DC Digital Service Orders "Harley Quinn" Animated Series

Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by James Harvey, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Is it wrong I want the guys that worked on Aqua Teen Hunger Force in this? I mean I wanna see they get Dave Willis to voice Harvey Bullock in the Carl voice for laughs.
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    You know as Welcome to the Wayne demonstrated you don't need to have the creative team behind ATHF to have the voice talents of that series in your animated series. Dave Willis has done his Carl voice in WtoW and Steven Universe and will probably do so for more projects in the futre. Also as much as I love ATHF that is a show that did delve way much into the realms of randomness and throwing away story structure for the sake of an out there joke that... really isn't a style that should be replicated anymore. Honestly if the team behind this is going more Rick and Morty... well that fits the Harley Quinn aethestic more anyway as yeah it's suppose to be sort of random and bitter and dark, but still have SOME earnesty and structure to it. I mean don't want every episode to end with Harley and co being eaten by some random monster and would prefer the team try telling actual full on stories with these characters and having them develop over time. I mean if Harley didn't develop past just being an abused girlfriend she wouldn't of really been remembered or loved as a character now so having that develpment fuel these stories and they're progression will make them work out more then just some funny banter but the same pie bomb to the face punch line at the end. Honestly that would work more for a Joker series, but not a Harley Quinn series with the angle they're putting on it.

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