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    This is the official rules thread for Clue: Toon Zone Edition. All players must read this throughly to ensure no rule breaking:

    - A murder took place in a mansion, with each player playing a suspect.
    - Each member was in one particular room when the murder took place.
    - Each of them also had access to a different weapon.
    - The body was found in the mansion backyard about an hour after the murder took place.
    - After some research, Detective Jave (me, a.k.a. the host of this game) deduced that the murder was done in one of the mansion rooms, with the weapon the killer had, and later hid the body in the backyard.

    Game Layout:
    - Each player will be labeled as a suspect.
    - Each player will be assigned via PM a room where they were in and a weapon they had access to. The selection was done completely random. This information is PRIVATE and revealing it publicly will cause automatic disqualification from the game.
    - One player chosen randomly will be assigned as the killer. Same as above, this information is PRIVATE.
    - The objective is to find out who the killer is, the room he/she was in, and the weapon he/she used.

    - In order to discover the killer, the suspects will each go through interrogating sessions. This will be by either private questionnaires sent to the game host or by public threads where the suspects will be allowed to ask each other questions.
    - Every now and then, each suspect will be interrogated privately. This will be done via a questionnaire that will be posted on the forums and each player will it send via PM to the game host. The questionnaires will slightly vary from session to session, but the three big questions “What room was the victim killed?”, “What was the murder weapon?” and “Who is the killer?” will always be the final three.
    - After reviewing the questionnaires, the game host will declare one suspect “innocent”. Thus, this player is eliminated from the game and his/her weapon and room is revealed to the rest of the suspects.
    - Elimination will be determined by assigning a score to the questionnaire, therefore the person with the lowest score will be removed from the game.
    - Public threads where suspects can ask each other questions will be made occasionally. In these, each suspect is allowed to ask ONLY ONE question to ONLY ONE suspect. These questions are limited to “Do you have the (insert weapon name here)?” or “Were you in the (insert room here)?”, which means the questions can be only answered with “yes” or “no”. You can’t ask “What weapon do you have?” or “Are you the killer?” or anything else. The suspect that gets asked a question must answer TRUTHFULLY. If he/she lies, the host will reveal the real answer and give the liar a penalty (negative points in the next questionnaire). Failing to answer a question, for whatever reason, will also cause the host to reveal the answer and will give negative questionnaire points to the suspect that missed the deadline.
    - After a questionnaire session is over, the game host will reveal some hints that might help the remaining suspects find the killer.
    - Every now and then, events were suspects are given important info in private will occur. This is so the players can have advantages over the others.

    - Remember, any player revealing private information of the game on the forums will be disqualified. No exceptions.
    - Now, I know I can’t control what happens privately between players outside of Toon Zone, but it’s discouraged to reveal any kind of information to the other players, mainly because you’re only screwing yourself. Plus, you don’t know if somebody else is telling you the truth. Alliances can be a double-edged sword.
    - Further rules will be explained in specific threads.

    Captain Zechs
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    Mr. Highwind
    [strike]Mr. Pedro[/strike]
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    [strike]The Avatar[/strike]

    [strike]Billiard Room[/strike]
    Dining Room
    [strike]Laundry Room[/strike]

    Baseball Bat
    Bottle of Poison
    Lethal Injection
    Lead Pipe

    Once you've all been assigned a room and weapon (as well as one of you being assigned as the killer), the game will begin oficially.

    Have fun!
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