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    (this guide goes by production order, not airing order)

    Season One:
    1. Death Has a Shadow- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    2. I Never Met the Dead Man- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    3. Mind Over Murder- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    4. Chitty Chitty Death Bang- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    5. A Hero Sits Next Door- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    6. The Son Also Draws- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    7. Brian: Portrait of a Dog- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    8. Peter Peter Caviar Eater- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    9. Running Mates- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    10. There's Something About Paulie- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    11. Holy Crap- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    12. If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    13. Love Thy Trophy- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    14. Death is a B**ch- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    15. The King is Dead- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    Total: 15 Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.

    Season Two:
    16. Brian in Love- Yeson.
    17. I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    18. A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas- Yeson.
    19. Let's Go to the Hop- Yeson.
    20. When You Wish Upon a Weinstein- Yeson.
    21. DaBoom- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    22. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Bucks- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    23. Fifteen Minutes of Shame- Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital.
    24. Dammit Janet- Yeson.
    25. He's Too Sexy For His Fat- Yeson.
    26. Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington- Rough Draft Studios.
    27. Road to Rhode Island- Rough Draft Studios.
    28. E. Peterbus Unum- Koko Enterprises.
    29. The Story on Page 1- Rough Draft Studios.
    30. Wasted Talent- Yeson.
    31. Fore Father- Yeson.
    32. The Thin White Line- Rough Draft Studios.
    33. Lethal Weapons- Rough Draft Studios.
    34. One if By Clam, Two if By Sea- Rough Draft Studios.
    35. Brian Does Hollywood- Yeson.
    36. Death Lives- Rough Draft Studios.
    37. And The Wiener Is...- Rough Draft Studios.
    Total: 4 Grimsaem/Sunwoo Digital, 9 Yeson, 8 Rough Draft Studios, 1 Koko Enterprises.

    Season Three:
    38. Emission Impossible- Grimsaem.
    39. The Kiss Seen Around the World- Grimsaem.
    40. Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows- Grimsaem.
    41. Mr. Saturday Knight- Grimsaem.
    42. A Fish Out of Water- Grimsaem.
    43. Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?- Grimsaem.
    44. Ready, Willing, and Disabled- Grimsaem.
    45. Screwed the Pooch- Grimsaem.
    46. To Love and Die in Dixie- Grimsaem.
    47. Stuck Together, Torn Apart- Grimsaem.
    48. From Method to Madness- Grimsaem.
    49. Viewer Mail #1- Grimsaem.
    50. European Road Show- Grimsaem.

    Season Four:
    51. North By North Quahog- Sunwoo.
    52. Fast Times at Buddy Cianci High- Yeson.
    53. Don't Make Me Over- Sunwoo.
    54. Blind Ambition- Yeson.
    55. Stewie B. Goode- Sunwoo.
    56. Bango Was His Name- Sunwoo.
    57. Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure- Sunwoo.
    58. The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire- Yeson.
    59. Petarded- Yeson.
    60. Brian the Bachelor- Yeson.
    61. 8 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter- Sunwoo.
    62. Breaking Out is Hard to Do- Yeson.
    63. Model Misbehavior- Sunwoo.
    64. Peter's Got Woods- Yeson.
    65. Perfect Castaway- Sunwoo.
    66. Jungle Love- Yeson.
    67. PTV- Sunwoo.
    68. Brian Goes Back to College- Yeson.
    69. The Courtship of Stewie's Father- Sunwoo.
    70. Fat Guy Strangler- Yeson.
    71. Brian Sings & Swings- Sunwoo.
    72. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz- Yeson.
    73: I Take Thee Quagmire- Yeson.
    74: Sibling Rivalry- Sunwoo.
    75. Patriot Games- Sunwoo.
    76: Deep Throats- Yeson.
    77: Peterotica- Sunwoo.
    78: You May Now Kiss the... uh... Guy Who Receives- Yeson.
    79: Petergeist- Sunwoo.
    80: Untitled Griffin Family History- Sunwoo.
    81: Mother Tucker- Sunwoo.
    82: Stewie Loves Lois- Sunwoo.
    83: Hell Comes to Quahog- Yeson.
    84: Saving Private Brian- Yeson.
    85: Whistle While Your Wife Works- Sunwoo.

    Season 5:
    86: Prick Up Your Ears- Sunwoo.
    87: Chick Cancer- Sunwoo.
    88: Barely Legal- Sunwoo.
    89: Road to Rupert- Sunwoo.
    90: Peter's Two Dads- Yeson.
    91: The Tan Aquatic With Steve Zissou- Sunwoo.
    92: Bill & Peter's Bogus Journey- Sunwoo.
    93: Airport '07- Yeson.
    94: No Meals on Wheels- Sunwoo.
    95: Boys Do Cry- Sunwoo.
    96: No Chris Left Behind- Yeson.
    97: It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One- Sunwoo.
    98: Meet the Quagmires- Sunwoo.
    99: Blue Harvest- Sunwoo.
    100: Movin' Out (Brian's Song)- Sunwoo.
    101: Believe It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air- Yeson.
    102: Stewie Kills Lois Part 1- Sunwoo.
    103: Stewie Kills Lois Part 2- Sunwoo.
    104: Padre De Familia- Sunwoo.
    105: Peter's Daughter- Sunwoo.
    106: McStroke- Yeson.

    Season 6:
    107: Back to the Woods- Digital eMation.
    108: Play It Again, Brian- Yearim.
    109: The Former Life of Brian- Yearim.
    110: Long John Peter- Digital eMation.
    111: I Dream of Jesus- ?
    112: Love Blactually- Digital eMation.
    113: Baby Not on Board- ?
    114: Road to Germany- Digital eMation.
    115: The Man With Two Brians- Yearim.
    116: Tales of a Third Grade Nothing- Yearim.
    117: Oceans Three and a Half- Digital eMation.
    118: Family Gay- Yearim.
    119: The Juice is Loose- Digital eMation.
    120: Fox-y Lady- Yearim.
    121: Three Kings- Digital eMation.
    122: 420- ?
    123: Not All Dogs Go to Heaven- Digital eMation.
    124: Stew-Roids- Digital eMation.
    125: We Love You Conrad- Yearim.
    126: Peter's Progress- Yearim.
    127: Something Something Something Dark Side- Digital eMation.

    Season 7:
    128: Family Goy- Yearim.
    129: Brian's Got a Brand New Bag- Yearim.
    130: Spies Reminiscent of Us- Digital eMation.
    131: Quagmire's Baby- Yearim.
    132: Hannah Banana- Yearim.
    133: Road to the Multiverse- Digital eMation.
    134: Dog Gone- Yearim.
    135: Jerome is the New Black- Digital eMation.
    136: Big Man on Hippocampus- Yearim.
    137: Partial Terms of Endearment- ?
    138: Business Guy- ?
    139: Dial Meg For Murder- Digital eMation.
    140: Brian Griffin's House of Payne- Yearim.
    141: Extra Large Medium- Digital eMation.
    142: Go Stewie Go- Yearim.
    143: Peter-assment- Yearim.
    144: The Splendid Source- Yearim.
    145: April in Quahog- Digital eMation.
    146: Quagmire's Dad- Digital eMation.
    147: Brian & Stewie- Digital eMation.
    148: It's a Trap!- Digital eMation.

    Season 8:
    149: And Then There Were Fewer- Digital eMation.
    150: Excellence in Broadcasting- ?
    151: Welcome Back, Carter- Yearim.
    152: Baby, You Knock Me Out- Digital eMation.
    153: Halloween on Spooner Street- Yearim.
    154: Brian Writes a Bestseller- Yearim.
    155: Road to the North Pole- Digital eMation.
    156: New Kidney in Town- ?
    157: The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair- Yearim.
    158: And I'm Joyce Kinney- Digital eMation.
    159: Friends of Peter G.- Yearim.
    160: German Guy- Digital eMation.
    161: Brothers & Sisters- Yearim.
    162: Tiegs For Two- Yearim.
    163: Trading Places- Digital eMation.
    164: The Big Bang Theory- Digital eMation.
    165: Foreign Affairs- Yearim.
    166: Seahorse Shell Party- ?
    167: Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q.- Yearim.
    168: Amish Guy- Digital eMation.

    (everything from season 9 production code onwards is by Digital eMation.)
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    This was long overdue but I've added more episodes/studios to the guide. Still quite a few blanks, however.
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    I heard that Rough Draft also did the animation of Brian & Stewie at the 2007 Emmy Awards.
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    Yes, that's true. Wasn't sure where to fit it into the guide, however.

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