"Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own" News & Discussion Thread

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Chevistian C

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Jan 7, 2017
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Official Synopsis From CTN Expo

Welcome to the land of Paw-Tucket! A pet-only world made by pets, for pets. If you’re a pet (and a really good one) you can gain access via a magical portal that opens in the human world and lets you pass through to the town center of Paw-Tucket. Come hang with Trip, Quincy, Jade, Roxie, Edie and Bev at the cozy corner of the Littlest Pet Shop and watch them get into all kinds of fun, throw parties, discover new friendships, and explore all that Paw-Tucket has to offer!

Chevistian C

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Jan 7, 2017
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Season 1 Episode Titles And Descriptions

Episode 1 :A Pet's Best Friend Is...

When Roxie gets the dream gig of house-sitting for pop-star Savannah, she is embraced by Paw-Tucket's snobbiest pets; Jade warns Roxie the Snobs are using her to gain access to Savannah's apartment.

Episode 2 Pet, Peeved

When their odd couple differences become a problem, Roxie becomes determined to please Jade and learn to be an ideal roommate, although her efforts might drive Jade crazy and make the situation even worse.

Episode 3 : The Wheel Deal

Roxie and her friends attend a Paw-Tucket carnival, where Jade finds herself stuck on a broken Ferris Wheel with Scoot the raccoon, and Trip becomes increasingly frustrated because his small stature prevents him from going on rides he wants to enjoy.

Episode 4 : In the Steal of the Night

When a rash of thefts occurs in Paw-Tucket, and all the evidence points to Austin, Roxie and Jade are determined to prove that their friend Austin is not the thief.

Episode 5 : Pitch Im-Purr-Fect

Edie feels like she finally has a chance to put together a singing group that can win Paw-Tucket's a capella competition, but when Quincy asks to join the group, and proves to be a terrible singer, she tries to keep him from ruining their chances.

Episode 6 : The Big Sleep-Over

Roxie plans to host the best slumber party, in order to convince Jade that slumber parties are fun, but everything goes wrong and the party guests end up angry with one another, until the biggest disaster of the night makes them forget their feuding.

Episode 7 : Let It Go (Not The Hit Song)

When Roxie mistakenly donates to charity a toy to which Jade has a strong emotional attachment, Roxie frantically scours Paw-Tucket, willing to do anything to regain the toy for Jade.

Episode 8 : The Fast and Fur-ious

Petula and her snobby friends recruit a speedy rabbit to win an agility race; Roxie and her friends bet that Austin can beat the rabbit, until Austin is side-lined, and Roxie and the others have to form a relay team to take Austin's place.

Episode 9 : Slow Your Beau

Bev and her friends are all excited because Bev's old friend Beau is visiting; he's a big-shot producer on Edie's favorite lifestyle show; they eventually discover that he's nowhere near as important as they thought.

Episode 10 : A Brave New Quincy

When Quincy receives a bonk on the head and a short-term memory loss, Trip takes the opportunity to convince Quincy that he is a lot more daring and adventurous than he really is, so that the two can have more fun together.

Episode 11 : All Decked Out

Bev and friends are invited to a formal dinner on the cruise ship to honor a visiting royal Corgi; Bev insists that the circumstances call for them all to be classy and fancy, but their efforts to behave that way range from mediocre to disastrous.

Episode 12 : Bev on the Edge

When Bev announces her intention to attempt a cliff-dive at Eagle's Peak, the tallest summit in Paw-Tucket, her friends become concerned for her safety; they hatch a plan that will at least allow her to land safely.

Episode 13 : The Call of the Mild

Roxie persuades the gang to attend a wilderness seminar aimed at re-connecting with their inner-animal; when the seminar's instructor falls into hibernation, Roxie and the others must tap into their instincts to find their way out.

Episode 14 : Four Left Feet

Roxie mentions to Edie and Bev that Jade does not land on her feet, unaware that Jade has kept it a secret; horrified that she has spilled Jade's secret, Roxie finds herself running all over Paw-Tucket to put a lid on the info.

Episode 15 : Copycats, Copy-Dogs & Copy-Iguanas

When Jade creates a scarf as a fashion-accessory, she is instantly hailed as a fashion-maven and copied by all the pets in Paw-Tucket; Jade is miserable because of the unwanted attention, and her friends must find a way to change Paw-Tucket's mind.

Episode 16 : The Imitation Game

Quincy discovers that he has a gift for mimicry, and he becomes a local celebrity with his popular impressions - for the first time, Quincy is a big-shot; unfortunately, his most popular impression is of Edie, and it makes her feel self-conscious.

Episode 17 : The Purr-fect Storm

When the Captain and crew of the LPS Cruise Ship become hypnotized and unable to do their jobs, Bev enlists her friends to help keep the ship running, but Bev runs a very tight ship indeed, and drives her friends to the brink of mutiny.

Episode 18 : Spooky Tails

The pets go camping and decide to have a contest to determine who can tell the scariest campfire story; Trip insists it will be him and he does terrify the others with his tale, but Trip becomes terrified when his story seems to be coming true.

Episode 19 : Crystal Fever

The always-chill Jade secretly harbors a passionate interest in crystals, and when a big crystal convention comes to Paw-Tucket, she takes her chance to acquire a rare crystal, but she wants to keep her enthusiasm secret from everyone.

Episode 20 : So Trip Thinks He Can Dance?

Trip debuts his hip-hop dance act, only to have Petula post a video of his inept moves online; the video goes viral, and Trip, unaware that it is popular because of how bad it is, makes plans to become a hip-hop star.

Episode 21 : Fine, Feathered Fortune Teller

Edie finishes performing in her latest play, where she portrays a fortune-teller; she feels very connected to the role and suspects that she may have actual psychic ability; the suspicion is confirmed when her vague predictions seem to come true.

Episode 22 : Scrappers Keepers

Mayor frets that the always-happily-destructive Scrappers might ruin an upcoming parade, so he enlists Roxie, Jade and Edie to baby sit the juvenile fireballs; the three do their best to tire out the Scrappers, but they run out of energy.

Episode 23 : Bev Rolls With It

Bev joins the hapless Roller Derby team, and gives the team the hope of actually winning a game.

Episode 24 : CEO Trip

Trip goes on a reality show to pitch his new invention, a flying hamster wheel; he finds an investor, ramps up production and is quickly the big new thing; he finds himself with a penthouse office, all the perks of CEO status.

Episode 25 : The Incredible Roman And Ray

Bev auditions to become an assistant to Paw-Tucket's most popular magic act, a Tibetan mastiff and a rabbit who perform astonishing illusions; Bev's efforts to improve their relationship backfire, causing the act to split up.

Episode 26 : Paw It Forward

Sherwin, an old English sheepdog who is new to Paw-Tucket, injures his foot trying to herd Petula; Roxie and Jade invite him to recuperate in their apartment, but he never leaves.

Episode 27 : Fear Factor

Quincy, tired of feeling afraid of so many things, signs up for a seminar on conquering fears, to be held at the Chill-Out Inn; Trip accompanies his buddy, figuring it will be a good opportunity to get in some skiing.

Episode 28 : Good Luck Jade

Roxie notices that Jade has uncommonly good luck, a fact that Jade tries to keep secret; Edie is having a run of disastrous luck, to the point that she's considering throwing in the towel on her acting career.

Episode 29 : Double-Booked Bev

Bev loads up her schedule of self-improvement classes even more than usual, prompting Edie to worry that it will cause Bev to miss Edie's art show; Bev, determined to prove there's no such thing as too much on her plate, takes on even more.

Episode 30 : As The Hamster Wheel Turns

Edie, having binge-watched hours and hours of her favorite soap-opera, is even more delusional than usual, and begins to view every personal interaction as a soap-opera conflict; she quickly comes to believe that Trip and Roxie are bitterly feuding.

Episode 31 : Mayor May Not

Mayor, tired of being taken for granted by the denizens of Paw-Tucket, decides to quit and go relax on a beach somewhere; the pets in town quickly discover how dependent they are on Mayor for the countless things he does to make Paw-Tucket function.

Episode 32 : The Scratch Tree Society

Bev is excited to learn of the Scratch Tree Society, a prestigious private social club that does good work in Paw-Tucket; when she applies to join, however, she is dismayed to realize that the membership test can really only be accomplished by cats.

Episode 33 : Homesick as a Dog

Roxie has discovered that if she doesn't visit her family in the People World at very frequent intervals, she suffers extreme homesickness; when she loses her Key, Edie, Bev and Jade go to great lengths to keep her from spiraling downward.

Episode 34 : Never to Bed

To demonstrate her will-power, Jade announces that she will go without naps for an entire day; unfortunately, she discovers that skipping her frequent, scheduled siestas wreaks havoc on her personality and goes through many mood swings.

Episode 35 : Nightmare at 30,000 Bleats

Quincy wins an exciting prize - dinner for him and a friend with Savannah aboard her famous, custom hot-air balloon the Flying Disco Garden; he invites Trip as his guest, and the two are wildly eager to get to know the real Savannah.

Episode 36 : Pet Side Story

Edie enlists her friends to mount a production of her favorite stage musical; as she attends to the casting, blocking, choreography, etc., she notices and befriends Carmilla, a shy fruit bat who acts as an all-purpose stagehand.

Episode 37 : Seeing Double

Edie discovers that she has a virtual doppelganger, Didi, a parakeet who lives out in the countryside; Edie is overloaded with obligations and needs some time to herself to write a new play, so she persuades Didi to switch places with her.

Episode 38 : Trip Kwan Do

Trip is hugely impressed by a visiting martial artist frog and his stunt team; he meets the frog the morning of the scheduled exhibition, and is invited to join the stunt team for the performance - now all Trip must do is learn the martial art.

Episode 39 : With Friends Like These

Edie and Gavin discover a mutual enthusiasm for hokey, old pirate movies and for role-playing pirate culture; they build a friendship over their shared interest, but decide to keep it a secret from their respective groups of friends.

Episode 40 : Take This Suggestion And...

Mister Yut decides to put a suggestion box in the LPS, but he obsesses over the tiniest suggestion and tries to fix any perceived problem; this eventually drives him to the brink of madness, as he discovers that he can't please everyone.

Episode 41 : Suft & Turf Shindig

Bev feels a bit torn between two worlds - she has her aquatic friends, and her land friends; she arranges a Land/Sea Summit so the two groups can meet each other, but it is an awkward event at which none of her friends feels comfortable.

Episode 42 : Austin La Vista

Roxie, Twitch (aka Trip) and the gang play a game of Paw-ky with Austin, who is so good at the game that it takes the fun out of it for everyone else; so, they find an excuse to say no the next time Austin wants to play.

Episode 43 : Big Sis, Lil Pup

Roxie signs up for Pet Pals, a group that mentors newcomers to Paw- Tucket; she gets assigned a young Pal, and looks forward to being the pup's big sister, making sure she sticks closely to Pet Pals' list of approved activities.

Episode 44 : Trip for the Record

Feeling like he's the only pet in Paw-Tucket without an accomplishment, Trip decides he wants to set a Paw-Tucket record; unfortunately, he fails at every record he attempts to set; he says he is quitting, but Quincy makes an announcement.

Episode 45 : The Couch is Always Greener

Jade and Roxie get on each other's nerves and have a roommate quarrel, which gets out of control, prompting them each to move out in search of a better roommate; while crashing with various friends, they find themselves missing one another.

Episode 46 : Model Behavior

Roxie and Bev volunteer to help out with this year's Premium Pets fashion show, a glamorous annual event put on by Wisteria; they quickly discover that helping out means that Wisteria expects them to do every bit of the work.

Episode 47 : Surprise! Paw-Zombies!

Roxie arranges a surprise birthday party for Jade, based on Jade's favorite movie, "Mid-Morning of the Paw-Zombies"; the idea is to make Jade believe that Paw-Tucket is deserted, except for a few zombified pets.

Episode 48 : The Big Paw'd-Cast

Edie and Jade are producing a wildly popular paw'd-cast of a serialized mystery; Roxie, a devoted fan of the series, is desperate to know how it ends, and is determined to track down the producers so they can tell her.

>Episode 49 : Curiosity and Cats

When Simon Puggerson throws a mystery costume party at the LPS, Jade is reluctant to go, because she does not want her curiosity piqued; the other pets prevail on her to go, but Jade is becoming consumed by her out-of-control curiosity.

Episode 50 : Fetch the Story Stick

The limo breaks down on the way to a show, leaving Edie distraught; to lift her spirits, her friends take turns improvising a story about adventures.



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Well on the app I’m using, the thread has a picture showing Hasbro’s release plan for the show. I don’t know why it’s up there.

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That’s from back when the show was rumored to be going to Netflix. I’ve noticed that when Tapatalk shows an image, it’s not necessarily a recent one. I don’t think posting a new image would fix that since others have been posted since then. Maybe adding one to the opening post?

Anyway, a new short is out:
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