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Disney Channel SEA
It began broadcasting in 1997, and was "free of Malaysian-made shows" until 2005. It is essentially a "Disney Channel Malaysia 2".
The feed is divided into several different versions: Asia (for Pakistan, Malaysia, the Phillipine Islands, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore and Pakistan), Taiwan. Hong Kong and the main feed with three local ad versions for the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.
DC SEA has two sister channels: Disney Junior (which is also a block) across all countries that air the feed, and Disney XD (in both SD and HD) in Malaysia.
DC SEA was also available in South Korea until a fully translated feed was launched in 2011.
Malaysian shows that air or have aired include Waktu Rehat, BoBoiBoy and Upin & Ipin.
Disney Channel Canada is essentially Family, but it doesn't use the Disney Channel brand at all. There's a Disney XD and a Disney Junior in Canada.
There have been a lot of changes on DC in my country:
- The premiere of Gravity Falls
- Two returning 90s Disney animated series: The Little Mermaid on Disney Junior and Quack Pack on Disney Channel. Both shows haven't been heard of since Disney Cinemagic closed down.
- A new season of Phineas and Ferb
- Still, there aren't any news of a possible return of Fish Hooks
- Disney Junior debuts on MEO
- And with that, the Disney Junior block on Disney Channel block was never heard of again
Please note that DC Portugal shares some events from DC Spain
2001-2003 - a solid, transparent version of DC's logo
2003-June 2011 - transparent outline and text
September 2011-May 2012 - the "smartphone app" logo with transparent outline and text
May 2012-now - same as DC CEE
2011: blue version of the logo with a sun on the top left. Animated.201
2012: the logo is made out of fruits
2013: no logo
2009: blue logo, white text and red outline
2010: silver logo, glod/yellow text and outline
2011: transparent logo, covered in snow and ornaments
2012: ice sculpture version of DC's logo


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Jul 19, 2013
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I will tell you about how it is with Disney Channel Scandinavia now :)

Since January 2012: DC Scandinavia got the new logo and the same idents as DC UK
May 2012: Disney Channel started to air in 16:9
August 2012: Disney Channel started to air commercials
Fall 2012: Sweden, Norway, Denmark gets its own feed but same promos airs often
Summer 2013: DC Scandinavia are using the same summer idents as DC USA

This is Disney Channel Scandinavia today :)

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I'm in India right now, and I just checked out Disney Channel India. Aside from Hanna Montanna and Phineas & Ferb, the schedule is quite different from U.S. Disney Channel. For one thing, literally half of the programming special is filled with Doraemon reruns. I like Doraemon, so this was quite interesting to me. Apparently Doraemon is pretty big in India, as it's on a couple of channels, and when I went to the mall I saw plenty of toys for it. Other than that, they air Hamtaro at least once a day, and as someone who loved watching Hamtaro as a kid it was nice to see it again, even if it is in a language I don't understand without english subtitles. They also have Indian adaptions of U.S. Disney Channel Shows. For example, instead of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and Good Luck Charlie, they have The Suite Life ofKaran & Kabir and Best of Luck Nikki. They have some other programs too, but I haven't seen much of them, but it's quite interesting to see how different Disney Channel is in a country like India.
Disney Channel Portugal now airs with an English audio track. I have two other channels where I can do that (Euronews, PT/ES/EN and BabyFirst, PT/ES/EN/TR). Oh well... Life goes on... it's unrelated talk.
Violetta: coming soon. Also with that perfunctory British English dub that was available to Central Europe until now.
I'm finally tired of watching the Portuguese dub of Phineas and Ferb! I can finally watch the original version without going to the internet!
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Both DC Netherlands and DC Flanders air in English with subtitles at night:

In Flanders:
Every weekday
21:25 Shake it Up!
21:45 The Suite Life on Deck
22:10 Hannah Montana
Every weekend
21:25 Jessie
21:45 Austin & Ally
22:10 A.N.T. Farm
22:30 Good Luck Charlie

In the Netherlands:
Every day
21:10 Austin & Ally
21:30 A.N.T. Farm
21:55 The Suit Life on Deck

DC Serbia airs in English with subtitles all day long! :p (It's the Middle East version) And you can put DC Scandinavia in English if you want that, but not every show has subtitles.
None of the other DC's airs with subtitles, I think.
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Here in Portugal, Disney Channel only airs 90% of live-action movies with subtitles. The other 10% are just movies based on live-action shows.
Almost every show airing on Disney Channel Israel with subtitles (live-action shows, to be more accurate). The studio they use for dubbed movies and animated shows is Elrom.
The channel's name is pronounced as "Arutz Disni". It began broadcasting on September 9th, 2009, replacing... Jetix.


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Jan 22, 2011
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Well, currently all shows on Disney Channel Poland are dubbed. The subtitles track is just only for showing Polish dub credits albeit in very strange way (These just put every person who worked in the dub (actors, dub directos, translators, musical directors, song translators and at one point studio's name and Disney Character Voices International, Inc.) into the cast.

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I've seen Violetta on Disney Channel UK.
I've heard about Violetta. Disney posted about it on their official blog in June. So, I have two requests for this thread about worldwide Disney Channels:

Disney Channel Latin America, that broadcasts to Argentina, where the show is filmed, and
Disney Channel Italy, where IIRC the show is the most popular one for that international Disney Channel
There are some shows on DC PT+CV+AO+MZ (Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique) that still have the Portuguese audio track intact. This mostly happens on third-party shows 8I only noticed this on H20: Just Add Water). I mean, there is an English version of this! It originally aired in Australia! It aired on Network Ten! The Monster High shorts (airing around 17:20/17:25 during Phineas and Ferb) have the English soundtrack. I also noticed an episode of Timon and Pumbaa today that only aired on Portuguese even on the English one.
Disney Junior also airs in English as well.
@Moleoman: I checked on the Polish Wikipedia and Teacher's Pet has just premiered months ago. I wish TP aired on DC Portugal... Anyway, you can find episodes of this on the Internet, but I can't post links due to safety rules. By the way. Teacher's Pet aired on Disney Channel over here between 2002-2003 and 2006-2007, and it was a pay channel at the time so I couldn't see it.
By the way...
I'm surprised that we don't have Fish Hooks for over a year. GIVE ME BACK MY FISH HOOKS! IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS! (The last time I watched FH was on SIC in the fall of 2012. And then they replaced it with Ultimate Spider-Man, which never aired on any channel until then. Eep! It's scary.)
Disney Channel Latin America and Disney Channel Brazil began broadcasting on July 27th, 2000 and April 5th, 2001, respectively. Both channels adopted the 2002 logo in 2003, like most international versions of Disney Channel. It replaced (slowly) Disney Weekend on DirecTV.
The most popular block of the past was Zapping Zone, which ran from the network's birth until 2012. A similar show took it's place, called The U-Mix Show.
Sister channels on both feeds: Disney XD, Disney Junior, and Disney Channel HD.
The feed covering Hispanic America is divided in four: South Pacific (covering Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela), North Atlantic (covering Central America,Colombia and the Caribbean), North (covering Mexico) and South Atlantic (covering Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay).
There is still a Disney Junior block on the main channel, and the channel is movie heavy (it airs at least 2-3 movies every day).
Disney Channel Italy began broadcasting on October 3rd, 1998, at 20:00. The first show on the channel was The Lion King. (the Italian Wikipedia uses the picture of Simba's birth to illustrate the first show aired)
The main channel airs a truckload of live-action shows. Italy has the biggest number of Disney-branded channels:
-Disney Channel
-Disney Channel +1
-Disney Channel +2
-Disney Channel HD
-Disney Junior
-Disney Junior +1
-Disney XD
-Disney XD +1
-Disney XD +2
-Disney XD HD
-Disney in English
All in all, we have counted eleven channels! Mediaset Premium customers can only get Disney Channel, Disney Channel +1 and Disney Junior. All other channels are exclusive to Sky.
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