FCC Set to Propose Easing of Children’s Television Rules

Discussion in 'Saturday Morning Forever!' started by aegisrawks, Jul 12, 2018.

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    I've done a thread on this topic, to explain it simply they looking at the existing rules for Children's television rules on broadcast TV.

    The Current rules say that the programs have to be 3 hours a week , they are looking at maybe rolling that and making it more flexible. When sports air , especially in the west coast stations have to make up that E/I programming time to air it. A good example is during the world cup my Fox station aired some e/i children's programming at 12pm on a Tuesday to make up for it.

    Another rule is that the programs have to be at least 30 minutes they are talking about being as long they want as cited in that article. Saying that educational programming can be made shorter like how School House Rock used to be.

    They also might be reducing the rule where digital sub channels that usually air things like Antenna TV or something maybe can cut back on their E/I mandated children's programming.

    The ranging could be from reductions to whole scale elimination of rules. I hope this was helpful though.

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