Marvel Comics Solicitations - November 2014

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    What I plan on getting:

    All-New Captain America #1
    All-New X-Factor #16
    All-New X-Men #35
    Amazing Spider-Man #9-10
    Avengers #38
    Avengers and X-Men: Axis #4-6
    Avengers World #15
    Captain Marvel #9
    Cyclops #7
    Daredevil #10
    Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan #1
    Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #1-2
    Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7
    Ms. Marvel #10
    New Warriors #12
    Nightcrawler #8
    She-Hulk #10
    Silver Surfer #8
    Spider-Man 2099 #6
    Storm #5
    The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #17
    Thor #2

    General Comic Thoughts:
    - Starting to get really tired of relaunches :mad:.

    - Looks like Spidey and SpOck are finally going to have a fight over who gets to lead the army of Spider-Men. I was a little disappointed there was never a rematch after their last "bout" in Superior, so hopefully this will make up for that. I'm also interested to see how Slott incorporates and writes Miles.

    - So if I'm understanding "Inversion" correctly, the second act of Axis has the Red Skull Onslaught using his powers to turn heroes into villains and likewise the villains into heroes and that's what creates the Superior Iron Man. Not sure how to feel about that, especially since it makes Tony's turn to the villainous less genuine. It'll at least be interesting to see how these inversions last and which do, but I honestly can't see any of them being permanent. And we have a new Sorcerer Supreme? Has it even been a whole year since Dr. Strange got the position back :sweat:?

    - Sad to see Rucka leave Cyclops, but I'm willing to give Layman a shot :).

    - So I guess Life After Logan is going to focus on other characters' reactions to Logan's death other than those focused on in Logans Legacy. Then again, considering how Nightcrawler appears to be in this yet his own series is also dealing with that topic, I guess I can also expect more of Cyclops' reaction to happen in Uncanny. At least, I would hope Bendis gets around to addressing it.

    - Willing to give the Weapon X mini-series a shot, if only because of Soule on writing duties and that it apparently spins out of Wolverine's death.

    - After all the creative changes, I think I'm going to drop Amazing X-Men. I guess Kyle and Yost couldn't stay on the book because of their work in the MCU and Thor 3.

    - So it looks like it's the end of New Warriors and Superior Foes. It's always the fun books that end too soon :sad:.

    - At least Kamala's book is probably safe ;).

    - I wasn't expecting Miguel to end up back in 2099 so soon, and it'll be interesting to see where PAD goes with it, though I have to imagine he'll be back to the present and his new supporting cast soon enough.
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    What's the deal with "Spider-Verse"? I was interested in the story when it was announced awhile back, but where is the MAIN story at? Given the supposed epicness of the story, I thought it was going to be a mini series (with obvious tie ins), not a simple arc in Amazing Spider-Man.

    If only the cover for The Punisher featured "Punisher War Zone" on the marquee. If that were the case, the cover context is obvious reaction to seeing that abomination.

    Hmmm. Ever since that "theory"/rumors that Marvel was canceling Fantastic Four, I still see the title solicited every month.

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