to spoof it.
    5: The Mech Skippy has is a giant version of a remodeled Sniper from Blue Gender. He even seems to know how to pilot it. He must have more of Coop in him then we thought.
    6: Skippy's daydream of destroying the school is similar of Coop's daydream of destroying the DMV in "DMV: Department of Megas Violations" His daydream even comes true!!!
    7: Lunareon is similar to Queen Barrel, a villian from Sailor Moon.
    8: The Ultra Cadets do their mock transformation....this time Galaxia goes to smack Comet on the head telling her to hurry it up thus proving it's a mock transformation.
    9: The girls have abilites similar to the Sailor Scouts. Nova's Flame Tornado is a move Sailor Mars would use, Comet's Meteor Strike is just a move, Pulsar's Aqua Sonata is a move Sailor Mercury would use and Galaxia's Lighting Roundhouse is a move Sailor Jupiter would use.
    10: The Serenity has a duel reference. First it's similar to Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and the name of the place is reference to Queen Serenity: The mother of Sailor Moon, which the Ultra-Cadets are based on.
    11: Lunareon's ship battle mode is similar to the Outlaw Star, a ship with the ability to transform and have hands....the way Lunareon controls the ship in battle mode is also similar to Malfina, the person who was the ships energy control source.
    12: Skippy saved the day and got to keep the mech.
    13: Coop, Jamie, and Kiva were gone for 5 days at New orleans, they returned at the end though we don't get to see Kiva.
    14: Nothing Pop TV was destroyed in this episode.

    House of 1000 Coopses
    1: Season Finale
    2: Villians: Evil Coop, Evil Kiva
    3: Evil Coop and Evil Kiva return in this episode
    4: Jenna, Racheal, and the Glorft had no involvement in this episdoe
    5: The Evil Clones's ability to regenerate is similar to the T-1000 models in Terminator
    6: The mechs are similar to Zaku's in Gundam.
    7: Evil Kiva dies in this episode
    8: Jenna was in this episode but as a fan at Wrestlefest...this references Coop's birthday present of giving her season tickets to Wrestlefest
    9: The move Kiva uses on Coop is similar to the Kamehamea wave used in Dragonball Z, and the beam struggle between Coop and Evil Kiva is also referenced to Dragon Ball Z
    10: A Pop TV building was destroyed in this episode.
    11: The Evil Lurps return and make Evil Coop their slave! At the End Credits
    12: Evil Coop's mech transformation looks alot like Shadow from Mega Man X Command Mission.
    13: It seems Kiva may let Coop keep Megas when she said that he's proven to her time and time that he's worthy enough to keep Megas.
    14: Apparently Evil Coop knows about the Lurps weakness and turned them into slaves.
    15: Alternate Jamie was mentioned in this episode.
    16: The Title "House of 1000 Coopses" Is a spoof of House of 1000 Corpses.

    I'll add more so check on this every now and then.

    Voice actors for each episode

    Love at first fight:
    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Jennifer Hale: Jenna
    Danielle Harris: Racheal
    Clancy Brown: Gorrath
    Kevin Michal Richardson: Commander
    Intercom: Dee Bradly Baker

    Ultrabot Z:
    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie, Man whose car got destroyed, police officer
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Cam Clark: Ultrabot Z
    Joshua Seth: Uno
    Roscoe Lee Browne: Alpha
    Sean Arqqete: Little Tommy

    Increadible Shrinking Megas
    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Scot Reinecker: Goat
    Tara Strong: Girl 1, Nurse 1, Nurse 2
    Kevin Micheal Richardson: Doctor
    Dee Bradly Baker: Stomach Virus

    Grill Power
    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Dee Bradly Baker: Man, Omegacue Guy
    Maruice Lamarche: Aqualorx, BBQ Cookoff announcer

    Tag Team
    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Jennifer Hale: Jenna
    Danielle Harris: Racheal
    Clancy Brown: Gorrath
    Kevin Michal Richardson: Commander, Robo Ref

    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie, Warrior 2, Advisor
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Niel....the guy who does Warlock: Krutus
    Dee Bradly Baker: King
    Micheal Clarke Duncan: Warrior 1

    S.S Warlock:
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie, Crewman 4
    Wendee Lee: Kiva
    Scot Reinecker: Goat, Crewman 1
    Jennifer Hale: Jenna
    Danielle Harris: Racheal
    Neil...Richardson: Warlock
    Dee Bradly Baker: Crewman 2 and 3

    How the Glorft Stole Christmas:
    David Deluise: Coop, Mall Santa person
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Benjimin Deskin: Fred, Tony
    Billy West: Santa Claus
    Clancy Brown: Gorrath
    Kevin Micheal Richardson: Commander
    Lara Jill Miller: Girl on Santa's lap

    Wild Wild Megas
    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie, Brogdor
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Jeniffer Hale: Jenna
    Danielle Harris: Racheal
    Scot Reinecker: Goat
    Clancy Brown: Cowboy 2, Gorrath
    Kevin Michal Richardson: Commander, Tiny
    Jim Cummings: Undertaker

    Attack of the Lurps.

    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Dee Bradly Baker: DMV Monster
    Frank Welker: Hefty Lurp
    Tom Kenny: Happy Lurp 1
    Richard Steven Horvitz: Papa Lurp, Happy Lurp 2
    Lucilee Bliss: Lurpette
    Barry Gordan: Brainy Lurp
    June Foray: Jokey Lurp
    Micheal Bell: Grouchy Lurp

    Big Battle in the Big Easy
    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie, Gator
    Wendee lee: Kiva
    Joshua Seth: Man 2
    Dee Bradly Baker: Man 1
    Tara Strong: Girl 1, 4
    Danielle Harris: Girl 3
    Lara Jill Miller: Girl 2

    David Deluise: Coop
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie
    Jeniffer Hale: Jenna
    Danielle Harris: Racheal
    Frankie Ryan: Skippy
    Wendie Malick: Lunareon
    Tara Strong: Comet, Pulsar
    Apollo Smile: Nova
    Janice Kawaye: Galaxia

    House of 1000 Coopses

    David Deluise: Coop, Evil Coop, TV Announcer
    Steven Jay Blum: Jamie
    Wendee Lee: Kiva, Evil Kiva.

    I will add more later.
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