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    So today I was converting a block of randomly taped music videos to DVD and one video came up about this hot girl where her dad (I think - the video's kinda confusing) is literally played by Willard Scott. This came as quite a shock to me since the relative who taped these videos off long ago hardly ever put in anything related to the morning shows (i.e. stuff like Today and Good Morning America) on any of the tapes (the one exception I can think of is David Letterman's 8th Anniversary retrospective where he showed clips of Jane Pauley's and Bryant Gumbel's appearances, and another clip mentioned Gene Shalit) and she definitely wouldn't have recognized Willard in the music video, so the moment I recognized his face (I didn't say anything out loud - even though there was no one else home - but) my mind screamed "IS THAT WILLARD FRIGGEN SCOTT?!?" Took my mind off of everything else that was on the tape. Here's the video, if you're curious:

    This got me thinking, have you ever had an experience where you were watching something and suddenly recognized someone in it from something else and were like (either out loud or in your head) "IS THAT THAT GUY FROM THAT OTHER THING?!?" This is kind of like the "Proto-Stars" article from a while back, but that one was mostly about commercials featuring celebrities before they were famous. But this thread isn't necessarily about that (Willard was already pretty well-known when that music video came out) but if like somebody from your favorite show makes a short cameo in some movie and you hardly had any idea they were even in it. Peter might want to make a follow up to Proto-Stars about that sort of thing...

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