DC Comics Solicitations - June 2015

Discussion in 'DC Comics and Collectibles' started by Comics.Bot, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Prez interests me. So do Bizarro & Starfire. Bat-Mite? Fuhgeddaboutit. Not feeling it. Need to add some new DC's since the lone book I get now is Batman '66.
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    Looney Tunes #225 ought to be one of the best issues from DC for the summer. I still think DC should make it a special milestone issue with a poster that shows covers of past issues.
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    What I plan on getting:

    Action Comics #41
    Aquaman #41
    Batgirl #41
    Batman #41
    Batman '66 #24
    Batman/Superman #21
    Black Canary #1
    Detective Comics #41
    Gotham Academy #7
    Green Lantern #41
    Justice League #41
    Justice League of America #1
    Martian Manhunter #1
    Robin: Son of Batman #1
    Starfire #1
    Superman #41
    Superman/Wonder Woman #18
    The Flash #41

    General Comic Thoughts:

    - I've already made my opinion on some of the costume redesigns of the main heroes clear in the new costume thread. Though we do get a better look at Green Arrow's, at least in regards to how the artist will be drawing it, which looks pretty nice :cool:.

    - I'm 50/50 on the new direction for Dinah as the vocalist in a rock band, but I like what I've read in the solicitations and I'm happy to see her back in fishnets ;).-

    - Starfire looks like it'll be a lot of fun, hopefully in a more Power Girl way than Harley Quinn :).

    - Arthur on the outs with Atlantis and being hunted by them? And just as I was starting to really enjoy having Aquaman as king :(.

    - Move over Secret War, hello Darkseid War :D.

    - Sounds like the Superman books are in for a big status quo change :ack:.

    - Looks like the new Batman/Bat-Mecha is a part of the GCPD. Really makes me curious to see what happens to Bruce post-Endgame, and who is in the suit if anyone at all. Doesn't look like he'll get off on the right foot with the Bat-Family though...

    - And hey! Renee Montoya!

    - Holy crud, Profesor Zoom/the classic Reverse-Flash :eek:.

    - But with more original villains alongside him apparently :sad:.

    - Damian with Maps is going to be awesome :p.

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