Could The Jetsons Have Survived Longer If The Initial Season Was Successful

Discussion in 'Saturday Morning Forever!' started by SweetShop209, Mar 10, 2017.

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    Let me explain. When The Jetsons first came out in 1962, many people were excited about the idea of a show taking place in the future. The problem was that since color tv wasn't as available back then as it is today, many people thought the futuristic setting of the show looked unappealing in black and white since that was more prominent than color tv. In contrast, The Flintstones is in the Stone Age, and since color isn't needed for the Stone Age, that's partly what led to said show having more longevity. Black and white tv being more dominant than color is also what partly led to The Jetsons' low ratings and it's eventual cancellation after 24 episodes until its revival in 1985 with 2 more seasons, 2 TV movies, 1 theatrical film in 1990, two shirts from John Kricfalusi in 2001, and the WWE crossover movie this year. If the show's initial season was more successful, could we have seen more of The Jetsons than the projects I just mentioned? Like, if we had more movies and tv shows for The Jetsons.
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    No, and for two reason. First, the franchise's "modern society in a different time" gimmick was already being carried on by The Flintstones. Hanna-Barbera would have really struggled to support two shows with the same premise. This is why Scooby Doo is an evergreen property and Speed Buggy lies forgotten in a ditch. Second, I just think a fake, anachronistic past is an easier sell than a fanatically easy future. The Jetsons got a lot wrong and is very much a product of it's time, which helps date the series and lessen its appeal. Conversely, The Flintstones plays it's anachronisms to the silliest extremes possible and audiences are more willing to look past that.
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    The Jetsons was the first attempt, certainly not the last, to replicate what had worked with The Flintstones. H-B, having learned zilch from this, tried again with 1972's Roman Holidays. Like the Jetsons, the Holidays lasted one season, although the Jetsons would, in fact, return in the 80's, and later land an endorsement deal (Electra-Sol).

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