Marvel Comics Solicitations - January 2014

Discussion in 'Comic Book Culture' started by Comics.Bot, Oct 23, 2013.

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    This was kind of a depressing month since I found out many of my favorite titles are ending. Scarlet Spider will be gone (along with IDW's GI Joe: Cobra Files) and now FF #16 is the last issue for that series. Plus, Daredevil will be ending the following month at #36. :crying:

    I'll still be getting my usual: Avengers, Captain America, and Superior Spider-Man. I also get Young Avengers and, while I haven't heard that it is cancelled, that solicitation has me worried.

    As to new series, I'll definitely be buying Miracleman. Inhuman and Black Widow might be good, but I'm going to wait until the review come in before I pick them up.
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    I've waited so dang long to read Miracleman. But at that price point, I may just have to wait for the inevitable trade.

    -All-New X-Factor #1 & 2: It's like they cancelled two of my favorite books (X-Factor, Gambit) to make one super-book!
    -All-New X-Men #21
    -Daredevil #35
    -Kick Ass 3 #7

    May Get/Not Getting But Worth Note
    -All-New Invaders #1: I like the Invaders. I like Robinson. I may get it out of curiosity. Not sure yet.
    -All-New X-Men #22.NOW: Since it's crossing over with Guardians, I may trade wait like I did with Battle of the Atom.
    -Inhuman #1: I'll normally read anything Joe Mad's on, but I have zero intrest in the Inhumans
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    Apr 27, 2013
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    Will buy:
    FF #16

    So sad these are ending. Soon I'll only be reading Hawkeye from Marvel, which wasn't even solicited?


    Finally I get a chance to read this series. Kudos to Marvel for sorting out this IP mess.

    Might buy:
    ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #1 & 2 - Love X-Factor, but the costumes look horrible.
    INHUMAN #1 - Exactly what Jim said.

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    -All new Invaders #1(Will at least check out the first issue, interesting concept)
    -All New Marvel Now Point One
    -All New X Factor #1(I didn't read the old series, but this new one sounds really intruging)
    -All New X Factor #2
    -All New X-Men #21(Wonder if this means X-23 is joining Cyclops school?)
    -All New X-Men #22(Saw this coming for a while now, excited for this storyline now.)
    -Amazing X-Men #3(This really looks and reminds me of the classic,fun loving X-Men stories I use to love when the stories weren't so focused on drama)
    -Avengers #25(I've been loving everything Hickman is doing, I guess the "Rouge Planet" arc was just for that one issue though? Weird.)
    -Avengers World #1(Super excited for this,Spencer proved to be a great writer cowriting with Hickman and I am excited to see this team through more personal stories without dragging down what Hickman does in the main book)
    -Avengers World #2(Fitting it's a smasher and cannonball issue, since the two are now a couple.)
    -Captain America #15(I've been really enjoying what Remender is doing with Captain America, a very radical,but true to the character take.)
    -Cataclysm #4(So Miles is already back in Ultimates universe after going to 616 universe last issue? Weird.)
    -Cataclysm: Spider-Man 3(Spoiler: He does.)
    -Guardians Of The Galaxy 11.NOW(Bendis really needs to give this book double shipping soon, it's become a really forgettable title)
    -Inhuman #1(Really excited for this, been anxious to read about what Marvel is doing with the inhumans for a while now..)
    -Inhumanity: Medusa #1
    -New Avengers #14(Finally, getting back on road with the story!)
    -Superior Spider-Man #25(Still reading at this point because I can tell it's winding down, could see it ending with the globin nation arc or right after that)
    -Superior Spider-Man #26
    -Uncanny X-Men #16-Really wonder what Bendis is trying to do with Magneto.
    -Wolverine And The X-Men #30-Only reading this because Cyclops is in it, though I hate the way Jason writes Cyclops because of his obvious favoritism for Wolverine)


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