Marvel Comics Solicitations - August 2012

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  2. rggkjg1

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    AVENGERS VS X-MEN #9 &10
    FIRST X-MEN #1
    FURY MAX #5

    thank god neal adams is only doing the art for first x-men. i would be expecting the same batman odyssey nonsense if he was writing it too. is fury max an ongoing or mini series? i thought it was a mini when the first issue was solicited, but it hasn't been saying FURY MAX #5 (of 6) or anything like that these past few months.
  3. Jin Kazama

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    Jun 26, 2002
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    Quite a few changes for me this month with Marvel. I dropped "Captain America And." The first two issues were pretty bad, and with me already getting two other Cap-related books, it just went. I really hope that Bunn isn't taking over the main Cap book as it seems he may be, because if the quality of his work on that is anything like this, it's gone too.

    I did add two new books, though. "Age of Apocalypse" and "The Incredible Hulk." I got all the current issues of both recently cheap, and both were quite good. Sadly, AoA doesn't seem like the kind of book that will last long, but if it stays good, I'll be there for the ride.

    -Avengers vs. X-Men #9 & 10 (of 12): It hasn't been amazing, but decent enough to read. Luckily DC's not doing an event this year, so it makes the decision easier.
    -Avengers #29: Damn. Looks like this ties in heavily with Wolverine and the X-Men, which I don't read.
    -New Avengers #29
    -Avenging Spider-Man #10
    -Avenging Spider-Man #11
    : Sounds like fun little issue.
    -Ultimate Comics X-Men #15
    -Captain America #16: Please don't let Bunn become the regular writer, Marvel.
    -Winter Soldier #9
    -Incredible Hulk #12
    -Daredevil #16 & 17
    -The Punisher #14
    -Age of Apocalypse #6
    -X-Factor #241 & 242
    -Uncanny X-Force #29 & 30

    -Deadpool #59: They're riding a very thin line with this book, but it's the same writer, so I have some faith.

    May Get/Not Getting But Worth Note
    -AvX: VS #5 (of 6): It seemed like a neat concept, but the first issue blew. Still not sure if I'll hop on for the rest.
    -Hawkeye #1: The old Iron Fist team is tempting. I'll probably grab the first issue and see where it goes.
    -Daredevil Annual #1: I get Daredevil, but I'm really not interested in part two of a crossover about a team I don't care about.
    -First X-Men #1 (of 5): Ugh. So apparently Wolverine's now the basis for pretty much every damn thing in the Marvel U it seems. I'm expecting a mini next where he created the Super Soldier serum, or created Banner's Gamma bomb.
    -Gambit #1 & 2: Gambit's always been my favorite X-Men, but I haven't read him in years. Might grab the first issue to see how it is.
    -Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: Death of Spider-Man Omnibus HC: Hey, Kids! It's got half the same issues in the Omnibus that just came out! It's only $75, though, so it's cool! :rolleyes:
    -Wolverine & The X-Men by Jason Aaron vol. 2 HC: This "4 issues for $20" crap better not be the new normal.
    -Uncanny X-Men by Kieron Gillen vol. 1 TPB: 4 for $17 on the paperbacks isn't much better.
    -Cable Classic vol. 3 TPB: I hope that's not the final cover, because that's the worst job I've ever seen.
  4. rggkjg1

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    Mar 2, 2002
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    what makes you think brubaker is leaving the main cap book? have you seen any news regarding a new writer or brubaker moving on to something else?
  5. wonderfly

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    Mar 22, 2002
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    I'm getting all of it, but I'm most interested in reading the following:

    Amazing Spider-Man #691 and 692: That solicitation for ASM #692 is excellent: The 50th anniversary of Spider-Man's first appearance IS a once in a life-time experience, and you better believe I'll be there reading it. I'm so glad they made this event a part of the ongoing title instead of spinning it off into a one-shot. 50 years since Amazing Fantasy #15. Wow, I still remember getting into comics just in time for the 30th Anniversary in 1992. And they're apparently setting up for ASM #700, to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Amazing Spider-Man Issue #1 (March 1963).

    Moving on, I'm also interested in reading:

    Astonishing X-Men #53: Oh, it's not cancelled yet afterall...
    Avengers #29
    Avengers Academy #34-35:
    That solicitation text has me worried...please don't let this book be cancelled soon!
    Avengers Assemble #6
    Avengers vs. X-Men #9-10:
    The solicitation text says: "It all comes down to Spider-Man!" Poor Spidey, it's somehow always his fault...
    Avenger Spider-Man #10-11: If Joe Maduira is gone, what's the point of this title continuing? Still, it's got a 50th Anniversary issue which looks heartwarming.
    AvX #5
    Captain America #16
    Daredevil #16-17
    Daredevil Annual #1
    Dark Avengers #179
    Fantastic Four #609
    FF #21
    First X-Men #1
    Fury Max #5
    Gambit #1 and 2:
    I'll give the first issue a try, but of all the X-Men to give a solo title, why do we always come back to Gambit?!?
    Hawkeye #1: Another solo title I'm not sold on, but at least this one has David Aja artwork.
    Hulk #56-57
    Incredible Hulk #12
    Invincible Iron Man #522-523
    Journey Into Mystery #642
    New Avengers #29
    New Mutants #47-48
    Peter Parker, Spider-Man #156.1:
    Wait, huh?!? So they're resurrecting this title? This is the title that started with Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man #1 from 1990, right? I would've preferred they bring back "Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man" (which was getting close to the 300th issue milestone). And it occurs to me that we're back to having 3 Spider-Man titles a month...:ack:
    Scarlet Spider #8: That's 4 "Spider-Man" titles a month if you count this.
    Secret Avengers #30
    Sensational Spider-Man #33.1 & 33.2
    Make that 5 "Spider-Man" titles...wait, are these actually ongoing or one-shots?!?
    Space Punisher #2
    Spider-Men #4:
    This one is a special mini-series, so I'm not counting it...
    The Mighty Thor #18: Hey, I guess it IS the 50th Anniversary of Thor as, Marvel should be playing up this anniversary a bit more...
    The Punisher #14
    Uncanny X-Men #29-30
    Uncanny X-Men #17
    Untold Tales of the Punisher MAX #3
    Venom #22-23:
    Make that 6 "Spider-Man" titles, if you count this...
    Web of Spider-Man #129.1 & 129.2: Make that 7 "Spider-Man" titles...these have gotta be one-shot's...right?
    Winter Soldier #9
    Wolverine #311-312
    Wolverine & the X-Men #15
    Wolverine Annual #1
    X-Factor #241-242
    X-Men #33-34
    X-Men Legacy #272
    X-Treme X-Men #2 and 3:
    Sheesh, and the X-titles are trying to rival the Spider-Man's like it's the mid 90's all over again!!
  6. Jin Kazama

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    Jun 26, 2002
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    When they started the new Cap book and turned the old into "Captain America and Bucky," they gave Brubaker a co-writer so he could basically plot out where he wanted the book to go until his exit, which happened with "Captain America and Hawkeye." The last two solicitated issues for the main Cap book have been co-written by Bunn, which, if the past is any indication, shows that Brubaker may be on his way out with the book.

    There's also a ton of post AvsX shake-ups coming up, with Bendis off Avengers and Hickman off of Fantastic Four, and that's just what's known. He's been on Cap since 2004, which is one of the longest runs in Marvel right now, up there with Fraction on Iron Man.

    I don't have any concrete evidence (although he did joke around about it at an AvsX launch party), but everything seems to point to it.
  7. Michael24

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    * Avengers vs. X-Men #9 & #10 - Minor nitpicks aside from the last issue, really enjoying this so far.
    * AvX: VS #5 - Liking this, too. Just a fun big brawl book with some good match-ups.
    * Gambit #1 & #2 - My favorite X-Men, so I'm excited to see a new ongoing with him.

    Me, too. I still have those four holographic cover issues they did for all the Spidey titles.
  8. Anthonynotes

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    May 1, 2001
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    I'll be getting:

    Amazing Spider-Man #691
    Amazing Spider-Man #692
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13

    Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #5

    I recall the 30th anniversary of Spidey, as well... didn't buy any of the special covers though.
  9. wonderfly

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    Mar 22, 2002
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    So does anyone know if the Spider-Man ".1" issues are just one-shots, or whether these titles really are coming back? I can't find any confirmation anywhere.

    Also, I have to take fault with some of their numbering system (forgive me while I geek out for a moment):

    They have "Peter Parker: Spider-Man" at Issue #156.1. That would include the Todd McFarlane "Spider-Man" title that started at Issue #1 in 1990, which eventually was renamed "Peter Parker: Spider-Man", and which ended at Issue #98 in 1998, and then it adds on Peter Parker: Spider-Man vol. 2 which ended at Issue #57 in 2003. Except 98 plus 57 equals 155, not 156 as they have listed. And at the same time, they have solicited Sensational Spider-Man #33.1 and 33.2. Which makes sense, since the last issue of Sensational Spider-Man was Issue #33 in 1998. So if they were going to be consistent, they'd list the new issue of "Peter Parker" as "Peter Parker: Spider-Man #155.1".

    Meanwhile, they have solicited "Web of Spider-Man #129.1 & 129.2", to reflect that the long-running "Web of Spider-Man" title ended with Issue #129 in 1995. Except that they forgot there was a 2nd "Web of Spider-Man" title that ran for 12 issues from 2009 to 2010. So they should actually be soliciting for "Web of Spider-Man #141.1".

    Which just points out how absurd the renumbering system can be (and the ".1" mess as well, at times). I understand Marvel is fully committed now to rebooting every title every few years (they even finally broke down and relaunched Uncanny X-Men with a new issue #1 a few months back). And I understand the ".1" issues are to signal good jumping on points in titles. But the least Marvel could do is go back to what they were doing 10 years ago: putting the "long-running" (or "ongoing") issue number beneath the current volume's number.

    Look at just ten years ago, in Peter Parker #39 from 2002. The cover lists it as Issue #39, but in small print below that, we see it was Issue #137 in the overall series of comic books titled "Peter Parker: Spider-Man". Since Marvel's fully commited to reboots (and then renumbering them again when they hit milestones, like Issue #200), let's just do a better job of keeping track of where we are at in the grand scheme for the title. :sweat:

    /end geek rant. :p

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