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    I apologize for double posting, it REALLY wasn't my intention. But over the last few days, I've storyboarded the episode "Lawn Mowing". Made more characters, and finished all the episodes for Season 1. I'm currently working on Season 2.

    As a result, here's some new characters,

    Mosquito Schwoe: One of the swamps most avoided creatures, Mosquito Schwoe is a con-artist with the longest, thinest mouth (/Nose?) You've ever seen! Joe is a constant sucker to Schwoe's schemes, a contradiction to everyone else, whom even Moe can detect a scam when he sees one. The only way to distract him is with human flesh. He debuts in an early Season 2 episode. A minor antagonist.

    Toad To': The local mechanic of the swamp. Joe usually turns to him for help when he requires machinery for another of his failed plots. Debuts in the episode, "Froggy Fro's Enchanted Lilypad of Music and Crows"

    Swamp Rat Swoe: One of Mosquito Schwoe's lackeys. Debuts in an early Season 2 episode. A minor antagonist.

    Doe Doe: Another one of Mosquito Schwoe's lackeys. She is a doe, as her name suggests. Debuts in an early Season 2 episode. A minor antagonist.

    Macaw Macoe: The leader of the "Tropical Tyrants" a gang that debuts in the half-hour Season finale episode of Season 1, "Jail"birds"" and "The Terror of The Tropical Tyrants!" A major antagonist.

    Toucan Sam-oe: One of Macoe's lackeys who debuts in the half-hour Season finale episode of Season 1, "Jail"birds"" and "The Terror of The Tropical Tyrants!". A major antagonist

    Par-''rot'' Cariocoe: A deceased skeletal parrot from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A member of the Tropical Tyrants". Debuts in the half-hour Season finale episode of Season 1, "Jail"birds"" and "The Terror of The Tropical Tyrants!". A major antagonist

    Now for some more episode descriptions!

    That Is Not It's Intended Use!: After being assigned to clean a dirty water reservoir. Joe convinces the gang to use the trash to the fullest extent rather than just throwing it out...

    Broom With A Feud/Broom With A View: After an ordinary Broom comes to life, two different perspectives follow on it's suspicious journey. From the Broom itself, to some other people...

    Tac Nayn: After being shot down via the U.S Military in a mistake as a sort of alien spacecraft. Joe attempts to comfort Nyan Cat in his time of need...

    Do You Like Assorted Breakfast Foods?!: A simple breakfast outing turns into an 11-minute musical about the wonders of assorted breakfast foods! From Apples to Waffles, this musical has it all!

    To Live & To Fry In Dixie: After discovering Priest has a talent for frying foods, the citizens enroll him in a cook-off. Which Joe is ecstatic about, because, should Priest win. Joe will acquire enough money to finally make a ''perfect'' escaping device!

    Ocean's 13 1/2: The group attempts to break into a bank after running low on their supplies budget. Hilarity ensures.

    Rollie Pollies: The annual golf tournament (In which Rolle Pollies are used as golf balls) is nearing by, and Tadpole Loe is convinced that he'll be this years victor. But when No steps up to challenge him, things get a little bit hairy... literally

    Eros Is Sore Backwards: Mysterious arrows are being shot throughout the swamp's terrain. Anyone hit by one is affected by a spreading virus, which results in a bunch of intelligent-sucking hearts to burst from your head. You are then said to become a lovey-dovey love-zombie, said to feast on the romance of one's relationship till said relationship becomes stale, and ends in tragedy, (A Valentine's Day special)

    Seagull Reef: After a recent dam flooding, Joe discovers a coral reef not too far from the newly discovered area, which contains a lot of fish that are just ripe for the picking! But what happens when not only Joe needs them, but Priest requires them for "Non-Catholic Friday Fish Fillet Grillin' Time!", or when the Turtles' decide to go on a fishing trip, or even if Crocodile Schmoe decides to dig in an-all-you-can-eat buffet! It's a one-for-all free-for-all!

    It's SO BEAUTIFUL!; Attempts to get No to smile go awry...

    Froggy Fro's Enchanted Lilypad of Music and Crows: Toad To' moves into the swamp, and after being revealed as Froggy Fro's brother. The gang's interest in the stereotypical frog piques up, becoming fast friends with him. Things however, go a bit too far when Fro' attempts to introduce them to Raven Crow.....

    Almost done with this update! Here are the rest of the Season 1 episodes for you!

    Chameleon Joe Season 1 Episode Listing CONTINUED

    101A - Lawn Mowing
    101B - The Masket Masket of Ultimate Maskets!

    102A - The Brewing Business
    102B - That Is Not It's Intended Use!

    103A - Broom With A Feud
    103B - Broom With A View (These are both essentially, the same episode, but told from different POV's. As a result, I don't consider it a two-parter.)

    104A - Tac Nayn
    104B -Do You Like Assorted Breakfast Foods?!

    105A - To Live & To Fry In Dixie
    105B - Where In The World Is Carmen-eleon Sandieg-Joe?

    106A - Journey Sequence Presents: Journey Sequence With Joe, Moe, and Howaboutno!
    106B - Irregular Programing

    107A - Ocean's 13 1/2
    107B - Rollie Pollies

    108A - Eros Is Sore Backwards
    108B - Seagull Reef

    109A - It's SO BEAUTIFUL!
    109B - Froggy Fro's Enchanted Lilypad of Music and Crows

    110 - One Flu Over The Cukoos (2-Part episode)

    111A - The Wonderful, Wonderful, WONDERFUL World Of Lizard's Relatives
    111B - Cats In The Belfry

    112A - Loyalty To The Priest
    112B - Foreshadow

    113 - "Jail'birds'''/ "The Terror of The Tropical Tyrants!" (2-Part episode Season Finale!)
    And so ends this post :D
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    Here is a cartoon idea
    The cartoon will have 4 seasons and a made for TV film. It is a kind of spoof on superheroes. Maxman battles with dr.evil. Each season has its own big thing. I have only got to the second season.
    1st season getting used to his powers.
    2nd season finding the pieces of the eterinty diamond
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    Wow, NovelleX your cartoon genuinely sounds great! Can't wait to hear more.

    With that said I'll stick my cartoon ideas elsewhere, I don't want anyone copying them. :sweat:
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    Bump, because this thread is cool.
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    Mine is called Maniac Mouse. What started as just a bunch of random doodles back in school has now become an incredibly ambitious pet-project of mine that came together with the mindset of wanting to bring back "good cartoons". It mostly means that I'm wanting to capture the quality and feeling of the old-school classic cartoons, and maybe some of the cartoons from the 90's as well, but I guess my main desire is to just try to "make a really good cartoon" out of this. I have a whole DeviantART account reserved for this project:

    My journal has a whole thought out article that I did explaining my inspiration (you may see some biased comments near the end about modern animation compelling me to this project, but I'm sure my feelings may have changed a little bit since then cause I'm honestly not wanting to make this with an agenda towards anyone).

    I also have an unfinished story outline:

    And here's some early cover art:


    You may not see much on my DeviantART page, but I can assure you that it's because I'm simply taking my time on letting it come together due to how much I care about the quality of it. It's like my baby now, and I just want the very best for it.
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    I have a cartoon idea that I've been working on seriously for about a year. I even made some simple animated shorts Yaaaayyy. It's called The Desert Rat,comic wise and animated wise, Land Negative. It's an anthro, not furry, cartoon about Joe Raccoon and his life in a hellish land called Negative. I have a semi-complete animation out if you would like to see it. It is a short adventure about Joe Raccoon and his befriended creature, Megasis, tracking about a hellish land called the NEGATIVE, on a quest for treasures in the abandoned military junkyard. They, mostly Joe, will face the wrath of wild animals and strange creatures.

    Based around this comic.

    Hope you all enjoy it!
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    America's Heroes

    This' my alternate take on Final Fight. Which puts a new spin to it.

    Instead of the fictional U.S city on Final Fight. The locale is based on my city; Everett, WA. Which him and his brother were cops. Taking down an evil organization run by "The Sun". A group who terrorizes the citizens into threatening them to support the group.

    This' a aethiest group under the president. As for the president's family? They've fled, because they've been abused, tortured and mocked. As a last ditch effort, the citizens have requested the aid of Jordan & Cody Travers. Which they're the citizen's last line of hope.

    The aethiest group; The Sun would not stop until they have completely eradicated the name of Jesus. And everything that would be related, like a cross etc...


    The characters

    * - twins (Jordan looks slightly like Cody)

    - Age: 24
    - Ht: 6'3"

    - Age: 24
    - Ht: 6'3"

    Joshua Travers (father)
    - Age: 40
    - Ht: 6'4

    Alma Travers (mother)
    - Age: 38
    - Ht: 5'10

    Christopher Travers (older brother)
    - Age: 30
    - Ht: 6'2
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    Now, it is time for Butterstar to spread her ideas yet again; with a made-up harem/shonen/I dunno anime!

    Baka no School

    A high-school student gets an unexpected scholarship to a college, despite always daydreaming in class; at first he's shocked, but once he meets the classmates, he finds out they're more crazy then he is! First, there's two siblings that are elves; one is a witch elf; the teachers are all shorter then two feet tall; there's one girl who's obsessed with yaoi to the point where she turns into her favorite yaoi comics sometimes; and one girl who would be normal if she didn't have the intelligence of a preschooler! How will he ever survive at this school?
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    Okay let me just tell you

    My friend Sinta-tan made a pitch for a Van Beuren Tom and Jerry revival. I know it's not mine, but I might as well post it here so you guys can comment on it for her.

    The Original Tom and Jerry

    This series follows best buddies, cartoonist Tom Van Beuren and musician Jerry MacKallister as they go about their wacky daily lives. For Tom and Jerry, there's never a dull moment. Tom is in a love triangle with a 1930's style gangster over a lavender haired girl, one of Jerry's friends is a mad scientist, Tom's wheelchair bound ex girlfriend wants to kill them, a guy that looks similar to Tom wants to get rid of them, and they all hang out at a coffee house owned by a talking dog. And you thought your life was hectic. Loosely based on the 1931 to 1933 theatrical cartoon series by Van Beuren Studios. (Dream Channels: Teletoon, The Hub)


    Tom Van Beuren - One of the two main characters. He plays the straight man to Jerry's comic relief. He's nervous, passive, clumsy, and a bit awkward. He has a job as a cartoonist. He is one of the two guys that is in love with Delilah. Unlike the original theatrical shorts from the 30's, he is unmusical beyond repair. Favorite food is tuna fish. (Dream Voice: Darren Dunstan. I'd like him to try a British accent on a character.)

    Jerry MacKallister - One of the two main characters. He's stubborn, rebellious, headstrong and a bit of a ladies' man. He's a musician. Apparently likes barbeque sauce. (Dream Voice: Rob Paulsen. I don't think he's done much in terms of TV animation in a while.)

    Delilah Cunningham - Tom's girlfriend. She is very sweet and nice, but just don't anger her, or you'll regret it. (Dream Voice: Ashleigh Ball. She'd attract the bronies to watch this show.)

    Samuel Kenzel - Tom's rival. Dresses like a 1930's style gangster, and leads a gang called The Pinstripe Boys. He is one of the two guys that is in love with Delilah. He is incredibly mean, the Veronica to Tom's Betty. (Dream Voice: Curtis Armstrong. I like his voicework, especially on Dan Vs.)

    Jay Donovan - Jerry's mad scientist friend. He hates being mistaken for other people, and flips out whenever someone does just that. (Dream Voice: Scott McCord. In my head, he just fits.)

    Toby the Pup - Runs the local coffee house that the characters spend some of their time at. He has a very short temper, and seems like a bit of a jerk sometimes. (Dream Voice: Christian Potenza. I'd actually like to see him voice an animal character.)

    Tut Mish - The nemesis of Tom and Jerry. He looks almost exactly like Tom, and wants to get rid of him, because he thinks there should only be one of them. Based off of the Frenkel Brothers character Mish Mish Effendi. (Dream Voice: Miklos Perlus. I don't think he's voiced evil characters before.)

    Nubi Mish - Tut's brother. He is incredibly dimwitted, and doesn't know his own strength. Based off a background character in a Frenkel Brothers short. (Dream Voice: Ron Rubin. I just think he'd do a great job.)

    Martini Jones - An insane green haired guy in a straight jacket that has an obsession with Tom and Jerry. (Dream Voice: Jason Griffith. I'd like to see what he'd do with a crazy character like this guy.)

    Jamie Dawson - Tom's wheelchair bound ex-girlfriend. She is completely crazy, and wants to kill Tom for breaking up with her. It is never told in the show how she got in the wheelchair. (Dream Voice: Denise Oliver. Hey, it'd be fun for her to voice someone completely nutty.)

    Giuseppe Van Beuren - A clone of Tom, first introduced in the episode Clone in the Machine. He speaks entirely in Italian, and is frequently confused. (Dream Voice: Darren Dunstan. Different accent, though.)

    Landon Mars - One of Tom's coworkers. He is incredibly strange, and dresses like a hipster. (Dream Voice: Marc Thompson. Because I would like him to play a part as crazy as this.)

    Quara - A computer technican. He is a textbook Deadpan Snarker. He's the only African-American major character in the series. (Dream Voice: Steven Blum. Guy seriously needs a memorable role to his name.)

    Dee Minor - Jerry's old music teacher. He is obsessed with cleanliness. (Dream Voice: Dave Foley. Once again, loved his voicework in Dan Vs. And I'd like to see him pull off a German accent.)

    Episode Ideas:

    Deja Boo - Delilah's house is haunted by ghosts, and needs someone to get rid of them. Tom and Jerry rise to the task, but the ghosts are smarter then they expected. Modernization of "Wot A Night"

    Lights! Camera! Ripoff! - An director wants to make a reality show about Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry accept, not realizing the director is Tut. Tut puts them through various humorously torturous acts, which Tom catches on to, but Jerry doesn't.

    The Good and the Medieval - The cast goes to a medieval fair, and Jerry forces Tom to enter the jousting tournament. Samuel catches wind of this, and enters himself.

    Wrong Frequency - Tom and Jerry get a part time job at a radio station. They do such a great job that the morning hosts get fired, and Tom and Jerry are put in their place. The two then realize that fame isn't everything.

    Will the Real Tom Van Beuren Stand Up? - Tom gets kidnapped and tied up by Tut, who then pretends to be Tom. Jerry notices this, and goes to rescue Tom.

    Clone in the Machine - Jay decides to make clones of Tom and Jerry, which cause lots of trouble. The two must stop these clones before things get really dangerous. First appearance of Giuseppe.

    One of the Boys - Tom joins The Pinstripe Boys in order to impress Delilah. He and Samuel get into an argument, and things get crazy.

    Brainfried! - Jay hits Tom and Jerry with a brainswitching ray, leaving the two in each other's bodies. Hilarity ensues.

    Superzero - Jerry decides his true calling is being a superhero, and makes Tom his sidekick, much to his dismay.

    Just Plain Plumb - An old lady needs her plumbing fixed, and decides to call on Tom and Jerry. Unforuntately, the two have no experience with the sewer system. Modernization of "Jolly Plumbers"

    Lost in Transportation - Tom, Jerry, Delilah, Samuel, Jay, Toby, Tut and Nubi end up on a plane that crashes into a jungle. The jungle is filled with feline natives that kidnap them because they think they resemble their gods. First part of a two part episode. Modernization of "Jungle Jam"

    Jungle Fever - Tom, Jerry, Delilah, Samuel, Jay, Toby, Tut and Nubi attempt to escape from the jungle. Lots of slapstick comedy ensues. Part 2 of Lost in Transportation.

    Crash Landing - Tom and Jerry are chosen to be the pilots of an experimental plane. They have no previous flying experience, so everything goes wrong. Modernization of "Phantom Rocket"

    Getting Political - Jerry forces Tom to run for mayor of their home town. After Tom's opponent drops out, Jerry decides to run himself, causing a temporary rift in their friendship.

    Family Affair - Tom and Jerry meet each other's families. To each other's surprise, Tom's family is overly British, and Jerry's is incredibly brutal.

    Green is a Horrible Colour - It's Earth Day, and Tom is helping out around the city. Jerry apparently didn't get the memo, as he makes Tom's job harder with his messiness. Earth Day Special.

    Out of Tune - Jerry gets Tom to enroll at the music school he went to. Unfortunately for Dee, Tom is not good at music. At all.
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    NCIS Washington

    This' on the back, that I started to watch both NCIS & NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS.

    The Characters

    Drake Tennyson
    Gwen Tennyson (Kevin's partner)
    Jordan Travers - EVPD
    Kevin Travers - EVPD
    Christopher Travers - EVPD
    Kensi - (Jordan and Chris' partner)

    Ashton Baker - ex-muslim (the Eric Beale of the NCIS W branch)
    Elaine Jones (the Nell Jones of NCIS W, Nell's sister)

    - Captain Joshua Travers

    The story is similar like to the one in LA, but only they have situations in Washington.
  11. SantanaVanBeuren

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    Here's a couple bits from the script I've written for the Family Affair episode.

    Bit 1:
    {Cut to inside the house. Tom lets go of Jerry, and a man that looks almost exactly like Tom, except he has wild hair, no hat, and a monocle. He walks over to Tom and licks his hair. This is Amadee, Tom’s dad.}
    Tom: Dad! You’re embrassing me!
    Amadee: Ah, your hair tastes as well as it did when you moved out.
    {Jerry looks disgusted. Amadee looks at Jerry in fear, and hides behind the couch.}
    Amadee: Blanche! The leprechauns! They’ve come back to take me and my money away!
    {A female with Tom’s hair and eye colour combination walks onscreen. She is wearing a gray dress, blue pants and socks. This is Blanche, Tom’s mother.}
    Blanche: Amadee, dear. I do believe that’s Tom’s friend.
    {Amadee looks at Tom.}

    Amadee: Son, I told you not to make friends with the leprechauns.
    {Amadee wiggles his fingers.}
    Amadee: They’re evil!
    Jerry: I am not a leprechaun.
    {Amadee points at Jerry.}

    Amadee: He is denying it! Deny, deny, deny!
    {Jerry frowns.}
    Jerry: I am NOT a leprechaun!

    {Amadee looks at Blanche.}
    Amadee (whining): Blanche…
    Blanche: Dear, leprechauns do not exist.
    Amadee: Then why did one come and try to eat me in my sleep?

    Blanche: Don’t eat before bed, dear.

    Bit 2:
    Jerry: I can’t believe he thought I was a leprechaun.
    {Tom looks down at Jerry.}
    Tom: Well, you’re just the right height.
    {Jerry points at Tom.}
    Jerry: Don’t talk about my height!
    {Jerry stomps away angrily.}
    Tom (calling after Jerry): I didn’t know it was a touchy subject!
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    One of the new animated shorts I plan on working on is called Kyle's Quest. It's pretty much a Road Runner vs. Coyote trope show where Kyle tries to make the move on a beautiful woman named Peachtreeka, but gets stopped by unseen and cartoony scenarios, while Peachtreeka's completely unaware that any such events are actually occurring.
  13. bobbybop

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    Nov 5, 2010
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    Here one idea i have
    A human is with the dinosaurs and helped the dinosaurs surive the meteor. The dinosaurs grow up with techology wacky adventures galore.

    Havent thought of a title for it
  14. Destiny of Awe

    Destiny of Awe Should update a lot of things

    Jun 18, 2011
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    I've been thinking of making a cartoon called "Mommy and Me."
    It's basically the adventures of a sorta hyper 6 year old as she annoys her mom, plots revenge on her daycare enemy Gunther C. Hewitt, and tons more. I've acted out some scenes for my sisters, and its left them LOLing.
  15. Kool345

    Kool345 Starting at 8/7c on ABC

    Sep 14, 2009
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    I have an idea...

    A boy awakens one morning and finds out he is isolated far from his friends and family, and uses magic and faces giant sci fi characters on his quest to find out what happened. It would be an overarching story and would probably be an action series for Cartoon Network or The Hub.
  16. TT66

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    More new episodes

    122 - "The Bake Oven" / "Pushing Me to The Further Look"
    123 - "Born This Day" / "Hug Her'
    124 - "Good Vibes" / "Ugly Duckling"
    125 - "Hungaya Eyes"
    126 - "Pilot Wishes" (backdoor pilot)
    127 - "Serebii'
    128 - "The Only Fish in The Sea: Part I"
    129 - "The Only Fish in The Sea: Part II"
    130 - "The Only Fish in The Sea: Part III"
    131 - "The Only Fish in The Sea: Part IV"

    I also have a new show idea called, The New Kids on The Block, it's about 16 year old teens who now adults living adult lives and still managing on going to school. Season One will have 26 episodes which each episode having the word The in them.
  17. River26

    River26 Well-Known Member

    May 11, 2006
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    Tales of the Night

    Is an original Tales of series. And would be exclusive to Japan, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, South Korea and The Philippines.

    Takes place on Noveria, a world governed by magic. There are 5 kingdoms. Two kingdoms two the north-west and north-east, 1 to the west, 1 to the south and the last to the east. All of which has towns. One kingdom; Alpha, the Metropolis Capital is like a big city. The world is in the form of a fictional version of Earth.

    The final tower, is comprised of an old metropolis city (not like the one in Tarqaron, has 21 floors. 5 teleporters). Which's anchored to the middle continent (central part of the moon shape continent). To get to the tower, the fighters uses Majestic. A jet

    Zachery - The game's protagonist recruits several fighters to fight Novus. The game/anime's antagonist.

    - Music: Power to Heal the Spirit or Destroy the World

    - Go Shina
    - Motoi Sakuraba

    Theme song - A Day's Gone By (one of those ballads)
    Charice - english version
    Angela Aki - japanese version

    Anime Production
    - Production I.G

    H.t: 200 (buff)

    - tanktop (which you can see his abs)
    - aqua vest
    - camoflauge pants
    - red sneakers
  18. ewolf20

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    I have a filp ton of cartoon ideas.

    • Kaiego: keepers of nature: young John arciere becomes the new bearer of spirit after he comes into contact with an ancient bracelet. With its power, he can transform into rose, the legendary warrior of nature. Along with his friends, they must fight the blight who wish to overtake earth.
    • Squad ultra: a trio of kids gain superpowers after being exposed to nanomachines inside a strange object. Now they must figure out what this thing is while fending anyone who wants their hands on it.
    • Squirrel bros: two squirrels and their misadventures in suburbia.
    • Ellenoa: the adventures of a wild forest girl and her adventures in the forest of darkona.
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  19. Matt Grisham

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    I have a cartoon story idea too! It's a chain-link story entitled "Popeye the Sailor in: Revisting Shorty". :)

    Plot: Popeye and Olive Oyl set off to revisit Popeye's old Navy fellow, Shorty. As they enter his house, they see a letter. It said that the Sea Hag has Shorty and is about to torture him for his annoyance in the old WWII Popeye cartoons. What will become of Popeye's old Navy buddy who will never be remembered?
  20. ewolf20

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    ideas so far (most of these are action cartoons)
    a ghost girl and a half-demon go around their town to find missing pages for an ancient book, so that someday, their wishes could be granted. teen comedy.
    Dreamveil: twins Lu and cid go on adventures in the land of dreams where they fight against the forces of nightmares and other nasty stuff.
    Xeigard: five teens get teleported into a mystical island where they must protect a tree from energy devouring centipedes.
    mutant falls: a young boy embarks on a search to find his scientist dad in a underground society full of mutants. he's equipped with a device that allows to capture and store mutants.
    squirrel bros: two squirrels go on misadventures in suburbia.
    quest next: Nex Tempus works for organization known as Q.S.T (quantum search team) with the sole purpose on finding and putting back misplace people and objects into their proper timeline.
    swallow & lilly: a show about learning about the small world of bugs and animals in the eyes of two young critters.

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