DC Comics Solicitations - March 2015

Discussion in 'DC Comics and Collectibles' started by Comics.Bot, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Agh Superboy is returning to the Titans, at least he won't be written by Lobdell I might pick it up.
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    What I plan on getting:
    Arrow season 2.5 #6
    Batman '66 #21
    Batman: Arkham Knight #1
    Action Comics #40
    Aquaman #40
    Batgirl #40
    Batgirl: Endgame #1
    Batman #40
    Batman and Robin #40
    Batman and Robin Annual #3
    Batman Eternal #48-52
    Batman/Superman #20
    Batman/Superman Annual #3
    Convergence #0
    Detective Comics #40
    Detective Comics: Endgame #1
    Gotham Academy #6
    Gotham Academy: Endgame #1
    Green Lantern #40
    Justice League #40
    Justice League United #10
    Secret Origins #11
    Superman #40
    Superman/Wonder Woman #17
    The Flash #40

    General Comic Thoughts:
    - Hey, Bizarro in Action Comics! So I guess Lex finally finished his new clone? Or will this Bizarro be a little different from the one in Forever Evil?

    - I really like how the books that tie-in to Endgame get one-shots while still being able to develop their concurrent stories at the same time. It also sounds like the tie-ins will still be enjoyable and help supplement their books at the same time, which is a definite plus :).

    - Damian with superpowers... well, that's sure to be a handful, both for Batman and the rest of the Trinity :sweat:.

    - That Eternal solicitations are pretty ominous... and repeated :p.

    - I wonder if Selina will stay as a crime-boss or return to her roots as Catwoman (which is a given eventually)? I wonder how much that might be dependent on Genevive Simmons staying with the book?

    - That Green Lantern solicitation sounds pretty ominous in terms of Hal's future...though I can't believe he'd ever go rogue without a good reason, one the Templar Guardians might give him. And hey, at least he's finally coming back to Justice League in time for Darkseid War :D.

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