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Discussion in 'The Marvel Animation Forum' started by RoyalRubble, Oct 31, 2016.

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    With Doctor Strange all set to make his live-action debut on the big screens as well as officially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe later this week, I thought it would be nice to have a place to talk about all of your favorite Doctor Strange moments from the cartoons or the comics over the years.


    Doctor Strange has had a pretty good career in animation, since his on-screen debut in the early 80s on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Since then he has occasionally appeared in other Marvel cartoons, usually helping other heroes deal with more supernatural forces. As such, Strange has most often been paired with Spider-Man and the Hulk, though he has also assisted other members of the Avengers a couple of times. He's never had his own cartoon show but he did receive a pretty cool direct-to-DVD animated feature almost a decade ago. More recently, he shared the spotlight with Hulk in another feature-length animated movie though his name did not appear in the title.

    Most of his animated adventures had him confronting Dormammu, one of his biggest and most well-known villains. A close runner-up would be Baron Mordo, who I think might get even more exposure following the live-action movie's release. Nightmare is also slowly catching up as one of Strange's most frequent adversaries, at least in animation. In the comics, he has also fought the likes of Blackheart, Mephisto and Shuma-Gorath, to name a few.

    Other characters relevant to the Doctor Strange mythos include the Ancient One - the one who taught him in the mystic arts, Wong - his sidekick and valet, often accompanying him on his missions (a character who has not appeared in animation in a while, but I suppose the live-action movie might change that in the near future), and Clea - his disciple and sometimes even his lover. Not a character per se, but I think the Eye of Agamotto also needs to be mentioned, as it is the amulet he wears on his chest and he summons its powers frequently.

    Strange's design changed often, since just about each show featured a different look for him. The image above, for example, comes from Ultimate Spider-Man (the Season One episode titled "Strange"); since then he was re-designed at least once, and even got a new voice. Actors who have had the pleasure of voicing him and recite some of his wacky spells include John Vernon, Maurice LaMarche, Roger Rose, Bryce Johnson and more recently Jack Coleman and Liam O'Brien.

    We'll just have to wait and see how the live-action movie will affect his animated career, though the future looks pretty good for him from what I can tell.

    Use this thread to discuss your favorite aspects of Doctor Strange - which do you think has been the best animated Doctor Strange incarnation? Do you have a favorite design for him, or voice actor? Any favorite spells? Are there any villains that have not yet appeared in animation and you would like to see, or who have appeared but you feel they have not been portrayed well enough? Is there a certain story from the comics you would enjoy seeing adapted someday? Would you like to see him teaming-up with a certain hero he hasn't been paired with in animation yet? How would you feel about a classic Defenders animated adventure? Do you prefer DC Comics' Doctor Fate? If yes, why? Could an animated series focusing on Doctor Strange work?

    Leave a comment below and discuss!
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    I would like to see Clea and Wong more in animation. Lately, we just see Doctor Strange teaming up with other heroes against either Dormammu or Nightmare, really. I want to see more diversity with his supporting characters and enemies. Since he's usually a guest character, it's uncommon to see his part of the Marvel Universe really be expanded upon. Shorts like the Rocket & Groot or Ant-Man shorts could give us a deeper look into Doctor Strange's world. So I hope Marvel Animation use Wong at least since he's in the movie.

    As for enemies, I'm not really interested in darker villains like Mephisto and Blackheart. I think of them more as Ghost Rider villains plus they're pretty creepy and I'd feel uncomfortable with those demonic characters. Other threats like Mister Rasputin, Nebulon, Kaecilius, Umar, Tiboro and even Morgan le Fay would be a nice change of pace though.

    As for animated appearances of Doctor Strange, I recently really enjoyed his role in Ultimate Spider-Man vs the Sinister 6. It was really enjoyable to see him team-up with Spider-Man against foes like Baron Mordo and the Goblin. I especially enjoyed Miles from Home, since it was a strong episode overall and the Doctor Strange/Baron Mordo clash was enjoyable to see for the first time in this universe.

    A couple of my favorite episodes with Doctor Strange are Avengers Assemble's "Widow's Run" and The Super Hero Squad Show's "Enter Dormammu!" and "Night in the Sanctorum!". In the Avengers Assemble episode, Black Widow and Thor are on the run from corrupted heroes. After the Guardians showed up, Doctor Strange helped the Avengers take on Dormammu before Thanos attacked! The episode was just awesome and reminded me of another great Avengers Assemble episode "Planet Doom".

    The first Super Hero Squad Show episode was humorous and it was amusing to see Doctor Strange act really wacky and out of character. The second episode featured a really cool showdown with Doctor Strange and Enchantress. It's definitely fun to see Strange meeting with other magical characters that he normally wouldn't. If Scarlet Witch returns to animation, I'd like to see Strange team up with her! A Blade team-up could be interesting too.

    I also enjoyed his appearances in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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    *Dormammu got the better moveset, though...
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    I'm going with Spider-Man:Animated Series as his best animated appearance in any media (IMO).
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