DC Comics Solicitations - August 2013

Discussion in 'Comic Book Culture' started by Comics.Bot, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Apologies on the lateness of these solicitations. Miscommunication amongst the staff and all.

    My comments:

    - I'm curious about the DC One Million Omnibus, but I'm not $100 curious. However, with a little luck, it's only a matter of time before we get the JLApe Omnibus Edition, which I think we all know is what the world has REALLY been awaiting with baited breath.

    - Steampunk Batgirl!

    - I usually do the teaser image and the splash image for the front page slider for the comics, and while I was looking for a cosmic-scaled match to the Thanos image I used for Marvel, I love that Batgirl #23 cover a lot. The visual of her fighting against a tangle of yellow police tape is such an evocative image. That's when I noticed the parallel between big head/gritting teeth Jim Gordon in the background of the cover and big head/gritting teeth Thanos on the Marvel cover and...well...you know.

    - Batman '66 #2: Bwah-hah-hah-hah!

    - That is one gorgeous cover by Adam Hughes for the Fables-opedia. I stopped reading the series at around volume 15 or so, but I just might get that anyway.

    So lots of commentary and one maybe pre-order.
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    -Justice League of America #7: This thing is getting real close to being dropped after Trinity War. It's just not doing it for me at all.
    -Justice League Dark #23
    -Justice League #23
    -Constantine #6
    -Aquaman #23
    -The Flash #23: The more I see it, the more I hate that Reverse Flash design.
    -Superman Unchained #3
    -Batman #23
    -Batgirl #23
    -Nightwing #23
    -Animal Man vol. 3: Rotworld - The Red Kingdom TP: Still need to get vol. 2, though.
    -Batman: Li'l Gotham #5

    May Get/Not Getting But Worth Note
    -Demon Knights #23: Ugh. Just finished the first trade not long ago and loved it. Now the series is ending. Lovely.
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    Action Comics 23
    Batman 23
    Batman And Nightwing 23
    Batman Incorporated Special 1
    Batman/Superman 3
    Batman: TDK 23
    Batwing 23
    Constantine 6
    Detective Comics 23
    Green Lantern 23
    Green Lantern Corps 23
    Green lantern: New Guardians 23
    Red Lanterns 23
    Justice League 23
    Justice League Of America 7
    Justice League Dark 23
    JLA's Vibe #7
    Nightwing 23
    Red Hood and the outlaws 23
    Supergirl 23
    Superman 23
    Superman Unchained 23
    Flash 23
    The Green Team 23
    Trinity Of Sin: Pandora 23
    Trinity Of Sin: Phantom Stranger 23
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    I am soon dropping All-Star Western, replacing it with Green Team and Batman '66. I am SO NOT interested in Villains month in September.
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    Will buy (as the digital-first versions, but will list anyway):
    * Adventures of Superman #4
    * Batman ’66 #2
    * Batman: Li’l Gotham #5

    And that's it.

    Glad to see there's actual DC books I'm interested in again... well, as long as it's not connected in any way to the "New 52".

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