Have you noticed about C.A.R.R.'s voice actor Paul Christie?

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*I had to post this here in this catagory since I posted this in the wrong one and it's a mistake... WHOOPS!!

If any of you were curious, here's what I have noticed about the car in Stroker and Hoop:
C.A.R.R sounds like Moose A. Moose of Noggin/Nick Jr.!!

I also found out that Paul Christie did the voice of C.A.R.R (thanks Wikipedia) so I think of Moose swearing stuff like, "Hey, 'flush' my a(butt)!!"

I also thought of Moose being awesome and kicking some butts as well!!

Oh! One more thing: I drew this picture of Moose catching Zee kissing Henrietta on DeviantArt!!

(Don't remove this since it's supposed to be a VA joke and it's censored for a very good reason, ya know!)

What do you guys think of my VA joke thoughts?
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