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    Leys test your knowledge about tom and jerry! This is a list of names of some of the classic episodes. Without using google or any helping tool can you describe the plot summary for each of them and tell which era (Hb/Gene deitch/Chuck jones) was this episode from? And by the way one of these isnt a name of any tom and jerry episode can you identify it? Lets see how many of them you can answer :) no cheating!!

    1-Cat napping
    2-Landing stripling
    3-Hatch up your troubles
    4-Tennis chumps
    5-The year of the mouse
    6-Tom's photo finish
    7-Cruise cat
    8-Saturday evening puss
    9-The duck doctor
    10-Cat and dupli cat
    11-Mouse into space
    12-Pecos pest
    13-O solar meow
    14-Timid tabby
    15-Better cat than never
    16-A mouse in the house
    17-Mice follies
    18-Tall in the trap
    19-Puss gets the boot
    20-The unshrinkable jerry mouse
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    1.Hanna Barbera. Tom trys to sleep in his hammock, but Jerry gets in the way of that.

    2.Gene Deitch. A yellow postage bird befriends jerry, but Tom wants to get rid of him.

    3.Hanna Barbera. An abandoned little woodpecker follows Jerry around, believing him to be it's mother.

    4.Hanna Barbera. Tom And Butch duke it out in the tennis court, but Jerry somehow wins in the end.

    5.Chuck Jones. Jerry and another mouse torture Tom into believing he is killing himself.

    6.Hanna Barbera. Tom sneaks into the kitchen and eats a bit of chicken. Not wanting to get caught by the owners, he decides to frame Spike for it, but little did he know that Jerry took a photo at that moment.

    7.Hanna Barbera. Tom is instructed by the captain of the boat to keep watch, but Jerry gets in the way.

    8.Hanna Barbera. After Mammy Two Shoes goes out for the night, Tom invites his fellow cat friends to party all night, while poor Jerry is trying to sleep.

    9. Hanna Barbera. A ducks falls behind his others and falls to the ground, he is then found by jerry, who helps him with his wings, but Tom is after them.

    10.Chuck Jones. Tom encounters his duplicate, who is also trying to catch Jerry. Also includes operatic singing from Tom (and Jerry at the end).

    11.Gene Deitch. After reading about life in space, Jerry leaves the house, leaving Tom depressed, until he accidentally enters a rocket.

    12.Hanna Barbera. Jerry's uncle stops by for a visit before his big concert on tttttt-TV! But his little guitar string keeps breaking, so he needs Tom's whiskers for a replacement.

    13. Chuck Jones. Tom And Jerry chase on a space station, that for some reason looks like a roulette wheel.

    14. Hanna Barbera. Tom's cousin shows up, but he is afraid of mice. Naturally, Jerry does what ever he can to scare the living daylights out of him.

    15. NA, is not a Tom And Jerry short.

    16. Hanna Barbera. Mammy Two Shoes gives both Tom and Butch an ultimatum, the one who catches the mouse, stays in the house, while the other, gets kicked out.

    17.Hanna Barbera. Jerry and Nibbles flood and freeze the kitchen to make an ice rink, but Tom finds them, and the chase begins.

    18. Gene Deitch. A sheriff hires Tom to eliminate the cheese stealin' rodent.

    19.Rudolf Ising (Hanna Barbera). A maid tells the cat, named Jasper, to not break anything in the house, or else he goes O-U-W-T! The mouse, not named in the short, but referred to as Jinx, does everything in his power to break something.

    20 Chuck Jones. Tom wants to get rid a kitten, witch whom Jerry has befriended.
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    Apr 26, 2018
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    Awesome! Lets see if you know these too :) anyone else seeing this post can solve too!

    21-Pet peeve
    22-Mouse in manhattan
    23-Slicked up pup
    24-The cats me ouch
    25-Buddies thicker than water
    26-The little orphan
    27-Catty cornered
    28-Three little mice
    29-Jerry's cousin
    30-Carmen get it
    31-The lonesome mouse
    32-Jerry Jerry quite contrary
    33-Down hearted duckling
    34-Down and outing
    35-Fit to be tied
  4. emotionalgirl162

    emotionalgirl162 New Member

    Apr 26, 2018
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  5. TheAnimationGeek

    TheAnimationGeek Thinks KidsClick is a good programming block.

    Jun 21, 2018
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    I’ll try, I have seen Tom and Jerry a lot.

    21. Hanna-Barbera: I have seen it, but can’t describe it.

    22. Hanna-Barbara: Jerry sneaks out of their house and goes on an adventure through Manhattan, until everything Jerry experienced goes wrong and Jerry runs back to the house. Tom had only Cameos in this short.

    23. Hanna-Barbara:

    24. Chuck Jones: Tom and Jerry make a truce ending a feud between them and go out to the movies. Everything is fine until Tom hits Jerry and then the feud resumes.

    25: I have no idea

    26. Hanna-Barbera: Jerry and Tuffy ruin Tom’s thanksgiving dinner.

    27. I have no idea

    28. I have no idea

    29. Hanna-Barbera: Jerry’s cousin comes to visit. While Tom thinks that it is another weak mouse, Jerry’s cousin makes Tom afraid of him.

    30. Gene Deitch: Tom and Jerry chase each other while the show “Carmen” is being preformed onstage.

    31. I have no idea

    32. Chuck Jones: Tom is having trouble sleeping because of a sleepwalking Jerry.

    33. Hanna-Barbera: I have seen it, but can’t describe it.

    34. Gene Deitch: I’m guessing this is where Jerry uses a RC plane to annoy Tom?

    35. Hanna-Barbara: Fed up with being chased by Spike, Tom passes a new law that dogs have to stay chained on their leashes. Tom uses the new law to annoy Spike until Jerry ruins his plan. Near the end, the leash law had been lifted and Tom’s plan literally backfired on him.
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    21. Tom and Spike compete on who can catch Jerry first, and the one who doesn't make it will leave the house. At the end, Tom and Spike are kicked out of the house, while they also take the whole fridge with them.

    23. Tom makes sure Tyke doesn't get dirty (after Spike just made him a bath), while Jerry tries to get Tom in troube.

    25. Gene Deitch. Tom wants to enter the house of Jerry, on a very cold day.

    27. I know it's a H-B cartoon from the name, but I don't remember the action and plot :D

    28. No T&J cartoon (?)

    31. Hanna-Barbera. After Tom gets kicked out of the house by Mammy-Two-Shoes, Jerry is very happy and celebrates until he starts feeling depressed and realises life isn't great without his chasing chum. Then they start elaborating a pre-fixed chase. Tom "kills" Jerry, receives a pie as a reward and when Jerry wants to have from it as well, Tom rejetcs him, breaking all their temporary friendship.

    33. Quacker wants to commit suicide after reading a book about "The Ugly Duckling", where the main character, the ugly duckling, looks just like him. He beleives he is ugly as well, and doesn't want to live with his "ugliness" anymore, and thus does what he can to kill himslef. At the end, a female duckling sees the sad Quacker, falls in love with him and they both happily stroll through the forest (and kiss as well).

    34. Yes, that's the one with the RC plane. Jerry gets Tom into trouble during their car trip to fishing, while a very annoyed Clint Clobber tortures him during the whole road. At the end, Tom is seen all bounded in the fish bucket, while he gets hit by all the fished fishes.

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