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    Hello o.o for the past few years now I've been animating =) Not real professional or anything, but just in my spare time. And by animating I mean hand-drawn animation with a light table and all that. So just thought I'd share some of my stuff here.

    This is my most popular animation, Mammary Skies: Mammary Skies Animation Pencil Test - YouTube

    That's my longest one so far, though this was my first one I really put effort into: Character Parade Animation Pencil Test - YouTube

    That Character Parade one, though not that well done at parts, features quite a few of the characters I've come up with other the years as well as Jake and Amy (the boy and girl from Mammary Skies) again.

    For my fan-stuff, I was working on an animation of Mega Man Zero 4 for a while that was to be of the final battle of the game. It was going to be this great grand thing, but it got to be too complex. I didn't realize at the time just how long it takes to color and aside from that wasn't THAT stellar at drawing the characters. As such I've pretty much canceled it for now (though it'll always be something I wanna do). It was going to use the Japanese script that the official cast recorded for the Physis CD you can get of the game.

    Mega Man Zero 4 - The Final Battle Animation (On Hold Until Further Notice) - YouTube

    Mega Man Zero 4 Animation (Incomplete)- Weil Colored - Ragnarok Record: Final Battle 4:04-4:14 - YouTube

    That being said, I have greatly improved on drawing Dr. Weil over the years at least: My Favorite Weils by warahi on deviantART

    I also was working on an one of a Metroid planning to have it go through the standard SR388 life cycle since I feel it's high time we need a metamorphis cycle that actually looks good for them. Unfortunately I got sidetracked, but I did manage to make one of it hatching from its egg and one of it sucking the life out of a hornoad =)

    Metroid Hatching Animation - YouTube

    Metroid Feeding Pencil Test - YouTube

    In the end this picture lays out what I hoped to accomplish with that animation: SR-388 Metroid Life Cycle by warahi on deviantART

    For my stuff I'm working on now though, I'm getting towards the end of an animation of my comic characters =) Silicon Equal Page 32 by warahi on deviantART

    It's about 405 frames long so far and I've been going back in and touching up some of the early frames since I didn't originally intend for it to be much of anything. I especially didn't think it'd end up anywhere near as long as it was. It's supposed to make more use of expressions than my other animations thus far have.

    Other than that though, I've been continually at work on the animations I plan to use for my video game I hope to someday make: Xenohunter


    Since then I've given him a new run cycle as well as worked on some floating, swimming, swinging, and pulling animations for him. It's planned to play like a mixture of Yoshi's Story, Earthworm Jim, Metroid, and Kirby (The Great Cave Offensive). Got tons of frames done of him and his enemies and such so far and still loads to go. Haven't even gotten to the first boss or anything yet.

    For Christmas though I did do an animation of one of his enemies =) 2013 Christmas Animation: Tinkertot Pencil Test - YouTube Now ain't dat just adorable? Here's all the frames used for that one if you wanna see the individual pictures that went into making it: Tinkertot Animation Frames by warahi on deviantART

    It's so much work, but by god, I just love animating =) figured I might as well put it up here ^_^

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