Image Comics Solicitations - May 2012

Discussion in 'Comic Book Culture' started by Comics.Bot, Feb 22, 2012.

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    My comments:

    - I think I really need to check out Reed Gunther some time soon.

    - Question about Mind the Gap #1: I've read the solicitation text and the sample pages. Why should I care about this person and what happened to them? I mean, it's kind of an intriguing pitch, but I don't see what makes this comic special or worth reading, and the sample pages don't seem to give me any indication, either. Mostly, it seems perfectly satisfied to give you a scenario and assume that you'll be interested enough to keep reading just because. I've noticed this in a lot of DC and Marvel books lately, also, where I'll hit the end of a sample page or even an entire issue and my only reaction is, "So what?" At least DC and Marvel have the benefit of having pre-established emotional attachments to some of their characters. Mind the Gap doesn't even have that.
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    I can recommend it. Great all-ages book for sure.

    - Still no Gladstone's?!? The anticipation is literally killing me.
    - I'll probably be picking up Saga. I'm intrigued.
    - I wish Mudman was cheaper because it looks good to me.
    - My friend's getting me caught up in Hack/Slash and I love it so I'll probably snag that too.
    - Waitaminute! No Super Dinosaur Either?! :(
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    -Peter Panzerfaust #4.
    That's it. I would get Alpha Girl if it came out that month, but all my Image stuff for the next few months will be Alpha Girl and Peter Panzerfaust.

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