DC Comics Solicitations - March 2013

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    -Justice League of America #2: Two issues and two spin-offs later, and we still don't have more than that one image.
    -Justice League #18
    -Aquaman #18
    -The Flash #18
    -Earth 2 #10
    -Batman #18
    -Batgirl #18:
    Darn good shot I'm leaving the book with the writer change, but I'll wait to hear who the new permanent one is before deciding.
    -Nightwing #18
    -Constantine #1:
    Love him in Justice League Dark, so I'm on board for this.
    -Justice League Dark #18
    -Swamp Thing vol. 2: Family Tree TP:
    Have the first one, but have yet to read it.

    May Get/Not Getting But Worth Note
    -Green Arrow #18: If #17 is good.
    -Action Comics #18: I will admit, Daniel does a good Superman.
    -Batman and Robin #18: Another month, another great Gleason cover.
    -Animal Man #18: Simple, yet great cover.
  3. Anthonynotes

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    May 1, 2001
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    Will get:
    Superman Family Adventures #11

    Might get:
    DC Universe: Secret Origins
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    What I am picking up and thoughts as I go along...
    -Action Comics #18(First issue of Diggles run, looking forward to it. Plus when Snyder's book comes(probably in May or June) we will have 3 great Super books! Just in time for the movie!)
    -Aquman #18(A new arc begins after Throne Of Atlantis called Death Of A King, loving Geoff's writing so far, so I'm sure I will continue it. And Paul looks to be a great artist, and with Rod Reis doing the inking still, it will fill like the previous artist never left.)
    -Batman #18("Fan Favorite" Harper Row? Ok then...)
    -Batman And Robin #18(Was sort of considering dropping it after DOTF, but Peter has been killing it with tie in issues and it sounds like something very huge is coming up in Batman Inc. and from the looks of the solicitations, Batman and Robin may tie into it(Or if not, I'll still be picking up.)
    -Batman Inc. #9(Seriously, wonder what happens in #8 that they keep teasing)
    -Constantine #1(I never read Hellblazer and only know the character from JLD, so I am looking forward to this. Looking forward to reading :))
    -Green Arrow #18(Another issue of Jeff! Looking forward to it!)
    -Green Lantern #18(WOTFL begins..still only picking up Green Lantern for now, just don't really feel inclined to pick up the other tie ins. Plus I really only care for Hal,Sinestro and the new lantern Simon so I am pretty relaxed right now with this crossover.)
    -Justice League #18(Why do the solicitations keep calling the Wonder Woman/Superman relationship a alliance? Anyways can't really tell anything going on, looks like we are getting another huge story line with "Off The Grid" in April...was hoping we'd get a Injustice league arc finally with the tease we got in JL #14)
    -Justice League Dark #14(Once again JL Dark is showing itself as the head of the dark family by tying itself with the new Constantine series, just like how it crossed over with Amethyst and added Frankie to it's team when his series ended.)
    -Justice League Of America #2(From my understanding, we still don't know much about the first arc or why this team is forming besides Steve Trevor getting dumped by Wonderwoman. Well I guess there is that and the fact that the United Sates begin not trust the league during "Throne Of Atlantis"(As we saw in the solicitations for Justice League #16)
    -Justice League Of America's Vibe #2( Still highly looking forward to this, cool too see it has ties to the first Justice League arc. Have a feeling I'll really like Vibe.)
    -Nightwing #16(Still betting during DOTF the whole circus will die and plus Alfred dying in the main series will be Dick is so upset . Pretty upset we keep rotating artist, they need to find a good monthly artist and STAT.)
    -Red Hood And The Outlaws #18(Sounds like huge changes will be made to this series, I am going to start reading it with it's DOTF tie ins...)
    -Superman #18(Sounds like a solicitation from before Lobdell got on board, hopefully it doesn't go down that path though...)
    -Teen Titan #16(Really hope the writing for this series is at TOP NOTCH when DOTF ends, with it's original artist leaving, and with the "Wonder-girl armor arc" sucking, it is VERY close to getting dropped.)
    -The Flash #18(One of my favorite underrated series of the New 52, looks interesting to say the aleast. Though upset we are getting yet another artist change for a month or 2. Just a little bit longer before Reverse Flash...)

    Other thoughts
    -Is it just me or is there a lot of Batman-Catwoman shipping this month? In Batman: TDK plus the Catwoman title. Not to mention she is having some romance with him in the Young Romance special.
    -I really need to start picking up Detective Comics, just missed #13 a few months ago and too lazy too add it to my pull list. Will just trade wait I guess.
    -Dropping Earth 2, don't like the idea of not having a Justice Society 10 issues in, will add it back later when something interesting happens.
    -Phantom Stranger seems to have a important guests every issue like Pandora or Trigun or JLD, guess that's the perks of being written by one of DC's EIC's....
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    What I'm getting or caught my eye:

    - So of course after I replace my mislaid Superman: Secret Identity TPB with the 2 bigger prestige edition comics they put out a while ago, they go and reprint the TPB. And I'm probably going to buy it again because I like it that much. But I'm going to be appropriately miffed about it when I do it.

    - That Archie Goodwin Tales of Batman HC is a maybe.

    - I'm tempted to get that Dial H #10 comic just to find out what the heck that cover is all about. Which I guess means that the cover is doing its job.

    Hmm. Might get that Archie Goodwin HC after all, if the rest of the month is as light as my DC pre-order.

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