DC Comics Solicitations - October 2012

Discussion in 'Comic Book Culture' started by Comics.Bot, Jul 15, 2012.

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    The only real change to my list is that I'm dropping Catwoman. Having both the writer and artist leave is a good point to jump ship, which is a shame since I've really enjoyed the book.


    -Justice League #13
    -Aquaman #13
    -The Flash #13
    -Earth 2 #5:
    Seeing Alan's costume like that, for some reason it really reminds me of Kyle Rayner's. Not sure why.
    -Supergirl #13
    -Superboy #13:
    Can this book go one damn issue that isn't started or concluded in another comic?
    -Batman #13: I'm really down for Snyder Joker, but teasing a death is just getting old at this point.
    -Detective Comics #13: John Layman? Not sure if I'll keep getting it, but I'm down for the first issue at least, easily.
    -Batgirl #13
    -Batgirl Annual #1:
    I don't know if the two tie into each other or if having two Batgirl comics dealing with Catwoman in the same month is just poor timing.
    -Nightwing #13
    -Justice League Dark Annual #1:
    Two annuals this month. Ouch, DC. Ouch.
    -Justice League Dark #13
    -Smallville Season 11 #6
    -Superman Family Adventures #6:
    The second issue was better than the first, but I'm still not totally sold.

    May Get/Not Getting But Worth Note

    -Talon #1: I'm debating it just for March. I might grab the #0 issue and see where it goes.
    -The Phantom Stranger #1: Maybe. I don't have much faith in Didio's writing.
    -Team 7 #1: Still unsure on this. It could be good, or really bad.
    -Grifter #13: That cover is so awful in so many different ways.
    -The New Teen Titans: Games TP: I honestly think this is the first time DC's put one of their original story HC's in paperback. Still waiting for the Joker one.
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    Will buy:
    Superman Family Adventures #6

    Might buy:
    Action Comics #13
    Action Comics Annual #1

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