Cartoon Network's Missing Powerhouse Bumpers

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Jul 22, 2014
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Bucharest, Romania
I just found an extremely rare Tiny Toons Adventure bumper with Buster that took place in the morning slot. I honestly never seen this bumper because I was probably at school at the time that Tiny Toons came during the mornings. Check it out at 20:29

Oh, cool!! :D

I also see that we have there yellow morning bumpers of Animaniacs, which we didn't have before online, and also another common Tiny Toons bumper in the yellow variant! :)

Anyways, it seems RetroCCN uploaded more bumpers and promos compilations from early 2000s like this one, so I guess we can find more rare Powerhouse bumpers if we pay close attention.

EDIT: Ok, I looked over the other compilations, and it seems there aren't any other "new" Powerhouse bumpers besides these ones already found (there are also the usual common blue Scooby-Doo "windows" and "mirrors" bumpers, and also the Bugs and Daffy "shooting" and "Bugs the barber" ones, and that's it).
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Jul 6, 2011
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I can believe it

There's more Tiny Toons bumpers
I can't believe it either! I honestly never seen this Tiny Toons Adventures bumper with Buster and the smoothie! So, I was definitely surprised when that bumper was posted! I just wish that we found more bumpers that took place in Latin America since those are even more rare than the American bumpers.