if anybody could make a kick *** animation channel

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    If anybody could make a great animation channel...

    ....it would be MTV.

    Think about it. All those ideas I had for an animated channel, which admittedly would take ALOT of money, could easilly be handled by Viacom owned MTV.

    I read MTV's plans for animation in the upcoming year and they are really kicking their animation plans into high gear, brining nine new series to green light, and they are even doing an interactive cartoon game show (which was one idea I proposed in my proposal for an animation channel.) If MTV put more effort into it, they could make MTVA (MTV Animated) or they could even think of a better name than that. They have enough new series that they could fill in prime time blocks rather easilly with new shows (and they could bring back their previous cast aways like Spy Groove and Downtowners) and they have enough older shows that they could offer a healthy rotation of re runs. And you can't expect me that Viacom doesn't have other animated shows that are in their possession that have been on other channels. They have Nick's toons, I believe that they now own CBS and UPN, so they have access to their programming. And I am sure there are other channels that they own that they could use animation from to fill in a 24 hour channel like MTVA.

    Another programming idea I came up with when thinking about an MTV owned animation channel was an animated music video show. An hour a day or maybe even two hours like 120 Minutes of nothing but videos with animation in it, and there are several of them out there that they could maintain a healthy rotation of different videos with an hour every night. And it would give them a chance to show case some of the older animated videos that don't get normal airplay on VH1, MTV, or MTV2.

    MTVA would also have the resources to be able to contract other studios to produce new, original movies for them, as was my proposal for my animation channel in the fresh question thread. And you know what? I wouldn't be surprised at all, given the fact that MTV really seems to be kicking their animation studio in high grear, that we might see more from MTV animation on the silver screen other than just another Beavis and Butthead movie, but that's just a hunch, not based on anything I've heard.

    Man, MTV could create the best animated channel ever, a channel that would give Cartoon Network and Boomerang a well deserved run for their money. Of course, I wish somebody reading this post could do something about it!
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