DC Comics Solicitations - January 2015

Discussion in 'DC Comics and Collectibles' started by Comics.Bot, Oct 20, 2014.

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    Agh how long before Futures End finally ends?
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    What I plan on getting:

    Batman 66 #19
    Action Comics #38
    Aquaman #38
    Batgirl #38
    Batman #38
    Batman and Robin #38
    Batman Eternal #40-43
    Superman/Batman #18
    Detective Comics #38
    Gotham Academy #4
    Green Lantern #38
    Justice League #38
    Justice League United #8
    Secret Origins #9
    Superman #38
    Superman/Wonder Woman #15
    The Flash #38

    General Comic Thoughts:

    - It sounds like Johns' run, going off the cover, is going to be doing its own version of Energy Superman, or Superman Red and Blue.

    - The Flash cover loses points with me for only including one real Rogue in Mirror Master, and as far as I can tell those other villains look like the original ones from the last arc :sad:.

    - Hey, Ultrahumanite in Action Comics! Awesome :D.

    - On the positive side, Hal is finally going back to Earth. But on the negative, not liking what that cover implies for HalxCarol :(...

    - It looks like Supergirl finally has a new costume, and it's a full-on bodysuit. I'm sure some people will be happy about that :sweat:.

    - I legitimately wasn't expecting them to bring back Damian in Robin Rises... on the one hand, it's a bit of cop out to bring him back to life rather than use a new Robin, but on the other, a Damian with superpowers partnered with Batman holds a heck of a lot of potential. Happy to see it looks like Tomasi is staying on the book :).

    - We're finally reaching Batman #28 in Eternal. Took quite some time, and looking forward to the Eternal story finally inching closer and closer to its endgame and that moment from issue #1. Also looking forward to Harper's debut as Bluebird ;).

    - I probably won't pick it up, but I wonder if Batman's appearance in Catwoman is before or after the events of Eternal?

    - Lemire's working on Marvel's new Hawkeye book, after Fraction and Aja leave, so I wonder how long he'll remain on United or if it's like with Charles Soule where he can work with both companies?

    - John's origin getting told in Secret Origins I'm particularly interested to read, since I think out of all the Earth Lantern's his origin has been touched the least. Or at least his New 52 one, since I'm pretty sure both Guy and Kyle have had their own sort of origin issues in the GL books.
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    I'm interested in:

    • The Multiversity Guidebook #1
    • Batman ’66 #19
    • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #6
    • Scooby-Doo Team-Up #8
    • Astro City #19
    Scooby-Doo seems to be shifting from team-ups with DC characters to the rest of the Hanna-Barbera stable. Though figure they'd meet the HB superheroes/action heroes first, rather than the Flintstones (the previous issue) and Jetsons (this month's solicited issue).

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