Let me clear the air on the whole female singer artist sledgehammer stop motion music video remake

Discussion in 'The Musiquarium' started by bwrosas, May 27, 2016.

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    You know for serval years, I've been posting on the topic of the fact, that now is the time for a female singer/artist to do their own version of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" music video with their own song or perhaps their own take on the very song itself. However some people tend to think I've become obessed with this, and truth I haven't.

    As matter of fact, I've seen La Chica do what many condsider a near modern day take on it with their "Oasis" song. And before that, Kina Grannis do something simliar with "In Your Arms".

    But when I talk about "do their own version", I mean a scene by scene remake of the video, to the tune of their song or their own cover of the "Sledgehammer" song. Because I believe the time is right for it to happen, espeically with this being the 30th anniversary of the "Sledgehammer" song and the music video for it, that defined creative in the music video genre.

    To tell the truth, like many of you here, I first saw this video on MTV back in 1986, my Mom had been home schooling me for the past year or so, and when I guess flipping the channels one day, saw this come on, and had come into the living room and watch it, and for a kid at 6 1/2 years, it was amazing to see.

    Since then, there's always been a part of me and I'm sure some others out there, that always wonder what a remake of the video by another artist, mostly, if not perhaps a female artist/singer would be like.
    Well, in 2003, I somewhat got that impression with Elizbeth Cook's "Stupid Things" music video. And even though it gave me/us a taste of what it would be like, it still wasn't there. But back around 2011, there was a ray of hope. When Peter Gabriel himself wanted the fans to crowdsouce and remake their favorite scenes from the video to be used in a somewhat remake of the video, but unfonturaly nothing came about, as far as I know.

    However, with all that said, I and I'm sure some others out there, believe that the time is indeed right for a female artists/singer, ethier established or an up and coming indie star, and espeically this being the 30th anniversary, the time is definetly now for it to happen.

    So I hope this clear the air as to why I would like to see this happen and why I believe it will happen very soon.

    Thanks all for reading this and understanding
    Brian Walmer aka bwrosas on Youtube.

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