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Peter Paltridge

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Sep 24, 2003
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Free Spirit #17 - Cartoon Brew (Page 1)

I've got a lot of scripts lying around in various stages of completion, waiting for inspiration. Lately, the cartoons are coming out not in the order in which I intended them in, but the order in which they are completed. I had the art for an Electric Wonderland comic 80% done when the final piece of the puzzle for THIS story hit me. The EW story in question does not have the second half of its plot fully formed yet. This does. It was ready, so it was prioritized.

17 episodes and we still haven't seen the Harper kids in school yet (this is a summer story, so I have an excuse). But I spent months figuring out what their classmates would be like, and to date I've never been able to show the fruits of that labor. Kinda aggravating. The stories that have school scenes just aren't ready yet!

There is also a new BANG issue that's very close to done,'ll be getting a lot after a drought of months.

This story will probably be released in three parts instead of two. A lot gets tackled here. Eleven pages and we haven't even seen any of Robb's cartoons yet.
Nov 14, 2017
I can't even imagine what sort of cartoons Robb would create. I think I know where that plotline's going, but I'm more interested in the revival of Extreme Lips.
I will admit to being a fan of the original show (if they're based on what I think they are). On a semi-related note, Mummies Alive! deserves a complete series release as well.

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