Marvel Comics Solicitations - May 2015

Discussion in 'Marvel Comics and Collectibles' started by Comics.Bot, Feb 17, 2015.

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    The Night Nurse 1-shot interests me, if only because I never saw the original issues when they were published 43 years ago.

    Also looking at Where Monsters Dwell, Ant-Man (current series), not much else.
  3. Ed Liu

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    I am also tempted by that Night Nurse collection, if only because it's such an outlandish concept that has lasted far beyond what anyone had ever expected.

    Also eyeing that Agent Carter HC. Loved the series to bits, for the most part, and will be happy to vote with my dollars with that one.

    I am vaguely contemplating the Marvel Masterworks collection of Luke Cage: Hero for Hire just because. But I might opt for a TPB instead (or perhaps even a digital version).

    I suppose I should have known that a Ms. Marvel deluxe HC was coming. However, I think I'm already invested enough in the TPBs that I'm going to pass on buying the same material again, no matter how much I happen to like it.

    I can happily forget the rest.
  4. Magmaster12

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    My body can not contain the excitement that I have for Secret Wars Journals, I love 1602 and Yong Avengers probably my favorite things from Marvel combined!
  5. RoryWilliams

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    Infinity Gauntlet sounds great.
  6. Frontier

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    What I plan on getting/Checking Out:

    A-Force #1
    All-New Hawkeye #3
    Amazing Spider-Man #18, 18.1
    Ant-Man #5
    Captain Marvel #15
    Hulk #16
    Ms. Marvel #15
    Night Nurse #1
    Old Man Logan #1
    SHIELD #6
    Secret Wars #1-2
    Secret Wars 2099 #1
    Secret Wars Journal #1
    Silver Surfer #12
    Spider-Gwen #4
    Spider-Man 2099 #12
    Star Wars #5
    Storm #11
    Thor #8
    Ultimate End #1
    Uncanny Avengers #5
    Uncanny X-Men #600
    Wolverines #17-20

    General Comic Thoughts:
    - So we're finally at Secret Wars...and several books are going on as if nothing's happening. "Every book is building up to Secret Wars"...sure they are Marvel :shrug:.

    - Hey classic Hawkeye on the cover of his book! And Swordsman too! Cool :).

    - Is that...Savage Hulk with Doc Green fighting against Maestro :eek:.

    - Silk with Johnny Storm? That reminds me of that time they tried pairing X-23 with O5 Cyclops, and almost still as creepy :ack:.

    - Man, I know Marvel likes pushing the characters they have in the MCU but I never expected they'd do something for Night Nurse :sweat:.

    - I'm actually shocked it took 8 issues for the reveal of Female Thor's identity...that's got to be a record or something :p.

    - Looks like Parker Industries is coming to an end, not that I didn't see it coming eventually. Though calling it a "huge chapter in Amazing Spider-Man history" seems like a bit much considering how it's been treated in the book, it's short time-span, and that it started in Superior. Then again, this is Marvel, they bloat everything up...

    - Seems this Spider-Gwen issue will focus more on the Peter of that universe before he transformed into the Lizard, and maybe give more insight into his relationship with Gwen and her exact feelings for him. Looking forward to seeing what Aunt May and Uncle Ben are like :cool:.

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