Marvel Comics Solicitations - September 2012

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    AVENGERS VS X-MEN #11 & 12
    WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #16 & 17
    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #693 & 694
    SPIDER-MEN #5 (of 5)
    WINTER SOLDIER #10 & 11
    THE PUNISHER #15 & 16
    FIRST X-MEN #2 (of 5)
    FURY MAX #6
    HIT-GIRL #3 (of 5)

    hmmm. any reason why some titles are doing two issues this month (besides amazing spider-man)? and the newest essential punisher will feature "the final days" story line. the first punisher story i read, and set the tone of what i expect for the character (COMEDY! situations so over the top or simply absurd that a "serious dark grim" character like the punisher would never get into). unfortunately this volume will not reprint the couple issues that followed (even though they're more or less part of the arc). i guess marvel wants to keep the cliffhanger intact and leave people waiting for the next volume.
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    Marvel's been doing that for a while now with a number of their books. X-Factor's been like that for probably a good year now. I can't quote it or anything, but I remember when they first started doing it, I think I read that the goal was to get 15 books a year instead of 12 for a lot of titles.

    Either way, it's eating my wallet dry.

    -Avengers vs. X-Men #11
    -Avengers vs. X-Men #12:
    So this ends next month. I'm betting we'll start hearing about some major creator changes coming up between now and the October solicits.
    -New Avengers #30
    -Avengers #30
    -Avenging Spider-Man #12:
    This could either go really good or really bad.
    -Ultimate Comics X-Men #16
    -Captain America #17
    -Winter Soldier #10 & 11
    -Incredible Hulk #13 & 14
    -Daredevil #18
    -The Punisher #15 & 16
    -Deadpool #60 & 61
    -Age of Apocalypse #7
    -Uncanny X-Force #31
    -X-Factor #243 & 244

    May Get/Not Getting But Worth Note
    -Captain America and Black Widow #636 & 637: They put Francavilla back on the book? So, so tempting. Cap & Hawkeye was terrible, though, so I have no interest other than the art.
    -Hawkeye #2: If the first issue is good.
    -Gambit #3: Again, if the first issues are good.
    -X-Men: The Wedding of Cyclops and Phoenix TPB: Interesting. This is being solicited the same month that AvX ends. That has a cover with a blocked out Phoenix on it. Guess Jean's coming back.
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    Here's what I'm most interested in reading:

    Amazing Spider-Man #693 & 694: "Who is Alpha?" As long as this isn't another "mystical spider" from centuries past (like from the JMS years), then I'm interested...
    Astonishing X-Men #54
    Avengers #30
    Avengers Academy #36 & 37:
    Ouch. That's gotta hurt.
    Avengers Assemble #7: "Thanos Rules!" says the solicitation text. And that's it. They're selling the comic on the name of Thanos alone... :sweat:
    Avengers vs. X-Men #11 & 12: I am looking forward to whatever new titles come out after this event wraps up...
    Captain America #17
    Daredevil #18
    Dark Avengers #180 &181
    Fantastic Four #610
    FF #22
    First X-Men #2:
    Looking forward to Neal Adams back on the X-Men!
    Fury MAX #6: Nick Fury vs. Fidel Castro - to the death! :p
    Gambit #3
    Hawkeye #2
    Incredible Hulk #13 & 14
    Invincible Iron Man #524 & 525
    Journey Into Mystery #643 & 644:
    Geez, how many titles can we do double issues on in one month!!
    New Avengers #30
    New Mutants #49
    Scarlet Spider #9
    Secret Avengers #31:
    In this issue, Nick Fury sports a new hairdo!
    Space Punisher #3: If Punisher kills Galactus...well, I'll just laugh at it all.
    Spider-Men #5: The solicitation says "What will both Spider-Men do now that they know they’re not alone in the universe?" As if Peter Parker's never encountered alternate realities before...
    The Mighty Thor #19 & 20
    The Punisher #15 & 16:
    Cool cover. I guess that's how Punisher looks now? Looks like he belongs in a Splinter Cell or Metal Gear video game...
    Uncanny X-Force #31
    Uncanny X-Men #18 & 19
    Untold Tales of the Punisher Max #4
    Venom #24 & 25:
    When did demonic storylines overtake this title?
    Winter Soldier #10 & 11
    Wolverine #313
    Wolverine & the X-Men #16 & 17:
    I'm really start to get into this book...
    X-Factor #243 & 244
    X-Men #35 & 36
    X-Men Legacy #273 & 274:
    It's double issue madness!!
    X-Treme X-Men #4: I love Greg Pak!
  5. Jin Kazama

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    And, see, as a continuity buff, I thought you'd be dreading it. It's probably going to cause all kinds of fun with that.

    It's actually Max Fury, an LMD that was reprogrammed by Fury's brother to work with the Shadow Council. One of Brubakers many, many, many "Guy from the past you never knew about is back to kill you!" stories. And, yet, I still read them.
    It's different, but it works within the context of the book. The Frank of the book looks like the war on crime has just taken it's toll on him both mentally and physically, to the point where he's just "In The Zone" and running on auto-pilot. It sounds weird on paper, but it's done really well within the context of the book. The book itself is just amazingly good, probably my favorite on the stands right now (and was my personal pick of best book of 2011), so I'd really recommend it if you haven't read it yet.
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    Ah, well I was mostly referring to Adams' art. It's been a while since he was on any Marvel Comic...

    But it's also written by Christos Gage, who has no fear of continuity, and has used it well. Definitely not a "Bendis" style offender. Still, Neal Adams is the one who came up with this idea (Gage is just providing flesh to Adams' skeleton, so to speak). But what's most reassuring is that some of the editors working on this book with Adams came to the Marvel Index/Handbook group of writers (of which I'm a part), and asked some continuity questions, to ask what order events occurred in the history of some of these characters.

    That doesn't mean it'll be perfect, and writers reserve the right to carve out their own continuity, but I appreciate the effort in fact checking.

    I've gotten it since Issue #1, just haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Looking forward to it though, and probably will start on it soon...

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