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Discussion in 'The Marvel Animation Forum' started by RoyalRubble, Oct 30, 2017.

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    With Thor: Ragnarok hitting theatres later this week, I thought it would be nice to have a place to talk about all of your favorite Thor and Hulk moments from the cartoons or the comics over the years.


    These two powerful heroes have an interesting dynamic, both in comics and animation-wise since their debuts and first encounters back in the 1960s. Whether they are fighting each other, pairing up to defeat other foes, or just hanging around in their down-time doing some mundane things (for them, anyway), Thor and Hulk are usually an entertaining team to watch.

    Starting with their first animated appearances on the Marvel Super Heroes Show in 1966 (most notably, the pretty faithful adaptation of Avengers #2, with the Space Phantom), going through the 1990s (The Incredible Hulk's "Mortal Bounds" episode) and the 2000s (like the Ultimate Avengers animated feature, for example), Thor and Hulk have often confronted each other, with their fights offering some neat and creative scenes.

    The last decade has given us plenty of Thor and Hulk - from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes up to the currently on-going Avengers Assemble, and everything in-between. Not to mention the amply titled Hulk Vs. Thor animated feature, which is probably the most brutal fight so far (and I suppose it will remain that way for a while longer). Sometimes their spats can get a little annoying, especially when they are caused by some silly reason or are just used for a quick gag, but I like how the cartoons occasionally manage to add a little more depth to these characters without resorting to an action scene.

    It remains to be seen how their dynamic might change after Thor: Ragnarok comes out - as the current batch of cartoons has demonstrated on several occasions, it tries to mimic the live-action movies whenever possible. Judging by the trailers I watched, it would be fun if they managed to capture the mood presented there. Regardless, I think it's safe to say both Thor and Hulk have a bright and shiny future ahead of them as far as animation goes.

    Use this thread to discuss your favorite Thor and Hulk aspects from the cartoons or the comics - do you have a favorite fight between them? How about a combo attack used against another opponent? Which villain do you think would prove to be their biggest challenge? Any other scene, not necessarily a fight, these two characters had and you liked? And by extension, which voice actors do you feel portrayed them best? Is there something from the comics you would like to see animated someday? What would you change, if you had the possibility, about one or more of their previous animated appearances?

    Leave a comment below and discuss, and remember to be respectful of each others' opinions!
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    I remember a scene that always stuck out to me in Earth's Mightiest Hereos where, after fighting Ultron, The Avengers all presume Thor is dead.

    Then the topic of whether to remove his hammer comes up:

    Wasp: "Should We move his hammer? Hulk maybe----"
    Hulk: "Can't movie it. Can't even lift it."
    Wasp: "Why not?
    Hulk: "Because...I'm not Thor."
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