DC Icons Batman "Last Rites" figure and storyline question

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Lord Vader
May 1, 2001
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If I'm posting this in the wrong place, apologies. My question involves a Batman figure and the associated comic book storyline.

I'm not an action figure collector, though recently have been drawn in a bit. I found out about the now discontinued DC Icons line with the first figure in that line being a "Last Rites" Batman.
I had heard rumblings that that storyline was set around the time Bruce was missing and believed to be dead and that therefore that figure was of Dick Grayson as Batman. I haven't read it.
I loved the idea of having a Grayson Batman figure, so I've been contemplating buying one. However, I've seen other stuff posted online saying that "Last Rites" was before Grayson donned the costume.
For those familiar with the storyline and/or the figure, is there any credence to the figure being Grayson? Did he appear in "Last Rites", even if briefly, as Batman? And, yes, I know I can assume its
whoever I want under the mask. Its just that if I'm going to shell out some money for it, I'd like to have some legitimate backing for it actually being Grayson. At least to justify the purchase in my mind. :)
Hope this doesn't seem too silly and would appreciate any thoughts.

Here's a link to the figure. Though the pictures on that page don't show it, the side of the box says "Last Rites." Visually, does that look like the costume Grayson wore as Batman?
I know there was a later DC Icons "Rebirth" Batman released. I'm interested in the first figure.
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