Marvel Comics Solicitations - August 2013

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    -Daredevil #30
    -Hawkeye #14
    -All-New X-Men #15
    -Uncanny X-Men #10
    -Uncanny X-Men #11

    -Gambit #16: Damn shame this is ending. Really came into it's own as a great book.
    -X-Factor #260 & 261

    May Get/Not Getting But Worth Note
    -Infinity #1: The only reason I had any interest in this at all was the Cheung art. Now that it's only on the first and last issues, I'm not interested at all. That Skottie Young cover is his best yet, though.
    -Avengers A.I. #2: "The Return of the Sentient Iron Man Armor!" Were people really asking for that? I don't even remember that.
    -Guardians of the Galaxy #6: I'm still finding it hard to care about Angela being around.
    -Deadpool #14: Deadpool+Heroes for Hire+One Shot=Strong Maybe.
    -Spider-Man/Wolverine By Zeb Wells & Joe Madureira HC: Ugh. Was trade waiting on the Wolverine stuff, but if it's bundled with the Spider-Man issues, I may as well just buy the singles.

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