C&C - Tokyo Ghoul - "Dove" [4/8]

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    I thought that this episode was pretty good. I liked seeing Yoshimura helping out Kaneki. He seems to be one of the few nice Ghouls shown thus far and he was actually trying to help out Kaneki. I actually don't mind Kaneki freaking out. I agree that it isn't entertaining to watch, but I feel like it's too justified for it to bother me, especially when he was just first dealing with his change. That being said, I liked that he was seemingly getting more okay with his situation. He was still nervous over dead bodies and the Ghouls eating flesh, but he was accepting it a bit more thanks to Yoshimura. Saying that he had the mind of a human and a body of a Ghoul was pretty accurate all things considered.

    Touka was really annoying though. She was just being so mean and rude towards Kaneki ever since the first episode, but it's already starting to become a bit too much. It might not be too bad if there was an understandable reason for it, but she seems to be mean towards him for no good reason. They kept talking about how she's such a hard worker, which might be true, but she was a pretty big jerk. She helped those other Ghouls out and cared about their situation, but that wasn't enough to make her really redeemable.

    Eating suicidal people was kind of horrifying though. I guess it make sense in terms of getting something that Ghouls that can't hunt could eat, but I just find the idea so unsettling. People could lose loved ones due to suicide and never even find their bodies. That idea was just so chilling. It was nice that they at least prayed before getting the body, if only to show that the Ghoul with Kaneki wasn't a complete monster either. I actually liked the scene with Kaneki and the little girl for the same kind of reason. It showed that even though she ate people, she was still a child and she and Kaneki could connect with each other. It was kind of sweet in spite of how he saw her eating.

    I got the distinct impression that the people killing Ghouls were supposed to be treated as villains, or at least that we weren't supposed to like them because of that. If that was the case, I don't think that worked too well. Sure, this episode did do more to show that not all Ghouls aren't heartless monsters or jerks, but they also spent the first two episodes showing most of them as monsters/jerks. Plus, they have to eat people in order to survive. It would be a tough sell to present people killing them as the bad guys just for that alone, but showing most of the Ghouls as monsters or jerks doesn't really help their case. It may have been just a first impression of Ghouls in their universe, but that counts for a lot still and I can't really say that I side with the Ghouls over the humans here.

    Overall, it was a pretty good episode. It was calmer than the last couple, but that was important as a way to give the characters and audience a chance to breath. While the show isn't good, I think it's at least okay and I'm interested enough to keep up with it after it comes back in a couple of weeks.
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