Marvel Comics Solicitations - October 2014

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    Man, really good month for comics here:
    -All New X-Men 33(X-Men and Miles team up, the crossover no one asked for!)
    -Amazing Spider-Man 7(Spidey-New Ms. Marvel teamup, plus Spider-Verse tale, I am hype!)
    -Amazing Spider-Man 8(Another Spider-verse tale, wonder how many crossovers ASM will have next month)
    -Avengers 36(Looks like Thor is leading some of the team to a different planet at AIM? Interesting.)
    -Avengers 37(Very happy this book is double shipping as we get closer to the end point)
    -AXIS 1(What I've been waiting for, I've been hyped for this eventual Remeder event since I first raid Uncanny X-Force!)
    -AXIS 2(Cyclops and Havok teaming up? WHAT!)
    -Axis 3(Something tells me at the end of act one, the heroes and villains do a switchup of some kind which leads to act 2 and makes things a literal axis.)
    -Axis Revolutions 1(I'm so excited for the event I'm even getting crossovers)
    -Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier 1(This book should be very interesting after the events of Original Sin)
    -Captain America 25(I guess this is the last issue, it's been a fun run.)
    -Deadpool 36(Looks to be another great tie in)
    -DOW: Deadpool and Captain America 1(Very excited to read this, old Cap teaming up with Deadpool just ensures hilarity!)
    -Edge Of Spider-Verse 4(I'm down for all of these tales, they look fun)
    -Edge Of Spider-Verse 5(My most anticipated one shot)
    -GOTG 20(I'm reading the book again for this arc, I'm sure it will be character assisination each issue, so if I don't like it, I'll just act like this is out of continuity :p)
    -Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool 1(Very excited for this, Gerry Duggan has become one of my favorite writers)
    -Hulk 7(I'm starting to read this book again when Gerry Duggan takes over the title so..)
    -Loki 7(Eh, for Axis)
    -Magneto 11(Again, eh, just getting for Axis)
    -Miles Morales 6(Man, this guy just keeps having tough times)
    -Ms. Marvel 9(Not much too say here, just along for the ride at this point)
    -New Avengers 25(What used to be my favorite Avengers book till the latest Uncanny Avengers arc, still a fun book though)
    -Nova 22(Sure, why not!)
    -Spider-Man 2099 4(And our first arc comes to a end, really enjoyed issue 1 of this book)
    -Spider-Man 2099 5(And we are already back, with original 2099 creative team all together(sans inkers and colorers probably? :p)
    -Uncanny Avengers 25(Of course I can't wait for this)
    -Uncanny X-Men 27(Very interested in this book, but I wish Bendis would start double shipping it or something, pacy is way too slow in it.)

    Also I'm getting Original Sin hardcover this month, the first Marvel event I waited on trade for, mainly because this event really didn't seem to be changing the universe that much and because it would be more fun to read in one go.
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    I'll be getting Daredevil, Axis: Hobgoblin (I love the original Hobgoblin) and, once I finish reading Superior Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man.

    I'll wait for a price drop or sale on The Punisher, Guardians 3000, Miracleman, and George Romero's Empire of the Dead.

    I'm going to wait for reviews of Buck Barnes: Winter Soldier and Deathlok before I decide if I pick them up (even then they'll most likely end up being "price drop/sale" titles).
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    What I plan on picking up:
    All New X-Factor # 15
    All New X-Men #33
    Amazing Spider-Man #7-8
    Amazing X-Men # 12
    Avengers #36-37
    Axis #1-3
    Avengers World #14
    Captain America #25
    Captain Marvel #8
    Cyclops #6
    Daredevil #9
    Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #1
    Edge of Spider-Verse #5
    Hawkeye #22
    Hulk #7
    Ms. Marvel #9
    New Warriors #11
    Nightcrawler #7
    She-Hulk #9
    Spider-Man 2099 #4-5
    Storm # 4
    The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #16
    Uncanny Avengers #25

    General Comic Thoughts:
    - I'll be reading Axis, if only because I have confidence in a Rick Remender event, but I'm not sure if I'll read any of the Villain tie-ins even though I have interest in Hobgoblin and Carnage.

    - I'm definitely reading the Charles Soule issues of Logan Legacy, but otherwise I'm not sure if I'll pick up the other ones though it is interesting to have a bunch of Batman writers working on them. X-23's issue is one I can definitely see myself picking up if I feel I can manage it. I hope Soules issues also deal with the aftermath of Wolverine's death from the perspective of other characters like Cyclops and Spider-Man, since their reactions are what I'm most looking forward to seeing.

    - Seeing Spidey teaming up with Ms. Marvel is awesome and is probably going to be a fun team-up ;).

    - I'm going to miss Steve, even though I know he'll come back eventually, but I look forward to seeing Sam as Cap and I'll definitely be sticking with the book :).

    -Well, Hawkeye's finally ending. Hopefully Fraction can pull out a satisfying ending for what's likely going to be his last Marvel book for some time.

    - She-Hulk vs. Matt Murdock with Steve Rogers in the middle? Sign me up :cool:.
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