C&C - Lupin the Third - “High School Undercover!" [10/14]

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  1. Kitschensyngk

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    Sep 3, 2006
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    Stop Lupin before he steals Ultra-Mega-Chicken!

    I think we've all learned a very important lesson.
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  2. Radical

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    Nov 7, 2004
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    Episode 15 was pretty great,

    Lupin stealing the precious diamond was sweet, the diamond is interesting that can change your personality.

    Poor Lupin to lose it to Ricky's backpack.

    Lupin going undercover as a professor to get the diamond back was great/enjoyable.

    I feel for those poor school teachers which they're blackmailed on building that bomb:(, love the cute female teacher.

    Ricky, a terrible unlikable school bully who's trash, a good example of horrible worst students in real life.

    Lupin's moment with the school teachers was great, his speech to make them stand up:D.

    That horrible scumbag mafia boss blackmailer, another awful unlikable minor villain I hate after Eric/the smugglers/Leopoldo:mad:.

    Ricky's change of heart and the teacher protecting him was sweet.

    Love the vile mafia's satisfying defeats, go Lupin/Inspector Zenigata, the school teachers are saved/free, yaaaaaaaay:D.

    Lupin's choice not wanting the diamond was great.

    Nice seeing Fujiko, so hot, but she gets the diamond, sweet.
  3. Dan's Revenge

    Dan's Revenge Gooood kittyyyy

    Apr 17, 2011
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    The battle between Lupin and three of the teachers may be the most epic battle in Toonami history. All it took was sulfuric acid, a mop and a violin... and a dropped bat that never got used against Lupin. Talk about state of the art weaponry!
  4. Light Lucario

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    May 11, 2007
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    I thought that this episode was pretty good. It was way too easy for Lupin to get into the school, but it probably wouldn't take him long to fake a name, a degree and kidnap a teacher. I was more surprised that the school was so out of control. I have no idea how schools in Italy are handled, but kids bringing cigarettes and alcohol to schools sounds like it would be grounds for suspension at least. I could see why Ricky didn't want to respect his teacher after what happened. It maybe would be different if he went to get the police, but running away when his students were in danger didn't really make them willing to respect him.

    The group of teachers were so hilariously incompetent and stupid. Their first reaction to being threatened by a gang was make a diamond powered bomb. I could understand not going to the police if the gang had some influence over them, but that apparently wasn't the case given the ending. I know that they said to not go to the cops, but they still could have done something else. Building a bomb at the school would have been dangerous for everyone and aside from tying into the plot, there wasn't a need to bring a diamond. Their fight against Lupin was so ridiculously one sided, but my favorite part was Lupin pointing out the obvious afterwards. They could have easily used the diamond to get some cash instead of wasting time making a bomb. That was hilarious.

    It was nice that Ricky wasn't fine with killing his teachers. He was a tough guy and wanted to join the mafia, but he's still a kid and being in a position to kill people, especially people he knows, would be hard on him. At least the cowardly teacher was willing to protect him this time around and that made a world of difference to Ricky. While Lupin wasn't willing to help them out directly, he still lured the police out there to save them in the end. I didn't quite understood his explanation for why the diamond was a fake, but I guess that they wanted a way to lead into Fujiko getting the diamond. At least the teacher was more confident and Ricky was more comfortable around him. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.

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