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The promo for Disneyspertador:
Funnily enough there is footage from "For Your Ice Only" which won't air until December... :'(
Here's a Back to School bumper w/Phineas and Ferb (I thought that it was a commercial at first): Disney Channel Portugal - "Back To School" Phineas And Ferb Ident - YouTube
DCbanners13 also has some more stuff from DC Portugal.

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Oct 22, 2012
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Here's our new subtitled schedule of DC since late October:
In Flanders:
21:35 A.N.T. Farm
22:00 Jessie
22:20 Sat: Austin & Ally / Sun: Dog with a Blog
22:45 Shake It Up

In the Netherlands:
21:20 Shake It Up
21:45 A.N.T. Farm
22:10 Jessie
22:30 Sat: Austin & Ally / Sun: Dog with a Blog

As you can see: subtitled programms are gone on weekdays.

This is AWFUL. Sonny with a Chance and That's So Raven are the only live-action shows I like, but they are horrible in Dutch. They used to start at 17:00 or 18:00 with subtitles. (There was a summer where they even started at 16:15!) So this is pretty depressing :(

At least they rerun Gravity Falls. (But they should also rerun Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, Kim Possible and The Emperor's New School...)
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Sorry to interrupt all of you, but I recently discovered on a website that TV Bahoriston (spring garden), a children's channel operating from Tajikistan is airing Violetta - with the Disney Channel logo intact!
It seems to be a normal thing in that country: television channels air pirated copies of movies and shows. Even football matches (!!) are subject to this.
But no. We can't go to that country and complain. Tajikistan is a poor country.
The good thing is - the Disney Channel logo is partially obscured by a time and date thing.
More about TV Bahoriston: it seems that they aired the Zack and Cody movie a couple of weeks back, and on the back of the logo, we could see the logo of a marathon that aired on DC Russia when they first aired it.
Here's their logo:

(if you can't understand Cyrillic, then it spells out TVB.)
More info: it broadcasts from 6:00 to sometime between 22:00 and 23:00. Apart from stolen cartoons, it also broadcasts local content and bad animated karaoke videos of English nursery rhymes and Tajik children's songs.
The "time and date thing" consists of a clock (the current time) and, on the right, the date (formatted like this: DD.MM.YYYY, I use DD/MM/YYYY) and underneath the date, the day of the week (in Tajik, of course, even though most of the schedule is in Russian).
Back to DC Portugal:
Tomorrow, during the morning and afternoon hours, there will be a special dedicated to Mickey Mouse on his 85th birthday. It will consist of classic cartoons with Mickey in it, a Three Musketeers-themed movie starring Mickey, Donald and Goofy and episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (despite the end of the Disney Junior block in June). Some of the new shorts will also air.
On Saturday, November 23rd... The moment I've been waiting for... DC Portugal will finally premiere... PHINEAS AND FERB: MISSION MARVEL! I'll give more info tomorrow (It may air during the morning hours).
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Jan 22, 2011
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So it appears that TV Bahoriston is airing "stolen" episodes of the Russian dub of Darkwing Duck shortly before 19:00 local time.
This time, the culprit is Channel One Russia, and it aired in 2008 (Nevafilm dub dates from 2007).
Before DC Russia existed, Disney shows aired either on Channel One or on STS.
Also, it appears to be the last channel in the world to air old episodes of Totally Spies...
"It's way better than watching Disney Channel."
...and it also airs drawings from viewers.
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