"Logan" Feature Talkback (Spoilers)

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Dec 30, 2013
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3/21st: Ideally I'd like them to use a grown up Laura, but if they did recast, I think they should go for a relatively unknown again.
I seem to be one of the few people who would like Dafne Keen to stay in the role. It would be cool if she grew with the character. By the time X-23 is seen again, Keen should be a bit older and could play her as a pre-teen/teenager.

3/23rd: (Might as well make this my personal thread... :sweat:)

May 23rd is supposed home video release date.
Don't worry, I'm here. :)

May 23rd seems really fast for the film's home video release. Looking at previous X-Men releases, Apocalypse was a 5 month wait (May - October), Deadpool was a 4 month wait (February - May), Days of Future Past was a 5 month wait (May - October) and The Wolverine was a 6 month wait (July - December).

So at the earliest, I think we'd see it come out in June. That would make sense with the summer release that was mentioned on the early/placeholder cover art.


1992 not 2002
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Jul 9, 2008
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Dream Land
3/24: Dafne Keen was great, I'd love her to stay on.

Assassin's Creed was also Fox, and it came out on video after approx. 11 weeks. Then again it also relatively underperformed, while Logan is about to crack 200 million. I was guessing June as well, but you never know.

4/13: May 23rd is the correct release date, Amazon and Fox's own website have Logan listed for preorder with this date.

https://www.foxconnect.com/logan.html (You have to click on 4K UHD to see the date)

Also, interestingly enough Best Buy now has TWO steelbooks listed for those interested, one regular and one 4K UHD. No idea yet what the art will be or if they will be different.


Yes, have some.
Staff member
Jul 13, 2003
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6/21: Finally saw it. 4.75/5. Well done conclusion to Wolverine's story yet leaves the door open on the canon with Laura, Rictor and the other children heading off to safe haven in Canada. 4.75 and not 5 just because X-24 was a little on the nose, imo. But then again the imagery of Logan dying fighting himself and his inner demons is there.

In terms of references...
Chuckled Sauron was on the cover of one of Laura's comics. Checked Stryker's list from X-2 and yep, he's listed. lol.

Dug that visual nod at the end when you see one of the Reavers on the vehicle gunner. I believe there was a Reaver on the comics grafted to a tank.

Despite DoFP, the mutant cure still happened though a different means and person. This time Dr. Rice and corn syrup instead of Dr. Rao from Last Stand.

The katana in Logan's place was a nice nod to "The Wolverine" - nice to see an implication that he still has some kind of adventure in Japan post-DoFP. It's also a nice little symbol that he's a lone samurai or yojimbo now.

Surprisingly, a few nods to the first Wolverine movie, the X-Men Origins one. The dog tag, the Adamantium bullet, the boy with electric powers might have been genes taken from a post-DoFP version of Bolt, weaponizing mutant genes, X-24 was kind of a visual nod to Sabretooth.

On Professor X's seizures -- that took me back to X-2 when Stryker tried to use him to kill mutants. I couldn't help but wonder if that serum Logan had to inject into Charles was a nod to Beast's from First Class-DoFP.

That green serum used on X-24 and later Logan could have been the Regen Serum the "Death of Wolverine" mini.

Out of all the name characters who appeared, it was nice surprise to see Rictor among them. Given his many affiliations in the comics, it would be pretty neat if he showed up on Cable's X-Force team.

I also appreciated the nods to the very first X-Men movie with Professor talking about the Statue of Liberty and reminding Wolverine he found him as a cage fighter. And of course to X-2, additionally the Akali nods.

Limo license plate '112' could be a nod to Wolverine #112 - when he was living alone and filled with guilt about the Onslaught stuff.

Dr. Rice referring to his father. Have to rewatch those scenes but I think he did cameo in Apocalypse? And well he mentioned Transigen was owned by an American company. Probably the Essex Corporation.

Greenwood Cemetery probably a nod to the comics. Deadpool, FF4, Ultimate. Pretty sure I saw "Peters" and "Rogers" on some gravestones. lol.

I believe James Mangold said Logan takes hints from "Unforgiven" (1992), "The Wrestler" (2008) and "Shane" (1953). Shane is seen and quoted so that's a given. Speaking of, Professor said he saw it at the Essoldo. That was a theater chain in Newcastle, England in the 50's. Maybe Stewart went to one back in the day. I'd say a bit of Schindler's List, were an influence as well. Maybe even a little John Cleese when Logan bashes the truck post-burial.

12/6: Mangold released the script online.

1/23: Oscars have nominated it for Best Adapted Screenplay. :D