Is TMS overrated for Silver Age WB cartoons?

Discussion in 'The Warner Bros. Club' started by DaffyDonaldQW93, Apr 12, 2016.

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    What I'm trying to say is......especially for TTA, why is TMS praised so much. Sure I do like the animation when it's done in house (how else would they have pulled off some scenes in the first MTV parody episode)........but I admit I like some of the "bad" Kennedy episodes, how else would they pull off Gang Busters' rap climax?

    I don't like Freelance. Forgot what I thought about Encore.

    I'd say they like the TMS animation even though they don't watch anime, and TMS, is well, an anime studio. Maybe it's because TMS somewhat "outsourced" their episodes to the Telecom Film division, which can give either a dark mood well (Batman:TAS) or Looney Tunes style wackiness in a anime-like background (TTA, A!)

    TMS was at times, a little too stiff and smooth, and when TMS did it by themesleves and no subcontractor (even though subcontractors of TMS are somewhat guilty of this too with their own styles) hideously on-model, though Animaniacs kinda fixed that by looking on model in The Warner Siblings' close-ups.

    Sometimes, it would move like a cheap anime.

    Why is TMS praised so much? The manga-like lines? The on-model? The stiff and smooth rather than Kennedy's squash-and-stretch?

    I get it, but I don't know why the early fans didn't give the Wang and AKOM episodes a chance in Tiny Toons? The target audience usually wouldn't have cared too much, they just wanted some slapstick and humor.

    Your thoughts?

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