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    Huh? We just gave her a cooler name... Zeturra Zatarra aren't very cool magic words... If you want me to put up a Zetus Lepetus bio, feel free to ask...

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    Okay this thread wasn't used for some time but i hope i am allowed to post one of my creation here too, even thought i am completly new and not from the USA (europe).

    Alias (Real Name): Fenrir (Madly, real name unkown)

    Age: 17

    Height: 1.75 meters

    Weight: 60 kilogram

    Appearance: Short pink hair (hairstyle is like Tankgirls), athletic body
    style (thin,not supermodel like, study), not the most beautiful face but also not ugly (if you know what i mean), smiles a lot (pokerface like).

    Costume: Mechanical Power suit my inspiration was this one here from a Anime.
    The body, the hands, the arms and the legs are very close to the image in my head, however the head is more face like (with eyes) and the feet are flat heeled. The Color of the Fenrir suit is grey madly however made it black with Pink stripes on some parts. There is also the usual equickment belt around the hips

    Powers: The Fenrir combat suit Madly is using is equicked with strengh and movement enhancing bionical fibers under the armor. It also has three thrusters (two on the lower legs and one on the back) allowing the user to make long jumps or for other combat movement (flying is also possible for short time). The handpalms are quicked with a high voltage stun shocker system (ring shaped).
    Next to that it has a lot of different allround equickment in the belt and in armor parts (grapling hooks, throwing weapons, stun,chaff and flash grenades, and other things).
    Her only real weapon is a special assault rifle using impulse ammo (the impulse stuns living things but destroys masive things like metal, stone, or wood).
    With a 10mm barrel for standart shots and a 20mm for heavy shots.
    Single fire or semi-auto. A magzine (more like a battery) can have either 30 small or 6 heavy shoots.

    However only if you can call hightech powers because if not than she has no Powers!

    Strength: Hard to confuse, Madly is not the smartes ones and not a fan of big words because she tries to see everything simple, its hard to confuse her with words.
    Well trained body, madly learned to survive on the streets and she is doing parkur runnings (try to use everything you see on city streets as a blocked you need to pass), she also used books from a libary to train some martial arts.
    She is however no Cassandra Cain or Wildcat.

    Limitations/Weaknesses: Her Fenrir suit has only power for 8 hours after that is has only 5 minuts reserv energy, so it needs to be recharged over times.
    Her rifle needs ammo.
    Madly (while being not stupid) is a fighter not a thinker or simliar that means she often has to depend on others.
    She is also just a normal human , no superpowers no soldiery traning, no assassin backround and no famous trainers what she can she has teached her self.

    Bio: Madly never talks much about her past or where she comes from. The only thing she ever sais is that she grew up in an orphange until she became 12. Then she run away trieng to find a place in life her self. She rejected the name the woman in Orphange gave her and called her self Madly, thinking that a bit insanity is always good for someone (she also trys to act a bit mad ala Halrey Quinn).

    However unlike people like Nite Wing she found a new home in a place she calls "Library" where a old woman teached her everything she needed to surive outside (she told her to read the right book for the right situation).

    On the streets she learned from the different gangs how to fight and how to escape the cops.
    She lived day after day breaking into some apartments to earn money.

    One day however the things on the streets changed, a strange Police force cleaned the streets from the big crime bosses and criminals (villians) in that what the streetgangs called "Sodom crisis". The police force doing that was actualy a Woman calling her self Seraphine using a special power suit (White female shaped,with big wings).

    After a short time Madly encountered this woman her self. However she was able to escape in a garbage pile. Somehow she was able to follow her to her hideout. There she found out that Seraphine was working for a big crime syndicat controlling several parts of the higher police forces (the commisioners and policemen however wheren't corrupt or controlled).

    However she also found the creator of the Serpahine suit a woman named Dana McJonson. After helping her to flee and bringing her to a secret labrotory Dana manged to let Madly help her fighting the Angel Syndicat and Seraphine bringing back justice to the city.

    So she gave Madly the Prototype suit she made before the Seraphine suit the FENRIR.

    Well thats her backstory i actualy created this in 5 minutes so excuse me if its a bit rough. Oh and sorry about my grammer English isn't my mother language.
    But i hope someone finds this intresting.
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    sounds like an interesting character

    And don't worry about grammar, i know a lot of people who have bad grammar, but they don't have an excuse for it

    Besides, it's nice to have some people around that aren't from US, or England for that matter, we tend to make up the majority

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    Update: Hey, all. I changed his name from "Solar" to "Sunflare" because apparently "Solar" is already the name of a Z-list super hero. A few years back I also wrote a now-defunct short-lived series about Sunflare, which you can find here on fictionpress, if you're interested in reading more about the character.


    [line]1[/line]From the Toon Zone Forums and Fan Fictions.

    Sunflare (John Ray) is a fan-made fictional superhero in the DC Universe, created by Alpha Man. The tag-line that represents his character is “Sunflare, Son of the Sun.” He is currently seventeen years old, a senior in high school, and based in the fictional location of Silver City. He is a teenage metahuman who strives to balance his already-hectic life with saving the city from criminals and super villains.

    Character History
    [line]1[/line]Seventeen year old John Ray was looking forward to his senior year, hoping that it would be one to remember. However, things changed for John when he went to an exhibition of a new type of energy source. Since his sister, Rebecca, is a cop, she was able to get him a ticket. John was going to see a revolutionary type of energy source: a solar-powered generator that, when touched by the sun’s energy, would absorb the energy and replicate it, becoming a self-sustaining energy source. The demonstration didn’t go as planned, however, when a group of eco-terrorists dropped in to steal the device. John pushed his sister (who was trying to stop the thugs from stealing the generator) out of the way and accidentally touched the generator right when the sun’s rays struck it. John then became the self-sustaining energy source, the living generator.

    There was a huge flash of blinding light when this happened, so no one suspected that anything happened to John. However, over the next couple of days, he discovered that he had superhuman powers (see below). Since John lived alone with his sister—the deaths or absences of his parents are currently unexplained—he thought he could help her out financially by going on a stunt-type show. The director was pleased and impressed by his abilities, but he knew that no one would really care or watch the show if a metahuman was doing all those stunts. Together, they decided to omit the information that John, now taking the stage name “Sunflare,” was a metahuman.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll, the same scientist who headed the team that built the solar-duplicating generator, was fired from his job because his invention didn’t work. The energy had gone to another source, and the generator was fried from it. Having nothing left and no money to pay for his ongoing therapy, Jekyll could not control his dormant personality, Edward Hyde, from coming out. (NOTE: I did not create Jekyll/Hyde, but he only used the character as a nod to the one created by Robert Louis Stevenson. Plus, it saved time developing an initial villain.)

    Hyde went to John’s school in search of the boy who “tampered” with his device, tearing the place apart. He even killed one of John's close friends. Seeking revenge, John transformed into Sunflare and battled Hyde. Mr. Hyde was only slightly stronger than Sunflare, and he gave the boy quite a beating. However, Sunflare was able to batter Hyde into submission to where the brute regressed back to the innocent and oblivious Dr. Jekyll. The Silver City Police Department arrived shortly after, demanding that Sunflare surrender, put his hands over his head, and lie down on the ground. Sunflare was confused, since he had just done the police a favor by subduing the monster, Hyde. When Sunflare saw that the police were going to shoot, he acrobatically avoided their shots and escaped.

    Since then, John Ray has been inspired to be a superhero so that no monster or criminal can destroy his school or harm the city. He has kept his dual-identity situation secret from his sister, but someday hopes that she will be grateful for Sunflare’s help in cleaning up the “metahuman-infested” society of Silver City.

    [line]1[/line]Being 6’2” tall and weighing 138 lbs, Sunflare wears a costume comprised of a dark red sleeveless shirt, yellow-colored belt, and dark red pants. On his feet are yellow boots that match his belt. He wears yellow gloves and a mask that covers his face but exposes his eyes and hair. John’s hair is golden-colored, and his eyes are light blue.

    [line]1[/line]Sunflare’s superpowers are fueled by the energy he has duplicated from the sun, making him a living energy source. He can use this power in a variety of ways, some conscious and unconscious:
    • John Ray can use the energy to alter the light of his appearance to look like his costume. Unlike most of his powers, this lasts even after Sunflare is knocked unconscious.
    • Sunflare is strong enough to lift a small car, albeit with difficulty. As his powers develop, his strength will increase.
    • His favorite use of the energy is to make himself as quick and acrobatic as an Olympic gymnast.
    • He can shoot the solar energy as an eye-blast, although the intensity of that blast varies on how long Sunflare charges his energy before executing.
    • He can use the energy as a “sun rope.” This means that, whenever Sunflare wishes to grab hold of something with his energy (though the object might be far away), the solar energy materializes to look like a thin, but powerful rope. It starts materializing from the upper-forearm and wraps around the rest of his forearm until it finally shoots off from the wrist. He can use this to attach himself to anything, or he can tie up bad guys. The sun rope is generally unbreakable, unless he loses consciousness, then it disappears. When conscious, Sunflare can leave the sun rope in an area and leave: the sun rope lasts for thirty minutes. Sunflare later develops the sun rope to shoot off from any part of his body, such as the feet or shoulders.
    • Sunflare can use his energy to propel himself in flight, although this is done in a specific way. Rather than simply flying like Superman (something which Sunflare has yet to master), he flies by “surfing” or “gliding” through the air on an accumulated mass of his energy, which is placed at his feet. He usually flies through the air leaning forward, with one foot in front and one foot behind. The mass of energy looks like a cloud, of sorts. He can increase speed at will and perform several acrobatic moves on his “sun cloud,” as he calls it.
    • An unconscious use of Sunflare’s energy makes his environment slow down in times of extreme danger, called “focus mode.” This usually happens spontaneously (he can not control it most of the time) and is instinctual. In focus mode, Sunflare sees the world move much slower and everything appears more significant, allowing him to see attacks come delicately. He can thus react in time. The only qualm is that Sunflare becomes exhausted and winded after focus mode.
    • Sunflare's hyper-production of energy also works as an accelerated healing factor that works while he sleeps. He wakes up with all of his bruises and cuts gone.
    • Sunflare’s best defense is when he uses his energy to create a shield that encircles him a hollow, somewhat-transparent sphere of yellow light. However, this tactic can only go for so long, because Sunflare is soon winded by the effort needed to keep it going. The “shield sphere” can withstand many attacks and forces, such as a tank’s cannon, but sooner or later, it dies down and he cannot power it any longer.
    • One of Sunflare’s less-used powers is that to increase temperatures and melt objects.
    • He can use the energy to make a non-lethal flash that blinds his opponents temporarily.
    Weaknesses and Limitations
    [line]1[/line]Even though he possesses great strength, power, and determination, Sunflare has a variety of weaknesses that often cost him the fight:
    • Sunflare’s greatest weakness is that the use of his powers (focus mode, shield sphere, and others) leaves him winded. Thus, he has limited stamina after a while. He cannot keep fighting for long.
    • Loud noises and sonic blasts critically bring Sunflare’s powers to a halt.
    • Sunflare is often outmatched by superior strength, since his powers and strength are not completely developed. He is prone to getting smacked around a lot.
    • If in the event that Sunflare is knocked unconscious, his sun rope instantly disappears, freeing any villains he has tied up at the moment.
    • Sunflare constantly second-guesses himself, usually because of his other weaknesses above.
    [line]1[/line]Here are some fun facts about John Ray:
    • Though John believed for a long time that by touching the generator he had become a metahuman, Cadmus (the U.S. government funded organization featured in Justice League) informed him later, hinting that John had been a metahuman since birth. The incident at the exhibition merely triggered his development of powers.
    • Though Sunflare is (generally speaking) accepted and praised by the press, the Silver City Police Department has no respect for him and considers him a freak. Silver City is torn apart everyday by metahumans, and the police believe that Sunflare is no different.
    • To make some extra money, John is a delivery-boy that delivers packages all over the city. However, this gives Sunflare a chance to use his powers for his own personal gain, as he gets to the location in no-time.
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    A new Batgirl

    Alright, character update. here's the better (and i hope final) draft of my original character. hope you enjoy reading my fics.

    Name: Batgirl II

    Alias: Jasmine "Jazz" Marie Douglas

    Age: 21

    Height: 1.73m (aprox 5'8)

    Weight: 65kg (it's muscle baby ;) )

    Hair: long, wavy and black

    Eyes: artificially pink; real? READ THE FIC

    Build: Somewhat like Catwoman's; voluptuous and muscular, but not too muscular, combine to make her look strong but still feminine. Her curves are nicely balanced. Many men would find her figure highly attractive.

    Costume: Her first: the suit she wears is grey in color. the gloves and boots are black as well as the Bat sign across her chest. but the sign isnt like the one in BB but similar to that in TNAB except in black. The belt is bronze in color and has no "real" belt buckle that is visible. On her left thigh is a black holster that she uses to store her grappling gun. the mask covers her entire face and has almond shaped white eye discs and the lips are black. she wears no cape and her ears are shorter than that of Batman's (BB)

    Her permanent: resembles that of Batman's with a few tweeks. Her lips are ruby red and the red Bat sign on her chest has wings that are pointed higher and curvier. the belt hangs on her hips rather than her waist, and a red band around her right thigh that holds first aid necessities as well as a click wheel to call the cave, car or bike.

    Powers so to speak: Well her first suit's cowl has night vision. Her assortment of martial arts weapons such as batarangs and bolas are stored in her belt and she owns a grappling gun which she uses to swing from building to building. she is an experienced fighter mastering different types of martial arts as well as street fighting. Thats right, she plays dirty sometimes;).

    her permanent suit has the same features as Batman's except it calls her Batcycle since that is her primary source of transportation. it could call the car but would Brucie really allow her to drive it? Bruce is very careful about the car :p

    Limitations: she is still human, and the suit offers little protection against knife wounds and bullets. Her temper usually gets the better of her causing her difficulty in thinking straight. (if you're reading my fanfic at the moment it might not seem obvious yet). And ofcourse Terry... they just cant seem to stop arguing!! while they fight together, that weakness gets in the way clouding both vigilantes' concentrations, although it does a good job confusing the criminals :p

    Strengths: she won't ever give up, then again that could also be a weakness in certain situations. she is also a skilled acrobat capable of leaping higher than any regular human easily. Team work is a defenite strenght. when paired with Terry, they make peanut butter and jelly seem like an awkward couple (uh, i dont know what i just said but i hope it made sense) When is costume, the two transform from bickering young adults to something even bruce can't understand. they work together by predicting each others moves, think alike as though both minds are a single river, and are rather dangerous when paired (not that they arent when they're alone :p)

    Bio: Classy tragic Batman story. He father died leaving behind a wife and four year old daughter, her. a few months after the death, his best friend, Ethan, whom Jazz adored like an uncle, also tragically died leaving her alone in this world. she wasnt close with her mother and her mother hated her to the point where she... well, you're going to have to read the fic titled BB: Untold Story. MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

    Well here is a picture of Batwoman from the Mystery of Batwoman and i am using it as a sort of visual aid for u guys before i can post my final designs.

    imagine this: Jazz's Batsuit is the same color except signs and gloves are black and the belt is way different since it has no visible belt buckle, not to mention theres a holster on her left thigh to put that grappl hook. plus the sign would resemble that of the old Batgirl suit. HOWEVER the sign she has now is similar to that on the NEW suit that Bruce designed except its red plus the suit is black just like Terry's and lips are red (same shade as the sign) voila! i hope that was a little more helpful.
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    Ok, this character appears in my upcoming fic(linked in my signature).

    Name:Keenyara (or Keenya)

    Alias (Real Name): None, she goes by her name.

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'8

    Weight: I don't know the exact but thinner than the average 18-year-old

    Appearance: Dark chocolate skin and electric blue eyes. Long black hair that she keeps in a single braid. A rather haughty and impassive expression most of the time. Very toned muscules.

    Costume: When the Titans first met her, she was wearing a halter-top and shorts, both made of a red-black leathery material, but this kinda... disentgrated and she was immediately provided with a form-fitting black T-shirt that said 'Sunshine' in pink and a pair of baggy black sweatpants that cuff tightly at the ankles. The shoes she wears are black, soft-soled slip-ons, almost like ballet shoes. She keeps a wooden staff hanging from her back by a long strap.

    Powers: Is basically the essence of wind, air, and sky. So she can create air streams and gusts of wind. She can also control the air particles so that sounds do not vibrate through or vibrate through faster.

    Strength: Is about Robin's level with a wooden staff. and is pretty good with hand-to-hand martial arts.

    -Her attitude frequently works against her. She does not have any qualms about doing what she has to to get what she wants and is rather cold and uncaring. Other than cold, her most frequent emotion is annoyance and anger. Naturally, she does not gain many allies that way.
    -When she fights with her wind powers, the air becomes much more pliable and lets sounds in much easier. She therefore has to spend energy and awareness keeping sounds from defening her. For that reason, she prefers to use her staff.

    Bio: Short version: Keenyara was born in a different dimension and then given to slavery. She lived as a slave for thirteen years. even then she had rolalty like mannerisms. when she was thirteen she broke away with the help
    of her newly discovered powers.

    She lived alone for many year(except for a small girl she took care of) and therefore does not care for people much at all. She looked out for herself and the girl and that was it. She lived in sourounding forest areas of villages and stole to get most of what she needed.

    Then she was reunited with the other elementals of her kind and they fought an epic battle good versus evil, blah, blah, blah. She and her 'friends' were taken to the heavens in return for their sevices, but the arch angels were soon irritated by her attitude and decided to assign her to protect and serve Raven and Starfire(the reasons are revealed in the story so can't really tell you). she is basically stuck in titans tower doing whatever the two females phrase as an order.
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    Heh, I'm a newbie... and these are my own characters, not in any DC universe or Marvel universe. Well, Dospersona:

    Name: Dospersona
    Alias (Real Name):Gregory "Greg" Venn
    Height:1 metre 75 cm
    Weight: 75kg
    Appearance:Three quarters of his face is like a green raptors, a quarter is just his eye, some skin and a patch of black hair.
    Costume:A long brown trenchcoat, jumper, jeans.
    Powers:Enhanced strength, incredible marksman
    Strength:He has reptilian strength (on par with a Raptor)
    Limitations/Weaknesses:He is theoretically a human, loaded dice, previous friendship with hero.


    As Greg Venn, a Russian lawyer, he started his career in Australia in the year 1995, after three years in law school. He became a well known lawyer by the age of thirty, in 2000. However, in just five years, perhaps the most well known lawyer in the world would become the worlds most shunned fugitive. It was found out in 2005 that Venn was a smuggler of drugs, and that he had been doing this with people who were suspected of terrorism. He was then arrested, but he escaped. For one year, he was scouring the land for a place to restart, Centurio caught up to him. He demanded the money back from the drug dealing, and he would give him a week. Venn could not comply, and Tax Collector came knocking, but instead of shooting Venn, he scarred him with snake venom.

    After the accident, Dospersona started to attack people, but this was noticed by Flyman who shut him down. Dospersona and Greg Venn became two separate beings, fighting for control of one body. They decided on a dice, three sides human, three sides reptile, to make all their decisions. His first plan with this new system was capturing three reptiles and holding one human hostage, perhaps reflecting what had happened to his face. He threatened to kill the human, unless the sum of four billion dollars was given to him, of which he would deposit one billion in a charity of his choice. His plan was stopped by Flyman, and since then Dospersona has been keeping low, locked up in Torture Tower. Magico has started planning a mass breakout, and so Dospersona may once again roam free to kill three quarters of Yuman City.
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    PLEASE READ:I Would like it if you gave me your opinionon my hero...(MORE SUPERHEROS/SUPERVILLAIN COMING SOON)

    Name:Alien Hero

    Full Name:Jake Evans


    Height:5' 9"


    Appearance:White Male,Dirty Blond hair,blue eyes,

    Costume: A Dark Grey mask with Dark Blue lines on the mask and Glowing Red eyes on the mask. (does not have a
    costume for his monster form.

    Powers:Unlimited Strength,Leaping/Jumping Ability,Accelerated Healing,
    dynamic durability,High Resistance/High Durability,Climbing/wall-crawling,Night Vision,Mobile Invulnerability,
    Prehensile Tongue,Claw Retraction,Sonic Scream,Enhanced Combat,Enhanced Flexibility,Enhanced Vision,
    Extraterrestrial Communication,Danger Sensing,Wing Manifestation.

    Strengths:His Girlfriend,Himself,His powers,thinking about his dead biological father.

    Weaknesses:His past,His Step-Father,His Step-Brother

    Bio:Jake Evans was born to Mrs.Diane Evans and Mr.Zack Maxwell on june 7th 1993 and jakes biological father (Zack)
    was killed in a car accident when jake was 8 years old and his mother got remarried 9 years later when Jake was 17,
    Jake met the love of his life when he was 14,when jake graduated high school he and ashley (girlfriend) starting
    dating,whe Jake was 18 and his Family went on a camping trip and one night a metor crashed a few miles away from
    their campsite and jake went to check it out and the metor was a Crashed spaceship that contained a dying alien
    creature which broke out and bit jake on the shoulder,when jake's family found him jake was nearly dead from
    bloodloss so he was Taken to the hospital and he slip into shock and hit his head bad enough to be in a coma,
    jake awoke from the coma when he was 20,and 2 months later he found out he had powers to turn into a creature
    and when his best friend was killed by a robber robbing the bank jake decided to become a superhero knowned as
    alien hero....jake wears a mask when he's in his human form but when he takes it off he becomes the alien hero.

    NOTE:Jake maxwell can Shapeshift into a alien creature the sameway as hulk but jake's alien creature looks
    100% different from the hulk,jake can control if he wants to turn into the alien or not,jake doesn't turn into him if he gets
    mad unless jake wants to.
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    Alias(Real Name):Anteversitas (Anti Universe)

    Occupation: Destroyer of Sylestrial (Captain Universe)

    Height: Unknown (can make himself any height)

    Weight: Unknown

    Appearance: Dark Cloudy Mist

    Costume: A Dark Hood (in physical form)

    Powers: Telepathy, teleportation, possesion, shape shifting, cosmic powers, and Dimension Traveler

    Strength: Unmatched

    Weakness: Crystals of Life


    Anteversitas (Chaos) is the son of God. He was created from the Crystals of Life, Birth, Death, and Love. He was considered the opposite of his twin brother Sylestrial (Captain Universe). He lived under his brothers shadow for so long. When God created Life in the Universe, Sylestrial immediately fell in love with all life and swore to his father to protect. Chaos hated life, only because his perfect brother loved it. So Chaos began to devour life, using it's powers to make himself undefeatable. Sylestrial was horror struck from his brothers actions and using the Crystals of life he created an alternate blank universe in Sylestrial's stomach. Sylestrial thought that he had gotten rid of Chaos forever, but Chaos was to strong. In Slyestrial's stomach Chaos began to absorb Sylestrial's powers and created a being on Earth. This being grew very strong and called itself Anarchy. That is when Sylestrial called himself Captain Universe and joined forces with a group of heroes to defeat Anarchy. After killing Anarchy an unknown cosmic beam shot at Captain Universe's stomach, weakening Chaos's prison. So Captain Universe had no choice but flew out to an uninhabited part of the Universe. He then threw up Chaos and they battled. Chaos was still recovering and was extremely vulnerable. He knew he was defeated and teleported to a different dimension to devour worlds and become stronger. On Chaos's return, He was an almighty being stronger than his father. Captain Universe knew the only way to defeat him was to morph the Crystals of Life together and sacrifice himself to destroy his brother Chaos. This technique destroyed Captain Universe and Chaos, causing the entire universe to fall apart.
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    Name: Azuron
    Alias: James Marshall
    Age: 29
    Height: 6' 6"
    Weight: 260 pounds
    Appearance: Tanned Caucasian male, black hair, intense blue eyes
    Costume: He has two: A dark blue meshlike bodysuit with a lightly armored shell. Dark blue glassteel helmet. The second costume: The gray "Focus Armor". Very hard exterior, blue lighting, blue circles on hands and chest. Tyrtanite helmet with comm equipment on ears.
    Powers: Super strength, flight, near-invulnerability, plasma energy manipulation, telekinesis, master strategist, enhanced speed/reflexes, highly trained in espionage and boxing, genius-level intellect.
    Strengths: Charging his powers even for a second upgrades them temporarily. i.e., flight becomes supersonic flight, super strength becomes near that of Superman's, and so forth. Any one of his powers can be charged. He uses two types of plasma energy: Concussive and Thermal. A thermal bolt or beam charged for five seconds can reduce a human to a charred skeleton. A concussive beam charged for five seconds can fling a sedan to half a football field.
    Limitations: If he goes up against someone with super strength or invulnerability, he must charge his attacks to do any real damage.
    Bio: James was born in Eastern California in the 22nd century. His parents were killed in transit by Commander Vordred, from an oppressive regime on their home planet, Tyron, leaving James in the care of wanderers. He was recruited by The Agency of Empowered Individuals (EIs) at the age of 16, where he was trained to control his powers. He finds other empowered kids like him, and form a team, called The Delta Corps. With his best friend, an EI with super speed and an affinity for guns, his girlfriend, a cryokinetic hybrid born in a lab, a cyborg elf with lightning powers, and a hothead with microwave vision and pyrokinesis, He fights in the Second American Civil War, only to see it divided into The New United Districts of Eastern America, and The New Western Republic of America. During the war, his girlfriend is recaptured by her originators, OriGen Labs. James realizes that the Agency is only an extension of OriGen Labs. They destroy the facility. Months later, they recover her, having been infused with a third DNA which grants her bones near-invulnerablity and bone spurs on her knuckles, but also being driven insane by the tortures endured in the labs.. Soon after she regains her sanity, An eastern american assassin supposedly kills her. James and his friends leave Earth, and become heroes for hire. He stumbles across an enormous ship called "Gyraxis", ruled by the despotic Captain Sivell. After defeating him, he returns home, and finds his girlfriend, alive and well, having gone into involuntary cryoregeneration, making everyone assume she was dead. Shortly after, they are married. But then Vordred arrives, intending to conquer the earth. James, now with four new teammates, a lizardman with camo abilities, a juggernaut with control of stinging insects, an unkillable dark organism, and a highly advanced robot implanted with the consciousness of an alien assassin long dead, he succeeds in routing Vordred and his army. But when the coast seems clear, his ultimate challenge surfaces, when an angry alternate version of himself arrives from another earth, with the intent of destroying Earths, over and over again.
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    Name: The Black Crusader
    Alias: James Evan
    Age: 688(During the year 3127)
    Height: 5’3
    Appearance: A short and lean figure with brownish, black hair, and unmistakable jet black eyes.
    Base: A black mountain in the ruined world once known as earth during the year 3127.
    Powers: Immortality(Immune to natural poisons, diseases, and old age)
    Suit Powers(Stop functioning when suit gets busted up): Energy Powers(Blasts and small circular shields), Flight, and Mimic(copies powers from other supers that the character has met. cannot copy technological powers and can only have one person's powers at a time but the power is remembered and can be used later.)
    Suit Appearance: A black helmet that covers from just below the nose and up. Mouth is visible through a dark green visor that makes up the rest of the helmet. The rest of the suit is mostly black but with dark green circles where the energy blasts and shields come from, one on each hand and one on each foot.
    Strength: Varies depending on the selected person’s power but with just the suit it would be that of a very strong man. With no suit it’s a bit above average.
    Weaknesses: The inability to truly care if anyone dies, a busted up or destroyed suit, and the mind of a person who never really grew up.
    Bio: An experiment for an immortality serum worked after decades of tests and failures finally worked on October 20 2465. James Evan was abducted and tested for surviving the experiment he was given a vast fortune of ten trillion dollars which he used to create a base in a mountain that would later become pitch black, for a project he had wanted to work on: Project:The White Crusader. James then fought crime in a suit of white and blue armor. Later he had caused the world to go into a nuclear war with an alien species who were just migrating to mars. James was the one who claimed they were here to conquer the earth but he was wrong and sinking so low he abandoned the role of being The White Crusader. But when the aliens regrouped and launched a counter attack on humanity James fought back but not as The White Crusader, as The Black Crusader. Instead of taking the fame for the act he vanished into the night. James protects the earth as the last hero.
  12. green mage

    green mage New Member

    Jun 27, 2015
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    I'm new to this kind of thing but here I go

    name-Justin akers
    appearance-white male,short brown hair,wears dark blue jeans and black t-shirt
    power-he can turn into a hulking figure with invincible armored skin and increased stamina and strength
    strength-nearly as strong as the hulk in his super state
    weakness-magic and metal from his fathers home planet
    bio-as a young man justin akers went through a rough time in his ,his mother was slowly dying and he started having problems controlling his emotions .the night before his mother died she told him his father was from an alien planet and would soon have special abilities the next day he became very sick and went to the hospital he had to get xrays and he was shocked at the results ,he was developing another heart filled blue blood .soon he learned he could transform simply by saying "inner power"and soon became a hero ,but sometimes he can underestimate his own strength and destroy public property!
  13. Bob Williams

    Bob Williams New Member

    Jul 6, 2015
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    Name: The Anonymous Vigilante

    Real name: John Norsan

    Age: 15

    Height: 6ft

    Weight: 200 pounds

    Appearance: Intimidating size for a teenager, well muscled, black hair, gray eyes, and a scar from his right ear diagonally down his throat to his left collar bone and scars all over his chest and back. (Explanation in bio)

    Costume: Black hoodie with blue lines down the arms and around the hood, a completely reflective mask covering his whole face, black jeans, and black converse.

    Powers: Shape shifting, enhanced speed, strength, and senses. He has high brain power and can analyze things faster than any human can. Can shoot black and blue laser balls. Can melt into shadows and shadow travel. He some how has a way to tap into the speedforce used by all speedsters.

    Strength: His brain works faster than the any human, can melt into shadows and not be seen.

    Limitations/Weaknesses: Doesn't like to interact with people, doesn't understand human emotions. A white crystal that if within 100 feet he cannot use any of his powers.

    Bio: At 7 years old John was kidnapped by a sociopath named George Mendez and tortured every day for 6 years by George cutting him every day, until one day he broke loose of his chains and waited for George to come back and when he did he nocked him out and chained him up and cut him until he bled to death. Then he went outside for the first time in 6 years and ran. He was picked up by the police because he had blood all over him self. Flash forward two years he's in his 5th foster home and in highschool because he passed a test for elementary and middle school and one day he was walking home when one of his bullies started taunting him and he got so mad he told him to stop and a laser ball shot out of his hand he freaked out and ran home. Later he snuck out and practiced what he could do, while he was out he saw a guy attacking a woman and he decided to help by shooting the guy who passed out. Fast forward a few weeks he designed his costume and started working with the Teen Titans and the Justice League.
    #113 Bob Williams, Jul 6, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2015
  14. Jehinite

    Jehinite New Member

    Feb 18, 2016
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    Name: Shinigami
    Alias: Thang Tekewashi
    Occupation: Soul Taker/Detective
    Age: 24
    Weight: (Shinigami Form) weightless (human form) 145 pounds
    Height: (Shinigami Form) 7'8 (Human Form) 5'0
    Eyes: (Shinigami Form) Green Fire (Human Form) Blue
    Ethnicity: Japanese, Asian
    Hair: Black
    Karma: Neutral
    Appearance: (Shinigami Form) A long dark robe, strange mist around it, and also metal gloves with sharp ends on the fingers, and large metal boots AND other metal armours underneath the robes. He also wears a white mask. (Human Form) a long trench coat, jeans, a white tee-shirt, glasses and black shoes.
    Powers/Abilities: Power Over Light and Dark (creation of Dark Swords and Light Beams), Mind Powers (Telekenisis and Telepathy) , Strength, Speed, Intangability, Invisibility, Power of Lanuages (can speak any), and Flight (Via Wings). Detective Skills and Martial Arts skills.
    Bio: Thang was born in Japan, in a small village near the Aitorase-gawa river. As a child he practiced martial arts at his school and after school he always worked on little detective cases in his room...while also trying a real case of his own, his parents were brutally murdered while on a holiday in the city of Gotham...what was odd about it was that there was no signs of any wounds inflicted on them and they died "naturally". The strange thing was as soon as he began this investigation people who hated or hurt him began to die. After about 5 years when he was 12 he had a dream...about a thing...with three eyes standing in his room whispering these words "Kill them all." Over and over to him...the next part of the dream was a involved killing everyone in his town and everyone he knew while he was in...some other form...and when he finally awoke everything in the dream was true...and he was standing next to a pile of the dead and behind him were the first incarnation of the Teen Titans confused but also read to take him down. After the fight he escaped with their blood on his hand...during his years hiding he took refuge in Gotham working alongside the commissioner while also training his powers to battle other occult things like him. He uses his powers to solve crimes and destroy evil at its source....the devil himself...Trigon. He took up the name of a spirit of death from his culture as he wanted to spout fear in people he goes against. He generally applies as a Anto Hero due to his brutal nature of fighting, and due to his relationships with Raven. (Which vary)
  15. Flowey

    Flowey Don't Underestimate the Sunflower

    Apr 3, 2016
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    This is cool. I'm working on a superhero of my own........
  16. Flowey

    Flowey Don't Underestimate the Sunflower

    Apr 3, 2016
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    Whoa... Anonymous? Nice!
  17. MagicHadi

    MagicHadi New Member

    Aug 13, 2016
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    Name: Nightsong
    Alias (Real Name): Clary Gale
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: average
    Appearance: Long yellow hair, black eyes, brown skin, slightly muscular.
    Costume: exo-skeleton-like black mask with yellow glowing lines across it, and yellow eye indentations similar to insect eyes, black cloak traced with yellow lines inscriped with runes on the inside, high tech bag,plain black boots pants and undershirt
    Powers: genius level intellect, helmet has access to every piece of digitally stored information on the planet (she's working to expand it to other planets as well) as well as making her immune to mind control,runes on the inside of her cloak allow for unreliable spell casting and protection, endo-skeleton linked to her bones allow for increased strength and agility, high tech bag attached to the expskeleton allows for deployment of jetpack, robotic arms, and can be detached and deployed as a turret, pocket dimension where all her weapons are stored.
    Strength: master of all known forms of combat, convincing liar, strong will, excels at deciphering the true nature of who she encounters, never misses a shot with any weapon
    Limitations/Weaknesses: very arrogant and refuses to back down from any challenge presented to her, considers everyone who has not defeated her inferior, a certain hole the size of the head of a pin on her bag detonates it
    Bio: Clary Gale suffered from multiple mental illnesses as a child, which eventually led to her killing her own parents in their sleep at the age of 5. Even at that young age she was extremely intelligent, and managed to survive for a few months on the streets before she was discovered by a cyborg yielding from anothher planet.
    She was taken to the ship he used, and he ran many experiments on her, and upon discovering how useful she would be as a weapon, erased her memory and began using her for assasinations on his homeworld.
    However, the cyborgs homeworld fell under siege by a far superior force, and he escaped with her back to earth. The shuttle they were in crashed, and though Clary was not harmed, her cyborg master sustained heavy injuries.
    Over the course of 2 years, Clary hunted for parts to repair the cyborg, and she just needed a good power source to restart his circuits. She decided to use a Tesla core, which was a leading power source that could provide nearly unlimited energy. Clary raided the hideout it was held in, and escaped with minimal issues. Sneaking back in the dead of night however, she heard an eerie song from the shadows. It came from a hero called Siren, who's singing was said to bring forth whatever good was in a person, her power worked in mysterious ways, employing different methods to get the target to be "Cleansed" as she called it.
    For Clary, she remmembered everything that the cyborg erased from her mind, and ran away, deciding not to kill Siren. Upon arriving at the shuttle she shared with the Cyborg, she confronted him on the matter of her memories being erased. He responded by attaching the Tesla core to himself and attacking her. After a long fight, Clary stood triumphant over cyborgs dying body, however right before he died, he initiated another memory erasing from Clary, and she blacked out.
    When Clary woke up again, she could only remmember two things. She remmembered that she was an assasin, and a peculiar song in the night.
    Naming herself Nightsong after the memory she couldnt quite place, she became an assasin for hire, until the day she met a hero named Siren. Siren decided that it would be too dangerous to reveal Clary's memories to her, and instead showed her footage from the shuttle that shows her memory being wiped.
    Knowing she has forgotten her entire life, but not knowing what it is she forgot, Clary Gale became a hero known as Nightsong, fighting alongside Siren to punish evildoers, all the while searching for her lost memories.
    Years after her origin, (and after getting new abilities such as a pocket dimention she got after killing a minor god, and runes from a master sorceror) Nightsong discovered via security camera footage that Siren knew her memories and had been keeping them from her, this caused them to fall out, and Clary to lose her ability to trust.
    After a month had gone by with Her not donning her Nightsong costume, all the while fuming silently, Clary took to the streets again, this time however, she had no issue with killing, inflicting all the loss she felt on anyone who did evil.
    This behaviour did not go well with the other heroes, and she did not belong among their ranks, however she wasnt a villain either. One thing however, everyone could be certain about Nighsong: She will punish everyone who hurts others, and she will make sure that her punishments are the last thing her enemies ever feel.
  18. Evan H.

    Evan H. New Member

    Feb 25, 2017
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    I Have 2 The Hero And The Villain. this Is Fan Made from Spider-Man
    Alias:Zachary Hacson
    Appearance:White Teen Brown Hair With Hazel Eyes
    Costume:All White body But Around The Body And around the eyes
    Are neon blue and the symbol has a neon Spider on chest.
    Weakness: Metal Called Anomite

    Powers:Regular Spider-Man Powers but More Smart,can Image a move before an enemy Does it,can shoot Laser webs

    Strength:Super Human Strength can lift a motel with hands

    Bio:Just Graduated From Reton College in New York Bitten By Radioactive Spider And After A Death Of A Hero Named Spider-Man He Became I New Hero The Tech-Spider An Amazing Hero And Works At Oscorp With Harry Osborn's Son Aaron Osborn They Both Were Best Friends in highschool
  19. Legend226

    Legend226 New Member

    Dec 1, 2017
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    This is a character I thought of some time ago and I am just putting it up for fun

    Name: Mantra

    Secret identity: Bradley

    Age: 22

    Height: Average 22 yr old

    Weight: (See above)

    Appearance: Quite fit and has black hair that is quite messy, hazel eyes and untanned skin

    Occupation: Part time McDonalds waiter

    Base of Ops: A bookshop that is owned by his friend Oliver

    Costume: A green/white shirt with a black vest over it which has a big white 'M' on it and gloves with modes and brown pants with knee pads for better combat and special boots with different modes and he has weapons and gears similar to Batman Beyond and has a blue nano goggles

    Team: Young Fighters

    Skills: Impressive theory knowledge and can perform extreme parkour moves as he participated and won the X-Games, a extreme parkour competition. Quite cautious as Mantra and can solve strange cases quickly when working with the cops as Mantra due to his knowledge of theories and being able to think like the villains do and predict their next moves and intercept them.

    Powers: Able to create objects if focusing and able to see blueprints and also possess enhanced capabilities.

    Weakness: Tries to impress and look cool in front of the girl he likes and he lets his emotions rule him easily. Reckless and bad-tempered(might add more)

    Bio: Bradley's life is pretty average up till 2025, when he is 22, during Halloween. A monster came looking for him trying to destroy him because of his strange Blood Type M which attracts everything, from mosquitoes to monsters and because it was Halloween, people did not realise the danger and almost died till Bradley appear in a costume(very sloppy and last minute). With the newfound powers he had triggered mid-battle, he destroyed the monster and people hail him as a hero with him calling himself Mantra. Later on, his good friend Nicole used Nano-Tech to help create him an incredible suit with impressive functions like Insta-Kill(Spider-Man Homecoming) and weapons like Nano-Rangs(Batman) with a super smart A.I. Lydia. He is the also the one who creates team Young Fighters and grapples around the city(Spidey) helping those in need as THE MANTRA!

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