DC Comics Solicitations - October 2014

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    What exactly is the deal with The Multiversity? Is there a main 6-8 issue mini series or is the entire event just a series of these random one shots?
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    -Action Comics 35(Glad Doomed is over, interesting that the focus is still on Smallville.)
    -Arkham Manor 1(So excited for this book, Gerry Duggan has yet to fail me!)
    -Batgirl 35(This will be another great hit, creative team has been so enthusiastic about this book)
    -Batman 35(This isn't the actual end of the teams run, but a new arc set after Eternal. I. AM. HYPE.)
    -Batman and Robin 35(Ehhh)
    -Batman Eternal 26(Wonder why Gotham is on martial law)
    -Eternal 27(I really hate underground Gotham, hopefully these writers make it interesting)
    -Eternal 28(I'm guessing the answer is no.)
    -Eternal 29(I'm loving Ray Fawke's Spectre so far, can't wait for more!)
    -Eternal 30(Guessing this is still Ray's arc, excited)
    -Batman/Superman 15(Inb4 this gets delayed again.)
    -Constantine 18(Very excited for this, new artist and the book seems to be set on E2 now)
    -Earth 2 27(Trying this book out again with the weekly just for one month)
    -E2 World's End 1(Alright I'll bite for month one at least..)
    -E2 WE 2(Very worried about the art of this book, if there has to be 3 different artists each issue)
    -E2 WE 3(This issue sounds like it will be fun actually.)
    -E2 WE 4("Too late! THE NEW 52) What the heck lol?)
    -Gotham Academy 1(This book will be so much fun, can't wait!)
    -Grayson 1(Very much enjoyed the first issue, looking forward to more)
    -Green Arrow 35(Sad about the last team leaving, but then again, there run was only fun reading in trades, hopefully these guys will keep me interested on a monthly basis, especially since they know how to entertain audiences weekly with the same character.)
    -Green Lantern 35(This event will be killer, I'm excited!)
    -GLC 35( Sounds like the most boring tie in of the event, though that's a good thing.)
    -GL:NG 35(This will be great, White Lantern vs New Gods!)
    -Infinity Man and FEP 4(Bat Cow! Already a 10 star issue!)
    --Justice League 34(The conclusion for our first post FE arc, was going to say this has been dragging but..)
    -Justice League 35(Double shipping, horray! A new arc to boot!)
    -Justice League United 5( Spotlight on the new character, hopefully she is interesting)
    -JLU Annual 1(Very excited for this, Lemire writing Legion!)
    -Lobo 1(Just this one issue, if I don't like it, I won''t bother with it any further.)
    -New Gods: Godhead 1(The beginning to what looks to be the best GL event yet)
    -Red Lanterns 35(Soule has been killing it, excited for his imput into the event)
    -Sinestro 6(This will be a fun issue and my hopping on to the title)
    -Superman 35(Really enjoyed Geoff's first issue)
    -SM/WW 12(I'm expecting the next arc to be WW focused)
    -Teen Titans 3(I may drop this if I don't care for the second issue though)
    -Flash 35(Hopefully the end to the first arc)
    -Multiversity 3(I'm going to be annoyed that they call this Earth 16, but the actual world looks like it'll be fun to explore)
    -Futures End 22(I guess the rest of the world didn't know who masked Superman was either, interesting.)
    -FE 23( The Jokers last stand? Could be fun)
    -FE 24(What, Mr. Terrific?)
    -FE 25(Lol how corny)
    -FE 26(Ok, so Batman's first FE apperance..cool)
    -Trinity Of Sin 1(Giving the first issue a try, that'll be it though)

    I understand it's 8 one shots, but are all tied together through having the same villain somehow.
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    I look forward to getting Looney Tunes #221. I wish DC had considered doing a celebration for the comic book series given it started in 1994, though.
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    I'm interested in:
    Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet #5 (of 6)

    Batman ’66 #16

    Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #3

    Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #5 (of 6)

    Astro City #16

    The Multiversity: The Just #1

    Re: Looney Tunes: given WB probably views the Looney Tunes comic as trademark maintenance/a token kids' book (that's probably the one book DC publishes that's not about superheroes *or* "mature readers"), not sure they'd consider such a celebration beyond their 100th/200th/etc. style anniversaries.
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    What I plan on getting:
    Action Comics #35
    Batman '66 #16
    Aquaman #35
    Arkham Manor #1
    Batman # 35
    Batman and Robin #35
    Batman Eternal #26-30
    Batman/Superman #15
    Gotham Academy #1
    Green Lantern #35
    Justice League #34-35
    Justice League United #5
    Justice League United Annual #1
    New Gods: Godhead #1
    Secret Origins #6
    Sinestro #6
    Superman # 35
    Superman/Wonder Woman #12
    The Flash #35

    General Comic Thoughts:

    - I'll be sticking with Action Comics and Superman/Wonder Woman after Doomed, so it'll be interesting to see what direction those books go in now and how that'll work with Johns' direction on Superman.

    - I want to pick up Green Arrow and Batgirl, but I feel like I should at least read Lemire and Simone's runs in trade before I do...

    - I'll definitely be giving the new Batman books a chance, though I also have to get to reading Grayson :sweat:.

    - The new Aquaman storyline sounds interesting, and I hope we finally get to learn more about Aquaman's mother :).

    - It looks like the story of Eternal in October will be split between Batman dealing with Catwoman's rise in the criminal underworld and the Spectre dealing with Deacon Blackfire in Arkham.

    - The New Gods and Green Lantern crossover sounds like it could be pretty cool, and it's nice to see the new Gods finally getting more spotlight in the New 52. I'm not sure if I'm willing to buy all the GL family books to keep up with the event, but I'm at least picking up Sinestro for more Hal/Sinestro ;).

    - Speaking of the spotlight, looking forward to Equinox getting more focus and the Legion coming back the New 52 :cool:.

    - So it looks like, going by covers of Justice League at least, that Flash isn't actually off the team. Seeing Amazo come back and be a threat to the League is also neat.

    - Looking forward to seeing Flash vs. Future Flash :D.
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