Major Studios: Favourite Division?

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Which major studio had the best cartoons during the golden age?

  • 20th Century Fox / Terrytoons

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  • Columbia / Screen Gems / UPA

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  • Disney / Buena Vista

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  • MGM

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  • Other (please specify)

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  • Paramount / Fleischer / Famous Studios

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  • Warner Bros.

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  • Universal / Walter Lantz

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Mar 29, 2018
Lancashire, England
One thing I noticed about the Golden Age of Animation, is that every major studio, be it MGM, Universal or Warner Bros. were in on the theatrical short business, regardless if they had their own in-house animation studio or simply outsourced to other studios. Being that this resulted in hundreds (if not thousands) of theatrical cartoons over the years, I'm sure that there's very few of us here that didn't grow up on them to some extent.

But out of all of those, which were the ones you feel hold up the best, or at least clicked with you more? I think the one for me that always brings back good memories is the Warner Bros. output. Let's just say that the Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies shorts were a major player in me developing an interest in animation, especially those from the 1950s era.

That said, I also liked several Walter Lantz / Universal shorts in my youth, and often used to catch alot of MGM shorts (notably Tom & Jerry) on Boomerang. While I did grow up on alot of Disney stuff feature-film wise, I don't recall seeing alot of their shorts.

Sorry if I rambling on a bit. If there's any you feel I've missed, please notify.