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    I was watching a episode of Super Friends on TV, and it was Firestorm's first episode. What's the deal with this guy? It's like they gave him a million different super powers to make him the strongest. And what'st he deal with this face that keeps popping up behind him?

    Another thing I noticed in Super Friends that made it campy: Backgrounds. Whne we see backgrounds, it usually is dull and has no depth. Plus we don't get to see large amounts of the background. In other words, cinematagrophy is terrible. I hope it's a million times bettr in JLA.

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    Firestorm was the fusion of two people, Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein. Ronnie was usually the one who was in control of the Firestorm personae, while Martin Stein usually acted as an advisor. That's the head you see appearing giving advice.

    However, it was later revealed that Firestorm wasn't meant to be a fusion of two people, but was supposed to be Martin Stein becoming an elemental force. Firestorm being the elemental form of fire, Swamp Thing being the elemental form of Earth, and Red Tornado being the elemental form of air. (They did a water elemental too, but I don't remember her name.)

    The last issue of Firestorm had him ending up on the other side of a black hole, light years away from Earth. I know that he has returned, but I don't know the situation of his return, or what other modifications he has gone through since his return.

    As for the whole background art issue, I have seen animation with lousy artwork but magnificent plots, and magnificent artwork and lousy plots. I much prefer a good story over good art, but wouldn't mind both.
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