Comparison of X-Men Animated Series from X-Men Evolution

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    It's been a while admittedly, but I don't remember Berzerker having a key role in any story. True, he did introduce the Morlocks in "Day of Recovery", but that was mainly a comic book allusion; Berzerker was a Morlock in the comics. And the Morlocks didn't do much more than the New Mutants did as far as progressing the plots. Most of the New Mutants did fill up background space and allowed comic fans to experience the thrill of seeing so-and-so use his/her mutant powers for a frame of animation or two, and did occasionally provide some laughs, but that was about it for the most part. I may be in the minority, but I prefer quality over quantity; more characters doesn't automatically mean better, or even as good. I'd personally rather have small number of major players than an large number of minor one-note characters.

    True, but one could make the same claim about Evo. They brought in lots of comic X-characters: Angel, Gambit, Colossus, Forge, Moonstar, Havok, Amanda Sefton, but how many of them went on to become X-Men? Answer: none. (Unless one counts the flash-forward at the end of "Acsension".) And I didn't see the point of adding Jubilee, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Cannonball and the like onto the show just to see them hovering around in the background in a couple of scenes and occasionally involved in some cute gags in others. Plus, Evo screwed with the characters' origins and histories too much for me, so much so that half of them didn't even seem like the characters they were supposed to be; I mean Amanda Sefton and Margali weren't even sorceresses, for crying out loud. And Havok a surfer dude? Come on. For what most of the other X-characters contributed to Evo, and how dramatically so many of them were revised, they could've just as easily not been featured in it at all.
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    X-Men Evolution was an amazing show, X-Men: TAS took everything that was wrong with the X-Men and made it worse. The show was just devoid of spirit and personality, and it wasn't fun to watch.

    X-Men Evolution did a great job at capturing the spirit or the essence of the X-Men. It starts off with the X-Men as nothing more than a group of young students. They fight bad guys, but mostly they're trying to learn to control their powers and facing teenage problems. Much like the early days of the X-Men under Stan Lee.

    After the first season, they grow up more. The New Mutants show up, and now the X-Men are the older and wiser ones. They're still learning, but they're dealing less with education and more with threats. We bring in the Acolytes, the Sentinels and eventually Apocalypse. The X-Men are now much more like the people we recognize from the Chris Claremont/Louise Simonson days of the franchise.

    That's my take on it, at least.

    You can't just crowd up the cast, though. The only character who I recall basically being a cameo was Danielle Moonstar, because she was introduced so late. I'd guess if the show had gotten a 5th season she would have been around as one of the New Mutants.

    Angel got his own focus episode, then got another appearance in Under Lock and Key, and played a role in the finale. Gambit and Colossus were present from the Season 2 finale on as members of the cast, even if they weren't X-Men. Gambit even got his own focus episode in Season 4. Havok played a large role in The Cauldron, and had several more key appearances in the series. Forge got his own focus episode where he was introduced, and appeared a couple more times as well. Amanda Sefton was basically a reoccuring character, too.

    And Havok being a 'surfer dude' was hardly a deal to me. It was just a minor, incidental thing they put in there. He was still Havok.

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